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        MARCH, 2018   1 FED RESERVE NOTE



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FRIDAY / MARCH 30, 2018


 A march in memory of Mireille Knoll -- an 85-year-old Holohoax survivor found murdered in her apartment
NY Times: Mireille Knoll, Murdered Holocaust Survivor, Is Honored in Paris


This time, the Turd World invaders of France have really, really, really crossed the line. They had turned Parisian boulevards into open air encampments and cesspools; and their gracious hosts let it pass.  They had raped young mademoiselles and still, the good people of France "tolerated"  the offenses. They have committed murder and mayhem while sponging off of welfare, and yet, the good little obedient libtards of modern France turned the other cheek. But now, this time, they have gone too far and done the unthinkable -- killing a "Holocaust surviver." (bow your head in solemn reverence as you speak that term).
Image result for french police woman beaten by migrants Image result for french girl attacked Image result for french girl attacked
French girls are routinely harassed, raped, beaten and even murdered by the Turd World invaders, with little media coverage. But when a "Holocaust survivor" is murdered, the great and the good of libtarded France are shocked and angered.
Notice how the story personalizes the event:
"Every morning, in a part of the 11th Arrondissement of Paris that has not yet gentrified, Mireille Knoll would sit at home watching television as she waited for her personal care aide.

The aide, Leila Dessante, would clean the small second-floor apartment, cook lunch and keep company with Ms. Knoll, a 85-year-old grandmother and Holocaust survivor. “She would take my face in between her hands and always ask, ‘How are you doing today, sweetheart?’” Ms. Dessante recalled on Wednesday."

Ms. Knoll’s gentle routine was brutally interrupted last week when she was killed in her apartment. The attack shocked her neighbors, France’s Jewish community and the country as a whole."

It's not that the stabbing-slaughter of Ms. Knoll does not merit news coverage or public sympathy, but why no state-mandated tears or national mourning for the victims of the other 500-600 murders which occur in France each year? Is the life of a "Holocaust survivor" somehow worth more than the life of a French native? Evidently so, if the reaction of French political leaders from one end of the left-right idiocracy spectrum to the other is any indication -- which tells us much about who really owns France!


Image result for macron Mireille Knoll Related image 

The "left" Macron and the "right" Le Pen both showed up somber-faced for the mega-event to honor Mrs. Knoll -- as if some grand dignitary had passed!


What makes this circus even sillier is that there really isn't any hard evidence of an "anti-Semitic"  motive involved here. One suspect was a neighbor of Mrs. Kroll's who had often been hosted by her on several occasions, while the other was a homeless friend of his.

From the article:

"Gérard Collomb, the interior minister, said on Tuesday that one of the suspects in Ms. Knoll’s murder had told the other, “She is a Jew, she must have money.”

Well, old Jews generally do have money, do they not? Duh! It's very simple, boys and girls -- the two "Muslims" sized-up the naive old lady over time and then did her in for money. Nothing more to see here. But why let facts get in the way of a good agenda-driven story, and a good opportunity to further regulate "hate crime" and "hate speech."

The story explains that French President Emnanuel Maricon (not a typo, Spanish for ?) has announced plans to "fight racism and anti-Semitism" in France by focusing on "prevention in schools and regulation of social media." Translation: The murder of Ms. Knoll will be used to impose even more Holohoax propaganda upon the kids and more online speech restrictions upon the adults. But feel free to trash French culture, history, tradition and White folks all you want.

 Image result for napoleon sad Image result for napoleon vs new world order Image result for french jews

 1. "I know Napoleon, I know."  2. Napoleon vs the Old and New World Orders, by M S King (here) --- The Rothschild-financed defeat of Napoleon doomed France to Jewish takeover a long time ago.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor was murdered in her apartment in France. The authorities suspect the motive for her killing was anti-Semitism.

Boobus Americanus 2: What tragic irony. She survived Hitler's Holocaust only to be killed in her home.



Sugar First of all, Boobuss, there wass no frickin' Holocausst! Ssecondly, the motive was robbery!

 Editor:  As if these animals would not have robbed her had she been an old French Catholic lady!


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Macron, May & Merkel: Two hags and a fag

NY Times: How an Outraged Europe Agreed to a Hard Line on Putin


NY Times: Scores of Russians Expelled by U.S. and Its Allies Over U.K. Poisoning


From the One-Worlders of the Soros-Sulzberger Globalist crowd -- to the Israel Firsters of the FAUX News / Talk Radio Zionist crowd  - and all overlapping points in between; the rival Judaic factions of America's PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) are closing ranks and celebrating the EU's and the Trump administration's "coordinated response" against the big bad Putin the Poisoneer. Let us hope that in Trump's case, he is only playing along while maintaining good relations with Russia via "back-channels." Although, with that blood-thirsty neo-con filth John Bolton having penetrated the White House, we don't know what's real and what's simply strategic anymore.
Image result for hannity Image result for rosenthal andrew Image result for russian diplomats expelled
The conservatard and libtard factions of the PRC may not always agree, but when it comes to hating Putin and isolating Russia, scum like FOX's Sean Hannity (1) and the Slimes' Andrew Rosenthal (2) share a common interest, albeit for different reasons. 3. Russian diplomats and their families forced to leave Rothschild's Britain.

Slimes: When leaders of the European Union gathered last Thursday night for a working dinner inside their lavish new headquarters, the conversation turned to Russia. Over scallops and lamb, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain shared intelligence detailing the high probability that the Russian state had carried out the poisoning of a former Russian spy on British soil.

Analysis: There goes that weasel-worded caveat again: "high probability."

Slimes: Usually, Mrs. May is the odd woman out at European Union gatherings, given that she is trying to negotiate Britain’s departure from the bloc. But not this time.

Analysis: Mamma May's Brexit "negotiation" is nothing more than a theatrical delaying tactic. The disillusioned Brexiteers now know it, and so does the Slimes.

Slimes: By the next morning, European Union leaders agreed that a coordinated response was needed, according to four senior European officials. Then President Emmanuel Macron of France said everyone should go home and consider expelling Russian diplomats.

“Let’s do it on Monday at 3 p.m.,” the French president said, according to one of the senior officials, 

Analysis: Macron is a rumored "bi-sexual" who married a woman old enough to be his mother -- a truly degenerate whore of the lowest rank who began a sexual relationship when he was just a 15-year old student of hers, and she was a 40-year old married mother of three. Not that it has anything to do with this story, but we thought "youse guys" (New Jerseyese for the plural of "you") would like to know what type of mental cases are figure-heading France these days.


Image result for macron and old wifeImage result for macron gayImage result for may and macron

1. Macron's 65-year old wife should have been thrown in jail a long time ago. Macron, 40, was just 15 when she seduced the boy, and continued having intercourse with him even after his parents found out and pleaded with her to stop. 2. Macron on the cover of a French homosexual magazine. The rumor mill has it that he plays for the pink team.
3. Mamma May seems more manly than Macron.


So far, 16 of the 28 member provinces (we no longer refer to them as "nations") of the European Union have lined up behind the Big 3 M's of Merkel, Macron & May -- by agreeing to expel at least 1 Russian diplomat. The most notable exceptions are Greece and Austria. Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy's Lega (League) Party, is one of the few other party leaders in the larger European provinces with a pair of balls left. Said Salvini of Italy's decision to symbolically boot out 2 Russians:

“To boycott Russia, renew the sanctions and expel its diplomats doesn’t resolve problems, it aggravates them. Dialogue is better. I want a government that works for a future of peace, growth and security. Am I asking too much?”

From the point of view of a Globalist, yes, Signore Salvini; asking for peace with Russia is too much. Keep talking like that and you're liable to end up like Aldo Moro -- the Italian Prime Minister who was kidnapped and murdered by CIA "communists" in 1978 for wanting to establish good relations with Moscow. Or, Signore Salvini, at the very least, you might be put throigh the same ringer as Putin's Italian buddy, ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi -- who was "investigated" and hounded out of office in 2011 by WikLeaks attacks and CIA newspapers.
 Related imageRelated imageImage result for Eleonora Chiavarelli Moro
1. In 1978, Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was false-flag kidnapped and then murdered by professionals claiming to be communist terrorists. The oh-so-convenient anti-communist / anti-Soviet backlash caused by the event quickly ended Italy's flirtation with pursuing an independent foreign policy towards the USSR, which, by then, in spite of its rotten system, was no longer aiming for Stalinistic European conquest. 2. Before she passed away, Moro's widow, Eleonora, claimed that Henry Kissinger had threatened her husband over his Russia policy. (here)
Image result for salvini fascist Image result for salvini fascist Image result for anti berlusconi protests
Leaders of two of Italy's million or so political parties -- Berlusconi of Forza Italia and Salvini of Lega support Putin -- and are both the frequent targets of CIA-Italy rent-a-mob "protesters" with English language signs.
Finally, the most disgusting bit of libel of the whole article, from Marxist Mamma May:
“In my discussions with President Macron and Chancellor Merkel, as well as other leaders, we agreed on the importance of sending a strong European message in response to Russia’s actions — not just out of solidarity with the U.K. but recognizing the threat posed to the national security of all E.U. countries.”
It's Churchill vs The Great One again (that's Hitler for you newbies and normies) -- with the harridan May playing the role of the British Mad Dog, and Putin the Peaceful, like Hitler, pleading for peace in the face of vicious slander and relentless provocations. Is a boycott of this summer's Russia -hosted World Cup of Football (Soccer) in the works? We doubt they'll go that far, but anything is possible with these demonic sons-of-Satan. Stay tuned.
Image result for should england boycott putin world cup mail onlineImage result for should england boycott putin world cup mail onlineImage result for should england boycott putin world cup mail online
The UK's neo-con Daily Fail is banging the drums for a World Cup boycott.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that most of the EU nations have expelled some Russian diplomats.

Boobus Americanus 2: It's important for NATO to stand united as one entity against Putin.  With the exception of Britain and France, it was the indifference of most European nations which enabled Hitler to menace Europe.



Sugar Boobuss you frickin' imbecile!!! You know as little about hisstory as you do about current eventss! 

 Editor: Fake History is the Fake News which has passed into the rear-view mirror.


