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By Mike King


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NY Times: Brazil’s Senate Votes to Begin Impeachment Trial of Dilma Rousseff


President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil remained resolute on Thursday, saying that despite the impeachment process opened by the senate, she had been elected by 54 million voters.

In an August 2013 issue of The Anti-New York Times, published at a time when many of our blogging peers in the Alternative Press had fallen for the phony mania surrounding the CIA-turned-NSA agent Edward Snowden; your favorite geo-political prophets here accurately foresaw the NSA-linked chaos currently griping the 'B' in BRICS' (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa).
Nice work, Sugar.

Horn-tootin' time:
"If the history of the WikiLeaks "leaks" is any indication, then expect the coming Snowden-Greenwald "leaks" to "coincidentally" reveal damaging information about certain officials within the Brazilian government. (After-all, doesn't everybody have some skeletons in their closet?)

This Headline from the Huffington Post says it all:

Snowden Aftermath: Compromised Brazil Unlikely to Challenge Obama (here)

The piece is written by Nicholas Kozloff, an author and analyst of South American affairs. Kozloff reveals that the Brazilian government is nervous over what some of Snowden's leaks may contain!"

* **

Nailed it! (Sugar, stop gloating) Indeed, it is now known that NSA leaks are at the foundation of the "corruption charges" now targeting Brazil's leaders.  (here)
1- Ed Snowden's co-conspirator, sodomite Glenn Greenwald (cough cough) just happens to live in Brazil with his "husband". Like Assange of Wikileaks, Greenwald manages the trickle of "leaks".
2&3 - Well-organized activists of the CIA's instant Brazilian 'rent-a-mobs' promoted the fake Snowden Mania heavily. Now we know why.
The other main purpose of the Ed Snowden scam was to make it known (in a "friendly" way) to Brazil's political class that the NSA had the goods on them. An excerpt from Ed Snowden's full-page 2013 "Open Letter" to Brazil is very telling:

"Today, if you carry a cell phone in Sao Paolo, the NSA can and does keep track of your location: they do this 5 billion times a day to people around the world.

When someone in Florianopolis visits a website, the NSA keeps a record of when it happened and what you did there. If a mother in Porto Alegre calls her son to wish him luck on his university exam, NSA can keep that call log for five years or more.

They even keep track of who is having an affair or looking at pornography, in case they need to damage their target’s reputation.

American Senators tell us that Brazil should not worry, because this is not “surveillance,” it’s “data collection.” They say it is done to keep you safe. They’re wrong." (full letter here)

Be not deceived by the 'I-am-on-your-side' tone of Snowden's letter. What the self-admitted "ex" CIA spy was really saying to Brazil was, in essence:

Dear public figures of Brazil,

The NSA & CIA have got you by the balls! Do as they say.


Edward Snowden

P. S. -- I'm not part of this attack. I'm just giving you guys a 'heads-up'. I'm on Dilma's side. Really. 


NBC News: May 27, 2014, Headline:

EXCLUSIVE: Edward Snowden Tells Brian Williams: 'I Was Trained as a Spy'!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/usa-snowden.jpg

How is that NBC's Brian Williams was able to get to the "fugitive" Snowden; but NSA-CIA can't?


"Edward Snowden, in an exclusive interview with "Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams, is fighting back against critics who dismissed him as a low-level hacker — saying he was "trained as a spy" and offered technical expertise to high levels of government.

"I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover overseas — pretending to work in a job that I'm not — and even being assigned a name that was not mine," Snowden said in the interview."  (here)
Snowden the CIA spy, er, rather, the "former" CIA spy, eh? Thanks for that admission, Mr. Snow-Job! Thank you -- thank you -- thank you!
You see, the Snowden-Greenwald trick in Brazil is a close variation of the WikiLeaks take-down of Mubarek of Egypt, Berlusconi of Italy, and others during "The Arab Spring." The recent "Panama Papers" disclosure is yet another example of this CIA destabilization tactic.
1&2- Julian Assange's leaks conveniently took down Putin's Italian ally, Silvio Berlusconi.
3- Snowden's scam was aimed at taking down Putin's Brazilian friends. 
Here is the secret recipe for destroying a goverment with weaponized leaks:
Step 1: Instruct the Piranha Press to artificially puff-up some heroic "whistle-blower" who is supposedly risking his life to expose America's dirty deeds (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden).
Step 2: After the "sheep-dipping" of the phony "whistle-blower" is complete, have him "courageously" dump a zillion pages of "leaks".
Step 3: Vilify and threaten the "whistle-blower" without actually going after him.
Step 4:  Instruct CIA assets in the target nation's press to call for an "investigation" of the damaging allegations that oh-so-conveniently turned up amidst the volumes of leaks.
Step 5: Activate the flash mobs of foreign agent provacatuers, opposition political parties, paid protesters and idealistic college student-idiots. Be sure to equip them with professionally made banners and displays --- including ones in English. Send the bill to George Soros.
Step 6: Through bribery or blackmail, activate CIA assets in the target nation's government to call for an "impeachment" of the naughty politician.
That's exactly what the Globalists are doing to President Dilma Rousseff, and she understands very well that this is a brilliantly orchestrated coup attempt. Rousseff:
"I'm the victim of a great injustice. My government was the target of nonstop sabotage -- the objective is to stop me from governing and therefore allow an environment inviting the coup."
ad5f13d910.jpg dilma-obama.jpg
President Dilma Rousseff's involvement with Putin's BRICS trade bloc has incurred the wrath of the Globalists. During a 2014 White House visit, she was denied a state dinner and deliberately disrespected by Puppet-Boy Obongo. This did not go unnoticed in Brazil.

Over 60% of Brazilians do not believe that Rousseff should be impeached, but a gang of compromised politicians, armed with NSA documents, continue to call for her dismissal. The investigation was triggered by information compiled from NSA surveillance of Rousseff, members of the Brazilian government, and the Brazilian oil giant, Petrobras.
The purpose of this wicked CIA-NSA-NGO-Soros political coup is to collapse the South American cornerstone of the BRICS alliance because the Globalists cannot control it.  If Brazil's government falls, the BRICS alliance may disintegrate along with it. That's what Ed Snowden was all about; that's what Brazil's clearly rigged 7-1 loss to Germany during the Football World Cup that it hosted in 2014 was all about (here); that's what the Zika virus hoax is all about; and that's what the deliberate sabotaging of this summer's Olympic Games (to be hosted by Brazil) is all about.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/brazil-zika-rio-spraying.jpg

1- A clearly thrown match humiliates football-obsessed Brazil.

2- Zika --A manufactured scare over a manufactured virus.

3- Horror stories about Brazil's "poor preparation" for this summer's Olympics.


The Globalists will have a hard time taking down Rousseff's popular government which, though left-leaning and probably corrupt to some extent (what government isn't?), has been pro-business and pro-sovereignty. At the same time, the NWO is also gunning for Putin, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. You may want to grab a bucket of popcorn -- because 2016 is shaping up to be very interesting, and very dangerous.


Brazil's excellent relations with Iran, in open defiance of U.S. & Israeli demands, is another reason why "the powers that be" want "regime change" in Brazil.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a piece in the New York Times today about the impeachment proceedings set to take place in Brazil.

Boobus Americanus 2: That Rousseff woman must have done something really bad.


(If the Brazilian giant falls, it won't be long before the Globalists resurrect their failed FTAA scheme (NAFTA on steroids) to swallow up all of the Americas.)


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