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By Mike King


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A demonstrator showing off a placard for the climate strike. 
A demonstrator showing off a placard for the climate strike.
NY Times: Climate Strike N.Y.C.: Crowds Gather, With Greta Thunberg to Speak


Ahead of the next week's traffic-snarling U.N. "summit" on Climate Change" in New York, the international Deep State has activated its agents and their controlled hordes of stupid school children to stage "climate strikes" in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. Communist Mayors and school superintendents across America have facilitated this child-abusive spectacle by granting permission for students to skip class and participate in the worldwide event.


From the article:


"New Yorkers did not wait for the scheduled noon start time of the city’s global youth climate strike on Friday. Hours before climate activists were to begin their march through Lower Manhattan, schoolchildren walked through their neighborhoods instead of going to class. In all five boroughs, young organizers were gathering placards and arranging to meet friends to head to the official march, which starts near City Hall and ends at the Battery (Park).

At Beacon High School in Manhattan, some 1,000 students — two-thirds of the student body — were planning to attend the main rally. One of the youngest student organizers is Marisol Rivera, 13, who attends school in the Bronx. Hurricane Sandy damaged her home and she has relatives in Puerto Rico who were lives were upended by Hurricane Maria." (emphasis added)


As if here were never any hurricanes prior to the invention of the automobile! (sighing, shaking head, palm to face) Poor Marisol.


Children holding placards as they march in Melbourne, Australia: Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images AFP/Getty  

The front-girl ringleader of this mass madness is a media-sainted 16-year-old Swedish girl named Greta Thunberg (Image 1).


Whether the issue is "gun control" , "human rights" , or "the environment" , it is truly shameful how the Globalists always manipulate "the children" to advance the agenda of the old international banker men (cough cough) hiding behind the last in a series of ascending curtains. Though many of these kids participating may be doing so only to get out of class for the day, we strongly suspect, based on an unintended survey which we conducted two year ago, that many millions of our our deluded young people have indeed been mind-raped beyond repair with this Globalist garbage. In spite of whatever setbacks that the New World Order crime syndicate has been dealt in recent years, this development carries very ominous portents (a $10 word for signs of something bad about to happen) for the future of domestic and geo-politics.

Not to be outdone by Goofy Greta from Sweden, Canadian Emma Lim, 18, launched a movement this week called "#No Future, No Children" which includes a website where other teens can take her pledge to not have children until "climate change" is addressed. That's a "twofer" --- the climate hoax and  White genocide by way of deliberate childlessness (though Lim herself is of Asian descent). Said Loony Lim:

"I am giving up my chance of having a family because I will only have children if I know I can keep them safe. It breaks my heart, but I created this pledge because I know I am not alone. ... We’ve read the science, and now we’re pleading with our government."

You've "read the science," eh Emma? (sighing, palm to face, shaking head)


Image result for #No Future, No Children" Image result for no more kids until green new deal

1. We're probably better off if brain-dead females like Ms. Lim and others don't reproduce.// Sign says: "No More Kids Until a Green New Deal."


About that the "unintended survey" previously mentioned --- In 2017, as part of a launch-promotion for our book, "Climate Bogeyman," we E-mail blasted a list of 2,000 High School "Science" teachers -- politely inviting recipients to read a free excerpt. Following are just a few of the amazingly childish and classically fallacious responses sent back to us by angry teachers. The illogical idiocy of these self-styled arm-chair "scientists" is amusing, but also scary -- considering that they are molding young minds full of mush as part of the mandatory "Environmental Science" curriculum imposed by Communist UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science, & Culture Organization.)

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61qKLUXo3sL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg https://www.rawstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Angry-Screaming-Woman-Teacher-via-Shutterstock-800x430.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-z7QmwuamqC0/U0ycYZZHdFI/AAAAAAAAARY/4n-Hx9Ic9rY/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/psycho-teacher.jpg 
Climate Bogeyman "triggered" many High School science teachers --- who didn't even read any of it!
The original E-mail, sent out under the cyber-disguise of a female "fellow science teacher" (so as to be non-threatening as possible) went like this:


To my fellow science & math teachers,

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, educators remain under intense pressure to teach the "science" of man-made Global Warming. I believe we have a duty to inform ourselves of the actual scientific facts and push back against this nonsense.

