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 By Mike King

"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

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TUESDAY / JULY 10, 2018


Image result for Elon Musk Thinks a Minisubmarine Could Help in Thai Cave Rescue
NY Times: Elon Musk Thinks a Minisubmarine Could Help in Thai Cave Rescue


Hark! The trumpets of Mount Olympus are calling us to prayer. On your knees or on your feet, and bow in reverence, boy and girls. The all-wise, all-knowing super scientist / super-inventor / super-business mogul Elon Musk doth address us with the details vagaries of his latest inspiration -- a mini-submarine to rescue a group of cave-stranded, flooded-out youth football (soccer) players in Thailand. Never mind the fact that Thai rescuers actually on the scene as well as worldwide specialists in such rescue efforts have already dismissed Musk's scheme as impractical. To members of the Cult of Musk, it is always and only Elon's "visionary" fairy tale that matters -- never the actual results.
Before even dispatching Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat to do a bit of data-digging on this curiously over-rated  character, we had already suspected, based upon a number of hints, that Elon Musk was the product of a sophisticated CIA puff-up operation. We observed the instant and seemingly effortless accumulation of wealth in the hands of a young man who seemed to have "come out of nowhere." We observed the constant hyping of his multiple companies (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink)  in the Piranha Press. We observed the billions in taxpayer money showered on his companies. We observed  the instant Hawking-like publicity given to his every utterance -- no matter how non-sensible. And, of course, we observed his enthusiastic "the-science-is-settled" promotion of the "Global Warming  / Climate Change" hoax --- a Globalist fraud which is essential for the marketing of his electric Tesla cars.
Image result for tesla car fires Image result for spacex explosion Image result for elon musk
1. Taxpayer subsidized electric cars that catch fire. 2. Taxpayer funded rockets that explode. What is so special about Elon Musk and why does the Piranha Press keep hyping him?
Fusing fake science with fake business acumen, the "powers that be" (cough cough) have puffed-up this South African-born / Canadian & American college-educated charlatan into an amalgamation of Nikola Tesla and Andrew Carnegie. Far from being either, he has invented nothing and can only exist with the powerful combination of government welfare and free publicity behind him. Whatever tweaks his company may have made to improve rocketry ought to be credited to his well-paid engineers, yet the Fake News would have you believe that Elon Musk is a one-man show --- designing rockets one day, solar panels the next, electric cars the next, driverless technology the next, all the while wearing several CEO hats and giving endless interviews and speeches at the same time!
Bring back the heavy-lift rocket and space shuttle programs which Obongo inexplicably killed in 2011 (a move which Musk naturally praised); and Musk's mysterious SpaceX -- which has received billions of dollars to fill the void -- will fold up overnight. End the massive subsidies and mandates associated with the "Global Warming  / Climate Change" hoax; and Musk's solar panel and electronic car hustles, as well as investors in these schemes, would also blow away like so much space dust in the cosmic wind. Even the driverless technology he is said to be developing lags behind the advances of German auto-makers.
Apple legend Steve Wozniak is one man of true accomplishment who has this phony figured out, and isn't afraid to rip him publicly. 
Image result for Steve Wozniak
Headline: CNBC (February 1, 2018) 

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: ‘I don’t believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says’


Image result for musk magazine coversRelated imageImage result for musk magazine covers Image result for musk magazine coversImage result for musk magazine covers
The intense media-hype of Elon Musk ™ is a sure indicator of a conspiracy afoot.

