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F.B.I. Director, Christopher Wray, C.I.A. director, Gina Haspel, and director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, testifying before the Senate.

NY Times: A Growing Chorus of Republican Critics for Trump’s Foreign Policy


In the important sphere of "foreign policy" , President Trump has, in many ways, successfully overcome the resistance of Globalist Republican'ts in his own party. What we believe to have been the "on-the-down-low" military execution of Senator John McStain (R-AZ); coupled with the subsequent blackmail conversion of McStain's bosom buddy, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), from an anti-Trump bulldog into a pro-Trump lapdog, have greatly strengthened Trump's hand when it comes to pursuing a policy of world peace and non-intervention. Thus, a concern which "The Editorial Board" of  The Anti-New York Times had published before Trump had even been inaugurated has, to a large extent, been greatly mitigated -- although not totally eliminated just yet.

Flashback to the December 29, 20016 issue of the ANYT (excerpts):

"That miserable warmongering son-of-a-bitch John McCain and his faithful little faggot of a sidekick Lindsey Graham are at it again -- this time, stirring up trouble in the Soros-owned Baltic Sea nation of Estonia ...

High-powered Senators within Trump's own "conservative" Party -- in league with the Demonrat minority and treasonous elements within the CIA, State Department and Department of Offense -- are still committed to fighting Russia.  Will they, with the help of the fake mainstream newsmedia, be able to maneuver Trump into a corner from which he will be forced to fight -- or, at the very least, be prevented from ever breaking bread with Putin?....

Peace-lovers everywhere breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing news that the hideous hag had lost the 2016 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show). But if the McCain-Graham "rebellion" and the lessons of history are any indication, the releasing of white doves over the expected Trump-Putin "bromance" may be a bit premature.."

***End of Excerpt***


Nailed it.

Image result for mccain and graham and schumer Image result for repub democrat snake

1. Trump nemesis McStain is dead and his butt-boy Linda Graham now belongs to Trump. // 2. But many other Republican't snakes -- working in tandem with Demonrat snakes --  still remain within the party.


As we said, and as today's Slimes articles shows, though Trump maintains the upper hand, and in spite of the death of mighty McStain and the taming of sodomite Graham, many rats still remain in high positions of the Republican't Party -- all just waiting for Trump to fall or lose re-election so that they can go back to being openly Globalist traitors. Have a look at the opening paragraphs of this Slimes article:

"They think pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan would be a debacle. They think North Korea cannot be trusted. They think the Islamic State is still a threat to America. They think Russia is bad and NATO is good.

The trouble is their president does not agree.

More than two years into his administration, the disconnect between President Trump and the Republican establishment on foreign policy has rarely been as stark. In recent days, the president’s own advisers and allies have been pushing back, challenging his view of the world and his prescription for its problems."

Never mind the Demonrats. We know what they are all about because they have the luxury of being able to wear their anti-Trumpism on their sleeves for their Marxist, libtarded, Fake News addicted voters to see. In reality, Trump's most dangerous foes remain the "leadership" scum of the Republican't Party who, out of political necessity, are all praising Trump and giving him the votes he needs on certain domestic issues; yet continue to thwart Trump's ambitious efforts to achieve world peace and American disengagement. It is Republican'ts in Congress and throughout the vast presidential administration, not Demonrats, who have thwarted Trump's plans to invite North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Washington and achieve final peace and troop removal from the Korean peninusla. Putin was supposed to visited Washington by now yet, due to the opposition of Republican't war-hawks, that's not happening either. And plans to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan seem to have also been stymied by the repeated seditious sniping of Republican'ts and the chattering assholes at "conservative" FAUX News. Treason, treason everywhere. It is so damn frustrating.


Image result for fox news bret baier Image result for trump kim Image result for trump putin

FAUX News has generally been supportive of the Trump presidency. But when it comes to Trump's peace overtures toward Kim and Putin, those efforts have been complicated by the continued anti-Kimism and anti-Putinism of the fakes at FAUX.