I am linking below to a book which I found very informative and suitable for students. It is titled. "Climate Bogeyman: The Criminal Insanity of the Global Warming / Climate Change Hoax"

I hope you'll have a look at this, and share with colleagues / students. Thanks for your consideration of this important matter.



Barbara Rockwell
Chemistry Teacher (Retired)
Ontario, Canada



*For the reader's benefit, the Logical Fallacies are followed by descriptive red parenthesis  -- The following string of absurdities are actual unedited responses from actual "science" teachers -- and I've got the E-mails to prove it.


A male from Virginia:

Dear Ms. Rockwell,

I thought you should know that someone has apparently hacked your e-mail and is sending out messages with your name on them. Clearly, no science teacher could possibly be stupid enough to believe what was in that forged e-mail. (Appeal to Ridicule) To avoid further embarrassment, you should change your password immediately.


A female from New York:

Please take me OFF your list! I do not want emails from you or anyone in your organization. Anyone who writes emails like this knows absolutely nothing about science or how it works. (ad Hominem Attack)

Have a good day.


A female from Colorado

Obviously you are retired (ad Hominem Attack) - please don't send this nonsense to a paleoclimatologist who is now teaching at the high school level. (Appeal to Authority)


A female from Florida

So you sent this to Florida where over 500,000 people still don’t have power because of a hurricane powered by the warmer oceans. (Appeal to Anecdotal Evidence) People are dead. (Appeal to Emotion) How much are they paying you to spread these lies. (Appeal to Motive) Is it worth it?

My Response: You are confusing weather with climate. Some decades, hurricanes are few and relatively weak. Other years they are frequent and stronger. There were about 300 Atlantic hurricanes between 1900 and 1960 (about 1/3 of them Cat. 3 or above)---- and also about 300 Atlantic hurricanes between 1961 and 2017 (again, about 1/3 Cat 3 or above)

The only scientists getting paid (and very well) are the government-funded cranks who have been caught, on several occasions, fudging data to "prove" a warming which satellite readings have debunked...

FYI --- 99.99% of "greenhouse gases" comes from nature --- mainly water vapor. Perhaps we should cover the oceans with tarps? Manmade CO2 (plant food) is akin to giving a 500 pound man a stick of chewing gum and worrying that he will get fat --- it will make no added difference.

No counter response


A female from Kentucky

I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that you are a ‘useful idiot’ (ad Hominem Attack) and not one of the professional deniers (ad Hominem Attack) working for the oil companies. (Appeal to Motive) I’ve received correspondence along these lines before. Imagine my surprise when the same ‘scientists’ claiming climate change was a hoax are also the same PhDs who denied that tobacco causes cancer. (Red Herring) Imagine that. I don’t know about you, but my PhD is pretty specialized. (Appeal to Authority) Claiming to be an expert in the health effects of tobacco and climate change seems a bit of a stretch to me. (Red Herring)

But I do want to thank you, because I am teaching pseudoscience today. And your emails are proving quite useful when I put them on the screen for my students to read.  (Appeal to Ridicule)

Have a good day!


A male from New York:

What degree  or degrees do you actually possess? Where did you study? What Universities have you attended? Have you worked in the field ??  I would strongly suggest you get more education in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Modeling, Physics, Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, and Oceanography before you begin making bold assertions about Climate models from one book you have read. (Appeal to Authority, ad Hominem Attack)

Please do not email me again! (Cut and Run) And I would guard your opinions from your poor students. (ad Hominem Attack)


A woman from Florida:

This is offensive. (Appeal to Virtue) Please take me off of your mailing list immediately! (Cut and Run)


A man from Illinois:

Get a clue! (ad Hominem Attack) Who is paying you to send this nonsense? (Appeal to Motive)


A woman from New Jersey (part of a lengthy "debate"):

Have you not seen the hurricanes, floods and fires!!! (Appeal to Anecdotal Evidence, Argument by Force (3 exclamation) points) You are out of your mind!!!  (ad Hominem Attack)

My Response: "Hurricanes, floods and forest fires" --- and lots of them --- occurred long before the industrial revolution... Of the Top 10 worst US hurricanes (as defined by intensity) only 2 occurred after 1968 --- the rest from 1850 to 1957 --- prior to 1840's there are no reliable historical measurements, but lots of Indian oral histories telling of horrific storms, droughts and floods.

