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"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"
A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,

Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines


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"We read and rebut their vile crap so you won't have to!"



MONDAY / APRIL 30, 2018


NY Times: As Two Koreas Talk Peace, Trump's Bargaining Chips Slip Away



In 2016, when candidate Trump declared that he would like to meet Lil' Kim of North Korea face-to-face and make a deal, the Globalist scum of America were quick to denounce him for being too soft on North Korea. Presumptive future-President Killary Clinton's comments were typical of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) at the time:


Headline: Newsweek (June 2, 2016) Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Too Friendly With North Korea

"Clinton argues that Trump’s statement that he was prepared to talk to Kim Jong Un, made in a Reuters interview last month, has only emboldened him and invited him to be more provocative."


Then, in 2017, when President Trump co-opted the warmongers by adopting a new strategy of talking tough on North Korea -- while opening and maintaining back-channel communication with Lil' Kim -- the very same Globalist scum of America were quick to denounce him for being too hard on North Korea. Again, bitter loser Killary chimed in:


Headline: Reuters: (October 17, 2017) Hillary Clinton says U.S. threats of war with North Korea 'dangerous, short-sighted'

“Picking fights with Kim Jong Un puts a smile on his face,” Clinton said, ....Clinton also indirectly referred to Trump’s social media comments on North Korea, saying, “The insults on Twitter have benefited North Korea, I don’t think they’ve benefited the United States.'”


Too soft --- too hard ---- which is it, Killary?

Image result for trump and kim 2016 cartoonImage result for trump and kim 2016 cartoonImage result for what next

1. When Trump and Kim spoke well of each other in 2016, the Piranha Press mocked Trump. 2. When Trump started "threatening" Kim in 2017, the Piranha Press mocked him for that too. 3. Now that it seems as though the Korean War will finally be coming to an end, what will the next line of attack from the Piranha Press be?


The ridiculous headline of this negative piece by Mark Landler (cough cough) -- which, in this case, matches the theme of the actual text very well -- demonstrates not only the degree of Globo-libtard butt-hurt over Trump's role in finally defusing the nearly 70-year-old live wire on the Korean peninsula, but also their evident futility when it comes to manufacturing new plausible false arguments to replace the old.

Slimes Headline:  Trump's bargaining chips slip away

Rebuttal: Why does Trump even need "bargaining chips" if the two Korean brothers are kissing and making up on their own?

Landler: ... the gauzy images and vows of peace by Kim Jong-un and his counterpart from the South, Moon Jae-in, have complicated Mr. Trump’s task as he prepares for his own history-making encounter with Mr. Kim.

Rebuttal: This is like saying that the friendly pre-trial agreement between two court litigants "complicates" the job of the judge. Far from "complicating" Trump's efforts, the historic lovefest between the two Koreas actually facilitates Trump's task.

Landler: While the two Korean leaders pledged to rid the heavily armed peninsula of nuclear weapons, they put no time-line on that process, nor did they set out a common definition of what a nuclear-free Korea would look like.

Rebuttal: It's only been two frickin' days since the historic handshake! And already you're demanding details?

Landler: Instead, they agreed to pursue a peace treaty this year that would formally end the Korean War after nearly seven decades of hostilities.

Rebuttal: Oh, is that all? A formal end to the Korean War --- ho hum, eh Landler?

Landler: The talk of peace is likely to weaken the two levers that Mr. Trump used to pressure Mr. Kim to come to the bargaining table.

Rebuttal: So, the "talk of peace" is going to make it harder for Trump to "pressure" Lil' Kim into talking peace. Makes perfect sense. (rolling eyes)

Landler: A resumption of regular diplomatic exchanges between the two Koreas, analysts said, ....

Rebuttal: "Analysts say," (a variation of "experts say") --- Hip waders on, boys and girls. Liquefied bullshit always follows that prefix! Youse guys know the drill.

Landler: ... will inevitably erode the crippling economic sanctions against the North, while Mr. Trump will find it hard to threaten military action against a country that is extending an olive branch."

Rebuttal: This doesn't make any sense, at all -- not even as a lie! Why would Trump even need to "threaten military action" if Lil' Kim is "extending an olive branch?"



Image result for yalta Image result for macarthur north korea Image result for landler mark

1 & 2. The senseless partition of Korea -- A 70-year disgrace, conceived by FDR and Stalin at the Yalta Conference of 1945, may soon be coming to a close  3. And all this piece-of-crap Landler (cough cough) can do is cast negativity on recent events.


Landler: “This summit has put even greater expectations, greater hype and greater pressure on Trump,” said Victor D. Cha, a Korea scholar at Georgetown University...

Rebuttal: Ooooh -- a "scholar." He must really be smart, eh?

Landler (quoting Cha): “He hyped this meeting with his tweets, and now the entire focus is going to be on his negotiating prowess. This is a moment of his own making.

Rebuttal: Trump hyped the upcoming meeting with Lil' Kim because he already knows how the storyline -- which he co-wrote with Xi, Kim and Moon -- is going to end. You egg-headed dope!

Landler: Mr. Trump reiterated that he was prepared to cancel the meeting, or walk out in the middle of it, if his diplomatic efforts were not making any headway. But some of his aides say privately they worry that the president, with an eye on the history books and a flair for the theatrical, is determined to emerge with a victory, even if it falls short of his stated goals.
Rebuttal: Ya know, one gets the feeling that Trump were to come back from the meeting with every last North Korean bomb, missile, plane, tank, vessel, gun, bullet, bow & arrow, knife, slingshot and pea-shooter on a fleet of cargo ships, the Slimes would still whine: "But there is no guarantee that they won't rebuild."

Landler: The price of failure would be high for Mr. Trump. The United States could face a split with its ally South Korea, tensions could flare with China, ....

Rebuttal: Aw, shut the front door, Landler. You evil, treasonous back-stabbing, nay-saying kike.

Landler: Mr. Trump is also moving on other fronts that could undercut his negotiations with Mr. Kim. He appears more likely than ever to rip up the Iran nuclear deal as he faces his next deadline of May 12 to decide whether to reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

Rebuttal: Trump will play you suckers on "the Iran deal" exactly as he has played the North Korean "crisis." He will huff and puff; Iran will huff and puff right back at him; and then, working with the Russians, Trump will play out the pre-determined peace script before moving on to a final deal between Israel and the Palestinians. (And if we're wrong, we'll be the first ones to jump off the Trump Train!)

Landler: As always, though, the wild card is Mr. Trump himself.

Rebuttal: As always, Sulzberger's Slimes is full of shit.

Image result for trump and xi Image result for koreas march together at olympics Image result for moon and kim jong un shal hands
1. By freeing South Korea from CIA-control and dealing with Xi of China, Trump set in motion the events which are bringing the two Koreas together. 2. North & South Korea march together in recent Winter Olympics (hosted by South Korea) 3. The leaders of the two Koreas -- a happy day for all Koreans, but not for The Slimes.
And what did that bitter, jealous, psychopathic, child-sex trafficking loser lesbian Killary have to say about the Trump-Kim talks set for late May or early June? The hideous harridan (a $10 word for bossy old hag) cautioned:
Headline: (Numerous soucres) Hillary Clinton warns of 'diplomatic danger' in North Korea talks
"The former secretary of state said however that the US State Department was 'being eroded' and that experienced diplomats on the North Korean issue were in short supply, with many having left.  'You cannot have diplomacy without diplomats," she said, adding "the danger is not being recognised by the Trump government.'"


Actually, Killary, the purging of many of your precious State Department Globalists is precisely the reason why good things are happening. Heaven knows where we'd be had this daughter-of-Satan been elected President!

Image result for hillary nasty Image result for hillary  russia and china will pay Image result for hillary mad

"Russia and China will pay a price."

Killary may very well have stated World War III on the Korean peninsula.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that peace between the two Koreas may complicate Trump's upcoming talks with Kim Jong Un.

Boobus Americanus 2: But wouldn't that actually make it easier for Trump to make a deal between the parties?

Boobus Americanus 1: That's what I was thinking.



Sugar Ya know the journalisstic junk is gettin' pretty frickin' bad when even the dumbasss Boobuss Brothers ain't buyin' it no more!

 Editor:  It's getting harder and harder for the Piranha Press to spin reality against Trump. But they won't stop trying.


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FRIDAY / APRIL 27, 2018


Image result for Smothered by Smog, Polish Cities Rank Among Europe’s DirtiestImage result for How Scott Pruitt Plans to Defend Himself on Capitol Hill: Spread the Blame

NY Times: Smothered by Smog, Polish Cities Rank Among Europe’s Dirtiest


How Scott Pruitt Plans to Defend Himself on Capitol Hill: Spread the Blame


At a superficial glance, it would seem to the casual reader that negative stories about the government of Poland and Trump’s EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, have no relation to each other. In reality, the two subjects have something in common which is actually the motivation for both of these nasty smear pieces. Can you guess what it is, before we explain? 


Image result for hatchetRelated imageRelated image

An unfair hatchet job on Poland --- and another on Pruitt. What's the common thread?


On Poland:

There are many captive nations of the European Union currently experiencing serious civil and criminal problems associated with the unremitting Turd World invasion. Yet we never see a large text & image spread explaining some of horrors taking place in England, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy et al. Yet when it comes to Poland and its alleged pollution problem, Sulzberger’s Slimes seems to delight in embarrassing the most significant country of Eastern Europe. In addition to this negative piece, here are some past headlines:


  • Coal in Poland Lowering Life Spans (June 7, 2015)
  • Warsaw Grapples With Gloomy, Gray Smog (Jan, 14, 2017)
  • Poland’s Pollution Problem  (Dec 3 2015)
  • Poland, Wedded to Coal, Spurns Europe on Clean Energy Targets  (Oct. 31, 2013)
  • Poland to Spend $8.8 Billion on Clean Heating to Fight Smog  (April 12, 2018)


This article is very rough on Poland. A snippet:

“What is off is the air. Poland has some the most polluted air in all of the European Union, and 33 of its 50 dirtiest cities. Not even mountain retreats are immune.”

Never having been to Poland, and nor having studied this matter in great depth, Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times cannot comment on the extent of air pollution in Poland -- though we suspect, on an intuitive level based upon precedent, that this article is exaggerating the situation. So, what’s the motive behind this particular attack on Poland?

From the Slimes:

"The problem is largely a result of the country’s love affair with coal. Like elsewhere in Poland, most of the homes in the villages below Zar Mountain are still heated by coal. Some 19 million people rely on coal for heat in winter. In all of the European Union, 80 percent of private homes using coal are in Poland.”

You see, the Polish government, in addition to its adamant refusal to allow Mamma Merkel’s Turd World invasion to spill over into Poland, does not support the Global Warming / Climate Change hoax and its associated controls and taxes on energy. Hence, the ugly attacks by “the paper of record.” It's that simple.