The man most responsible for placing obstacles in the path of true world peace is the creepy-as-heck Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Have a look at the duplicitous double-talk, pusillanimous platitudes, and the "yeah-but" rhetoric of this marble-mouthed swine from Kentucky:

"Simply put, while it is tempting to retreat to the comfort and security of our shores, there is still a great deal of work to be done. And we do know that left untended, these conflicts will reverberate in our own cities.”

“We are not the world’s policeman. But we are the leader of the free world. And it is incumbent upon the United States to lead.”


Translation: We must wait out the Trump presidency until 2020 or 2024, while protecting the New World Order at all costs.

History teaches us that the Globalists are very patient, and very resilient. They waited out the conservative nationalist presidents of the period from 1921-1932 (Harding, Coolidge and Hoover) until (((they))) could crash the economy and usher in the communist age of Roosevelt. They waited out the three years of President Kennedy's anti-war administration before blowing half of his face off on live TV. And now, after failing in their attempts to impeach Trump and (if rumors are to be believed) also failing in several attempts to assassinate him, the plan is minimize the damage and wait him out. Clever, sneaky bastards. Let us hope that Trump and his pro-peace generals (who, we believe, are still working for him in spite of their "resignations") have some sort of counter-measure up their sleeves for crushing insidious insects such as Mitch McConnell and his co-conspirators.


Image result for harding coolidge hooverImage result for mitch mcconnell

1-3. 1921-1932: Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover -- The warmongering Globalists patiently endured 12 years of these non-internevtionist presidents until (((they))) could finally get their boy FDR into power and start the drive toward World War. // 4. Senator Mitch McConnell is the key point-man for this devious delaying game against Trump.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that some prominent Republicans are opposing Trump's isolationism.

Boobus Americanus 2: Isolationism is dangerous. That's what caused World War 2.


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St. Sugar: Boobuss, you brainless dolt! How many timess do you I need to sset your dumb-ass sstraight on World War 2? 

  Editor: These characters don't have it in them to think critically, sweetie -- which is why we call them "Boobus Brothers."



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The New York Stock Exchange this month. Markets went haywire at the end of 2018, but what story were they telling?

NY Times: The World Economy Just Can’t Escape Its Low-Growth, Low-Inflation Rut
Just when we thought we were out, global deflationary forces have pulled us back in.


For those of "youse guys" not yet "red-pilled" (awakened) as to how the destructive dynamics of the world's prevailing counterfeiting, loan-sharking and stock-jobbing system works, this constant talk of "deflationary forces" -- set against the obvious-to-all-but-the-most-braindead reality of ever-rising prices ("inflation") and ever-shrinking package sizes ("shrinkflation") -- must really seem as contradictory as it is confusing.

From the article, pooped-out by Neil Irwin (cough cough):

"For much of 2018, it appeared that the world economy was finally getting out of the rut it had been stuck in for the decade since the global financial crisis. But it now looks as if the era of persistently low growth, low inflation and low interest rates isn’t over after all."

How is possible that we have been "deflating" since 2008, when the per-ounce prices for food and so many other consumer goods have "inflated" about 50% since then? Well, you see, boys and girls; the economic gobbledy goop is actually intended to be confusing because that's how liars get away with lying. But be alarmed because the scam is surprisingly simple to understand once someone (yours truly) explains it properly.


hhhhhdownload.jpgDrag and Drop Image

1. This website -- originally intended to be an economics only website -- takes its name from the first item ever posted -- "The Allegory of The Great Tomato Bubble" (see side bar )// 2. Bancarotta, by M S King -- fun, entertaining, and very informative. (Here)


Image result for in a nutshell The Inflation-Deflation / Boom-Bust Scam Explained "In a Nutshell"


1. Every single dollar (or pound, Euro, yen etc.) in circulation has been injected into the economy at interest -- either in the form of home loans, business loans, student loans, car loans, boat loans, personal loans, credit cards, central bank loans of counterfeit money to the government, or central bank purchases of bonds and bad debt (again, with counterfeit money.)

