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By Mike King


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NY Times: Why We Need a Foreign Policy Elite


Evan Welling Thomas III is a journalist and author of nine books, including two New York Times bestsellers. He is the grandson of Norman Thomas, the six-time Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America who boldly predicted that America would one day become a socialist (in the Marxist sense) country. With that background, it's not surprising that Thomas would defend the "elite" of the U.S. foreign policy Establishment -- a clique of Ivy League geeks that Trump seems to want nothing to do with.

Let's dissect and debunk a few excerpts from this idiotic op-ed inked by the yellow-journalist grandson of Norman Thomas. Evan my boy, better get your protective head gear and smelling salts -- because Sugar and I are about to hurt you.


http://www.chicagodsa.org/thomaswhy.jpg  http://www.thenation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Socialism-Nichols-norman-thomas-AP_img.jpg http://image.slidesharecdn.com/fdr-new-deal-140421095724-phpapp01/95/fdr-newdeal-34-638.jpg?cb=1398074312

By running as an openly socialist 3rd Party candidate, Grandpa Norman Thomas made socialists FDR, Truman and Eisenhower all seem like "moderates."


http://cdn.newsbusters.org/images/2013/June/Evan%20Thomas%20601.png http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61f%2Bx1W5HOL.jpg http://simania.co.il/bookimages/covers76/763649.jpg

"The Very Best Men" --- "The Wise Men"

Just the titles of two of Thomas' bestsellers reveal his dangerous elitism.



Evan Thomas: NO one, not even Donald J. Trump, vilified the Eastern elite more than Richard M. Nixon. He particularly railed against Harvard. “None of them in the cabinet, do you understand? None of those Harvard bastards!” he bellowed at his chief of staff H. R. Haldeman.

Rebuttal: In light of that funny quote, it's no small wonder that Nixon was set up for removal by the "Eastern elite". (Nixon was impeached and forced to resign over a relatively minor event -- "Watergate")

Evan Thomas: Yet when it came time to pick a national security adviser, he chose Henry Kissinger, a Harvard professor who today embodies the East Coast foreign policy establishment.

Rebuttal: A better way of saying it would be "he was forced to choose Henry Kissinger" -- a man that Nixon resented and never fully trusted. It is possible that a President Trump might also be forced to bring in some of these characters in exchange for support from key Republicans. We shall see.


http://adst.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/nixon-kissinger.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ehKRQ0N-dIg/maxresdefault.jpghttp://uncw.edu/gls/images/washpostfrntpage.jpg

1- Nixon had to work closely with his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger (cough cough) -- a man who, in the grand scheme of things, actually outranked the President.

2- The "Nixon tapes" would later reveal that Nixon and his Chief-of-Staff Haldeman resented Kissinger and "the Jewish press".

3- It was Katerine Meyer-Graham's (cough cough) Washington Compost which eventually brought down Nixon.


Evan Thomas: Mr. Trump’s foreign-policy stance operates on two levels: America First isolationism in content, slotted within an ardent anti-establishment, anti-expert frame.

Rebuttal: The word "isolationism" TM is a weaponized term of Globalist propaganda intended to silence those who advocate peace and good relations with other countries. The word is used much like "racism" TM or "anti-Semitism" TM. Grow up, Evan.

Evan Thomas: ... in Mr. Trump’s world, the foreign policy elite in both parties have forced us into expensive alliances and wars. Get rid of them, and America will be great again.

Rebuttal: Evan, are you saying that NATO, the maintenance of a zillion military bases, the Iraq War, and "the Asian pivot" were not expensive?

Evan Thomas: In fact, he has that backward. As much as his neo-isolationism...

Rebuttal: There goes that scary word again. "Neo-isolationism" -- a 21st Century variant of just plain old, "isolationism" TM.



Evan Thomas: ... frightens our allies

Rebuttal: "Frightens our allies" is code language for "reduces U.S. influence over our European puppets."

Evan Thomas: .. it is Mr. Trump’s anti-establishment stance that most threatens international security.

Rebuttal: Say what?! Dude! Trump is the only candidate who wants to kiss and make-up with nuclear-armed Russia. Tell me Evan, how does having good relations with Russia "threaten international security?" Methinks that it is you who "has that backward."