Image result for poland pollution Image result for poland climate change Image result for poland law and justice

1. The Slimes articles uses scary pictures to make Poland seem like a dirty place. 2. Greenpeace (CIA) Poland hangs an anti-coal banner accusing the coal industry of "owning Poland." 3. The real target of the Globalists is the nationalist Law & Justice Party.


On Pruitt:

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt has been the target of the evil Left from the very beginning of his tenure, in 2017. Now, the sanctimonious scribblers of Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press have become fixated on his supposed “ethical lapses.” Mind you, these are the very same hypocritical slime-balls who ignored the monstrous crimes of Obongo & Killary.

From the Slimes:

“As Scott Pruitt, the embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency, prepares to testify before Congress on Thursday amid a series of spending and ethics investigations, an internal E.P.A. document indicates that he may blame his staff for many of the decisions that have put a cloud over his tenure at the agency.”

Knowing that the corrupt Slimes doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “ethics,” ask yourself, what is the real reason for the attacks on the “embattled” Pruitt? This little gem, buried deep within the story, is, as they say in poker parlance, the “tell.”

“Mr. Pruitt's zeal to roll back climate change regulations and impose new rules that benefit fossil fuel industries has endeared him to Mr. Trump.”


Image result for How Scott Pruitt cartoon Image result for How Scott Pruitt cartoonImage result for How Scott Pruitt cartoon

The Globalist press has viciously attacked and childishly mocked Scott Pruitt for being anti-science and anti-environment. The new line of attack now is "ethics."

See their little game? The Global Warming / Climate Change hoax remains so central and so critical to their power-grabbing world government scheme, that any individual or government opposing it will come under attack by the use of one phony pretext or another. With Poland, it’s the so-called filthy air. With Pruitt, it's an “ethical lapse.” With the anti-warmist (and also pro-Putin) former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, it was his playboy lifestyle.

This is garbage hit-piece journalism at its worst. Fortunately, Poland seems to be holding firm and Pruitt will survive the coup attempt. Good signs.

Image result for climate bogeyman  Related image Related image
The scam is exposed in "Climate Bogeyman" -- by M S King (here)  --- The greening of the reds is all about suppressing the standard of living, empowering international bodies, and creating a funding mechanism for world government -- New World Order.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Poland is choking in coal-related air pollution.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's terrible. Speaking of carbon pollution, I understand that the climate change denier who Trump picked to head the EPA now has ethics problems.



Sugar Boobuss, you credulouss cretin! It'ss your beloved Slimess that hass "ethical problemss!" Every frickin' sstory they print is a dad-gum load of bull-%$#@!!!

 Editor:  Well, the articles in the sports section are fairly accurate.


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NY Times: Macron Critiques Trump’s Policies in Speech to Congress


For folks lacking in either time or mental stamina to think through the issues of the day, a 99%-accurate shortcut for tagging any world leader as a villainous viper is to note whether or not that individual is being puffed up by "the paper of record." Nah --- make it 100% accurate. But if your copy of Sulzberger's Slimes is being used to house-train your new puppy (all that it's good for), then another equally effective lazy man's "Cliff Notes" path to enlightenment is to see if the U.S. Congress invites him or her to address a joint session.
In the case of President Emmanuel Maricon (deliberate typo, Google it) of France -- the closeted 39-year-old communist homosexual who married a mother of three (his High School teacher) old enough to be his own bloody mother (she's 65!) -- we now have both indicators.
   Image result for yeltsin us congress Related image Image result for merkel us congress
Boris Yeltsin (Russia) -- Lech Walesa (Poland)-- The Frumpy Frau of Germany
 Image result for pope francis us congress Image result for poroshenko us congress Image result for netanyahu  us congress
Poop Frankie --- Porky Poroshenko of CIA-Ukraine - Bibi Satanyahoo of Israel
Whereas previous villains who have addressed Congress have generally spoken in vague platitudes, Maricon's discourse, despite the civil tone, not only took direct aim at Trump's policies, but condescendingly lectured America's elected representatives to turn away from "nationalism" and embrace Globalism. And the traitors in Congress (Demonrats mainly) repeatedly rose to their feet and applauded very loudly!
Some excerpts:
  • On the Global Warming Hoax / Paris Accords: “Let us work together in order to make our planet great again (mocking Trump's MAGA slogan). We are killing our planet - let us face it, there is no Planet B.” 
  • On free trade: "Commercial war is not the proper answer. At the end of the day, it will destroy jobs, increase prices, and the middle class will have to pay for it.”
  • On the New World Order: We can build the 21st-century world order based on a new breed of multilateralism. This requires, more than ever, the United States' involvement, as your role was decisive for creating and safeguarding today's free world. The United States is the one who invented this multilateralism. You are the one now who has to help preserve and reinvent it.” 
Image result for macron and old wife in white houseImage result for macron and rothschildImage result for macron and rothschild

1. The nasty little Globalist and his cradle-robbing communist hag of a wife were graciously hosted by the Trumps. He then goes before Congress and lectures about the "dangers" of Trump's nationalism. 2. Macron with his boss, David de Rothschild of the Banque der Rothschild 3. French homosexual magazine puts out the code --- Maricon plays for the pink team.


As for Trump's oddly excessive and even physical chumminess with a Rothschild agent who is his mortal enemy, we believe that the stupid media analysts are misreading the body language as a "bromance" between the two Presidents when, in realty, Trump's repeated manhandling and excessively hard and long hand-gripping of both little Maricon and his wicked wife (which was even worse when Trump visited Paris last year!) is one of deliberate disrespect --- the type of which one not schooled in body language, might mistake for extreme affection. Trump, who is a very big man, treated Justin Trudeau of Canada the same rag-doll manner when shaking hands. It's almost as if he's saying, "I'm gonna fix your ass, punk."

Q-Anon did say, back in January, that there is NSA-obtained evidence that a plot to kill Trump was once considered seriously by the "Deep State," and that certain "foreign allies were involved." (here) If true, that really shouldn't surprise regular readers of The Anti-New York Times, given what we know about "the powers that be" and what they are capable of. Was Maricon involved? Merkel? Speaking of that nasty Frumpy Frau, she's coming to the White House too, next week. But be not troubled by the lavish red carpet welcomes. We suspect that these visits by the arch-villains of the EU is just a case of "keeping your enemies close."


Headline: Elle: I Can't Stop Staring at This Photo of Trump Walking Macron Like a Puppy

Headline: CNN: Trump Can't Keep His Hands Off Macron

Headline: People: Trump Holds Hands with French President, Brushes Off His 'Dandruff



Image result for trump manhandles macron animated gif Image result for trump manhandles  macron

France, 2017: Don Trumpeone: "I know it was you, Fredo ... and your old lady too!"


Image result for trump kiss macron Related imageImage result for trump kiss macron

1. Trump further humiliates and degrades Macron (who is evidently too stupid to realize it) by wiping off what he said (in front of reporters!) was dandruff from his shoulders. 2 & 3. More bullying and disrespectful manhandling --- leading little Maricon about like a puppy dog.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that President Macron of France challenged Trump's policies in his speech before a joint session of Congress.

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump must feel pretty stupid now after having hosted a state dinner for the Macrons.


   Image result for don corleone with cat

Sugar Boobuss, my dim-witted friend. Watch 'The Godfather' -- and obsserve how the masster playss his adverssaries.

 Editor:  Of all the scenes in Godfather I & II, of course you'd pick the one with the cat.


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Image result for toronto truckImage result for 4chan

NY Times: Toronto Truck Attack Kills at Least 10 People in "Pure Carnage"
NY Times: What Is an Incel? A Term Used by the Toronto Attack Suspect, Explained


Whether by the gun or by the "killer truck," these fake mass killing crisis-actor stunts have become so tiresome that Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times did not even deem the latest installment in Toronto to be newsworthy, not originally. But after reading today's follow up piece about the allegedly woman-hating "killer," Alek Minassian, two things jumped out at us:

1: The incredibly well-funded communist Southern Poverty Law Center (which, we are proud to say, once listed TomatoBubble.com, among many others, as a "hate group") has weighed in on "online misogyny," and  

2: The online forum "4chan" has come under attack for giving people like Minassian a place to gather and spread their "hate" .


Image result for toronto truck attack bodies Image result for toronto truck attack bodies Image result for toronto truck attack bodies


1. Props strewn about for effect. 2. A bloodless white murder van  3. An actor or mannequin under a sheet


Here is the key excerpt from the article, variations of which are now spreading throughout the rest of the Piranha Press:

"Incels (short for "involuntary celibates) are misogynists who are deeply suspicious and disparaging of women, whom they blame for denying them their right to sexual intercourse. Theirs is a relatively new take on a “male supremacist” worldview, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The center, which closely tracks hate speech, reports that ..... at their most extreme, incels have advocated rape and other forms of violence against women.

What is the ‘Incel Rebellion’?

Incels sometimes talk of an incel or “beta” uprising, a movement led by beta males, like themselves, to overthrow what they view as the oppressive feminism of society.

Where do incels congregate?

Reddit ... one of the world’s most popular online gathering places, barred its incel community in November, citing a policy against hateful and violent speech. Incels have nonetheless found or returned to other online gathering places, including 4chan, an anonymous message board that has for years been home to a dark, and sometimes disturbing, corner of the web

In his Facebook post, Mr. Minassian reportedly described himself as “Private (Recruit) Minassian” and expressed a desire to “speak to Sgt 4chan.”

 Image result for MinassianImage result for Minassian 4 chanImage result for 4chan

The official story now circulating is that Minasian was "radicalized" the woman-haters at unregulated 4chan.
As regular readers of The ANYT should know by now, 4chan, "coincidentally," just happens to be the forum where Q-Anon has, since last November, posted his spooky-accurate prophecies and explanations as to how the military intelligence forces behind the Trump administration are secretly battling the Globalists and Satanic child-abusing elites. About two months ago, elements of the Piranha Press, including Sulzberger's Slimes, The Washington Compost, the BBC, Newsweek, The Daily Beast. New York Magazine and others, had already run attack pieces branding 4chan's Q phenomenon as a "hoax" and "conspiracy theory . But now, with 10 "murders" being indirectly and "coincidentally" linked to unregulated 4chan, will the sub-forum "The Storm" being investigated or taken down? 
*Q post, April 25: (in which he links to an NBC story about the 4chan connection)
"They feel threatened. This is about us. Expect more (outcry). We are being set up and targeted (+DDoS). All for a conspiracy larp?"
We have to agree with Q's assessment here. A staged attack, followed by SPLC and press attacks on an obscure Internet forum is just too "conveeenient" as the Church Lady of old Saturday Night Live fame used to say. The "powers that be" wouldn't be going through so much trouble if Q was nothing but a "conspiracy theory .
Related image  Image result for q anon conspiracy Image result for how convenient
 If Q is just a "hoax," why so much effort on the part of the "Deep State" event planners and their media allies to discredit and now, possibly bully 4chan into self-censorship for its part in "radicalizing" the Toronto truck-killer?