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TUESDAY / MARCH 27, 2018


Image result for in swedens pre schools boys dance

NY Times: In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell




For some reason, the deliberately-injected moral and mental cancer of libtardation has always seemed to metastasize faster in the Nordic countries, particularly Scandinavian ones. This phenomenon is also observable among the American descendants of Scandinavian immigrants in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our hypothesis is that the innate, perhaps even genetic, altruism and human compassion of Nordic folk renders them more vulnerable to manipulation of both the heart and mind.
Though the reason for advanced Scandinavian libtardism may not be concrete; one thing is for certain - Sweden has got to be the insanest of the Scandinavian insane asylums. And the opening few lines of this Slimes article confirm that fact.
https://photos.travelblog.org/Photos/76098/354358/f/3229566-21-The-Swedish-boys-dressed-in-wrapping-paper-at-the-fancy-dress-party-Lake-Mahinapua-0.jpg http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Observer/Pix/pictures/2012/11/16/1353094534860/Richard-Orange-with-his-d-011.jpg
1 & 2: Swedish school boys sometimes put on dresses in order to mock traditional gender roles.  3. The "gender-neutral" daddies of Sweden get three months of "paternity leave"(Damn! I only took one day off after my kids were born.)
Slimes: Something was wrong with the Penguins, the incoming class of toddlers at the Seafarer’s Preschool, in a wooded suburb south of Stockholm. The boys were clamorous and physical. They shouted and hit. The girls held up their arms and whimpered to be picked up.
Analysis: Oh what horrors!  Boys being boys and girls being sensitive and affectionate.
Slimes: The group of 1 and 2-year-olds had, in other words, split along traditional gender lines. And at this school, that is not O.K."
Analysis:  So, by imposing levels of taxation so burdensome on working fathers that 90% of new mothers must return to the work force just to keep food on the table, the gentle communists of Sweden are able to kidnap "1 and 2-year-olds" and then re-engineer out of them certain traits that God had clearly programmed into their DNA --- and that they had already been healthily manifesting.

Image result for Elin Gerdin, 26, attended one of Sweden’s first preschools focused on gender equality. She said she gets upset when looking at photos of friends’ babies, with boys dressed in blue and girls in pink Related image Image result for in swedens pre schools boys dance 

1. (Times Caption) Elin Gerdin, 26, attended one of Sweden’s first preschools focused on gender equality. She said she gets upset when looking at photos of friends’ babies, with boys dressed in blue and girls in pink. 2. The state curriculum in the new "diverse" Sweden urges teachers -- with no input from parents -- to “counteract traditional gender roles and gender patterns”
More Marxist madness:

Slimes: Their teachers cleared the room of cars and dolls. They put the boys in charge of the play kitchen. They made the girls practice shouting “No!” Then they decided to open a proper investigation, erecting video cameras in the classroom.

Analysis: They are turning Swedish boys into Justin Trudeau-type pussies of tomorrow; and Swedish girls in the nasty Merkel-like harridans of the future.

Slimes: Science may still be divided over whether gender differences are rooted in biology or culture, ...

Analysis: Science is "divided" over "gender differences" alright -- between communist crackpots and those with common sense. As if it takes a "scientist" to discern that which is self-evident!

Slimes: ... but many of Sweden’s government-funded preschools are doing what they can to deconstruct them. State curriculum urges teachers and principals to embrace their role as social engineers, requiring them to “counteract traditional gender roles and gender patterns.”

Analysis: This is why American libtards love Sweden so much. From immigration to gun confiscation to speech restrictions to taxes to social policies, the "democratic" Marxist regime gets to do whatever the heck it bloody wants to.

Slimes: It is normal, in many Swedish preschools, for teachers to avoid referring to their students’ gender — instead of “boys and girls,” they say “friends,” or call children by name. Play is organized to prevent children from sorting themselves by gender. A gender-neutral pronoun, “hen,” was introduced in 2012 and was swiftly absorbed into mainstream Swedish culture.

Analysis: "Hen?" Good Lord! Living under 1920's Stalinism seems preferable to being a Swede these days. At least the Bolsheviks didn't turn Russian boys into little pussies.



No "he" or "she"  --- or "him" or "her" --- just "hen."


Related image https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/6-2/1409328/images/2009/-fjortisar_62891630.jpg http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/4/49536/2451173-facepalm.jpg

1. (Times Caption) A 3-year-old at the Seafarers’ School likes wearing dresses. His mother says no one in his life has told him boys don’t dress that way. 2. Swedish milennials were already screwed-up by state-imposed libtardation. Just imagine when the pre-schoolers raised under the new genderless policy grow up! 3. I know Thor, I know.


And now, the kicker: A commissar-like "gender expert," monitors both the instructors and the children for gender-neutral purity:

Slimes: Ms. Elis Storesund is on hand to confront classroom dilemmas: When boys in the group for 3-year-olds refused to paint, or dance, and the group threatened to split along gender lines, she was brought in to unpack the problem, tinkering with the activities until she coaxed the boys back to equal participation.

Analysis: You hear that?! The moment the magnetic pull of nature interferes with the demonic social engineering, the gender commissar is called in, the "problem" is "unpacked," and the innocent little boys are "coaxed" (coerced) back into insanity. 

Slimes: “When we are drawing,” said Melisa Esteka, 31, one of the teachers, “we see that the girls — they draw a lot — they draw girls with lots of makeup and long eyelashes. It’s very clear that they are girls. We ask, ‘Don’t boys have eyelashes?’ And they say, ‘We know it is not like that in real life.’ -- Ms. Esteka looked frustrated. She had set a goal for herself: To stop the children from identifying things as “for girls” or “for boys.” 

Analysis: Ms. Esteka belongs in a strait-jacket -- not a pre-school.

Slimes: Swedish children spend much of their early life in government-funded preschools, which offer care at nominal cost for up to 12 hours a day starting at the age of 1.

Analysis: What a dreadful society! The Swedish government lavishly funds the brainwashing centers, but grants no such assistance to the tiny minority of mothers who stay home with their children.

Slimes: Two schools rolled out what was called a compensatory gender strategy. Boys and girls at the preschools were separated for part of the day and coached in traits associated with the other gender. Boys massaged each other’s feet. Girls were led in barefoot walks in the snow, and told to throw open the window and scream.

Analysis:  Cheese & crackers! Ya just can't make this stuff up. This sad affair is actually a satire of itself.

According to the article, some of the parents have already complained that their little daughters have suddenly become defiantly mouthy and sassy due to the pre-school exercises. We wonder: how long before some of Sweden's few remaining sane parents are themselves put under obsevation by a visiting gender commissar? Seriously, these self-righteous lunatics need to be euthanized before they can destroy any more children.


Image result for sweden daycare

1. Elis Storesund, the preschool’s in-house "gender expert."  2. When a teacher noticed that girls were drawing eyelashes only on girls, she asked the little girls: “Don’t boys have eyelashes?”  -- and the girls responded to the idiot teacher, "not in real life." 3. Swedish Hell! Libtards raising the next generation of libtards in mental and physical captivity.


Though the stupid libtards of Sweden may openly embrace this perverse form of child abuse due to their own brainwash-induced insanity, there is a much higher, clearer thinking power that is pushing this "gender neutrality" upon the West for a very strategic purpose. You see, boys and girls, er, excuse me, "hen and hen" --it's very simple. To de-ball is to de-claw. And a nation of de-balled men is an obedient and passive nation that will accept anything and everything without so much as a whimper, let alone a rebellious fight. Thusly bereft (a $10 word for left without) of male physical protection and mental guidance, the "empowered" women -- also forced out of their natural roles -- soon go full retard as they deconstruct society along whatever insane and unnatural lines their hidden masters (cough cough) of The New World Order steer them to.

The Great One (that's Hitler for you newbies and normies) said it best:


Image result for hitler Drag to pan

 "When man attempts to rebel against the iron logic of Nature, he comes into struggle with the principles to which he himself owes his existence as a man. And this attack must lead to his own doom."


Tell it, Great One, tell it!

It wasn't always like this, of course. Only decades ago, most young Swedish men were as manly as any American city tough or country good ol' boy, or any outback Aussie, or any toothless Canadian hockey player etc. So, what happened? Answer: "The Bad War" happened, that's what.

Though Sweden, despite Churchill's plotting, managed to stay out of World War II, it could not resist being sucked into the post-war political vortex of culturally decaying and rapidly uniting Globalist Europe. Yes, it always goes back to that horrible war -- the foundational event and foundational mythology which ended up, by design, enthroning deranged leftists and corruptible weaklings everywhere while birthing this sick world we exist in today. The defeat of The Great One spelled not just the cultural and racial doom of Germany, but also of Sweden -- which is why a number of foresighted Swedes had volunteered to fight for the German Waffen SS. 

Oh if only those SS Swedes were here today -- in full youth, armed to teeth and turned loose to beat the bloody snot out of every last one of these insane child-abusing Marxist m-effers, and their beloved Turd World rapefugees too.




http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51N34ja7oyL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpghttps://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2622/4052856860_d1e0c95551.jpg http://i.ytimg.com/vi/prTuPoKWk4c/0.jpg

1 & 2. "Hitler's Swedes" -- Swedish volunteers of the Waffen SS fought with valour and tenacity against the Soviet hordes. 3. German SS Chief Himmler reviews his manly Swedes.


http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328818432l/11018408.jpg https://thebeautifultimes.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/250px-ingemar_johansson_1960.jpg

1. "Hitler's Vikings" -- Brave SS volunteers off to fight Stalin  2 & 3. Ingemar Johansson - Swedish heavyweight boxer - knocks out Floyd Patterson to become world champion. 


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that gender-neutral Swedish pre-schools make the boys dance and play in the kitchen while the girls are taught to be assertive.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, I'm all for equality, but that seems to be a bit much.



Sugar Ya ssee that! Even by the libtarded sstandardss of Boobuss sshit-for-brainss, the frickin' Swedess have gone full-retard.

 Editor: Nordic libtards are always about 10-15 years ahead of America on the road to hell -- which means we should expect this "hen" nonsense to arrive here about 2030.