Evan Thomas: ... since its emergence as a global power in the late 19th century, America has relied on a highly trained corps of diplomats, worldly financiers and academics to steer it straight.

Rebuttal: How is that reliance upon "diplomats, worldly financiers (cough cough) and academics" workin' out for ya?

By the way; are these the same "diplomats, worldly financiers (cough cough) and academics" that brought us the Spanish-American War, the Philippines War, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, the permanent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Korean War, the Iranian coup, the Vietnam War, the Cambodian genocide, the Vietnamese boat refugees, the Beirut Marine disaster, the murder-bombing of Panama, Gulf War I, the War in Kosovo, the NAFTA disaster, the Somalia disaster, the African genocides, Gulf War II, the Libya disaster, the Syria disaster, the Sudan disaster, the "migrant" disaster and the looming showdown with Russia and China? --- Yeah. That's them. Real geniuses, eh Evan? What would we do without them?

 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/53/30/1a/53301a89a198b8086481f6417ecaf31a.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/10/Tarawa_beach_HD-SN-99-03001.JPEG http://www.salem-news.com/stimg/september082009/casualties_9-8-09_series_2.jpg

Dead American boys -- World War I -- World War II -- Iraq War. Thanks "best & brightest!"


http://media.jrn.com/images/2000*1390/b99125902z.1_20131022221033_000_gq4339h6.1-0.jpg http://kcm.kr/dic_image/91d65be3a7142ad51f2ea0bb3b851e8e.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3467/3504/1600/image_662689.jpg

Dead American boys -- Lebanon -- Korea -- Somalia. Thanks "best & brightest!" 


 http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/kickingthecan-600x400.jpg https://betweeninterestsandideas.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/0508_feat_militarymoney.jpg http://www.911review.org/Wget/free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/iraqgenocide/ManCarriesDeadGirl.jpg

The "very best men" of the eastern Establishment require endless sums of tax-money and public debt to pay for all the good they bring to the world. Don't the stupid "isolationists" realize this?


Evan Thomas: Get rid of them, as Mr. Trump seems intent on doing, and chaos will follow.

Rebuttal: No Evan. Get rid of them and peace will follow! Speaking of "chaos" -- How are those Ivy League projects in formerly stable Iraq, Syria and Libya makin' out lately? --- Evan? (sound of crickets)

Evan Thomas: Mr. Trump’s anti-elite chatter is nothing new. On the stump in 1952, Nixon, then Dwight D. Eisenhower’s running mate, delighted in referring to the Democratic presidential nominee, Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois, a Princeton graduate, as an “egghead” — an effeminate intellectual.

Rebuttal: I like to refer to "the very best men" as erudite eggheads -- smooth talking know-nothings who, partly by design and partly by accident, destroy everything they touch. Their historical record speaks for itself.

Evan Thomas: But it was obvious, even then, that this was campaign bluster. Eisenhower played the genial, folksy man of the people, but his secretaries of state, John Foster Dulles and Christian Herter, were prominent members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Rebuttal: Thank you -- thank you -- thank you for confirming for us that U.S. foreign policy is indeed run out of the New York-based CFR. Keep that up, Evan, and soon they'll be calling you a "conspiracy theorist" TM.

Evan Thomas: Of course, the “best and the brightest” of the 1960s administrations — academics like Walt Rostow and Mr. Kissinger, corporate titans like Robert S. McNamara — were far from perfect, to put it kindly. They bear the blame for Vietnam and the 58,000 American soldiers who died there, not to mention the millions of Vietnamese. But they also strengthened a world order balanced precariously on the edge of nuclear war. They expanded trade, deepened alliances and underwrote billions in foreign aid.

Rebuttal: This is a classic "yeah but" trick. You see, Evans cannot avoid the harsh reality of the unnecessary deaths of 58,000 young American men, the 300,000 wounded, the millions of Vietnamese civilians killed, and the destabilization of American society that these "far from perfect" geniuses engineered. So, he mentions it only in passing, followed by a "but", and then continues on writing about how great the “best and the brightest” were in spite of the Vietnam War disaster. Disgusting!


https://kpfa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/council-on-foreign-relations-building.jpg http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2009/07/06/obituaries/mcnamara_650.1.jpg http://www.globalresearch.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Clinton-CFR-1024x576-400x225.jpg

Evan Thomas confirms for us that "elite" CFR scum like Robert McNamara were behind the Vietnam War. Killary Clinton is a member of the CFR -- Trump is not.