2. Like a game of musical chairs in which the number of players must always exceed the number of chairs -- thus leaving someone without a chair to sit in when the music stops -- the total amount of all debt (public and private) always exceeds the amount of dollars in circulation. It's a very simple formula. Principal + Interest is greater than Principal.

3. Every repayment of a loan extinguishes money supply. Every new loan replenishes money supply. If everyone stopped borrowing, all currency would disappear while old loans remain! (deflation)

4. As interest charges spread throughout the economy like an unstoppable virus, already tapped-out borrowers will tend to borrow less and less. And yet, because interest is embedded in everything (including business overhead) prices can continue to rise even as money supply remains constant or grows slightly.


And that is how a "deflating" economy can still yield "inflating" prices. In short, far from being victimized by the intangible and unknown "economic forces" talked about by the academic eggheads and the Wall Street Urinal, we're actually being scammed by the usual suspects --- 24/7 and 365!


Image result for scheming jewDrag to pan Image result for musical chairs

1. Well played, Mr. Rothschild. Well played.  // 2. (* From "Money as Debt") -- How can a "swimming pool" of P + I possibly fill up another pool of just P --- especially when the interest is perpetually COMPOUNDING? // 2. The game of musical chairs, in which chairs always outnumber players, is designed to leave someone without a chair This is analogous to someone not be able to get his hands on enough money to pay back his debts ("deflation,"bankruptcy, depression, foreclosure etc).


Now, here's a dirty little secret about government debt that most "fiscally conservative" Republican'ts either don't understand or simply don't want their voters to know about. When the flow of new debt (new money supply) lags behind the repayment of old loans (vanishing money supply) massive government borrowing serves the purpose of keeping the music playing -- that is, keeping money supply from drying up and catastrophically crashing everything. It's like injecting new drugs to maintain the high of the old dosage that is wearing off. Run up the debt, and we further enslave our children. Balance the budget, and everybody goes broke!

This is the shocking reality of our insane monetary system. It is a colossal scam that is breath-taking in its international scope and highly profitable for the international bankster class and their henchmen in government, cartel business and academia -- and very destructive and oppressive for the rest of us. Any questions, class?


Image result for government red ink debtImage result for complex made simple
1. America's National Debt and persistent trillion-dollar deficits are destructive and dangerous. And yet, in this evil debt-money system which has been forced upon us, everything would crash without the "drug" of new money being pumped-in to prop up the illusion. // 2. Here at TomatoBubble / ANYT, we bypass the unnecessarily complex maze of Fake Economics, Fake History, Fake Science, Fake News etc., and get right to the core of the issues.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Global economy is still deflating.

 Boobus Americanus 2: But my grocery bill is through the roof. I don't understand.


Image result for bancarotta m s king


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Image result for frank bruni

NY Times: The Loneliness of the Moderate Democrat
‘It takes a lot of spine to be a centrist in America today.’


Frank Bruni is The Slimes' in-house "moderate" Demonrat columnist. And when it comes to "sexual orientation" , he also happens to "proudly" play for the pink team, but I digress. In his assigned role as "moderate," it is Bruni's job to sell the fiction that not all Demonrats are Marxist radicals. You see, we're all supposed to believe that openly Communist crackpots like Bernie Sanders and media-darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent just one fringe of a very ideologically diverse party.

Frankie Faggot on AOC:

"Ocasio-Cortez is by no means the whole of the Democratic Party. And is the leftward lurch that she personifies the best and safest bet for 2020? I worry, because there’s no political priority higher than limiting Trump to one term. (Rhode Island Governette) Raimondo also worries — a lot."