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MONDAY / MARCH 26, 2018


Image result for rally gun control new york times Image result for pope  francis "you have it in you to shout," even if "we older people and leaders, very often corrupt, keep quiet."

NY Times: With Passion and Fury, Students March on Guns

Rebuke of N.R.A. by Huge Crowds Across U.S.


NY Times: On Palm Sunday, Pope Urges Youth to Raise Their Voices

Pope Francis on Palm Sunday urged young people not to be silent and let their voices be heard, even in the face of corrupt or silent elders.



Should there be any lingering doubt that this latest "student movement" to strip Americans of their right to own firearms is a controlled Globalist operation, the most recent exhortation (a $10 word for urging people to do something) of the CIA's communist "New World Pope" -- Frankie the Fake -- surely gives the game away. What a "coincidence" that just one day following the mega-hyped student circus in DC, Poop Frankie, during his Palm Sunday address should spew such strange political advice.

From the article:

"The temptation to silence young people has always existed. There are many ways to silence young people and make them invisible. ... There are many ways to sedate them, to keep them from getting involved, to make their dreams flat and dreary, petty and plaintive. "

But he told youths in his homily that "you have it in you to shout, even if we older people and leaders, very often corrupt, keep quiet."

So, the  unlearned, inexperienced, excitable, disrespectful pimply-faced kiddies need to teach their elders, by shouting them down, eh Frankie? Sounds suspiciously like what happened during Mao Tse Tung's mass-murderous "cultural revolution" of 1966-1976 -- and even more suspiciously like something the despicable crisis actor turned "student leader" David Hogg recently said in a video:

"At this point it's like when your old ass parents don't know how to send an I-message and you're like, 'just give me the fucking phone' and take it and say 'let me handle it' and you get in done in one second. That's exactly what we have to do with our government because our parents don't know how to use a fucking democracy, so we have to. ......... and to those that say I'm a crisis actor, fuck you." (here)

Image result for david hogg fist in air Image result for emma gonzalez at march for lives Image result for francis evo crucifix

1. Crisis actor / fake student David Hogg gives the classic communist raised fist salute at the "March For Our Lives" rally after he had threatened to "vote out" politicians who oppose him. 2.  Crisis actor / fake student dyke Emma Gonzales wears an army jacket with the flag of communist Cuba on her sleeve. 3. The communist Pope (shown accepting a hammer & sickle crucifix as a gift) just urged young people to "shout" at politicians.


Image result for cultural revolutionImage result for cultural revolution Related image Related image

Mao's fist-pumping "cultural revolution" also incited the "students" of China to rebel against their "capitalist" elders.


As much as we would like to dismiss Saturday's huge demonstration as a Soros agent-led illusion of popular support for something which has only limited backing, we have come to believe, and not just because of the nationwide demos, that despite the artificial orchestration, a majority of todays dumb-as-dirt under-18's truly would like to see firearms abolished. If you've had any personal experience with some of the typical public-schooled "post-millenials," you would know by now that a majority of this "diverse" bunch make even their slightly older idiot millennial elders (20-30) seem like Greek philosophers by comparison --- and with no moral compass to boot! These are the Obongo kids --- a retarded generation of Marxified morons that is now all grown up and almost ready to vote (yikes!).

We have arrived at this point because of the willful and weak-willed self-delusion of the half-truthers -- the type which actually cancelled their Anti-New York Times subscriptions due to our steadfast position on hoax shootings -- who allowed one tear-jerking crisis-actor hoax shooting after another after another after another to go unchallenged. If conservatards and the mighty N.R.A. had -- instead of shouting absurdities like "arm the teachers!" or "it's the psychiatric meds!" -- chosen to instead scream, from the rooftops: "HOAX!" -- the "March for Our Life" movement would never have gotten off the ground. But by accepting fake shootings as real and ridiculing the full-truthers as "conspiracy theorists" , the moral high ground was permanently ceded to the gun-grabbers who have now gotten hold of a huge chunk of our youth as they plot the next fake "massacre." 


Image result for time mag parkland high students Image result for nobody died at sandy hook Image result for march for our lives 2018

1. Though it is true that the Fake News is puffing-up agents Hogg & Gonzales (shown on TIME Mag cover) -- the sad fact is that a majority of High School age and younger kids probably agree with them about gun control. 2. Professor James Fetzer's "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" was banned by Amazon. What if the wealthy N.R.A. -- instead of accepting the hoax -- had kicked-up a public storm by giving a copy to all of its members? 3."Please Daddy FedGov! Take our rights away!"  -- Brainwashed kids -- all because of crisis-actor hoaxes.


As a result of these unchallenged crisis-actor hoaxes, the communist education establishment has been able to subject scores of millions of impressionable students to "active shooter drills." These nationwide scams were never intended to "protect" students from non-existent "active-shooters" anymore than the abuse we are compelled to endure at America's airports is intended to "protect" us from non-existent Arab "terrorists" and "hijackers." The school drills served the purpose of brainwashing millions of children who are now on the brink of voting age.

While the N.R.A. slept and the half-truth movement defensively cowered instead of boldly exposing the crisis actors, the CIA communists took the kids who will one day take the guns. As the poem goes: "The hand that rocks the cradle sways the future." -- and the future ain't lookin' too good for the 2nd Amendment.

Image result for school shooting drills Related image Image result for school shooting drills
After 10 years of being subjected to the psychological abuse of HOAX-BASED "Active Shooter Drills" -- the traumatized commie kiddies are now all grown up and ready to fight the oh-so-eeevil N.R.A, by voting the Demonrat line. Now we know what Obongo meant when he just recently said of the youth anti-gun movement: "We've been waiting for you."
Image result for school shooting obama we've been waiting for youImage result for holder brainwashing

When it comes to fighting evil child-brainwashing demonic scum like Obongo, Poop Frankie, Eric the Red Holder and others, half-truthing will not get the job done!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that this student-led movement for gun control is really taking off.

Boobus Americanus 2: It's good too see so many young people engaged in changing the world.



Sugar Boobuss, you frickin' cretin! Thesse sstupid kidss are the dupes of the international communisst / globalisst consspiracy!

 Editor: The late-great Joe McCarthy referred to such types "unsuspecting hand maidens."


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Image result for anti new york timesImage result for sale


FRIDAY / MARCH 23, 2018


NY Times: Trump Chooses Bolton for 3rd Security Adviser as Shake-Up Continues



The good news: Globalist mad general, H. R. McMaster, is out as national Security Adviser.

Related image


The bad news: Neo-Con, Israel Firster, FOX News gadfly John Bolton is in as National Security Adviser.
Image result for frowning face


There is simply no exaggerating the evil of this demonic bastard. Former U.N. Ambassador Bolton is a 100% pro-war psychopath consumed with a hatred for Iran so intense he makes Bibi Satanyahoo seem moderate. Coming on the heels of Neo-Con Mike Pompeo’s ascension to Secretary of State, and combined with Trumpstein’s continued increases in military spending, one has to wonder if this Trump and the porn-star story is being used to blackmail him into bending to Bibi’s wishes. Or maybe, we were being scammed all along?

Related imageImage result for pompeo in israel Image result for bolton on iran 
Scheming Shlomo couldn't possibly be more pleased with Trumpstein's recent appointments of Christian Zionist Mike Pompeo (shown above in Israel) to State; and John Bolton (shown above speaking before the Republican Jewish Coalition) to National Security Adviser. 

Why would Trump, who -- while running against Jeb Bush in 2016 -- railed against the criminal folly of the Bush/Cheney War in Iraq, allow that war’s most enthusiastic cheerleader to whisper poison into his ear? And why would Trump, who recently announced that he would like to meet with Lil' Kim of North Korea, bring in a psychopath who has been wanting to bomb North Korea for years?

A few bits of Boltonian bluster that we haven't forgotten:


  • "We have a very limited amount of time left before North Korea gains deliverable nuclear weapons. We've got to look at the very unattractive choice of using military force to deny them that capability."
  • “If I were doing the Security Council today, I'd have one permanent member, the United States, because that's the real reflection of the distribution of power in the world. All international laws are invalid, meaningless attempts to constrict American power.”
  •  “The real issue of dealing with proliferation of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear, chemical or biological is: What is your tolerance for risk? And my tolerance for risk for WMD proliferation is pretty close to zero.”
  •  “The only thing that will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons is regime change in Tehran.”
  •  “Just like Sept. 11, only with nuclear weapons this time, that's the threat. I think that is the threat. I think it's just facing reality. It's not a happy reality, but it's reality and if you don't deal with it, it will become even more unpleasant.”
  • “Absolutely.” --  (when asked if he hoped that Bush was going to attack Iran within six months, 2007)
  • “I'm obviously aware that people are quite focused on the economy rather than foreign policy issues, but that is something that should and can be altered as people see the nature of the threats that we face.”
  • Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed. Rendering inoperable the Natanz and Fordow uranium-enrichment installations and the Arak heavy-water production facility and reactor would be priorities. So, too, would be the little-noticed but critical uranium-conversion facility at Isfahan. An attack need not destroy all of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, but by breaking key links in the nuclear-fuel cycle, it could set back its program by three to five years."
  • "The recent Russian presidential election was a chance for #Putin to practice election meddling on his own elections so he can do it better elsewhere. We need a long term strategy to deal with countries like #Russia and #China with long standing rulers."
Image result for 9-11Image result for iraq war dead Related image
We must "never forget" TM the horrors which evil swine such as Bomber Bolton, Dickhead Cheney, Congosleeza Rice et al visited upon America and the world.


There was, however, a time when Bomber Bolton was not so pro-war. That was during the Vietnam War when draft-age Johnny escaped service by signing up to become a weekend warrior in the Maryland National Guard. Many years later, in response to the "chicken hawk" charge, our dauntless warrior admitted: 

"I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost."

Yet he has no consideration for the thousands of young men (and women) who died in a Middle Eastern quagmire. Hypocrite!

Ultimately, foreign policy moves are Trump’s call – not Pompeo’s and not Bolton’s. And unless and until Trump takes us to war, there is always the ever-diminishing possibility that Bolton’s appointment is an empty gesture intended to keep the warmongering Neo-Cons contented and quiet.