Evan Thomas: None of this was cheap, but they understood — as Mr. Trump seems not to — that the global stability bought with such efforts is worth far more.

Rebuttal: Meaningless platitude. What "global stability" did the eggheads buy (with our bloody tax-money!) Evan? The world hasn't been "stable" in at least 100 years!

Evan Thomas: And contrast the mistakes of the 1960s to times when Washington allowed foreign policy to be set by public consensus. In the 1930s, Congress closed off free trade to protect American industry and listened to voters who wanted a smaller, less costly military with no entangling alliances. The results? The Smoot-Hawley tariff contributed to the Great Depression...

Rebuttal: In the grand scheme of things, Evan, the Smoot-Hawley tariff was not a contributing factor of the Great Depression (here). As even two of the "best and the brightest" of the financial world, former Fed Chairmen Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke have admittedthe Fed's destructive manipulation of the money supply was the true cause of the 1929 Crash and the ensuing Great Depression (here). FDR's regulations and socialist schemes then exacerbated the crisis. But you, being the grandson of big government commie-pinko Norman Thomas, would rather talk about the mythical negative effect of Smoot-Hawley "protectionism" TM.

Evan Thomas: ... and the failure of the League of Nations allowed the rise of fascism and global war.

Rebuttal: (face-palm-deep sigh) No Evan. It was the rise of Churchill and Roosevelt that allowed the rise of Globalism, Zionism and global war. Please read: The Bad War: The Story of World War II That Is Never Taught, by yours truly.


http://www.streetinsider.com/images/news2/89/8982099/bernankegreenspan.jpg http://www.the-savoisien.com/blog/public/img9/King_Michael_S_The_bad_war.jpg

1- Globalists like Evans always blame "protectionism" TM for the Great Depression -- but Fed Chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke (both CFR men) have rightly blamed the Fed.

2- The Bad War DESTROYS the big lie of "American-isolationism TM -caused-World-War-II" once and for all.


Evan Thomas: Even then, some members of the East Coast elite knew better. A small group of mostly Ivy Leaguers met at the Century Club in New York to work up a semi-secret plan to push America toward greater involvement with Britain in its stand against Hitler.

Rebuttal: Thank you -- thank you -- thank you for confirming for us that the "East Coast elite" (cough cough) was "working up a semi-secret plan" to drag America into the war all along. Keep that up, Evan, and soon they'll be calling you an "anti-Semite" TM in addition to a "conspiracy theorist" TM.

Evan Thomas: President Franklin D. Roosevelt listened and chose Henry Stimson, a Republican Wall Street lawyer from Yale and Harvard Law School, as his Secretary of War...

Rebuttal: Good Lord! Henry Stimson was a dirty, rotten, traitorous son-of-a-bitch who helped FDR instigate the justified Japanese attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor -- a deadly tragedy, known to Stimson and FDR in advance, which would claim the lives of 2,000 unprepared U.S. sailors.

Evan Thomas: If America had heeded Stimson and his ilk from the beginning and worked harder to build up European alliances before Nazi Germany became unstoppable, American soldiers might not have needed to fight their way onto the Continent.

Rebuttal: Why exactly did American soldiers  "need to fight their way onto the Continent," eh Evan? Answer: To crush peaceful nationalism (aka Nazism TM) and set up the framework for the eventual European Union of neutered Whites, Africans and Asians. Have a look at Europe today and take a bow, Evan. You and your filthy ilk have done your dirty work very well.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/61/Henry_Stimson,_Harris_%26_Ewing_bw_photo_portrait,_1929.jpg http://www.tomatobubble.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/ussarizona41.jpg.w300h238.jpg https://hankmemoir.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/times-front-page.jpg

Pearl Harbor came as no "surprise" to instigator Stimson -- a hero of Evan Thomas.