Translation: (Reading the invisible thought bubble above Bruni's head): Though I agree with everything she says, that big donkey mouth of hers is scaring the crap out of Middle America. I just wish this inexperienced and naive little girl could understand that our true objectives have to be concealed if we are win back the White House in 2020.

Nice try, Bruni -- but ANYT is wise to your duplicitous game of "Good Democrat - Bad Democrat."


Image result for alexandria cortez Image result for roger kimball Image result for moderate democrat
1. Frank Bruni isn't the first Demonrat journalist to openly express concern that AOC's open-faced radicalism and stupid comments are hurting the Demonrat image.  // 2. Roger Kimball of "Real Clear Politics," in noting the damage that AOC was causing, once joked: "Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Republican plant?" // 3. A Moderate Demonrat? That makes about as much sense as being a carnivorous vegetarian, or a promiscuous virgin.
The Communist penetration / infestation of the once loyal Democrat Party took deep roots under the 12-year reign of President Franklin Demono Rosenfeld. Standing in contrast to the Red Democrats were men such as New York Governor Al Smith, Defense Secretary James Forrestal, Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and, later on, his sons, President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General, later U.S. Senator, Robert F. Kennedy. The quiet battle between these factions of the same party was intense. For example, at the 1956 Democrat Convention, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, that donkey-faced Communist harridan (a $10 word for a bossy old hag) worked to thwart the nomination of JFK as Adlai Stephenson's Vice Presidential running mate (VP's were selected at the conventions back then). JFK was not acceptable to Red Ellie because of his refusal to publicly condemn his friend, colleague and fellow anti-Communist, Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin.
The nomination and eventual election of JFK as president in 1960 marked a temporary victory of the loyal and truly "moderate" Democrats over the criminal Marxist Demonrats. The assassination of JFK, just three years later, marked the permanent triumph of the treasonous Globalist Demonrats over the good Democrats. Over the course of the ensuing 10 years, the takeover became complete. The Demonrat Party of today constitutes an evil, monolithic Marxist force whose two "factions" consist not of "left" vs "moderate," but rather, of covert vs overt -- the former being more astute and mindful of the dangers of speaking too brashly and moving too quickly; and the latter not giving a damn if their rhetoric scares the crap out of decent heartland Americans. Same team, different tactics.

Image result for ELEANOR JFKImage result for assassination JFK headline Image result for marx and satan
1. Beneath the public facade, Red Ellie and patriot JFK were political enemies. // 2. The fateful event of November 11, 1963 settled the REAL "left" vs "moderate" intra-party rivalry once and for all. // 3. Today's Demonrat party is a hybrid offspring of Marx and Satan. No "moderate" politician ought to have anything to do with such an organization.
Mr. Bruni, when you're done "picking up the soap," pray tell, explain to us where these "moderate" Demonrats were when the disastrous and deadly "Affordable Care Act" (aka ObongoCare) passed both houses of Congress with UNANIMOUS Demonrat support? And where were the "moderates" when, years after the initial passage, when it had by then become known to all but the most stupid exactly how destructive the ACA was, the Demonrats again, and again, and again voted UNANIMOUSLY to keep it in place, as is?
And Mr. Bruni, when you get done rinsing your mouth out with Listerine, please tell us where these "moderate" Demonrats were when the 2009 "stimulus" -- a financial crime for the ages that flushed $1 Trillion down the toilet with no noticeable improvement in the economy -- again passed both houses of Congress with UNANIMOUS Demonrat support? We can go on and on with such examples of destructive leftist legislation passing with literally 100% support of Demonrats from all regions of the United States. Make no mistake, when it comes to achieving their objectives, these demonic Marxists are part of an unbreakable monolithic Mafia. Some just won't (or can't) show us their cards, while others just don't know how to contain their passions.
Image result for bruni and spaceyImage result for obamacare disasterImage result for 2009 stimulus waste
 1. Bruni (on right) with man-on-man serial sexual harasser & attempted butt-rapist (alleged) Kevin Spacey. // 2.  "Moderate" Democrats ALL voted for the ObongoCare disaster, and ALL voted against repeal later on. // 3. "Moderate" Democrats ALL voted for the 2009 "stimulus" which not only wasted $1 Trillion in one shot, but automatically increased all future budgets.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that some moderate Democrats are growing concerned about the hard left-wing of the party.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Indeed. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may actually end up hurting the Party. The moderates sound much more sensible.