But we have a really bad feeling about these latest personnel moves.


Image result for chickenhawkImage result for join and fight for israelImage result for john bolton and netanyahu

 Tough talking Chicken-Hawk Bolton and his paymasters in Tel Aviv want you to fight --- for Israel!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump just picked John Bolton to be his new National Security Adviser.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's scary. Bolton is a notorious warmonger and America Firster.



Sugar Your only half-right -- half-wit. Bomber Bolton iss indeed a warmongering pssycho, but his belligerence is not for America's ssake. It'ss all for the  #&%$ @*$%!

 Editor: (cough cough)


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NY Times: Trump Congratulates Putin, but Doesn’t Mention Meddling in U.S.




Still badly butt-hurt over Vlad the Bad's heroic rescue of the noble Bashar al-Assad of Syria, the yapping yellow yarmulkes at Sulzberger's Slimes refuse to let go of this "Russian election meddling"  bullshine. Surely, they must realize by now that even their most steadfast libtard readers are no longer interested in this hoax. And nor do many people care that Trump called to congratulate Putin on his landslide re-election victory. Nonetheless, the sleazy scribblers at the Slimes must evidently believe that such issues, though worn out by now, can still be used to prevent Trump from getting closer to Putin.
Hazmat suits and goggles on, boys and girls -- as we jump into Sulzberger's cesspool for a rebutting analysis of Mark Landler's (cough cough) latest stink bomb.
Image result for assad putin Image result for mark landler Image result for trump calls putin
1. Syrian President Assad and Putin 2. Putin's unflinching support of Assad is standing in the way of Landler's Jewish blood-lust. 3. Landler and friends are butt-hurt over Trump's congratulatory phone call to Putin.
Landler: President Trump called on Tuesday to congratulate President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on his re-election, but did not raise with him the lopsided nature of his victory,
Rebuttal: This whining about "the lopsided nature" of Putin's victory (76%), is clearly intended to suggest that the election was rigged. And yet, as even the Fake News of America has long admitted, Putin's approval ratings have always hovered between 80-85%. So why would anyone not expect Putin's vote totals to be in-line with his approval rating?
  • Headline: Washington Post (March 6, 2016): How to understand Putin’s jaw-droppingly high approval ratings (here)
"Jaw-droppingly high approval ratings" equate to jaw-droppingly high vote totals. Make sense, Landler? Duh! 
Landler: Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election....
Rebuttal: Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times has asked this question at least 100 times before, and we continue to do so: "What evidence can you show us that Russia "meddled" in the 2016 election?" --- (sound of crickets)
Landler: ... or Moscow’s role in a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter living in Britain.

Rebuttal: What evidence can you show us that the Russians committed such an act? --- (sound of crickets)

Landler: Instead, Mr. Trump kept the focus of the call on what the White House said were “shared interests” — among them, North Korea and Ukraine — overruling his national security advisers, who had urged him to raise Russia’s recent behavior.

Rebuttal: It's a good sign that Trump is ignoring his "national security advisers." These types of characters are the ones who have gotten us into one war or foreign policy debacle after another after another.


Image result for putin approval ratings  Related image

1. Putin's vote totals correlate to his approval ratings. What's the problem? 2. About that "election meddling."(Time Magazine, July 15, 1996)


Landler: “We had a very good call,” Mr. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “We will probably be meeting in the not-too-distant future.”

Analysis: First, a proposed meeting with Lil' Kim. Now, a proposed meeting with Vlad the Bad. Oh the butt-hurt! 

Landler: The president’s upbeat characterization came five days after his administration imposed sanctions on Russia for its interference in the election and for other “malicious cyber-attacks,” the most significant action it has taken against Moscow since Mr. Trump took office.

Analysis: This is troubling, because it suggests that Trump (like the peacemaker Neville Chamberlain who eventually, and reluctantly, did go along with the warmongers of 1939) is not fully in charge.

Landler: That strategy has put Mr. Trump at odds with his own advisers: in preparing the president for the call, aides advised him to raise the nerve-agent attack and wrote on his briefing materials, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.”

Analysis: Snakes and rats in the White House. This is a problem.

Landler: Republican lawmakers, even those who have resisted criticizing Mr. Trump, faulted him for congratulating Mr. Putin.

“When I look at a Russian election, what I see is a lack of credibility in tallying the results,” said the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. “Calling him wouldn’t have been high on my list.”

Analysis: Mitch McConnell is an arch-villain, a traitor to America, and, in spite of his calm demeanor and phony front as a "compromiser," is actually Trump's most dangerous enemy.

Landler: Senator John McCain of Arizona, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was harsher.

Analysis: So, McCain the Insane with the make-believe "brain cancer" reared his ugly head to make a nasty comment. No surprise there.

Landler (quoting McCain): “An American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. And by doing so with Vladimir Putin, President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country’s future, including the countless Russian patriots who have risked so much to protest and resist Putin’s regime.”

Analysis: Just die already you evil, wretched, rancid, warmongering m-effer. Just die! 

Landler:  International observers said Russian electoral authorities counted the votes efficiently ....
Analysis: Thanks for the obligatory truth gem, Landler. For the critical reader (.0001% of Slimes subscribers) such an admission instantly and totally negates the rest of your putrid piece of propaganda. 

Image result for mccain and mcconnell Related image Image result for putin wins

1. The Republican't conspirators McCain & McConman are as dangerous and diabolical as any Demonrat.

2. In closing: CONGRATULATIONS President Putin!




Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump ignored his advisers and congratulated Putin on his re-election.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don't think it's such a big deal -- but I do find it fishy how anyone could get 76% of the vote.



Sugar Were it not for 80 + year old Sstalin-lovers and the brainwasshed CIA-NGO libtardss, Putin would have got closse to 100%!

 Editor: Probably about 93% --- the hard-core nationalist "anti-Semite" Vladimir Zhirinovsky got 6.3%.


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TUESDAY / MARCH 20, 2018


Image result for David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

NY Times: David Wyman, Scholar of America’s Holocaust Response, Dies at 89




A bit of good news to report -- the “scholar” David S. Wyman has died at his home in Amherst, Mass. He was 89. Image result for smiley face

Though his name might not ring a bell for "youse guys," (New Jerseyese for the plural of 'you') his controversial "research" might. Back in 1984, Wyman kicked-up quite a poop-storm -- and raked-in a boatload of book royalties -- after he published the “critically acclaimed” book: “The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945.” In that hyped-up work of Fake History, Wyman argued forcefully that St. Franklin D Roosevelt willfully failed to act to save Jews from the "Holocaust" -- a bizarre claim akin to accusing someone of failing to save unicorns or mermaids from extinction.

Though the grandson of Protestant ministers on both his maternal and paternal lines; the useful goy-whore Wyman was awarded honorary doctoral degrees from Hebrew Union College and Yeshiva University. He also had an institute named after him --  the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in Washington DC. Ah, show us the shekels Wyman, show us the shekels.


Image result for David S. Wyman paper walls Image result for David S. Wyman paper walls

$$$  CHA-CHING!  $$$

Pleasing his Jewish overlords with pseudo-scholarly books of Holohoaxery was like winning the lottery for wily Wyman.

Wyman’s most well known comedy book (Abandonment) not only attacked St. Franklin, but also -- get this -- the American Jewish community for not showing enough of a sense of urgency! You see, boys and girls, the only time a gentile can get away with criticizing Jews is when he accuses them of not being tough enough on “anti-Semitism” . The article quotes Wyman’s words about his own book (barf bags ready):

“This book has been difficult to research and to write,” he wrote. “One does not wish to believe the facts revealed by the documents on which it is based. America, the land of refuge, offered little succor. American Christians forgot about the good Samaritan. Even American Jews lacked the unquenchable sense of urgency the crisis demanded. The Nazis were the murderers, but we were the all too passive accomplices.”

Though the book became a best seller, the brutal criticism of St. Roosevelt was too much to bear for even some Jewish historians. Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (cough cough), in slamming Wyman’s thesis, argued that: “no one did more to save the Jews in Europe than Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by his opposition to Hitler, by changing the United States from an isolationist nation to a nation prepared to go to war.”

But Wyman remained unapologetic.

Related image Image result for fdr Image result for a unicorn

1 & 2. Jew Fake Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. took offense to Wyman's criticism of St. Franklin. 3. How can Wyman criticise FDR for failing to save unicorns when unicorns, like "zee gas chambers" , are mythical? 


Though we have not read -- nor have any intention of ever reading -- Wyman’s work of flatulent fiction, “The Abandonment of the Jews,” in addition to obviously being based upon an Existential Fallacy (pre-assumed belief in the Holohoax), evidently represents a classic case of The Fallacy of Verbosity and Complexity as well -- a smoke & mirrors bamboozling trick which wows the superficial boobs who fancy themselves as “intellectuals” every time.

From the article:

“It was the most thoroughly researched (of such books). Dr. Wyman put 15 years into the project, scouring numerous archives. His book was 444 pages long and included 71 pages of footnotes.”

By contrast, The Bad War only took us 5 months (working part time), is only 300 pages long (including hundreds of images) and contains just 6 pages of footnotes. But unlike Wyman’s wordy pile-of-crap about a non-existent American complicity of silence over a non-existent European event --- it’s actually a life-changing true story that readers will learn a lot from, and it’s now back in print! (here)

Rot in hell, Wyman. Rot in hell.


Image result for scared jew Image result for bad war m s king Image result for banned

Unlike deceitful propaganda books which require wordy smoke screens, works of pure truth can open minds with clear and concise language -- which is why "they" are so bloody darn afraid of The Bad War -- and got it banned from Amazon, and then Lulu.

Available in print again: (here)


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the scholar who accused FDR of abandoning the Jews during the Holocaust has died.

Boobus Americanus 2: I really don't think FDR could possibly have known the full extent of the horrors which took place until the camps were finally liberated.


   Image result for orchestra at auschwitz

Sugar Boobuss, you frickin' moron! What do you think of the "horrorss" of this concert at Bullshwitz?

 Editor: And soccer games, and a swimming pool, and children's shows, and a maternity ward, and a post-office, and weddings, and a "brothel" for intimacy between couples, and Red Cross inspectors...