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the misogynist maniac who ran over all those people in Canada was radicalized online at a site called 4chan.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, we all support free speech, but some of this online conspiracy stuff and hate speech really needs to be regulated.


   Image result for trudeau dalglish

Sugar How frickin' conveeenient that the Canadian Prime Minister'ss buddy, Peter Dalglissh (on left), was just busted for child rape in Nepal one week ago!

 Editor:  It wouldn't surprise me if Justine Trudeau is buggering little boys too.


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MONDAY / APRIL 23, 2018


NY Times: China, Feeling Left Out, Has Plenty to Worry About in North Korea-U.S. Talks


Not all of the printed errors which appear in the putrid pages of Sulzberger's Slimes are the result of deliberate lies / omissions intended to shape domestic or foreign policy. We estimate that about 95% of the errors are that way, but not 100%. You see, there are those cases in which the writer is genuinely stupid, delusional, deranged or all three.
In addition to being paid liars and libelers, one has to remember that the journalistic jackals, like all Marxists and libtards, are also vulnerable to believing their own bullshit, at which point they are no longer lying -- not technically. And their folly can be pretty funny to behold in action. This particularly ridiculous piece of butt-hurt manifests, in our assessment, a sincere belief in something which is simply not so, but with the deluded writer badly wanting it to be so. Namely, the idea that China may lose influence with North Korea as Lil' Kim moves closer to the United States.
Let's have a look and share some laughs at a few excerpts at this bit of nonsense served up by "Pulitzer Prize" winner and "expert" on China, Jane Perlez (cough cough.).
Image result for jane perlez Image result for pulitzer prize Related image
1. Jane Perlez --- dishonest, yes. But also very stupid, and crazy too. 2. Cheese and Crackers! Is there a Slimes scribbler who has NOT won the oh-so-prestigious (barf) "Pulitzer Prize" yet?   3. Pay no mind to this insane hag. North Korea will always remain close to its northern brother nation.
Perlez: As the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un prepares for his meetings with the presidents of South Korea and the United States, China has found itself in an unaccustomed place: watching from the sidelines.
Rebuttal: So as not to diminish Trump's glory this coming June, China will be "watching from the sidelines," but without Chinese President Xi Jinping's face-to-face meetings -- held in China -- and other dealings with both Trump and Lil' Kim, the historic Trump-Kim pow wow would not be happening.

Perlez: Worse, many Chinese analysts say, ...

Rebuttal: Mike & Sugar rule-of-thumb: whenever you see or hear the prefix "analysts say" or "experts say" in any story in any organ of the Piranha Press, reverse the meaning of whatever follows by 180° to arrive at the truth.

Perlez: North Korea could pursue a grand bargain designed not only to bring the isolated nation closer to its two former Korean War foes, but also diminish its reliance on China for trade and security.

Rebuttal: Does this deranged dumber-than-dirt douche-bag not know about the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty (here)? Article 2 of that 57-year-old treaty obligates China to come to the defense of North Korea in case of an attack, which is why it was so critical for Trump to finally defuse this live wire left in place by President Eisenhower's non-ending of the Korean War. Does Ms. Perlez really believe that North Korea will tell mighty China that it no longer wants its protection because Uncle Sam will protect it?


Image result for trump and xi in beijing Image result for xi and kim at dinner Image result for china and north korea relations

Trump was hosted and honored by Xi in China. Lil' Kim was then also hosted and honored by Xi in China. And now the official end of the Korean War is within reach. Xi will allow Trump to take the credit, but it should be clear by now that China is part of the process and will remain North Korea's most important ally and trading partner -- in spite of what Ms. Perlez wants to believe.


Perlez: Such an outcome — a reversal of 70 years of history — remains a long shot, ...

Rebuttal: No. Not a "long shot." It remains a no-shot. But even if it were a "long shot," it is an admission that Perlez is grasping at straws in the delusional hopes that NK will split with China in favor of Uncle Sam.

Perlez: Still, China finds itself removed from the center of the rapidly unfolding diplomacy, and unusually wary about Mr. Kim’s objectives in reaching out to his nation’s two bitterest enemies.

Rebuttal: So, Xi is out of the picture now, eh? Seriously, what is this silly bitch smoking? Lil' Kim just came back from an important meeting, in China, --- idiot!


Image result for kim and xi Image result for kim and xi Image result for kim and xi

The idea that Lil' Kim might turn his back on racial brothers, with 1000's of years shared history, in favor of US influence is preposterous, and calls into question the sanity of Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Perlez.


Perlez: Mr. Kim’s meeting with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, is set for Friday, and a meeting with President Trump — the first ever between leaders of the two nations — is expected to follow in May or early June. In a sign of just how much is suddenly on the table, South Korea recently confirmed that it was in talks with the North and with the United States about signing a treaty to end the Korean War, which halted in 1953, but never formally ended.

Rebuttal: Wow. An official end to the Korean War. Trump's approval rating will jump to 70% overnight when that happens. And never forget -- the stage for this upcoming grand event was staged by Trump's strategically pretended warmongering. If this grand event goes as planned, the Globalists and the Zionists will never be able to trigger World War III from the Korean peninsula again.

Perlez: With events moving so quickly, and Beijing finding itself largely left on the outside, analysts said ....

Rebuttal: There's that prefix phrase again: "analyst's said." Hip waders on, boys and girls -- bullshit to flow in 3... 2 ...1 ...

Perlez:  China and its leader, Xi Jinping, must at least consider what they called worst-case contingencies.

“The loss of prestige is a big problem for China and Xi, who wants everyone else to view China as an essential actor of international relations, especially in the Northeast Asian context,” said Zhang Baohui, a professor of international relations at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. “Now, suddenly, China is no longer relevant.”

Rebuttal: Perlez digs up an "expert" at a university in CIA-infested Hong Kong (now an autonomous "administrative region" of China after being under British-Rothschild rule) to support her delusion. Typical "Appeal to Authority" fallacy.

****End of Rebuttal********


Perlez's article is actually a very, very good sign. It shows that the New World Order crowd is indeed -- as even scum like Rothschild and Soros have publicly expressed -- losing their stranglehold over Planet Earth. The reality of this stunning turn of events has sent some of these Globalists into desperate delusional denial. How else to explain the impossible, and, as the writer confirms, "long shot" dreams expressed in this astonishingly stupid and utterly pointless "analysis?"

Oh the butt-hurt that will ensue when Trump officially ends the Korean War! 

Image result for yalta Image result for korean war dead Image result for eisenhower korean war

1. Yalta Conference:1945: FDR and the traitors advising him set the stage for the next war by deciding that Korea would be split into two -- the U.S. occupying the South, and the Soviets (who were not even involved in the Pacific-Asian part of World War 2!) to occupy the North. 2. Five years later, America & South Korea were at war against North Korea & China. The Korean War caused the deaths of 2 million Koreans (some estimates higher) and 40,000 young Americans. 3. The evil Globalist President Eisenhower -- who had promised to end Truman's deliberately mismanaged Korean War -- never "officially" ended the war. U.S. troops have been stationed there ever since as part of a Globalist live trip-wire which could be re-activated by the likes of a President Killary at anytime.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that China is worried that North Korea may move closer to the United States after Trump's visit there in June.

Boobus Americanus 2: You know -- I must admit -- if Trump can pull off this peace deal, it will truly be a history-making event.



Sugar Aw, come on Boobuss! You were ssuppossed to ssay ssomething sstupid sso I can abusse you!

 Editor:  No matter how The Slimes tries to spin it, even ass-clowns like the Boobus Brothers won't be able to deny Trump's coming triumph in North Korea.


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SUNDAY / APRIL 22, 2018


Image result for smallville sex traffic ring

NY Times: Allison Mack of ‘Smallville’ Is Charged With Sex Trafficking


It was less than one-month ago that a "tweet" by pro-Trump actress Roseanne Barr sent the Piranha Press into a feeding frenzy in which they bashed her for promoting "a bizarre conspiracy theory" . All she wrote was:
"President Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world. Hundreds each month. He has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere."
Now that happens to be a absolutely true and easily verifiable statement, by the way. And even more big busts have been made since Barr tweeted out the "conspiracy theory" which the journalistic jackals linked to Q-Anon / "The Storm" -- even though Barr never even mentioned Q-Anon! 
From Newsweek, March 31:

"The tweet seems to allude to a conspiracy theory known as The Storm, which emerged after Trump quipped at a photo op last October about it being “the calm before the storm. Those who believe in the theory allege that cabals of high-ranking Democrats run child sex rings attended by celebrities, which Trump is breaking up.

QAnon refers to a user of internet messaging board 4Chan, who claims to be a White House official with secret knowledge of the investigation into the sex trafficking ring."

Wethinks the "powers that be" doth protest a bit tooo much about Q-Anon and his prophetic forecasts about the rolling up of sex traffic rings? 