 Drag to pan Image result for st matthew

St. Sugar: Boobus, you moron! --  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they ain't nuthin' but frickin' ravening wolves. -- Matthew 7:15

  Editor:  (palm to face, shaking head, sighing) -- I don't believe that's the King James version of the verse, but it'll have to suffice.


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NY Times: Indicting Roger Stone, Mueller Shows Link Between Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks
NY Times: Roger Stone’s Dirty Tricks Put Him Where He’s Always Wanted to Be: Center Stage
NY Times: Roger Stone Lied. What Was He Hiding?


The mindless DC-NY chattering class is all abuzz about the early morning "arrest" and "indictment" of long time anti-Establishment operative and rabid Trump supporter, Roger Stone. While the "Left" talking-heads merrily crow about how Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is "closing in on Trump" -- as the "Right" talking-heads indignantly whine about "Mueller going too far" -- St. Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times remains firm in its opinion that Mueller and the whole bunch of folks that he has either fake-indicted or interrogated are all part of the same grand sting operation. The purpose of the phony arrests and phony indictments is threefold:


1. Keeps the Marxists and libtards under the illusion that Mueller is actually aiming to take out Trump, allowing him to work in peace and quiet.

2. Provides Mueller with credentials of objectivity that cannot be questioned by the public when big Marxist / Globalist / Demonrat crooks are eventually rounded up.

3. Allows illegally obtained (NSA) and/ or otherwise unusable evidence to be "cleaned" and introduced into a legitimate investigation of whatever it is that Mueller is really after.


Crazy talk, you say? Perhaps. But until we see the surprise ending of this now two-year old soap opera; no one can say for certain.


Image result for raid on roger stone fbi Image result for fbi arrests roger stone tv Related image

1. Who tipped-off CNN so that Stone's arrest could be televised? Was it done to better sell the illusion of Mueller vs Trump? // 2. Roger Stone is suddenly famous. // 3. The legal saying, "washing the fruit of the poisoned tree" refers to tactics used to make inadmissible evidence admissible.


Remember, boys and girls, it was Trump and the "incompetent" Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- just days after Trump actually interviewed Mueller (here) -- ostensibly for the purpose of re-offering him his old job as FBI Director  -- who allowed Mueller to come into such unlimited prosecutorial power in the first place. And it is Trump who can fire Mueller at any time but chooses not to. And it was Mueller who took down the high-powered DC Demonrat pedo-monster Tony Podesta and his lobbying firm (here). So before "youse guys" get all discouraged about what Mueller "is doing to Trump," have another look at an excerpt from a piece which we originally posted last year, and are sticking by in the wake of the "arrest" and "indictment" of Roger Stone.


 *** Excerpt ***

Remember Trump's threat against Killary during one of the debates?



Headline: Washington Post: (October 2016):

Trump: If elected, I’ll appoint a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s emails

"Donald Trump said during Sunday's presidential debate that, if elected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

"I didn’t think I’d say this and I’m going to say it and I hate to say it. … If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception," Trump said."



Could we be witnessing a massive and brilliantly devised reverse-psychology "sting operation?"

 *** End of Excerpt ***


As for the type of evidence which Stone could theoretically be funneling into Mueller's mega-investigation (s), the possibilities are many. Stone is said to have collaboarted with the flipped-over-to-the-White-Hats-team Julian Assange of WikiLeaks -- which we believe gets its highly incrinminating "leaks" from the NSA / Military Intelligence). Stone is also the author of "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The CaseAgainst LBJ." Then Vice President LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) could never have "whacked" JFK on his own, of course -- but Stone maybe in possession of some explosive evidence regarding that historical murder.