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MONDAY / MARCH 19, 2018


Times Caption: A line outside the Essener Tafel food bank in Essen. Native Germans and migrants are both competing for subsidized apartments, school places and free meals.

NY Times: Germans First? A Food Bank Bars Migrants, Setting Off a Storm


Katrin Bennhold is the Berlin bureau chief for Sulzberger's Slimes. Like most modern "educated" German women, she is, as evidenced by her previous articles, an obedient little self-abuser when it comes to denigrating Germany's "Nazi past" . In this particular story, she tells us of the foodbank "discrimination" taking place in one German town, and the "controversy" it is causing throughout libtarded Judaized Germany. In fairness to Frau Bennhold, this piece is fairly objective.

Following are some excerpts, followed by our reflection:


Image result for KATRIN BENNHOLD

1. Katrin Bennhold, though Germanically libtarded, writes an objective story.  2. Volunteer foodbanks in Mamma Merkel's Germany are having a hard time feeding both native Germans and Turd World invaders who just keep right on coming.


Bennhold: Jörg Sartor does not like to turn newcomers away from his food bank, especially single mothers like the young Syrian woman with her 5-year-old son who had waited outside since before dawn.

Analysis: Mamma Merkel is taking in "single mothers," eh? How do such double-dependency cases serve the national interest of Germany?

Bennhold: But rules are rules. And for the moment, it is Germans only. The decision of one food bank in the western city of Essen to stop signing up more foreigners after migrants gradually became the majority of its users has prompted a storm of reaction in Essen and across the country...

Analysis: A "storm of reaction" translates into Jews, their communist henchmen, and their legions of soft-hearted, empty-brained dupes. Nonetheless, as libtarded as Germany is, we're quite certain that most native Germans would approve of taking care of hungry Germans first. And besides, the gentlemen who runs this foodbank is a VOLUNTEER -- not a government official.

Bennhold: ... a former coal town in Germany’s rust belt....

Translation: The European Union's anti-coal regulations, imposed in the name of preventing non-existent Global Warming / Climate Change , have reduced many of Essen's citizens to pathetic foodbank-level poverty.

Bennhold: ... and across the country. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel weighed in: “You shouldn’t categorize people like this.”

Analysis: No, Frumpy Frau. YOU "shouldn't" have destroyed Essen's coal industry "like this;" and YOU "shouldn't" have flooded Germany with dirt-poor Turd Worlders "like this;” and YOU need to shut that stinking hole in your fat face because this is a volunteer effort  aimed at mitigating the very suffering that YOU and your Globalist co-conspirators have caused -- you vile filthy communist harridan! (a $10 word for a bossy old hag.)




Image result for hitler Related image

"When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people are plundered and exploited."

- The Great One
 Image result for merkel ugly
“One should not run services on the basis of such categorizations. That's not good."
- The Frumpy Frau 

Bennhold: (*Truth Gem Alert! Truth Gem Alert!) But the controversy has highlighted an uncomfortable reality: Three years after Germany welcomed more than a million refugees, much of the burden of integrating the newcomers has fallen on the poorest, whose neighborhoods have changed and who have to compete for subsidized apartments, school places and, in the case of the food bank, a free meal. Ask any of the Germans lined up outside the former water tower that houses the food bank one recent morning and they will call Mr. Sartor a “people’s hero.”

..... Until recently, groups of young migrant men had sometimes elbowed their way to the front of the line, Ms. Lohse recalled. She went home empty-handed more than once. Some older women were so intimidated that they stopped coming altogether, she said.

Analysis: How frickin' heart-breaking and blood-boiling is that? Hungry elderly German women being shoved aside by ill-mannered animals on two legs, and sanctimonious scum like Mamma Merkel -- whose policies are the direct cause of this poverty -- have the audacity to pass judgement on Jörg Sartor  -- a VOLUNTEER -- for "discriminating."

Analysis: Apartments have become scarcer. Schools report that nine out of 10 of their students are non-German. Some German residents feel alienated by the number of newcomers.

“There are times when you walk down the street and you are in the minority,” Mr. Endruschat said.

Analysis: It really appears as though even the libtarded Ms. Bennhold has seen enough, and is trying, in her own way, to inject  more than a bit of harsh reality into this article.

Bennhold:  ... the door, which for the past two weeks has had five letters scrawled across the outside: “Nazis.” He has deliberately left the Nazi graffiti on the door and on the charity’s seven delivery vans, which have also been defaced. “It’s absurd,” he said.

Analysis: Can you imagine the "controversy" if someone had spray-painted the word "Jew" on someone's door? Mamma Merkel would be there within 24 hours to cry with and "comfort" the false-flagging Jewish "victim." But when a decent and charitable German man -- who is a volunteer -- decides to feed elderly German women over young Turd world men, the communists and invaders can deface his property with impunity, as Merkel condemns the charity worker!

Bennhold: Until three years ago, roughly one in three food bank users were foreigners, he said. By last November, it was three in four.

Analysis: Ya know, it is painful to even think such thoughts, but given the benefit of historical 20/20 hindsight, we wonder sometimes if, in the long-term scheme of things, it might not have been better had Stalin's hordes occupied all of Europe in 1945, instead of the Jewnited States essentially annexing the western half. The initial shock would have been horrible, but at least his communist henchmen back in those days never had any intention of slow-genociding and replacing the White races of Europe out of existence -- which is why ex-communist eastern European counties like Poland and Hungary, in spite of relentless EU pressure, are not having this problem now.


Image result for merkel syrian girl Related image

1. The noble Jörg Sartor is a former coal worker who took early retirement when his mine shut down. He has run a foodbank for 12 years as a volunteer -- “A load of politicians are laying into us now — but they are ill-informed."  2&3. Traitorous hag Merkel sides with invading vermin over a caring German charity that is feeding hungry elderly Germans first.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a xenophobic German foodbank is now refusing to give food to migrants.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's horrible! Sounds like Kristallnacht all over again. Isn't that illegal?



Sugar Boobuss, you frickin' imbecile! Herr Sartor is a VOLUNTEER! He doesn't have to feed anyone if he doesn't want to.

 Editor: If he fed Turd Worders only while turning Germans away, he'd probably be awarded a medal from Manly Merkel.


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NY Times: Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; His Mind Roamed the Cosmos


Unless one lives in the center of Antarctica, with no means of communications to the outside world, then surely he will have heard by now of the death of the all-knowing, the all-wise, the infallible talking corpse, the stiff from "Weekend at Bernies" -- St. Stephen Hawking. He was the Cambridge University "theoretical physicist" and best-selling book manufacturer (122 titles!) whose "brilliant" mind  "roamed the cosmos from a wheelchair, pondering the nature of gravity and the origin of the universe." He, his handlers sure did get paid big-time for ghost-writing and lecturing for this physical dummy who, in spite of his alleged mathematical prowess, was also a mental dummy -- a "savant."

Personally, Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times believe that the real Stephen Hawking died at least 40 years ago and was replaced by a dummy version who supposedly spoke through a computer. As a graduate student in 1963, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, (ALS) a rapidly degenerative neuromuscular disease often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease -- after the famous baseball player. Hawking was given only a few years to live. Yet here we are, 55 years and many millions of dollars in book royalties later, at a moment in time when the Hawking impostor "conspiracy theory" was actually beginning to get a bit of "mainstream media" attention (here), and he finally dies in 2018? Wethinks the illusion-makers thought it was time to kill off the character after a highly successful run..
Queens, Presidents, Popes and others have all paid homage to an almost-vegetative idiot-savant who had neither discovered nor invented anything.
Image result for hawking queen Related image Image result for hawking pope francis
Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obongo, Poop Francis
Image result for hawking clinton Image result for hawking pope Image result for hawking mandela

Bill and Killary Clinton, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela 


Putting aside the indications of a body-double fraud; given the hype over his demise, one would think that Hawking invented something revolutionary, or least made an astonishing discovery answering the riddles of the Universe. Actually, the obsessively outspoken atheist Hawking's only "accomplishment" was in concocting math equations (in lieu of actual experimentation and observation) to "prove" the "Big Bang" and "Black Holes." This line, from the article, inadvertently reveals the problem with the type of "theoretical science" practiced by St. Hawking and his idiotic ilk:


"In a long and daunting calculation, Dr. Hawking discovered to his befuddlement that black holes — those mythological avatars of cosmic doom — were not really black at all. In fact, he found, they would eventually fizzle, leaking radiation and particles, and finally explode and disappear over the eons." (bold emphasis added)


Nikola Tesla -- the greatest scientific genius of the 20th Century -- warned us about crackpots such as St. Albert Einstein, St. Stephen Hawking et al and their exclusive use of "long and daunting" mathematical calculations (and today, computer models) to "prove" imaginary theories shaped from pre-existing bias:



Image result for tesla quote mathematical structureImage result for tesla scientists insane quote

Tell it, Nicky --- tell it!


Hawking's hyped up 1988 "masterpiece:" A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, sold more than 10 million copies and inspired a documentary film by Errol Morris. Cha Ching! Cha Ching Cha Ching! It is interesting to note that there are quite a few secular cosmologists who refute Big Bangism and Black Hole-ism, yet their books, like those of "climate change deniers," don't get the puff-up treatment. Big Bang and Black Hole "deniers," -- no matter how impressive their credentials -- are also denied access to the major science publications as well as the pop-science media.