Droughts and forest fires also afflicted ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt ---- parts of Greenland were so warm during Medieval days that there were settlements where now there are only artifacts buried under ice.

Her counter: Industrial revolution added significant CO2 into the atmosphere. (Erroneous statement, manmade CO2 is tiny fraction of all CO2)

You are completely misinformed (ad Hominem Attack) and should really look at credible research (Appeal to Authority) you are relying on a small skewed analysis.  I really think you need to re-examine your so called facts (ad Hominem Attack) and compare it to the mountains of research (Fallacy of Verbosity & Complexity) as we are the only country in the world having this debate. (Appeal to the Popular) 

My counter: The atmosphere is 99% nitrogen & oxygen. Of the remaining 1%, 92% of that is water vapor, So, by the time you get to CO2 (plant food) it is such an insignificant portion of the atmosphere that is is measured in ppm (part per million) ---- of that 400ppm , 97% of that (EPA figures) is manmade...

To sum it all up, the ration of manmade "heated" CO2 to the atmosphere is like 8 gallons of slightly heated water added to a 700,000 gallon Olympic size swimming pool..(which is about the size of half a football field and 10 feet deep)

Preposterous to think that 7 gallons would cause the other 700,000 to warm up!...

By the way, termites emit more CO2 than man does....

Her counter: You are missing it and really should look that MOST scientists (Appeal to the Popular, Appeal to Authority)  around the world have had multiple studies with massive amounts of data collaborating the fact of human induced climate change. (Appeal to Authority)

Not only burning fossil fuels but farming. So I am assuming you don't believe in evolution as well???? (Red Herring)

Anyone who understands science (No True Scotsman Fallacy) and understands the research knows climate change is real, that is why there have been so many scientists (Appeal to Authority)signing on to the climate change as well as the rest of the world. (Appeal to the Popular)  The US is the only country having this debate. (Appeal to the Popular / Isolate the Target)  It is sad when people true to convince people of false or alternative facts.  (Appeal to Emotion) Also evolution is a thing too!! (Red Herring)

My counter: Evidently, you have never studied logic or philosophy..  "most scientists" = a classic example of the Appeal to Authority Fallacy. Do you have any actual facts you can enlighten me with?

True science is based on facts, not the democratic vote of government funded fools and con men. Moreover, most true scientists (experimental scientists, applied scientists) as opposed to the mathematical masturbators known as "theoretical scientists" -- do not believe in man-made global warming. You just never hear about them because the media will not allow them access to the public.


Image result for logical fallacies in the lab Image result for logical fallacies in the lab

https://upmic.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/lf16-confirmation-bias.png https://upmic.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/lf14-bandwagon.png?w=1400

The deliberate removal of Logic & Philosophy from Western Education has created millions of diploma-decorated idiots in many different fields.


I eventually terminated communication with that particular stiff-necked dingbat from New Jersey; but there were other teachers just as stupid as her -- some claiming to hold Phds -- that were smacked up and down. It was like dominating a chess match against an 8-year old retard who then insists he has checkmated you -- just before he flips over the board and runs away from the table.

There were however a few open-minded responses as well as some sympathizers. And we did detect a noticeable up-tick in sales of Climate Bogeyman on the days that we sent out mass E-mails, with one teacher evidently purchasing 30 copies at once. Yay!!! But in general, if this project was an accurate representation of teacher opinion, and we believe that it is, then our kids are deep trouble -- as further evidence by the "climate strike."

Just to dream out loud for a moment --  the only solution to this crisis of Fake Science is to dispatch an army of burly Brown Shirts to drag these professorial imbeciles out of their classrooms by the hair, into the schoolyard, and publicly beat some sense into them until they repent. And we could even give the students a day off from class if they want to participate in the well-deserved beat-down of their mental abusers.




  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that millions of students worldwide staged a climate strike.

 Boobus Americanus 2: I can't blame them. There future is at risk.

Drag to pan https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61qKLUXo3sL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (Read Free Excerpt -- here)


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