Musk's greatest ambition is the colonization of Mars as a backup plan in the event of either World War III or the catastrophic man-made warming of Earth. He assures his goofy groupies -- who have been known to pack venues so they can worship Elon Musk in person -- that it is possible to settle 80,000 sheltered Earth-Martians by 2040. They would live as a "direct democracy" solely for ensuring the survival of the species.
Now can you just imagine the ensuing comedy had Donald Trump proposed such a goofy scheme? He would have been roasted 24/7 by the Fake News and all the late night commie comics. But because Elon Musk has said it, the idea of an entire population of Earth-Martian settlers spending their entire captive lives indoors on Mars is somehow considered "visionary."
 Image result for obama and musk Image result for spacex Image result for spacex
The conspiracy between Globalist Golden Boy Obongo and Globalist Golden Boy Musk to shift certain projects from NASA to SpaceX probably has something to do with the fact that "private" projects are not subject to Freedom-of-Information Act disclosures. Could Musk's secret deliveries into space have had something to do with the mysterious energy beam attacks from above which set California homes on fire last year? These devils are indeed capable of anything.
The Muskrat, an admitted social engineer who advocates for a "universal basic income," thinks so highly of his (or his hired scientists', to be precise), schemes that he believes his companies are entitled to funding by way of a carbon tax. Musk, on the benefits of taxing CO2 (harmless plant food:)
“The common good being consumed is atmospheric and oceanic carbon capacity, which currently has a price of zero. This results in an error in market signals and far more CO2 is generated than should be. We won’t ever go to zero CO2, but the rate over time should be dropped far below what it is today.
This is analogous to taxing cigarettes and alcohol more than fruits and vegetables, which everybody agrees makes sense. We should have higher taxes on the things that science says are probably bad for us than those that are probably good for us.” 

Image result for musk tweet on global warmingRelated image
The money-grubbing self-promoter was very critical of Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Scam. "Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America and the world." --tweeted the so-called genius.


Finally, in addition to all of these "tells," as they say in poker parlance, there is, in essence, confirmation of a CIA connection to Elon Musk that comes to us from a recent book whose allegations Musk has not denied. His recent book informs us of how the Muskrat, just age 30 at the time, travelled to what was then a chaotic and collapsing Russia in 2001, and again in 2002. These mysterious trips were part of a fruitless attempt to buy an ICBM! From the Daily Mail:

Headline: (May 14, 2015)

Russian Space Bosses SPAT on Elon Musk When He Tried to Buy a Rocket 

"He nevertheless went with Musk to Moscow, and once there they began trying to convince the Russians to sell them an intercontinental ballistic missile... 'One of their chief designers spat on me and Elon because he thought we were full of s***,' Cantrell said, according to the book by Ashlee Vance. The team returned empty-handed.


In February 2002 the group returned to Russia, this time bringing Mike Griffin, who had worked for the CIA's venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel,' according to the excerpt on Bloomberg. Musk was now looking for not one but three missiles and had a briefcase full of cash, too.

Musk asked point-blank how much a missile would cost.

'Eight million dollars each, they said. Musk countered, offering $8 million for two. 'They sat there and looked at him,' Cantrell said. 'And said something like, 'Young boy. No.'

Musk stormed out of that meeting, and on the plane home began devising a plan to create his own rockets."

So, a then 30-year-old kid appears out of nowhere, and shows up in corrupted Russia (only Putin's 2nd year) with a CIA finance agent at his side, and a briefcase containing $8,000,000 cash, hoping to buy a Russian ICBM? Dear reader, if you know anyone who is a member of The Cult of Musk, please get this information to them. This bad actor needs to be taken down, and hard!


Image result for muskImage result for secret agents silhouetteImage result for trump space force

1 & 2. Among other Muskian scams, is this creepy character (who looks more Ashkenazi Jewish than white South African???) also a frontman for the Deep State's dirty deeds done in space? 3. The Piranha Press has mocked Trump's newly-created "Space Force" as fighting mythical aliens. Might Trump's Space Force actually be a counter to a secret Deep State / Musk presence that is already operating in space?



Has a secret war in space already begun?

 Image result for trump musk

Trump with anti-Trumper Musk. A case of keeping your friends close; but your enemies closer?


Headline: The Atlantic (January 9, 2018)

What Happened With SpaceX's Top-Secret Government Mission?

A few days after a secretive launch, rumors are circulating that the mysterious payload has failed.

"On Sunday night, SpaceX launched a top-secret U.S. government satellite into low-Earth orbit, ....  The company live-streamed the event, but cut the feed early to preserve the secret nature of the mission. .... SpaceX shared some photos of the launch on social media, which led people to assume it had been a success.But then, on Monday night, reports started circulating that something had gone wrong. Peter B. de Selding, an editor at SpaceIntelReport.com, citing sources, tweeted the satellite “may be dead in orbit after separation.”



  Boobus Americanus 1: I was reading in the New York Times today that Elon Musk came up with an idea to rescue those kids in Thailand by using a mini-submarine.

Boobus Americanus 2: That Musk is amazing! If anyone can pull it off, it's him.



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