Even more annoying than his Fake Science and his sarcastic, God-mocking atheism, the most tiresome aspect  of Hawking Inc.'s operation was his, his handlers' frequent "words of wisdom" on this or that issue of the day -- empty slogans and platitudes which the Fake News would duly seize upon and hype as the word of the Almighty himself. Here is but a tiny sampling of the "brilliance" which "the smartest man in the world" bestowed upon the goofy groupies who hung on Hawking's every computer-simulated utterance.
  • "A build up of greenhouse gases in Venus's atmosphere burned off its oceans and turned it into the scorching hot planet seen today, with winds of up to 180mph (300km/h). Venus is an example of runaway greenhouse warming. The next time you meet a climate change denier, tell them to take a trip to Venus. I will pay the fare."
  • "The world of science needs Africa's brilliant talents, and I look forward to meeting prospective young Einsteins from Africa in the near future. As well as an African Einstein, we want to see the African Gates, Brins and Pages of the future."
  • "Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe. But now science offers a more convincing explanation. ...I'm an atheist. ... In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind."
Hawking was no "scientist." He, his handlers were con men--- and Globalist libtards to boot! Good riddance to Hawking Inc.


https://ihatehongkong2.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/cyeah-boi.png http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Efuqe--Qoag/UvZ97V4gmfI/AAAAAAAAfPQ/gNCvTzqZ5Ek/s1600/WeekendAtBernies_184Pyxurz.jpg 

"Weekend at Bernie's" (1989): Two young insurance corporation employees discover their boss, Bernie, dead at his beach house. Upon learning that Bernie had ordered their deaths to cover up his embezzlement (but with instructions to not kill them if he is around) they attempt to convince people that Bernie is still alive.
Was the speechless Hawking actually brain-damaged, but kept "smart" for money making and propaganda purposes?

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61RD%2BMeYtsL._UY250_.jpg https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51UfvNQsMgL._UY250_.jpg http://www.hawking.org.uk/uploads/8/3/0/0/8300824/3124979.jpg?200 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/60/20/e9/6020e93d10b356f0f7c31a01969f31d4.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-h_2BABlzlZQ/T6tJg7pRYrI/AAAAAAAAAh4/A6mu-qMlTv4/s1600/The+Universe+in+a+Nutshell+(Stephen+Hawking).jpg

http://www.nzine.co.nz/images/articles/georges.jpg http://www.telegraphindia.com/1131206/images/stephen1.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/26/Black_Holes_and_Baby_Universes_and_Other_Essays_-_bookcover.jpg http://covers.booktopia.com.au/big/9780762430048/god-created-the-integers.jpg https://booklife-resized.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/19291ba459e115db66f5b884fd1b496d-w204@1x.jpg

Puffed-up best-selling books and endless "speaking" tours --- The "smartest man in the world" was just a front for a money-grubbing, multi-million dollar marketing machine.


Boobus Americanus 1: The death of Hawking is a huge loss for mankind. Amazingly, as I read in the New York Times today, he actually was not that great of a physics student at Oxford.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's interesting. Einstein was not an exceptional student either.



Sugar Maybe cuss that Jew Einsstein and that sstiff Hawking were jusst artificially puffed-up phoniess? Ever think of that posssibilty, Boobuss?

 Editor: As a black-listed historian, I can sympathize with the brave souls of science who persist in debunking Einstein and Hawking, but can't get a fair hearing in the science sections of the Piranha Press.


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Times Caption: Ben Edelman and Jessica Hecht as a high-school senior and his mother, whose liberal beliefs are challenged during college-application season in Joshua Harmon’s “Admissions.”

NY Times: Review: Skewering White Pieties About Diversity in ‘Admissions’


Surprisingly, based on this theater review of the off-Broadway play, "Admissions," -- the show itself appears to satirically mock the libtard obsession with diversity. Evidently, Jewish libtards, when amongst themselves, can get away with a bit of humorous self-analysis -- sort of like when Black folk call each other "my nigga."

From the review:

"In her 15 years as the head of admissions at Hillcrest boarding school in New Hampshire, Sherri Rosen-Mason has increased the student body’s diversity quotient threefold: to 18 percent from 6 percent. When it looks as if that percentage is about to climb even higher, her husband, Bill Mason, the head of the school, brings home a bottle of white wine to celebrate.

That’s a daring choice for a play about racial representation, but it’s a dare that pays off. Despite some flaws common to its genre, “Admissions” is an extraordinarily useful and excruciating satire — of the left, by the left, for the left — for today.

The satire is largely aimed at the kind of pieties about inclusion that are espoused by woke white liberals. In “Admissions,” these liberals include not just smug Sherri (Jessica Hecht) and Bill (Andrew Garman) but also their excitable teenage son (Ben Edelman), a high-achieving senior at Hillcrest.

Named Charlie Luther Mason — the “Luther,” naturally, for Martin Luther King — he is by upbringing if not by temperament a believer in the amicable coexistence of meritocracy and diversity. But when he gets deferred from his holy of holies, Yale — and, worse, when his best friend, Perry, gets in — that faith instantly crumbles. After all, Perry’s SAT scores weren’t as good, and he takes only two A.P. classes while Charlie takes three.

Is it relevant to add that Perry is black?"

Charlie certainly thinks he (Perry) was black enough for Yale, and accepted for that reason. In an astonishing 17-minute howl of disappointment, he undoes a lifetime of indoctrination as he dissects the logical fallacies on which, he feels, his parents’ values — and Yale’s, and Hillcrest’s — are based.


Image result for admissions play lincoln center Image result for admissions play lincoln center

After being turned down from Yale and then learning that his less qualified bi-racial friend was accepted, Charlie turns against the libtarded "values" he was raised on.


Were it not for the creepy commie company sure to be in attendance at the Lincoln Center, that description almost makes your reporter here want to take the Mrs. out to "the city" for a show and some eats. But whereas libtarded Manhattanites might find this "satire" cute and comical, the reality of "diversity" is no laughing matter. That's because the corollary of "diversification" necessarily entails the deliberate, pre-meditated, wholesale racial discrimination against Whites in general, and White males in particular. In plain English, "diversity" is a code-word for: "Let's get rid of the White guys."

Now, of course, conservatards have long recognized this basic deductive fact about "diversity" . And, if this play is any indication, perhaps some adversely affected libtards are finally figuring it out as well. Though "attention" is an important element of the "AIDA" marketing pyramid (Attention - Interest - Desire - Action) -- we will never progress through the remaining three steps until the true power and the true motive behind "diversity" are widely understood. You see, contrary to what most believe, "diversity" was never about helping the "people of color" while hurting White people as an unintended consequence. No. Precicesly the opposite is true. "Diversity" is all about hurting White people while only helping certain "people of color" as an unintended consequence. Now who would want to do such a dastardly thing? Hmmmmm?

Answer: the usual suspects.


Related imageRelated image Image result for mlk civil rights act

"I have a scheme!"  --- Hymie used his trusted agents Marxist Loser King and Lyndon Baines Johnson to impose the 1964 "Civil Rights Act" upon American employers. Fearful of discrimination lawsuits, more and more businesses began hiring token unqualified "people of color" at the expense of White men. Today, the concept of voluntary "diversity" has taken the organized dispossession of Whites to a shocking new level.


Though technically, in a purely melanin sense, Jews count as "Whites," the Tribe remains mostly immune to the weeding out process of "diversification." Whatever collateral damage they might sustain due to being "White," is more than offset by the protective sympathy they derive from playing the persecution card -- especially the Holohoax! And when it comes to admission at the nation's elite universities, you can be sure that the fellow tribesmen who sit on admission boards will look out for their up and coming synagogue brothers and sisters.

Perhaps that is why the disproportionately Jewish producers and promoters of "Admissions" can enjoy a good laugh over such a play. The policy of "diversity" hurts European Whites more than Jews. Ha ha!


Image result for jews in harvard Image result for jews in harvard Related image

The chosenites don't seem to be adversely affected by "diversity." Why is that?


Boobus Americanus 1: I read a review in the New York Times about a new play at the Lincoln Center. The show is a satirical portrayal of a White liberal student's reaction to being denied admission to Yale while his Black friend got in.

Boobus Americanus 2: Interesting. The transformation to a more diverse society is not without certain necessary growing pains.

   Image result for south africa white squatters

Sugar Boobuss, you frickin' ass-clown! Ask these poor ssquatter-camp Whites in Ssouth Africa about the final desstination point of Jew-insspired "diverssity!" 

 Editor: A glimpse of the what the West's future holds for Boobus' grandkids. So sad.


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E-mail: GreatTomatoBubble2@gmail.com

Image result for birthday cake with many candles


TUESDAY / MARCH 13, 2018


Military investigators in protective suits (oh the bloody drama!) in the English town where a former Russian spy and his daughter were attacked one week earlier  with a nerve agent.

NY Times: Vladimir Putin’s Toxic Reach


For readers new to The Anti-New York Times, the word-smith Andrew Rosenthal (cough cough) is the putrid little maggot who gets away with posing as the high and mighty "Editorial Board" of Sulzberger's Slimes. This is not to say that he pens each and every article attributed to "The Editorial Board," but whatever is not personally written by him is controlled and edited by him.
Hazmat suits and goggles on! Join us for a rebutting dive into Rosenthal's, er, "The Editorial Board's" latest bit of bloodthirsty anti-Russian excrement.
http://img.timeinc.net/time/arts/images/wizard_oz_0712.jpg https://starrtrekking.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/wizard.png?w=640 http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--4nKlxlOZ--/18s0862xhvx1hjpg.jpg

Be neither afraid nor impressed by all the smoke and noise of the Not-So-High and Not-So-Mighty "Editorial Board." It's only a pathetic little word-smith named Andrew Rosenthal typing out lies from behind the curtain.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain declared an end to a mystery that was really no mystery. It was “highly likely” Mrs. May said on Monday ...
Rebuttal: Here we go again! "Highly likely," eh Rosenvermin? In other words, as usual, there is no evidence!
Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: ... that a former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury, England, by Russian agents in an “indiscriminate and reckless” attack.
Rebuttal: Ah yes -- Putin the Poisoneer strikes again on foreign soil. Wish to God Vlad the Bad would slip some rat-poison pellets inside Rosenrat's bagel.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: The attack on the former spy, Sergei Skripal, who worked for British intelligence, and his daughter Yulia,...

Rebuttal: Sergei and Yulia actually "survived" the "attack." Oh those bungling Rooskies!


Image result for pakistan gangs britain slaves Image result for pakistan gangs britain slaves Image result for theresa may with pakistanis

Pakistani gangs are kidnapping English girls by the 1,000's and forcing them into miserable lives of sex slavery. How is it that the filthy "multi-culturalist" hag May has no interest in the very real slavery, rape and killings of English women, but is willing to trigger an international incident over the very fake "poisoning" of a Russian traitor?


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: ... in which a police officer who responded was also poisoned, was no simple hit job.