Image result for q anon sex traffic Image result for peter dalglish trudeau Image result for germany sex traffic ring thailand 
1. One week AFTER Barr's "controversial" tweet, Backpage.com, a site often used by sex traffickers, was shut down by Trump's Feds. 2. The following week, Canadian Peter Dalglish, -- the founder of the Street Kids International, a very well-connected United Nations advisor, and friend / political supporter of Canadian PM Justine Trudeau -- was arrested for child-rape in Nepal. (here) 3. A few days later, Germany busted a Thai sex-trafficking ring described as "the biggest bust ever."  (here)
This bit of very recent history sets the foundation for a fuller appreciation of this article -- which the Slimes presents as an unrelated event -- about the Federal arrest of a Hollywood actress for recruiting girls into a "sex cult." From the article.
"An actress from the television series “Smallville” was charged on Friday with sex trafficking for her involvement in an organization promoting itself as a self-help group for women that forced its members to have sex with its leader, federal prosecutors said. The actress, Allison Mack, 35, helped gain recruits for what was purported to be a mentorship group but instead exploited its followers, who were branded with a symbol containing the initials of the organization’s leader."
As soon as this story broke, Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat immediately sensed that this could be the beginning of a devastating roll-up of elite child-rape / child-murder rings. When the Feds sink their teeth into low-level conspirators, they always follow with a plea deal for the accused so they can catch bigger fish. And that is not only what Q posted in words after the arrest, but also in a coded image at about the exact time of or even just before the arrest. As regular readers of The Anti-New York Times are aware of by now, Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" have been urging "optimistic skepticism" regarding the mind-boggling posts of Q-Anon at 4-Chan cautious, but Q's posts from April 20, enhanced by one of Trump's subsequent tweets later that same day, do send excited chills up our spines.
Image result for smallville sex traffic ring Image result for smallville sex traffic ring Image result for q anon
1 & 2. Who would have thought that All-American girl-looking Allison Mack was a woman-branding sex-slave cult recruiter! What's next? 3. What did Q post before/during/after the Feds nabbed Ms. Mack?
At 14:45 (aka 2:45, EST or CST?) Q posted an image of a palm tree that had the Internet Q community completely baffled as to its meaning. We haven't been able to calculate if this was posted at about the same time as news of the Mack arrest broke, or before. It appears to have been posted before. But either way, we strongly suspect that Q's ensuing posts will again prove to be "prophetic."
Image result for confused man
"What's up with the palm tree?"
About six hours later, at 20:30, Q drops a bombshell about Ms. Mack: "Mack is naming names. Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal). Proof. - Q"
A minute later, Q reveals the meaning of the palm-tree clue from six hours prior: "Canary palm tree? Signal? - Q"
You see, canary is a species of palm tree, and Mack is "singing like a canary" -- exposing bugger Hollywood fish. Get it? But it gets better. (Deep breath)
At 21:08, Q posts an image taken from the Twitter account of Allison Mack. It is a photo of Marina Abromovich (cough cough), -- the Satanic "artist" who has performed her "spirit cooking" weirdness with the likes of the Podesta Brothers, Jay Z & Beyonce, Lady Gaga and many other big names amongst the "elite."
Just ten minutes later, at 21:18, Q posts an image of a vacationing President Obongo (at the elite Martha's Vinyard), posing with a young girl named Maggie Nixon (pet-named, according to Q, "Wendy") and with a band-aid on his left middle finger. The significance of the cut on his finger is that it matches Abromovich's "spirit-cooking" exercises in which participants are instructed to cut the middle finger of their left hand and suck the blood. Hmmmm.
  Image result for marina abramovic
1 & 2: Q posts Abromovich, followed by another of Obongo with a bandage on his left middle finger, posing with a young girl named Maggie Nixon (which Q suggested Obongo was having sex with) 3. Satanist Abromovich uses semen and blood to paint on the wall: "Cut deeply --- into the middle finger of left hand --- eat the pain."
Image result for marina abramovic Image result for marina abramovic Image result for podesta left middle finger
1. The vile and vulgar demonic "artist" is well known and revered among many of the elites. 2. The child abuse is barely concealed. 3. Killary Clinton campaign manager and known "spirit cooker" John Podesta with weird images on his palms and a bandage on his left middle finger.
And finally, Q makes it quite clear that the final act is coming -- which means that we will soon know if history is indeed about to be made in the coming weeks and months as the complete unmasking of the Satanic monsters who have lorded over us for so long unfolds; or, if Q, for some inexplicable reason, was just an elaborate tease needlessly aimed at a minuscule percentage of the Internet "conspiracy theorist" population. And frankly, we are leaning more and more towards the former -- albeit with great caution.
A final flurry of "crumbs" of April 20: (clarifications in parenthesise added by us)
22:12: Over the target. Expand further. Wendy. (pet-name of little Maggie) HUSSEIN (Obama). Mack. AS (= suspected child abuser, Adam Schiff). - Q"
22:17: "This door will be opened later. The choice, to know, will be yours. END. - Q"
Image result for trump with haitian leaders'
1. Trump was strongly supported by many anti-Killary Haitian-Americans. Why is that?  2.Congressman Adam Schiff ("AS") likes little kidnapped chocolate Haitian babies, it seems. 
  Q: April 21: "They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed."
22:26: "AS THE WORLD TURNS. - Q" (A well known Soap Opera show, meaning there is more drama to come. Also, "Wendy's" grandmother alsoproduced soap operas.)
22:48: Bigger than you can imagine. POTUS (Trump) warning shot. Mack. Snowball. Why is Hussein (Obongo) pictured w/ this H-Wood child ("Wendy") many times? What are ‘pet’ names? Conspiracy? -Q
23:15: You can’t imagine the size of this. Conspiracy risk. Planned for later. - Q
  Related image

1. Q then posted Obongo with same child, Maggie Nixon, (pet-named "Wendy") from years earlier  2. An anon poster then found a picture of Maggie Nixon's mother, Mary Nixon, with Pizzagate pervert and suspected child-torturer-murderer James Alefantis. 3. (Image not from Q) -- Very creepy! Obongo appears to enjoy children like "Wendy" in addition to men. The young girls raised into this sex-obsessed lifestyle must think it's all so normal.
Image result for “Just heard the Campaign was sued by the Obstructionist Democrats. This can be good news in that we will now counter for the DNC Server that they refused to give to the FBI, the Wendy Wasserman Schultz Servers and Documents held by the Pakistani mystery man and Clinton Emails.”
And then, Trump "coincidentally"  and "in error" tweets out the name, "Wendy" instead of Debbie. Libtards mock his latest deliberate misspelling (always done to mirror Q posts!). TRUMP'S "WENDY" TYPO IS SENDING A "SICILIAN MESSAGE" TO OBONGO!

Image result for mike rogers trump tower Related imageImage result for military industrial complex tv address
1. Admiral Mike Rogers heads the NSA and is very close to Trump. When Obongo's people tried to fire him in late 2016, Rogers visited Trump Tower during the transition period. Obongo backed down afterwards. The NSA has the capability to collect e-mails and phone calls on ANYONE, but cannot act upon them. What Trump, Mueller, Sessions et al have achieved over the course of this past year is find creative ways to launder inactionable evidence into actionable (legal) evidence. This may be what Q meant when he posted, on April 10: "We have it all. These people are stupid. Fireworks." 2. Did the military recruit Trump? Admiral Rogers (NSA) stands very close to Trump. 3. When Globalist MONSTER Dwight Eisenhower --- who murdered General George Patton and hated General Douglas MacArthur -- warned America about the "danger" of the "military-industrial complex" --- he was actually expressing the NWO's concern that the mighty military and its all-knowing intelligence agencies might rise up one day and say: "That's enough!" --- Could we be witnessing such a history-altering development?
Image result for trump military parade Image result for trump military parade
Trump has been mercilessly mocked by enemies and supporters alike for instructing the Pentagon to plan a huge and expensive military parade for Veterans Day, this upcoming November (here) -- Might this seemingly inexplicable idea be intended as a victory parade over the 1000's of elite Globalists, Satanists, child rapists and assorted henchmen  -- who might have to be rounded up by the marines and tried in military tribunals?


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about a Hollywood actress who was involved in luring girls into a crazy sex cult.

Boobus Americanus 2: I'm hearing a lot of such stories lately. This human trafficking seems to be really widespread.



Sugar You've only seen the tip of the iceberg, Boobuss!

 Editor: It truly does seems like Trump and the military have got these monsters by the balls now. And yet, we the good have been getting our butts kicked for so long that it still seems too good to be true. All we can do is pray that Q's promises -- which are clearly being mirrored by Trump's subsequent tweets -- come to fruition.


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FRIDAY / APRIL 20, 2018



Slimes' Caption: An exchange office in Moscow last week. Russia is likely to suffer long-term economic damage as a result of President Vladimir V. Putin’s aggressive posture toward the West.

NY Times: The Fight With the West Is Isolating Russia. But That Isn’t Stopping Putin.


Boy oh boy what a stinking load of anti-Russian poop that The Slimes' Moscow-based propagandist and "Pulitzer-Prize winner" Neil MacFarquhar has crapped out with this atrocious article. Ya know, it really is high time the Russians follow China's example and simply ban the "paper of record" and its nasty agents from their country. Better yet, just shoot the seditious sons-of-bitches --- "two shots to the head apiece," as Clemenza of "Godfather" fame would say.

Given the fact that a poison pen can indeed be mightier than the sword, the spirit of "free speech" does not require a nation to allow enemy combatants, domestic or foreign, to attack the public mind with deliberate and dangerous lies intended to incite wars. Hazmat suits and goggles on, boys and girls. Let's rebut a few choice morsels of MacFu*ker's Marxist manure.

Image result for NEIL MacFARQUHAR Image result for pervert charlie roseImage result for bullshit

1. Before that Globalist fiend CIArlie Rose was booted off the air for groping and exposing his penis to multiple subordinate women, anti-Russian hit-man Neil MacFu*ker was a regular guest "expert."


MacFu*ker (Headline): The fight with the West...

Rebuttal: There is no "fight with the West." There is only a fight against Russia, coming from "the West."

MacFu*ker (Headline): ... is isolating Russia.

Rebuttal: In classic narcissistic ugly American psycho fashion, MacFu*ker mistakes "the West" for the world; as if a break with the U.S. and Europe automatically entails "isolation." Far from being "isolated," Russia has been making mutually beneficial deals and forging economic alliances all across the globe.



 Image result for putin brics Image result for putin sco Related image

Putin is at the center of economic cooperation organizations worldwide: BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (ugh!)) -- SCO (Central Asia) -- ASEAN (Southeast Asia)


MacFu*ker: ... a gloomy news conference Tuesday focused on Russia’s economic prospects. ... amid a generally dormant economy kept afloat as usual by energy sales, ....

Rebuttal: The "generally dormant economy" of Russia may not be developing a la China, but it does continue to grow; and big-time international investors like Jimmy Rogers remain very bullish on Russia. MacFu*ker repeats the lie that the Russian economy is "kept afloat" by energy sales. Of course, energy exports are an important element of the Russian economy, but Russia also has growing manufacturing, technological and agricultural sectors.

A recent article at Reuters quotes the World Bank (no friends of Russia they): "Russia's economy is seen growing faster than previously thought in the next three years because of improving consumer demand ."

MacFu*ker: ... seemed to underscore what many analysts are saying at the moment:

Rebuttal: A simple Internet Search into the background of any "analyst" who is downgrading the Russian economy always seems to turn up some academic egghead connected to a Globalist "think-tank" -- usually the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in Jew York.

MacFu*ker: President Vladimir V. Putin’s increasingly aggressive posture toward the West ....

Rebuttal: "Aggressive posture toward the West?" Are you frickin' serious, MacFu*ker?! Not only has NATO expanded its membership right up to Russia's doorstep, but it has now got missiles, tanks and troops stationed within striking distance of Russia. It is "the West" that has relentlessly inched eastward, not vice-versa.

MacFu*ker: ... is producing a boomerang effect, with an isolated Russia likely to suffer long-term economic damage as a result.

Rebuttal: Really? That's not what the Moody's rating agency and other big investors are saying.

Headline: Reuters: (April 19, 2018) Moody's says Russian economy resilient to latest US sanctions

"Rating agency Moody’s Investors Service said on Wednesday Russia’s strong public and external finances would shield its economy from the impact of the latest U.S. sanctions."  
Headline: CNBC: (March 16, 2018) Banks are optimistic on Russia's economy 
"But despite long-running economic burdens ranging from entrenched corruption and low growth to Western sanctions and fluctuating oil prices, UBS and J.P. Morgan see cause for confidence in the country's near-term future."
Evidently, the conclusions of the analysts at Moody's, UBS and JP Morgan don't "fit" the bullshit narrative that MacFu*cker is peddling, so he just ignores them all. 
Image result for jimmy rogers investor russiaImage result for moody'sImage result for ubs
Regarding the Russian economy, legendary investor Jimmy Rogers, Moody's, UBS and other banks and investors do not at all concur with MacFu*ker's cherry-picked and pessimistic "analysts."