Adding intrigue on top of intrigue, for his next book, Stone will be writing about the murder of JFK's son, "John Jr." (plane accident) -- an expose sure to cast suspicion upon Killary Clinton, who was then able to easily win the Senate seat which would have been Junior's for the taking. Hmmm, might he be in possession of more evidence that he can share with Mueller? Could it be that Trump's constant references to the Mueller investigation(s) as a "witch-hunt" be part of an "inside joke" intended to say that Killary (the witch) is being "hunted?" We still believe so. The drama continues.
Image result for roger stone the man who killed kennedy Image result for roger stone jfk  Image result for ben garrison witch
 1. Stone has authored a book on the JFK assassination. // 2. Stone's next book will be about the killing of JFK Jr. ("plane accident")  // 3. Trump's almost-daily references to the Mueller witch-hunt have caused actual practicing witches to complain! (here) What is Trump REALLY trying to tell us?
Trump telling us what is to come?
Saturday Tweet:
If Roger Stone was indicted for lying to Congress, what about the lying done by Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lisa Page and lover, Baker and soooo many others? What about Hillary to FBI and her 33,000 deleted Emails? What about Lisa deleted texts and  Weiner’s laptop? Much more!”



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump operative Roger Stone was arrested.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Mueller's noose is getting tighter and tigher around Trump's neck.


 Image result for sun tzu quotes let your plans be dark



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Slimes Caption: In Madrid, visitors to “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.,” an exhibition that is coming to New York, viewed a work by David Olère, a survivor who recreated a crematory there from memory.
NY Times: The Horrors of Auschwitz at a Museum in New York


What's this we have here? A Holocaust article appearing in The Jew York Slimes? Now that's somethin' ya don't see everyday (rolling eyes).

Seriously, the song that never ends about the event that never happened has -- since the very first "6 Million Dead" hoax article appeared in the Slimes of January 8,1945 (here) -- been re-played literally a few thousand times in the pages of Sulzberger's Slimes. The lyrics and tune may vary from time to time, but it's always the same old song at its core. The opening lyrics of today's vomit are familiar to all of us. Cue up the violins. Play it again, Ari:

"A boxcar of the kind the Nazis used to transport people like cattle. The barracks where they slept jammed into narrow bunks. The posts from fences that caged them in. A canister once filled with the poison gas pellets that sealed their fate.

With these artifacts and 700 others, the Museum of Jewish Heritage is set to bring Auschwitz to New York this spring, a major undertaking that will mean ripping out the museum’s permanent collection for an exhibition designed to provide a vivid sense of the Nazi death camp where 1.1 million people were killed, a million of them Jews." (emphasis added)



1. The exhibition in New York will feature part of one of the barracks from Auschwitz, seen here in Spain. //  2. The Museum of Jewish Self-Worship // 3. The museum’s chairman, Bruce Ratner, said that the exhibition is important because it coincides with an "increase in anti-Semitism."


For the well-informed regular readers of The Anti-New York Times -- nearly all of whom have read "The Bad War" and other great books -- exposing the Holohoax as a scam would be an exercise in preaching to the already converted choir. We would, however, in regard to the death toll at Bullschwitz, like to call your attention to what we highlighted in red in the paragraph above: "1.1 million people were killed, a million of them Jews."

You see, boys and girls, up until 1990, the high priests of Holohoaxianity were still claiming that 4 million died at Bullschwitz. It was only due to the courageous work of early "Holocaust Deniers" that Polish authorities (with Jewish permission) felt compelled to lower the ridiculously impossible numbers by 3 million, down to 1.1 million. So, if the 4 million number that was repeated over and over and over again for 45 years was a gross exaggeration -- then why should anyone accept the 1 million number that has been repeated over and over and over for the past 29 years now? And why, if 3 million were chopped off of the Bullschwitz death toll, are (((they))) still repeating the mantra of "6 Million," over and over and over?