Rebuttal: By adding a poisoned British police officer to the fake drama, the script-writers were able to also turn this into a "collateral damage" attack on one of its citizens -- a cop, no less. That's serious.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: Like the 2006 murder of Alexander Litvinenko, another British informant, who was poisoned with radioactive polonium 210....

Rebuttal: That too was fake. We suspect that the traitor Litvinenko is enjoying his new identity and retirement somewhere in Britain or Europe.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: the attack on Mr. Skripal was intended to be as horrific, frightening and public as possible.

Rebuttal: How do you know that, Rosenfeces? A little birdie tell you? Or was it a giant talking rabbit?

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: It clearly had the blessing of President Vladimir Putin.

Rebuttal: Yes, "clearly." (rolling eyes)

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: The blame has been made clearer this time and this attack on a NATO ally needs a powerful response both from that organization and, perhaps more important, by the United States.

Rebuttal: Exactly as it was during the 1930's when the Globo-Jew newspapers agitated for a "powerful response" to the imaginary misdeeds of the big bad Hitler, Rosenflatulence and his ilk actually want us to go to war with Russia -- and China.


Image result for hitler Related image Related image

History repeats because the same forces are still at work.

Hitler (1933): "Lies and slander of positively hair-raising perversity are being launched about Germany. Horror stories of dismembered Jewish corpses, gouged-out eyes, and hacked-off hands are circulated for the purpose of defaming the German Volk in the world for a second time, just as they had succeeded in doing once before in 1914. The animosity of millions of innocent human beings, peoples with whom the German Volk wishes only to live in peace, is being stirred up by these unscrupulous criminals. They want German goods and German labour to fall victim to the international boycott. It seems they think the misery in Germany is not bad enough as it is; they have to make it worse! --- They lie about Jewish females who have supposedly been killed; about Jewish girls allegedly being raped before the eyes of their parents; about cemeteries being ravaged! The whole thing is one big lie invented for the sole purpose of provoking a new world-war agitation!"


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: Mr. Putin has faced little backlash for actions even bolder than the gruesome intrigues in Britain, like the attacks by Russian forces in Ukraine and Syria.

Rebuttal: Russian forces never invaded Ukraine, though given the fact that the Globalists set up a hostile puppet government in Ukraine, Russia would have every right to defend itself. As for Syria, Rosenmaggot is just sore that he didn't get to see the Russian-protected President Assad tortured and butchered like Qaddafi of Libya was.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: With growing support from autocratic forces in Europe, he must not be emboldened to think he will be unchecked.

Translation: "Autocratic forces in Europe" is jew-speak for those political parties which seek to restore friendly relations with Russia.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: While President Trump has allowed Mr. Putin a free hand to meddle in American politics, .....

Rebuttal: Cheese & crackers, Rosenrectum! Give up already with that Putin-Trump "collusion" bullshit! Even the dumbest of libtards don't buy that one anymore.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: .... he cannot ignore yet another attempted murder of a Putin foe on allied soil.

Rebuttal: An "attempted murder?" Evidence, please? Oh, that's right. Mamma May said it was "highly likely."

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary would not say whether it thought Russia was responsible for the attack.

Rebuttal: Why should she? Not only is there no evidence of Russian involvement in "the attack," --- but how do we even know this wasn't just staged harmless handiwork of British intelligence.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: The Russians knew that the British would identify the nerve agent, leaving no doubt who was behind the killing.

Rebuttal: And exactly how do you know that the Russians knew what the British would know, Rosenscrotum? 

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: That makes Mr. Putin’s typically cynical treatment of the killing doubly outrageous.

Rebuttal: There was no "killing," --- Mr. Skripal "survived," remember?

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: At the same time his top propagandist on state television, Dmitry Kiselyov, was feeding the outlandish story ....

Rebuttal: Oh you're a fine one to be talking about "feeding outlandish stories." Project much, Rosendung?

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: ...that Britain poisoned Mr. Skripal to create a pretext for boycotting the 2018 World Cup tournament in Russia.

Rebuttal: Bingo! Mr. Kiselyov has nailed it -- except for the fact that there was no actual "poisoning."


Image result for boycott russian world cup Image result for boycott russian world cup Image result for theresa may

1 & 2. Ever since the 2010 announcement that Russia would host the 2018 World Cup, the Globalists -- who have already ruined the Olympic dreams of many Russian athletes with a fake "doping scandal" -- have been angling for a way to ruin Russia's big party.  3. Will Theresa May use this "poisoning" to initiate a boycott effort among the NATO members that qualified for the tournament?


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: Why would Russia bother to go after a double agent of no use to either side, Mr. Kiselyov sarcastically wondered?

Rebuttal: Yeah, Rosenkike. Why would Putin blacken his name and jeopardize this summer's World Cup of Football (Soccer) over some unimportant clown?

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board: The likely answer was provided by Mr. Putin himself ..... during his annual give-and-take with reporters in 2010 (when asked) how he would treat treason, Mr. Putin, a former K.G.B. agent, replied: “Traitors will kick the bucket, trust me. These people betrayed their friends, their brothers in arms. Whatever they got in exchange for it, those 30 pieces of silver they were given, they will choke on them.”

Rebuttal: Yes, of course. Putin is an irrational psycho, as evidenced by a comment made 8 years ago, in response to a question about traitors. That really settles this particular case of "poisoning."  (palm to face, shaking head, sighing)

Dear readers: Please join us in reciting the Times prayer:

"Dear Lord. Calm our righteous hatred and lead us not into the temptation of taking the 30-minute bus ride from "Joisey" into the Port Authority Terminal in Manhattan, grabbing a street-vendor pretzel with mustard, strolling across 8th Avenue, entering the Slimes Building, taking the elevator up to Rosenthal's rat's lair, and midget-tossing the little lying m-effer right through the skyscraper window."

Image result for anti new york times Related image Image result for worried jew

Rosenthal is featured at bottom right on the cover of the ANYT Quarterly paperback versions. Purely as a therapeutic fantasy, we imagine him being hurled out of his office window.

* The ANYT does not in any way endorse violence.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Putin just posioned another Russian defector on British soil.

Boobus Americanus 2: If he keeps acting like this he's going to ruin the World Cup of soccer for both his country and the world.



Sugar Use that frickin' pea-brain of yours, Boobusss! Why would Putin do something so bold and provocative just three months before the start of the World Cup in Russia.

 Editor: Exactly. Putin could just as easily ordered this imaginary hit in late July -- after the big tournament had ended.


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MONDAY / MARCH 12, 2018


Longxiao Li, pictured in his apartment, placed a poster at New York University’s MetroTech campus in Brooklyn in protest of a plan to let President Xi Jinping of China serve indefinitely.

NY Times: Far From Home and Censors, Some Chinese Students Protest Xi’s Power Move


Since the days of the "spontaneous" revolutions of 1848 -- aka "The Springtime of the Peoples" -- the master plotters of the New World Order have always manipulated the idealism and stupidity of "the students" to swell their fighting ranks. A description of the book, "The Students of Paris and the Revolution of 1848," by Professor John G. Gallaher"

"In the February revolution of 1848, French students and their allies from the Latin Quarter stirred a peaceful crowd at the Madeleine into a turbulent mob marching on the Chamber of Deputies. Students constructed, manned, and even commanded barricades throughout Paris while medical students cared for the wounded of both sides."

It was the same throughout Europe and South America during that pivotal year, and has been ever since. There were the "student protests" of the 1960's "hippies," and "student protests" throughout Eastern Europe and China's Tianenman Square in 1989. More recently, we witnessed students acting up during the Arab Spring and the failed Umbrella Revolution of Hong Kong and Green Revolution of Iran -- just to name a few.

Image result for 1848 protests students Image result for 1848 protests students paris Image result for 1848 protests sicily

1848: Vienna -- Paris -- Sicily

The "spontaneous" revolts were actually  engineered by an unseen force (cough cough) which capably used workers and students to do the dirty work of weakening the existing regimes of Europe.


As tools of higher unknown handlers, "student protesters" serve as the perfect battering ram to be used against a targeted government or policy. That's because half-educated young know-it-alls, aka the so-called "best and the brightest," are just smart enough to see that matters of state and society can always be improved; just dumb enough and inexperienced enough to not see that they are being used by forces with ulterior motives; conceited enough to believe that their silly little tantrums will bring about "change" in the world, and have enough free time on their hands to participate in demonstrations -- especially if they can pocket a few shekels for doing so.

And after the glorious "change" comes to fruition, the little brats are discarded like used-up lemons -- soon to be replaced for the next "cause" by the next crop of graduating "gifted & talented" High School brats. Naturally, as the world's leading organ of N.W.O. propaganda, count on Sulzberger's Slimes to always glorify "student protests" all across the globe.

Without the hype of the Slimes and the rest of Piranha Press behind them, these clueless commie kiddies would never be heard.


The latest CIA college ploy involves organizing Chinese students studying in the United States into political activism against the "authoritarianism" of China’s president, Xi Jinping. Just last week, this article informs us, posters in protest of a proposal to allow  Xi to serve indefinitely began to "spontaneously" appear at several colleges across the country. From the article:

“Never My President” said the poster that Longxiao Li, 24, put up on Thursday in the library at New York University’s MetroTech campus in Brooklyn. The words were superimposed over a face of Mr. Xi, and were a reference, Mr. Li said, to the lack of democratic elections in China."

A Twitter handle — @stopxijinping — has also "spontaneously" popped-up and gained about 1,350 followers already. Zionist sock-puppet Senator Marco Rubio’s duly retweeted it. But the Slimes' efforts to reach the people behind that campaign were unsuccessful. Hmmmm.

There are more than 300,000 Chinese students studying in the United States every year. Most of them are so engrossed in their scientific studies that they don't really care about politics, and a large number who support the Chinese government have proved more than capable of countering the propaganda of the libtard Chinese on campus.


Image result for @stopxijinpingImage result for @stopxijinpingImage result for cia

The anti-China "Not My President" student campaign on U.S. college campuses stinks of CIA!