MacFu*ker: The deterioration reflects a growing awareness in Western capitals that Russia, growing ever more hostile, should be treated as a threat rather than a mere annoyance. That in turn is pushing them toward a unified front in challenging Moscow over such serial transgressions as destabilizing its neighbors, assassinating its critics abroad, meddling in the elections of other countries, tolerating the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government and cyber-skirmishing.

Rebuttal: Wow. Just wow. Those two sentences represent a classic case of the psychotic trait of "projection," whereby the sick. evil, lying, low-down, no-good psychopath falsely accuses the innocent of the very dirty deeds he himself is committing.

MacFu*ker: Russia, of course, professes its innocence on all fronts. It accuses the West of suffering from an advanced case of Russophobia, a longstanding disease that emerges from hibernation whenever Russia begins to “get up off its knees.”

Rebuttal: In that one sentence, buried deep into a lengthy article, presented with a manipulative "of course" as a sarcastic opening, MacFu*ker drops the usual obligatory truth gem which few, if any at all, of the "educated" retards who worship Sulzberger's Slimes will even pause to consider as a legitimate alternative view.

MacFu*ker: Economic sanctions imposed after the 2014 annexation of Crimea, which represented the start of deteriorating relations, have remained intact .....

Rebuttal: The 2014 "annexation" of Russian Crimea followed a violent CIA-engineered coup in Ukraine; and then a public referendum in which 97% of the people in Crimea, with international observers present, voted to voluntarily split from CIA Ukraine and return to Mother Russia. But "of course," Slimes readers aren't supposed to know those inconvenient truths.

MacFu*ker: More recently, there was the mass expulsion of some 150 Russian diplomats from Western nations after the chemical poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain in March;

Rebuttal: Got any actual evidence that any "poisoning" actually took place in Britain, let alone the Russian involvement? Eh. MacFu*ker? (Sound of crickets)

MacFu*ker: “There is an upsurge in momentum of the kind we have not seen before,” said James Nixey, the head of the Russian program at the London-based think tank Chatham House.

Rebuttal: Quoting an expert from London's Chatham House, eh? As anyone who has read "Planet Rothschild" -- or James Perloff's "The Shadows of Power -- knows, Chatham House is the British sister organization of New York's Council on Foreign Relations. Both clubs were founded soon after the end of World War I for the purpose of recruiting the ambitious elites of academia, media and government to promote the One World Government that Putin, Xi and Trump are resisting. What a surprise that James Nixey of Chatham House would be trash-talking against Russia. (rollng eyes)

MacFu*ker: (Putin) still received overwhelming support in the March presidential election.

Rebuttal: So, Putin has "overwhelming support" among the public. That concession of truth alone should tell the astute reader that MacFu*ker and his chosen economic "analysts" are lying through their teeth in an apparent effort to discourage foreign investment in Russia -- thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of economic stagnation.

MacFu*ker: No one expects economic issues to change Mr. Putin’s mind about confronting the West ... the Kremlin elite value geopolitical goals far more than the country’s economic development, experts said.
Rebuttal: "Experts said?" -- Enough said. ...... F-off, MacFu*ker.
Image result for animated gif nato expansion Related imageImage result for war against putin
1. The animated image shows the relentless eastern expansion of the NATO war-machine which began after the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact Alliance disbanded. Yet MacFu*ker would have us believe that Russia is the aggressor? 2. MacFu*ker cites Rothschild's Chatham House (sister group of the CFR) as an "expert" source for information on Russia. 3. The War Against Putin, by yours truly, exposes the who, how and why of the Globalist's war against Russia. An expanded second edition was released in December, 2017 (here)


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Putin and his inner circle don't care about the economic damage being caused by western sanctions.

Boobus Americanus 2: Tyrannical dictators always put their imperialistic ambitions ahead of their peoples' interests.



Sugar: Boobuss, you frickin' corny-ass cretin! The Russsian "dictator" was elected by a large majority of the very people you claim he iss oppresssing!

 Editor: How any citizen of the perpetually-at-war United States can pass judgement on another country's foreign policy is truly astonishing. It's like Chris 'Crispy Creme' Cristi calling someone a bit chubby.


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NY Times: A Southwest Airlines Engine Explodes, Killing a Passenger


Over the course of aviation history, the "usual subjects" (cough cough) have blown up countless private airplanes and commercial airliners in mid-air. Within minutes -- of the tragedy, the manufactured storyline which follows soon turns into the oh-so-predictable media mantra: "officials say" -- "officials say" -- "officials say" and  "mechanical failure -- mechanical failure -- mechanical failure"  and, a few times, the utterly absurd "pilot suicide" -- "pilot suicide" -- pilot suicide." Such hastiness to judgement alone is evidence of foul play and a high level coverup.

From the article:

"One person was killed on a Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas when an engine exploded in midair on Tuesday, sending shrapnel and debris careering into the body of the aircraft, officials said. --- At this point the N.T.S.B. is classifying this as an engine failure.

Every. Single. Time. -- And this Slimes article was posted less than two hours after the event. The "officials" cracked the case so soon? Really?

*Update: a 2nd passenger has died due to injuries sustained from the engine's shrapnel.

Image result for two 800  Image result for swiss air 111 crash Image result for plane crash dominican republic 2001

1996: TWA 800: quickly ruled a "mechanical failure" // 1998: Swiss Air 111: quickly ruled a "mechanical failure" // 2001: American Airlines 587: quickly ruled a "mechanical failure"


 Image result for egypt  crash suicide crash flight Image result for germanwings crash mechanical failure

1999: Egypt Air 990 2015: quickly ruled a "pilot suicide" // Germanwings 9525: quickly ruled a "pilot suicide"


Had it dropped over crowded north-central New Jersey from 30,000 feet after a harrowing mid-air engine explosion, Southwest Flight 1380 would have killed all 149 passengers aboard plus many more on the ground, potentially  -- thus sending a powerful "Sicilian Message" to parties unknown, for motives unknown, carried out by bad actors very well known. What an event that would have been! Miraculously and fortunately, for lack of a better word, only two people died. With 90% certainty, and admittedly with no hard evidence, Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times is calling this spontaneous engine explosion an act of "Deep State" terrorism. The question is: For what motive?

Now, we don't want to become too obsessive with this Q-Anon phenomenon that has intrigued the heck out of us. But very soon after the near-tragedy, Q dropped a "crumb" which speaks to motive, and, assuming Q is the real deal, makes perfect sense. A bit of background data -- on April 12, five full days before this mid-air explosion of April 17, Q posted:

"Alan. Welcome aboard. Plane. 17. - Q"

Some Q de-coders took "Plane" and "17" to mean Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over Ukraine in 2014, and then falsely blamed on Putin. Then, very soon after Southwest 1380 was nearly obliterated on April 17, Q posted:

"We are being set up. Threat. Past Booms - TX bombs New Booms - Plane crash + Plane/17 drop. These people are sick. Attempt to prevent drops / awakening. Conspiracy? Coincidence? Response coming. Q"


Related imageImage result for southwest airline explosionImage result for 17

Q post from April 12th: "Plane. 17." -- And then, a plane disaster of epic proportions was barely averted on the 17th.


In other words, the "Black Hats" seized upon a Q post and then tried to blow up a plane on April 17th in order to "set up" the Q forces, or at least the message board at 4-Chan where he posts, for investigation / shut down so that Q's audience in the military / intelligence community can no longer follow events. But, according to Q, the "White Hats" now have a response coming. Also, in a previous post from last month, Q stated that dark elements of the FBI were attempting to open an investigation into Q's "boom, boom, boom" posts which were conveniently followed days later by a series of exploding bombs in Austin, Texas. Remember that?

As a motive, this makes perfect sense. The fact that so many "mainstream" outlets of the Piranha Press have attacked Q also supports the hypothesis the Black Hats are worried about the "crumb drops" and responding with full force. Then again, it could all just be a "coincidence" that a plane engine "spontaneously" blew up, on the 17th, five days after Q posted "Plane.17."

One final note, and this may or may not be related, but some of "youse guys" (New Jerseyese for the plural of "you") will no doubt recall that very bizarre statement President Trump made back in January in which he took credit for the zero plane deaths of 2017:

“Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news — it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!”

Though the Piranha Press and the late night commie comics raked him over the coals for that statement; perhaps Trump was taking credit not for preventing accidents, but rather, for thwarting, with the help of military intelligence, these type of Deep State attacks? Something to think about.

Man, this thing is just getting weirder and weirder. Stay tuned.

Image result for mysteryImage result for exploding plane silhouette 

1. A "mechanical failure," eh? That was a bomb! 2. Was it intended to provide a pretext for shutting down down Q posts? Thankfully, due to the low death total and the intense coverage of the passing of Barbara Bush (yay!!!), there won't be enough attention paid to provide the cover for any investigation of Q posts and the 4-Chan forum. What will the next  "Deep State" move be? 3. A dramatization -- it could have been so much worse.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that officials are blaming the Southwest Airlines explosion on mechanical failure.

Boobus Americanus 2: It usually is.



Sugar: Boobuss, you frickin' dim-witted dolt! Too bad your daddy didn't have a "mechanical failure" the night he ...

 Editor: Sugar!!!!


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TUESDAY / APRIL 17, 2018


Image result for Sina Weibo

NY Times: ‘I Am Gay, Not a Pervert’: Furor in China as Sina Weibo Bans Gay Content


Image result for xi jinping with children Image result for putin with children Image result for hitler with children

1. Strongman Xi Jinping -- a man of culture, honor and tradition who will not allow China's children to be corrupted by "western" (cough cough) moral cancer. 2. Vlad is the same way. 3. And so was The Great One.


"With hashtags like #Iamgaynotapervert (is there a difference?) and images of hearts and rainbows, tens of thousands (probably less than 100) of Chinese residents (probably all in western-influenced Hong Kong) took to social media over the weekend to protest efforts to censor gay-themed images, videos and cartoons.

The uproar (a hussyfit among a few queers) was in response to a vow on Friday by Sina Weibo, one of China’s most popular social media sites, to delete posts relating to gay culture, part of a three-month “cleanup” effort.

Sina Weibo, a site similar to Twitter, said in its announcement that it was trying to limit the spread of sexually suggestive and violent content ..... The site said its aim was to promote a “clear and harmonious” environment and to comply with stricter cybersecurity laws put in place by President Xi Jinping.”

Go Xi, go!

Contrary to the exaggerated claims of China’s microscopic “LGBT community” , the deviants of China are not in any way facing “persecution.” Homosexuality was actually decriminalized back in 1999. But what Xi will not “tolerate” is this business of pumping perversion (straight or queer) into the minds of the general public and defenseless children, 24/7.

Image result for south korea gay Related image Image result for taiwan  gay pride
South Korean "gay pride" -- Japanese "gay pride" -- Taiwanese "gay pride"
Organized LGBT was deliberately exported by the West, into conservative Far East Asia. But in China, Xi the "authoritarian" ain't havin' it! 