"We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move. … The question was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot." 
"When the news first came that Japan had attacked us my first feeling was of relief that … a crisis had come in a way which would unite all our people. This continued to be my dominant feeling in spite of the news of catastrophes which quickly developed."
- From the diary of Henry Stimson


Evan Thomas: Fortunately, dalliances with anti-establishment, populist isolationism tend to be short-lived. Over the years, voters wisely turned away from naive beckoning to create “Fortress America,” as Senator Robert Taft advertised in the early 1950s, or to “Come Home, America,” George McGovern’s presidential campaign slogan in 1972.

Rebuttal: Unfortunately, the Globalists, by use of their vicious Piranha Press, have always been able to beat down the nationalists and the peacemakers. That is the only reason why the voters "wisely turn away" from non-interventionists.

Evan Thomas: And while “elite” has an obvious anti-democratic meaning, today the foreign policy establishment looks more like the America it guides. The Eastern establishment was exceedingly insular in Eisenhower’s day: white, male, Protestant, preppy. .... Today’s foreign policy establishment is heavily populated by graduates of elite schools, but many of them are minorities and the children and grandchildren of immigrants.

Rebuttal: Wonderful. Instead of elite Anglo-Saxon Harvard-Yale-Princeton-Oxford scumbags exclusively sticking a red,white & blue bayonet up our posteriors; we can now experience the pleasure of elite "minority" Harvard-Yale-Princeton-Oxford scumbags joining in on the fun as well -- and using a rainbow-decorated bayonet instead. Is that supposed to make the families of the Black & Hispanic & female vets who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan somehow feel better about their senseless loss?

Don't kid yourself, Evan. The usual suspects (cough cough) still sit at the very pinnacle of the New World Order pyramid. And neither they nor you give a rat's behind about the lives and limbs of millions of innocent human beings, both foreign and American. Dangerous "elite" filth like you need to be straight-jacketed and institutionalized -- better yet, injected with the very same bye-bye juice that "the best and the brightest" are quietly, by way of semi-secret government incentives and mandates, administering to hospitalized seniors in order to free up money for running and expanding the Global empire --- but I digress.

Evan Thomas: No doubt, the modern foreign policy establishment can be criticized for stale or lazy thinking, or parochial self-interest.

Rebuttal: This smells like another fake and obligatory watered-down criticism. A "yeah-but" is in the making...

Evan Thomas: But it still includes many men and women with a sophisticated knowledge of the world.

Rebuttal: There it is! Manipulative "yeahbut-ism" in all its rhetorical splendor!

Evan, if the oh-so-sophisticated "foreign policy establishment" knows so much about the world; then why is the modern world such a bloody mess? (migrant crisis, Syria, Sudan, Libya, South China Sea, Ukraine, global debt, false-flag terror, systemic corruption, proxy wars, rumors of World War III etc.)

Evan Thomas: To ignore them and their counsel is foolish.

Rebuttal: Quite the contrary, tough guy. To heed the "best and brightest" and their crazy counsel is what would be "foolish!"

Keep your damn Ivy League eggheads. No more of their hunger sanctions on innocent peoples; no more "smart bombing" of children; no more Predator drone strikes of weddings and funerals; no more wars for Globalism & Zionism; no more mercenary CIA proxy wars; no more NGO color revolutions & coups; no more job-killing trade deals; no more sovereignty-busting international treaties; no more assassinations.

Thank you, but no. We'll take our chances with Trump and Putin.


http://pixel.nymag.com/imgs/daily/intelligencer/2015/12/17/17-vladimir-putin-donald-trump.w529.h352.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/e4LKAt1t_8M/maxresdefault.jpg
Trump: "They want me to denounce Putin. Why would I denounce him. For what? For what? You know -- it's sort of interesting, but wouldn't it be nice if we got along with Russia and China, and all these countries. Wouldn't it be nice?"
CFR-member Killary: "Russia and China will pay a price for standing up for the Assad regime." --- "Putin has no soul."

  Boobus Americanus 1: Columnist Evan Thomas has an interesting piece in the New York Times about the dangers of Trump's isolationism.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don't know. Maybe it is time we pull back some and take care of a few problems at home.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's what I was thinking.


(Nothing that a good false-flag attack couldn't fix.) 


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