This "student protest" scam-scenario has been re-run more times than old episodes of "I Love Lucy" -- and still the commie kiddies never seem to figure it out. You see, the genius of the scam lies in the fact that by the time some of these chumps grow up, get jobs, and shed, or at least partially shed, their libtard ideology and/or activist passion; there will always a new crop of 17 & 18-year old malleable minds arriving on campus. This new bunch of pimple-faced idiots, puffed-up in their own minds by high SAT scores and/or the "achievement" of college acceptance, are no match for the smooth-talking and soul-wrecking pinko professors who anxiously await the budding new "intellectuals."

That's how this ghoulish game, this fiendish fraud, this seditious scam of "student uprisings" really works -- and the scheming scum at The New York Slimes all know it. Fortunately, the CIA's latest effort to incite legions of libtarded brats to protest China will fail miserably. It isn't easy to overthrow an "authoritarian" state -- which is why Globalists prefer "democracy" .

The University of CIA at Langley offers fellowship programs all across the globe.
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/%E9%A6%99%E6%B8%AF%E5%AD%B8%E6%B0%91%E6%80%9D%E6%BD%AE%E5%AE%A3%E4%BD%88926%E4%B8%AD%E5%AD%B8%E7%94%9F%E7%BD%B7%E8%AA%B2%E5%AE%89%E6%8E%92_(6).jpg https://c.o0bg.com/rf/image_960w/Boston/2011-2020/2015/11/30/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/0e6bc04380e1499c8da42f6d23cb9012-8408315159b64e98a651882fb743d16e-1.jpg http://www.thenextgreatgeneration.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/6081467106_b27711efb2_b.jpg
Hong Kong / USA / Chile 
 http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/feeds/Associated%20Press/2014/10/12/876/493/Mideast%20Egypt-1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1 https://omarulhaq.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/16_573383a.jpg https://libcom.org/files/images/blog/Cogito.jpg
Egypt / Iran / Italy
 http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2122190/images/o-STUDENT-TUITION-PROTESTS-GERMANY-facebook.jpg http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2012/01/18/malaysia_01_wide-4d9a47f29c70226b718fa31b91f7c8593356e158-s900-c85.jpg https://62e528761d0685343e1c-f3d1b99a743ffa4142d9d7f1978d9686.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/files/36855/width668/dpp5hj44-1386117125.jpg
Germany / Malaysia / Australia
https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/styles/enlarged/public/photos/20140404-supinsky-ukraine-mustafa-youth-675-1.jpg?itok=DYUxYJC_ http://static01.nyt.com/images/2014/11/01/world/01hungary/01hungary-master675.jpg http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/130612022213-brazil-student-protests-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg
Ukraine / Hungary / Brazil
  http://gdb.voanews.com/143C7607-425D-45E4-8226-1DAC0AAD2068_mw1024_s_n.jpg http://gdb.rferl.org/95BABCF3-1CDC-4E63-866E-E1F8E857B545_cx0_cy10_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1.jpg Image result for turkey student protests
Myanmar (Burma) / Bulgaria / Turkey



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a spontaneous movement has popped-up among Chinese students studying in America. It seems the students are really pissed off at Jinping's power-grab.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's wonderful! Once these Chinese kids get a taste of American democracy, they will change the future of China.



Sugar Don't bet on it, Boobusss. Soros and the CIA have been playing the student card in China for more than thirty years now.

 Editor: Xi and his nationalist friends are here to stay, and Sulzberger's scribblers know it.


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FRIDAY / MARCH 9, 2018


NY Times: Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-un Is Another Pledge to Do What Nobody Else Can


Judging by the tone of this article, it really does appear that chess-master Trump's clever approach to defusing the dangerous trip wired bomb on the Korean peninsula has duped and confounded the Globalist-Zionist Axis of Evil, or least some of its more stupid journalistic mouthpieces.

From the article:

Peter Baker: When the establishment told him he should talk with North Korea, ...

Rebuttal: Bullshit! Back during the 2016 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show), the establishment and its Golden Girl Killary mocked candidate  Trump when he originally proposed the idea of meeting with Kim. This was at a time when Killary's allies were escalating the situation in preparation for the war that she was intending to drag America into.

Peter Baker:  President Trump scorned the idea. “Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years” and had been made to look like “fools,” he scoffed, and then rattled his saber. “Sorry, but only one thing will work!”

Rebuttal: Trump only said that after the press mocked his idea to meet with Lol' Kim. His "sabre rattling" was purely theatrical -- intended to keep the warmongers at bay while back-channel talks took place. 


Headline: (May 18, 2016) The Guardian (UK):

Donald Trump says he is open to talks with North Korea's Kim Jong-un (Here)


Headline: (June 1, 2016) The Guardian (UK):

North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary'
 An editorial in DPRK Today, an official media outlet, welcomed the Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to hold direct talks with Kim Jong-un. (Here)

Headline: (October 28, 2016) The Nation:

Hillary’s Hawks Are Threatening Escalation Against North Korea: They’re talking about cyber war, intensified sanctions, and preemptive military strikes. (Here)


Image result for trump kim hair Image result for trump un rocket man Image result for trump wants to meet kim 2016

After being mocked for wanting to speak with Lil' Kim (Image 1 from early 2017), Trump then pursued a policy of tough talk that would give him the cover he needed to do what he has just announced will happen in May --- a meeting with Kim!

Peter Baker:  Five months later, Mr. Trump cast aside his skepticism and agreed to talk to North Korea with no more promise of success at negotiating an end to its nuclear and missile programs than his predecessors had.

Rebuttal: Wow. It really does appear that these fools took Trump's bait. That's perfect because with Trump having positioned himself as the tough "sheriff" doing verbal battle against the equally tough-talking Kim,  the establishment cannot so easily undermine his attempts at achieving a lasting peace as "weakness."

Peter Baker: Shocking and yet somehow not surprising, Mr. Trump’s decision to do what no other sitting president has done and meet in person with a North Korean leader reflects an audacious and supremely self-confident approach to international affairs.

Rebuttal: It's not "shocking" to Sugar and me, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times. Though we too were originally fooled and angered by Trump's "fire & fury" and "rocket man" trash talk; we, being real journalists and logocal thinkers, soon figured out the strategic deception while even most of the "alternative news" sites remained in the dark.

Horn tootin' time:

From TomatoBubble.com: April, 2017:



Headline:  Could Trump, Putin & Xi Be Conspiring For Peace?

"What if Xi and Lil' Kim are in on a plot to fake a potential war crisis in Asia? What if Trumpstein's seemingly outrageous timing of launching missiles whilst having "chocolate cake" with Xi was all part of the act? What if China's bizarre refusal to accept a delivery of North Korean coal and announced decision to buy more US coal instead is a stunt intended to sell the big ruse? What if the end result of this riveting drama is that a "fearful" Syria, and a "fearful" North Korea -- backed up, respectively, by a "fearful" Putin and an equally "fearful" Xi -- all make "concessions" to the "new Sheriff" in DC?
What if Sheriff Trumpstein comes out of this "world crisis" looking a hero for diffusing World War 3 while "bad guys" Lil' Kim and Assad are left appearing "humbled?" What if Trumpstein, Putin and Xi then lead the world away from the brink of Soros and McCain's World War 3 and toward the peace and "multi-polarity" that Trumpstein had advocated during the 2016 campaign? What if Satanyahu (who badly wants war with North Korea, Syria and Iran) is being pacified while actually being outmaneuvered? What if Trumpstein is faking war, for the hidden purpose of preventing war?
In one way or another, we are being played, boys and girls. Of that there can be no doubt. The amended question now is: Is Trumpstein playing games for evil purposes, or for the higher hidden purpose of avoiding war? The coming days and weeks should give us the answer to these "what ifs." Should there be some 11th hour "deal" among the great powers to avert Armageddon, then we shall know for sure that it was all just a film."
http://www.dailysquat.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Coz_b_9XEAATTRl-646x437.jpg https://cdn3.img.sputniknews.com/images/102885/53/1028855334.jpg http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03298/xi-jinping-putin-r_3298332b.jpg
In contemplating a suspicious story about Trump's "chocolate cake" over missiles with Xi of China, Sugar began to smell something fishy about the sudden Trump-Putin "split" and Trump's sudden turn against Assad. How does North Korea and China fit in?
Nailed it.

We caught quite a bit of ridicule from some of "youse guys" for proposing that hypothesis nearly one year ago. In subsequent weeks, we upgraded the idea from hypothesis to known fact and have never since deviated. And now, low and behold, President Trump will be the first American president to meet with a leader of North Korea, this May. Wow. We can only imagine the butt-hurt that will emanate from the offices of Sulzberger's Slimes when that historic moment and photo-op happens.

Read it and weep Mr. Soros and Mr. Satanyahoo. Your world war wet dreams (though both for different motives) may not materialize after all. A Nobel Prize for Donald Trump? What do say, Sulzberger? 


Image result for netanyahu at un when trump remarked rocket man Image result for trump nobel prize Image result for trump un rocket man

1. Satanyahoo and his pig-faced wife couldn't contain their demonic glee when Trump trashed and threatened North Korea (a key hi-tech supplier of Syria, Iran and Egypt) at the U.N. Sorry Bibi, there will be no U.S. attack on North Korea. 2. Were it not for the fact that the Nobel Peace Prize is reserved only for communists and Globalists, Trump's pacification of Syria and the Korean peninsula would have earned him recognition. 3. And "Rocket Man" as co-winner?


Image result for erin burnett trump meet kim

Erin Burnett,  CNN ultra-libtard, said what?

"If President Trump can truly solve this problem (North Korea), he would be going down as a great President, and there's no way around that. That is the reality here." (here)


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump will be meeting with Kim of North Korea.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! That will truly be historic. Not that I like Trump, but it does appear that the hard line he took with that lunatic finally brought him to his senses. Ya have to give Trump credit.

Boobus Americanus 1: Agreed



Sugar Well played,Trump and Fat Boy -- well played.

 Editor: And credit to your feline instincts, Sugar --- for sensing the grand strategy nearly one whole year in advance.


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Pope Francis was presented in 2015 with an image of Archbishop Óscar Romero, who was killed as he said Mass in El Salvador in 1980.

NY Times: Pope Paves Way for Sainthood for Paul VI and Archbishop Óscar Romero