Based upon what we observe of Chinese society from afar, it certainly does appear that the public is with Xi on this. And as a Slimes hit-piece from 2017 confirms, the Chinese, unlike we here in the “free” West, have nothing to fear from speaking their mind on the issue of homosexuality.


Headline: New York Times: (April 20, 2017):

Furor in China Over Team’s Banner: ‘Keep Homosexuality Far From Campus’

“A message of intolerance emanated recently from the university’s main campus in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province.

“Protect traditional Chinese morals,” said a banner carried on campus by members of the women’s basketball team. “Defend core socialist values. Resist corrosion from decadent Western thoughts. Keep homosexuality far from campus.”


Can you imagine a group of students hanging such a banner at an American, Canadian, Australian or Western European college campus? Every last student participating would be expelled and, in some countries, brought up on charges of “hate speech!”

We are truly happy for China – yet saddened at the same time because the nation’s positive culture, “can-do” spirit, optimistic and clean youth, and spreading moral/religious ethic remind us of what we in the West -- those of us over 45 at least – once had but have now lost. Thanks, Jews.


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 1950 -- 1950 -- 1992
Amazing (when looking back) headlines about "perverts" and "lesbians" from Sulzberger's Slimes


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that China is censoring gay content on social media.

Boobus Americanus 2: Evidently, they don't believe in freedom and tolerance like we in the West do.


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Sugar: Freedom my asss, Boobuss! When Christians Aaron and Melissa Klein of Oregon refussed to bake a wedding cake for a pair of demented dykess, they got fined $130,000 and had to closse down their frickin' businesss!

 Editor: And it all started about 30 years ago, with tear-filled pleas for just a bit of "tolerance."


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MONDAY / APRIL 16, 2018


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NY Times: Comey Calls Trump ‘Morally Unfit’ and ‘Stain’ on All Around Him

NY Times: Trump Blasts Comey in Barrage of Tweets, Calling Him ‘Slippery’

NY Times: James Comey vs. President Trump: How It Came to This



The latest televised round in the great feud between President Trump and James Comey, the FBI Director that he fired, has captivated the Piranha Press. In his just-released book and associated interviews, Comey compares Trump to "a mob boss" and denounces him as "morally unfit." Trump then retaliates with a barrage of brutally insulting tweets describing Comey as: "a slimeball," "a self-serving fake," "a liar," and "stupid." It makes for very entertaining theater. And yet, Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times, though, even among the truther and pro-Q community, we remain isolated on this assessment of Comey, now stand 85-90% firm behind what we wrote back in November of 2017:

"The fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's multi-million dollar investigation into Trump's "collusion" with the "Russian hackers" in the 2016 election has suddenly aimed its big guns at the notorious Podesta Brothers (two true "big shots" of the national Demoncrap Party hierarchy) adds a bit of weight to the previously unthinkable yet now growing "conspiracy theory" that Donald Trump, former FBI Director Muellar, former FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were all and still are actually running a massive "sting" operation against Killary and Obongo's homosexual Mafia."


Image result for mueller and comey Image result for comey hillary Related image

1. Mueller and Comey have been close for many years. Both men hated Bush-Cheney, and Comey once investigated Bill Clinton for his pay-for-pardons (until he was shut down by higher-ups). 2. Never forget that Comey's last minute "exxoneration" of Killary -- just days before the 2016 election -- badly hurt her credibility. Many Demonrats, INCLUDING KILLARY HERSELF, still blame Comey's oddly damning "exxoneration" for her defeat. (here) 3. And never forget that the only man that Mueller's investigation seems to have really ruined so far is the elite Demonrat pedo-pervert Tony Podesta -- who has since shut down his DC lobbying firm and disappeared. (here)


Comey, in his hyped-up interview, dropped two poison-pills which we expect to prove devastating when ex-Marine Robert Mueller and the make-believe "incompetent" Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally reveal what their respective investigations have discovered. First, Comey, now sainted by the duped media, reinforced the sainthood status of his friend, Robert Mueller:


Headline: ABC News: James Comey says Robert Mueller is 'not on anybody's side'

“The American people can have complete confidence in Robert Mueller,” Comey said.

“He's not on anybody's side. He does not care about anything except the truth,” he said, adding that the American public “can have great confidence if Bob Mueller is left in place to do his job, he will find the truth.”


You see, boys and girls, when Mueller drops the hammer on the scum of the earth, how the frickety-frack are the Demonrats and the Piranha Press, which have so passionately protected and sainted both Mueller and his personal friend and long-time associate, Comey, going to discredit them? They simply will not be able to!



It is already too late to tear down and discredit St. Robert Mueller. Comey's role in the drama will make it even more impossible. Could we be witnessing a massive and brilliantly devised reverse-psychology "sting operation?"


The second poison pill which Comey dropped was the not-so-subtle jabs at the credibility of Obongo's former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. According to Comey, Lynch made unethical requests that "made me feel queasy."


  • Headline: NY Post:Comey throws Lynch under the bus over Hillary email probe
  • Headline: ABC News: Comey describes how Loretta Lynch's credibility gap propelled him into Clinton email saga
And now, the cornered nasty communist bitch whom Obongo appointed on the recommendation of the domestic terrorist Al Charlatan, is firing back hard at "Trump's enemy," Comey:
  • Headline: The Blaze: Loretta Lynch torches James Comey with fiery statement. She’s responding to these claims Comey made.
  • Headline: National Review: Loretta Lynch Claps Back at James Comey

Remember, boys and girls, always keep your eye on the ball (the results) -- not the head fakes. The true lasting impression of Comey's strategic Trump-bashing (which most people will dismiss as a childish rift between Trump & Comey) are that Mueller can be trusted and Lynch cannot. Well played set-up, Mr. Comey, well played.

Image result for loretta lynch and al sharpton Image result for loretta lynch and comey under bus Image result for comey abc interview

1. Sharpton gloated over the announcement that his fellow fiend from New York, Loretta Lynch was to become Attorney General. 2. As FBI Director, Comey played nice-nice with Lynch. But the now he has turned on her, and she is fighting back. 3. In his book and ABC interview, Comey "nicely" stuck a knife in Lynch's back, exactly as he had done to Killary just days before the 2016 election.


After Comey's televised interview, chess-master Trump, on cue, played his card with an anti-Loretta Lynch tweet:
"Comey throws AG Lynch “under the bus!” Why can't we all find out what happened on the tarmac in the back of the plane with Wild Bill and Lynch? Was she promised a Supreme Court seat, or AG, in order to lay off Hillary. No golf and grandkids talk (give us all a break)"
Image result for bill clinton and loretta lynch on tarmac
The Comey interview plays right into Trump's hands because it further damaged Lynch's credibility. Q posted about the 2016 tarmac meeting BEFORE Trump tweeted about it.
Tying this all back to Q, the mysterious and spooky "prophetic" poster -- which Sulzberger's Slimes, The Washington Compost, Newsweek, the BBC et al have already assured us is a "hoax," and a "conspiracy theory" -- posted about the Clinton-Lynch tarmac before Trump did -- and all but straight-out stated that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered; and that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would finally retire after Killary became president; and that Lynch would be appointed to fill Ginsburg's open seat as reward for covering up Killary's crimes; and -- the dirty deal was audio-taped by a reporter aboard the plane (possibly discovered by NSA?).
Below are the relevant "crumbs" from Q. (Key: "187" is California code for murder, HRC = Hillary, RBG = Ginsburg, LL = Lynch, AS = Scalia, SC = Supreme Court, Clowns is short for "Clowns In America" = CIA)
  •  Think timing. LL remains AG. HRC appoints new AS replacement. RBG steps down. LL steps up.  ‘The Plan’. - Q
  •  Focus should also be on Supreme Court promise. Only dropped here. POTUS validating drops via Twitter per plan/timing. Future proves past. Comms understood? - Q
  •  Coincidence? SC/LL deal drop. POTUS Tweet. Tarmac. Coming soon to a theater near you. Q
  •  To be clear, LL was promised the Supreme Court position of RBG. Coordinated. Planned. RBG big problems. Q
  •  We made sure a reporter was there to capture. These people are stupid. Q
  •  SC – Supreme Court. RBG. AS 187 / Clown Black (Brennan). - Q

Image result for scalia murdered Related image Image result for bill clinton loretta lynch
Murder, cover ups, bribery. If indeed a tape exists in which Bill Clinton promised Lynch a seat on the Supreme Court, the can of worms that might pop open would shock Boobus Americanus.
Trump's tweet about "the tarmac" adds enormous weight to this theory. Why would Trump even bring up the subject if there was no evidence of what was said? Unless, as Q claims, there really is an audio tape of the conversation? The tarmac conspiracy, if busted wide open, leads to the murder conspiracy which, as we all know in our gut, took out Antonin Scalia in the middle of a dessert in a democrat-controlled town. 
The implications here are explosive. And should the coming weeks / months reveal that Mueller and Comey are indeed Trump-supporting "White Hats," and that the murder of Scalia will indeed be exposed, Sugar and I will gladly accept the apologies of some of you hard-core skeptics. Conversely, if not the case, rest assured that we will be the first to smash the eggs all over our faces.
Fact or fiction --- what a drama it all is. Stay tuned.



Boobus Americanus 1: Boy, Comey really savaged Trump during that interview.

Boobus Americanus 2: He sure did. But I notice he also took some shots at Loretta Lynch as well --- which proves to me that Comey is objective and non-partisan.



Sugar Get ready, Boobuss!!! The Trump-NSA-Sesssions-Mueller ssting is gonna sshock your dumb-asss and good!

 Editor: God, I really hope your feline instincts are right about this, Sugar. If not, you're gonna write the apology letter to our beloved readers --- not me!


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SUNDAY / APRIL 15, 2018


Slimes Caption: President Trump at the White House --- For all his tough language this week, the strikes he ordered in Syria made no apparent effort to damage President Bashar al-Assad’s broader war machine.


NY Times: President Trump Talked Tough. But His Strike on Syria Was Restrained.

NY Times: Analysis: Syrians Face Hard Lesson. Assad Can Still Gas His Own People


Well, well, well. It appears that the Jew York Slimes is all butt-hurt over the fact that Trump's missile strikes (as we predicted) didn't actually do any damage. From the first article:
"In sending missiles and bombs at Syria, President Trump hit more targets and used more firepower than he did in a similar military strike last year. But in the end, he opted for what was still a restrained operation that was evidently calculated to avoid provoking Syria’s patrons in Russia and Iran into retaliating."
In other words, Trump's missile show just "shilled" the crap out of the Globo & Zio warmongers! But Syria wasn't the only place to take incoming missiles the other night. Within minutes of the news, some of "youse guys" launched your own mockery missiles which filled up the inbox of TomatoBubble.com:
Mike, it looks like your theory about Trump and Putin is wrong. --- Mike, I love your work, but you're delusional about Trump. --- Mike, you are grasping at straws. --- Mike, Q is a bullshit psyop. --- Mike, Trump just launched an attack. You should have known better. --- Mike, Trump is starting World War III. --- Mike, Trump playing 4-D Chess? Hang it up! --- Mike, it's time to publish a retraction, etc. etc. etc."
Oh well, at least no one cussed us out or cancelled their subscription! (send apologies via contact box down below)
Image result for trump missile attack on syria 2018Image result for missile attack on syria 2018 Image result for trump  mission accomplished

After all the huffing and puffing and missile attacks, where's the damage? Trump proclaims "Mission Accomplished" as Assad remains in power, and the Russian-Iranian forces remain in place.


Oh ye beloved TomatoBubblers of little faith! Have we not by now sufficiently established the pattern? Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times remains firm in the conviction that the pretty fireworks were all just for show. Once again, Trump has neutralized the warmongers, co-opting them as the Russians (his allies) expose the false flag chemical attack.
Notice the pattern:
  • Trump "attacks" Syria in 2017 then, weeks later, cuts off funding to the CIA's "moderate rebels" just as Putin is bombing the crap out of them.
  • Trump threatens to nuke North Korea. Now, he will be meeting with Lil' Kim in June!
  • Trump declares "trade war" against China. Then, China removes some of its trade barriers (as Xi and Trump had surely already agreed upon during Trump's visit to China).
  • Trump goes along with Congress's sanctions on Russia (which he cannot stop, anyway) and bashes Putin. He then announces that he wants to meet with Putin soon.
Trump's strategy of rhetorical aggressiveness and harmless fireworks enables him to outmaneuver the warmongers -- keeping them silent as he pulls the rug out from under them. Be not alarmed by these strategic actions, boys and girls. Trump, Putin, Xi -- and by extension, Assad and Lil' Kim are all on the same team. For all we know, Trump may have even just bombed CIA targets!

Image result for missile strike on syria trumpImage result for trump rocket man new york post Image result for trump trade war china
1. Flashback: 2017: Remember the previous harmless attack on Syria back in April, 2017?  2. Remember the "Rocket Man" insults and the threatening "fire & fury" theatrics?  3. The "Trade War" with China will not happen either. 
One frustrated reader asked a fair question.
"Mike. What would be your red line which finally causes you to give up on Trump?"
Response: "When Trump takes us to war anywhere in the world, that will be my "red line" --- As of now, Assad remains in power, Kim remains in power, and the Iranian government remains in power. Meanwhile, ISIS has been wrecked and Syria remains under Russian and Iranian protection. Keep your eye on the ball, not the head fakes."
And what did Q have to say about the missile attacks? He posted this at about the same time as the attack:
Trust POTUS.
Sparrow Red.
Missiles only.
Intel good.
"Sparrow Red"may refer to the movie "Red Sparrow" -- a 2018 spy movie which features CIA vs Russian Intel. Hmmmm.
Image result for skeptical Image result for q anonImage result for thinking
It's OK to be skeptical, but the fact remains that Q has, to date, shared some very uncommon knowledge that seems to fit recent events more and more. 
Indeed, we are, unquestionably, further away from World War III then we were when Mr. & Mr. Obongo left office. And can you even imagine where we'd be right now if that blood-thirsty psychotic hag Killary had been elected?! In the final analysis, despite Trump's matching-blue-tie chumminess with Bibi Satanyahoo, his controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, his frequent verbal thrashing of Iran, his donning of the skullcap at the "Wailing Wall" , and the appointment of Zio-puppet-psycho John Bolton as National Security Adviser, the undeniable fact remains that the long-cherished "Greater Israel" project will not be advancing as long as Syria, with Trump's apparent blessing, is under Russian, Iranian and, indirectly, Chinese protection. Watch the results, boys and girls -- not the head fakes!
From the Times of Israel, April 14, more butt-hurt:

Israel Fears Trump May See Job as Done in Syria, Leave Israel Alone to Face Iran

"Israeli security chiefs made clear on Saturday night that Israel fears the Trump Administration will now consider that its work in Syria is done, and leave Israel alone to face the dangers posed by Iran’s growing military presence in Syria.

Israel’s defense chiefs are also reportedly worried that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, seeing Syria under US-led attack, may provide President Bashar Assad with more advanced air defense systems — which could reduce Israel’s air supremacy in the skies of Syria and Lebanon. A Russian general indicated such an arms supply was possible in comments on Saturday. "


Image result for WORRIED JEWRelated image

"Oy vey! Trump is letting Russia and Iran occupy Syria!"

The Defense Ministers of Iran, Syria, and Russia have promised a "decisive fight" against President Assad's opponents in the Syrian civil war.
Speaking of Israel, Q, in response to a question about potential Israeli treachery (March 10, 2018), posted this:
"We are saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Q."
Could it possibly be that the man that we, up until a few months ago, routinely mocked as "Trumpstein," is playing the Zionists just as he is playing the Globalists? Double hmmmm. We still have a hard time fully believing Q's "White Hat" revolution, but more and more, the unfolding of events does at least make it seem plausible, if not yet proved. The operative term here is "hopeful skepticism."
Stay tuned.
Image result for trump netanyahuImage result for we are saving israel for last
Q once posted about "saving the best for last" --- and then "saving Israel for last."  Could it be that the military intelligence forces behind Trump -- who surely must resent the USS Liberty false-flag of 1967 which killed 37 US sailors; and the false-flag massacre of 240 US Marines in Lebanon in 1982 -- have a little surprise in store for Israel at the end?


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump's airstrikes against Syria really didn't do any damage.

Boobus Americanus 2: I know. He did the same thing last year. It's almost as if he doesn't really want to have an actual war --- thank goodness!



Sugar Keep thinking, Boobuss, keep thinking!

 Editor: Assad ain't goin' nowhere--- and the chosenites have got to know it by now.


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FRIDAY / APRIL 13, 2018


Image result for russia syria gas staged

 NY Times: Russia Says Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria Staged by UK


Oh ye of little faith who were convinced that Trump was going to take us to war in Syria. Did we not say that, although the danger of "Deep State" false-flags was real, Trump has no intention of giving the Zio-Globalists their World War III? And now, with Russia publicly calling out the latest provocation as a false flag hoax, demanding an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council, and -- get this -- claiming that there is evidence to implicate the British; how can Trump possibly take the country to war?

From our recent ANYT piece of Monday, April 9:


Apr 8 2018 11:09:57 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: e23926 951358

POTUS NEVER telegraphs his moves.
Think logically.
Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?
Moves and countermoves.
These people are STUPID (& SICK).

Is Q suggesting that Trump's announcement to withdraw from Syria was actually bait intended to force the latest "gas attack,"  perhaps so that the Russians could take the lead in debunking it as a hoax before the world?

******End of excerpt*****

To answer our own question, it certainly does appear that chess-masters Trump & Putin have pulled off a sting.

Image result for russia un syria attack staged Image result for lavrov at un syria attack staged Image result for trump putin plot

1. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, speaks at a briefing in Moscow on Friday, April 13. Konashenkov accused Britain of staging a fake chemical attack in Syria. 2. Is Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, as bat-shit crazy as she appears? Or is her warmongering part of the act too? 3.Trump & Putin: Chess-masters for peace.


The most delightful aspect of having the government of a major world power openly accusing, with evidence in hand, the clandestine services of the UK of engaging in false flag hoaxery is the realization that millions and millions of previously brain-dead Boobuses have now been given permission to entertain such thoughts -- instead of just reflexively dismissing everything as "conspiracy theory." If the big bad Rooskies can prove their accusation, then headlines such as the following will lose their effectiveness:

  • NY Times: (April 10, 2018): Syria Conspiracy Theories Flourish, at Both Ends of the Spectrum
"President Trump’s order for a cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base, which has alienated some of his supporters, has fueled speculation of hidden motives and hoaxes.

Websites like Infowars are calling the chemical attack that drew United States fire a “false flag” operation, while liberal blogs have pointed to the strike as evidence of “wag the dog” diversion tactics."


Though we have our differences with Alex Jones, the fact that the "paper of record" has him on their radar is a good sign. Jones's radio show and website have served as a necessary "halfway house" for many newbies who, after being prepped, later discovered and were open to the full truths of sites like TomatoBubble.com. What will the sleazy scribblers at the Slimes say if and when Russia provides irrefutable forensic evidence of a false-flag / hoax? Hmmmm?

Image result for alex jones syria false flag Image result for lavrov putin Image result for false flag

The fact that Alex Jones' false flag conspiracy theories" about the Syrian "gas attack" -- now backed up by the Russian government -- have caught the attention of the Slimes indicates that "the paper of record" can no longer ignore "conspiracy theories" anymore. The "norming" of the term, "false flag" is a very welcome development.


The coming Syria-Russia investigation truly has blockbuster potential. From the article:

"A fact-finding mission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is expected to head to Douma, the site of the suspected attack. Both the Russian military and the Syrian government said they would facilitate the mission and ensure the inspectors' security.

Lavrov said Russia expects the OPCW team to quickly visit the site. The Russian military said its chemical experts visited Douma shortly after the alleged attack and found no trace of chemical agents in ground samples. It also said Russian officers found no patients with chemical attack symptoms at a local hospital, and no indication of any burials having taken place of the victims."

Wow. Just wow. If the Russians succeed in blowing this conspiracy wide open, it will facilitate US withdrawal and shut the warmonger schemes down for good. That would be bad news for the "Deep State," and very conveenient for Trump. That's some brilliant chess right there, with more still to come.

Stay tuned.


Image result for false flag syria gas Image result for false flag syria gas Image result for false flag syria gas

Putin and Trump will bring about the end of false-flag fakery in the Middle East, while opening the eyes of many people as to what the western spy agencies are indeed capable of.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Russia claims to have evidence implicating the British for staging a phony chemical attack in Syria.

Boobus Americanus 2: You know, I normally don't give much weight to these false-flag conspiracy theories, but for the government of Russia to make such a claim at the UN ... I think it merits consideration.



Sugar Thatta boy, Boobuss! Now you need to look into 9/11 Truth. That'll really make ya ssoil your pink pantiess!

 Editor: Baby steps, Sugar. Baby steps.


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NY Times:  A House (and a Party) Upended as Paul Ryan Calmly Takes His Leave


NY Times: McCarthy, Scalise Are Likely Contenders for House Speaker



As was foretold by "Q Anon" in Fall of 2017, yet another big name traitor politician has announced his intention to step down. Paul Ryan, the ambitious Speaker of the House, traitor to America and behind-the-scenes enemy of Donald Trump, will not be seeking re-election this fall. Add Rat Ryan to Senators Jeff Flake (R-AZ), McCain the Insane (R-AZ) and Bob Corker (R-TN) to the growing list of Globalist operatives who have been compromised and neutralized by what we believe are the secret military planners behind Trump. Bye bye Eddie Munster!


Image result for paul ryan eddie munster Image result for flake mccain corkerImage result for q anon

What the heck is going on here?! One by one, as "prophesied by Q," and under one false pretext or another, Trump's most powerful enemies from within his own party are being neutralized --- Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, McCain the Insane


The demise of anti-Trump conspirator Ryan -- who may actually be maneuvered into surrendering his speakership in the coming weeks instead of his actual departure date -- will be a huge boon for Trump if Louisiana Congressman, and Trump ally, Steve Scalise, is elected House Speaker. In the grand scheme of things, the almost fatal shooting of Scalise by a deranged Marxist in 2017, and the sympathy which it generated for him, may be what propels him to the speakership, orat least the House Majority Leader (if current leader Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker).

From the article:

"Scalise, 52, the House GOP vote counter first elected a decade ago, had little national name recognition when tragedy thrust him into headlines. He was shot at a congressional baseball practice last year and has slowly come back from his injuries.

The former state legislator and Louisiana conservative has earned the respect of his fellow lawmakers.

"The strength he's shown with his injury, I think, has heightened where he is" among colleagues, said Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn."


Hmmmmm. How convenient for Scalise and Trump. Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat has been hissing that the military operatives who installed Trump into the White House (it was NSA patriots, not "the Russians" who leaked dirt on Killary in 2016) also staged that baseball field shooting for the purpose of making Scalise the next Speaker of the House following the pre-planned take-down of Rat Ryan. The "White Hats" are indeed quite capable of playing all the same games as the bad guys.


Image result for steve scalise in hospitalImage result for “Just left hospital. Rep. Steve Scalise, one of the truly great people, is in very tough shape - but he is a real fighter. Pray for Steve!”Image result for trump with scalise

1. The very strange and seemingly bloodless shooting of Congressman Scalise during baseball practice instantly made him a nationally known names and generated huge sympathy. 2 & 3. Trump tweeted out his well wishes to Scalise, the highest ranking supporter within the Republican't Party.



Image result for scalise trump state of union Image result for scalise state of union Related image

During the nationally televised State of the Union Address, Trump's perfectly timed prime-time "shout out" to Scalise (still sporting a cane) instantly elevated the Congressman to "rock star" status. Well played boys, well played.


What pleases and intrigues us the most about Steve Scalise is his unusually outspoken commitment to fighting child sex-trafficking. This aligns him with Trump on an issue that he has also been very passionate about for many years. Q also foretold of child rapists being exposed. Lo and behold, the Piranha Press has been screaming "conspiracy theory! "conspiracy theory!"  whenever the subject is even mentioned these days. What are they so afraid of?


  • LA Times: Roseanne Barr celebrates 'Roseanne' renewal with tweets about child sex-trafficking ring
  • NY Daily News: Roseanne Barr touts conspiracy theory, praises Trump for rescuing child sex victims

  • Rolling Stone: Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal (Pizzagate)

  • BBC: The saga of 'Pizzagate': The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread
  • NY Times: Alex Jones Apologizes for Promoting 'Pizzagate' Hoax
To paraphrase Shakespeare: the Piranha Press doth protest tooo much, wethinks?


 Image result for child trafficking scaliseImage result for child trafficking scaliseImage result for child trafficking scalise

Whereas previous presidents and House Speakers did NOTHING about child-sex trafficking, Trump and Scalise clearly want to expose the secret rings. (Trump tweet is from 2012)


Just days ago, Trump caught flak from far lefties for shutting down "Backpage.com." From the website of the Department of Justice:

"The Justice Department today announced the seizure of Backpage.com, the Internet’s leading forum for prostitution ads, including ads depicting the prostitution of children. Additionally, seven individuals have been charged in a 93-count federal indictment with the crimes of conspiracy to facilitate prostitution using a facility in interstate or foreign commerce, facilitating prostitution using a facility in interstate or foreign commerce, conspiracy to commit money laundering, concealment money laundering, international promotional money laundering, and transactional money laundering.

The seven defendants charged in the indictment are ....."


Remember now, the DC lobbying firm of Democrat big-shot Tony Podesta, that vile collector of child-porn "art" and brother of Hillary's right hand man and suspected child torturer, John Podesta, was taken down last year by, of all people, Robert Mueller -- an astonishing fact which has been reported in the MSM, but strangely downplayed. There is no doubt over the fact that the child rapists and torturers are clearly taking a beating under the Trump administration. No one can deny that. And if Scalise becomes Speaker, Trump's strategic advantage will only become stronger. Will "Pizzagate" and all the sick Satanic stuff that so many elites are involved in finally be exposed in due time, as Q maintains?

Again, we advise skeptical optimism. So many signs and weird happenings are indeed taking place, yet it still seems "too good to be true." In any event, good riddance, Eddie Munster --- and let's all hope Scalise defeats Kevin McCarthy and becomes the next House Speaker, or at least the new majority leader of the GOP.


Image result for rand paul broken ribs Image result for rand paul broken ribs Image result for ryan and mcconnell
The Crazy Cat insisted that I tell "youse guys" that she is now sensing that the strange attack (also carried out by a leftist) which broke Rand Paul's ribs and boosted his own standing in the U.S. Senate was part of a similar long term plan to have him replace McConnell as Senate Leader. -- That cat is so crazy.... or is she?



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TUESDAY / APRIL 10, 2018


In this file photo, former Arcata councilman Dave Meserve stands beneath a statue of President McKinley in the center of the square in Arcata, Calif., Friday, May 9, 2003.  Photo: ERIC RISBERG, AP

NY Times (2015): Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali


SF Gate (2018): Statue of President McKinley to be Removed from Arcata Town Square

Some say McKinley's expansionist policies were racist toward indigenous people. 

Image result for ARCATA MCKINLEY STATUE Related image Image result for ARCATA MCKINLEY STATUE
Anarchists, Communists and other assorted libtards have this wierd obsessive generational hatred for William McKinley. Note the circled "A" for Anarchy grafitti on McKinley's statue, in red.
We have expanded a 2015 piece due to the recent story about the California city of Arcata removing a statue of President William McKinley. (here) Why so much continued hate for McKinley?


To any casual observer of the "world stage" with an ounce of perception, Obongo's executive action of renaming Mt. McKinley (highest peak in North America) to "Denali" (the name which natives refer to it as) smacks of just another politically correct bow to another of the myriad groups "oppressed" by the big bad White Man. Good golly! If we're going to be culturally correct; then every mountain, forest, lake, river, state, and region in America that doesn't bear its original native name should be renamed according to the traditions of the indigenous Asiatic tribes of America, some of which, by the way, killed off the ancient blond and red-haired White tribes of the Americas -- but we digress.

But Obongo's motivation for this symbolism -- and now, the decision of libtarded Arcata, California to remove McKinley's statue from the town square -- runs deeper than just mere political correctness run amok - much deeper. You see, dear fellow history buffs, the 1901 murder of President William McKinley, at the hands of an Anarchist Red named Leon Czolgosz, ranks as perhaps the most important turning point of the transitioning of America from a peace-loving, limited government Republic into the violent Communist-Corporatist Globalist bully that it has long since become.

The sudden and strange death of Vice President Garrett Hobart in 1899 (poison?) had enabled the same warmongering faction which had maneuvered America into the War With Spain (war to steal naval bases in Philippines and Guam to be more precise), to impose the phony "hero of San Juan Hill", Theodore Roosevelt, upon a reluctant President McKinley. With a "Progressive" Globalist madman "just a heartbeat away" from the Presidency, the word went out among the ranks of the deranged Red psycho patsies to carry out yet another act of what was referred to by Rothschild's Reds as "the propaganda of the deed." (here) Czolgosz answered the call to kill and the rest, as they say, is history.

Image result for mckinley hobart Image result for mckinley hobart Related image

1 & 2: McKinley and his VP Garret Hobart were very close, both personally and ideologically. 3: Hobart's sudden death at age 55 enabled the Globalists to impose Theodore Roosevelt upon McKinley as his new VP.



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1- Re-election poster depicts McKinley as a champion of Gold Standard currency, commerce, prosperity, and peace. He was re-elected easily.  2- A filthy alien Red named Leon Czolgosz murdered a good and popular President; and now, another filthy alien Red (Homo Obongo), with the enthusiastic support of female Republican't Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, is murdering his name and memory.



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The assassin was an admitted devotee of the Anarchist rabble rouser, Emma Goldman (cough cough). After the murder, as the nation grieved, the self-satisfied Goldman trashed the deceased McKinley as "President of the Money Kings" and a "modern Caesar." (here) In 1919, "Red Emma" was finally booted out of the United States during the "Red Scare" deportations which followed World War I. She lived in the Soviet Union for a while, then among Reds in the Wiemar Republic Germany, before finally settling in Canada.



McKinley had been a backer hard currency (gold) and was a non-interventionist in foreign affairs. With the deadly demise of the "Ron Paul" of his day, fifteen of the next nineteen years came to be known as "The Progressive Era." The only four years of relative sanity (Taft 1909-1912) gave way to the disastrous misrule of Woodrow Wilson (enabled by then ex-President Roosevelt's deliberate splitting of the Republican vote as a third party candidate).


1- McKinley did all he could to avoid going to war with Spain. As the headline above reveals, it was House and Senate warmongers that forced his hand. 2- Wilson - Roosevelt - Taft -- The murder of the constitutionalist McKinley during the 1st year of his 2nd term gave us 7 years of the Globalist scumbag Teddy Roosevelt. Then; when President Taft refused to obey Globalist-Zionist orders, TR came back to run the 3rd Party interference that got Wilson elected with just 41% of the vote! 


The sharp directional change brought about by the assassination of McKinley led to previously unimagined levels of Federal intervention in the economic affairs of the nation, the establishment of the Federal Reserve counterfeiting operation, the Income Tax, U.S. entry World War I and the long train of tragedies of the past 100 years.

William McKinley represents the ideal that was once called "America" whereas  Czolgosz, Roosevelt and Wilson represent "change." Obongo's erasure of McKinley's name from the famous mountain adds a poetic touch to both the physical and metaphorical significance of the murder of McKinley. Had the great mountain of Alaska been named Mount Roosevelt, you can be sure that it would never be renamed!


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1 & 2: In spite of bad weather, huge crowds turned out to honor the beloved and popular fallen President that the up and coming Globalist-Marxist scum of America hated so much - and still do. 3: Nobody is clamoring for the removal of the statues of McKinley's successor -- the warmongering banker-agent Teddy Roosevelt. Why is that?




In 2017, President Trump, who had already reversed Obongo's decision to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 in 2020, asked Alaska's two Republican't Senators, Dan Sullivan & Lisa Murkowski, about reversing the mountain's name back to McKinley. From CNN: 

"He (Trump) looked at me and said, 'I heard that the big mountain in Alaska also had -- also its name was changed by executive action. Do you want us to reverse that?'" Sullivan said. "Lisa -- Sen. Murkowski -- and I jumped over the desk ... We said no, no!" (here)

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Alaska Republicant's Murkowski and Sullivan wet their panties and "jumped over the desk" when Trump suggested a "racist" reversal of Obongo's Executive Order which had renamed the mountain.




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