Image result for auschwitz 4 million died plaque Image result for auschwitz 4 million died plaqueImage result for einstein 6 million
Jewish Math Riddle: If the OFFICIAL death toll at Bullschwitz was dropped from 4,000,000 to 1,100,000 -- then why are (((they))) still saying 6,000,000?
As for this absurd exhibit full of alleged "artifacts" and "artistic renderings" (including the one featured at the very top, painted by a Spanish Communist inmate), the whole premise is based upon the Existential Fallacy of the Holocaust being a historical fact. Once one has committed the logical error of believing that which was never proved in the first place, then every bit of subsequent data presented will automatically be interpreted as "supporting evidence," when in fact, it is nothing of the kind. For example, the exhibit showcases thousands of buttons said to have been part of the inmates' uniforms. Though the teary-eyed chumps flocking to this shit-show will surely gasp in horror at the sight of all the buttons; in reality, all that such a display "proves" is that the uniforms of the inmates had buttons on them -- and that's assuming that the buttons aren't fake props.
The article also describes an "engagement ring" made out of tin by one of the prisoners for his girlfriend. Though the loony ladies who will see this inscribed "ring" will surely weep on command, the artifact, if even genuine, only "proves" that one of the Jewish inmates had a Jewish girlfriend in the camp. This is not surprising, given the fact that 3,000 babies were born at Bullschwitz. (here)
Then of course we have the "chilling" sight of an empty can of "Zyklon B" bug spray said to have been used to kill Jews. But again, the empty can, assuming it's not a fake prop, only "proves" that "zee Nazis" sought to contain the spread of typhus-bearing lice in the internment camps. ... And on and on the circus goes.
The fake exhibition will run in New York for about nine months -- and no doubt rake in a TON of shekels from both the chosenites and weeping goy suckers who will flock to this felonious freak show. Perhaps ... perhaps I said ... with the help of a couple, dozen stiff drinks, your humble servant here, out of love for "youse guys," will take the 30-minute bus ride into Sodom-on-the-Hudson and document this obscenity firsthand-- just so I can report back on the garbage exhibits and the sappy reactions of the stupid fools worshipping these idiotic idols. .... But don't hold me to it.
1. A bunch of buttons proves what, exactly? // 2. An empty can of bug spray proves what, exactly? // 3. An engagement ring made out of tin proves what, exactly?


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a major Holocaust exhibit is coming to New York in a few months. Some of the artifacts are said to be very chilling.

Boobus Americanus 2: I'd like to see that. It's important that we never forget that Hitler and the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews.


 Drag to pan Image result for saint hitler

St. Sugar: Boobuss!!!! You #*@( ^&%$ (*&#@ (*&$% @#!*&^ !!!   The Great One didn't murder anybody, and I got the proof right here, standing next to me!

  Editor: I knew youse two would hook up eventually! 
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Striking Los Angeles teachers-in-red stick it to the taxpayers.
NY Times: Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike to End as Deal Is Reached


Once again, thousands of noble, empathetic, altruistic teachers have made the ultimate self-sacrifice of going on strike  -- for "the children." And once again, justice for "the children" has prevailed, albeit at a steep price for the taxpayers of Los Angeles and the rest of suburban California, which will have to chip in more money at the state tax level.

Of course, the fact the teachers' unions won a generous 6% payraise and a diminshed workload was only the natural byproduct of this latest victory over the penny-pinching, anti-child taxpayers. The true purpose of the strike was, according to Ms. Randi Weingarten (cough cough) of the American Federation of Teachers, all about improving Los Angeles public schools.

The article quotes Rancid Randi:

"We’re now seeing a mainstream shift toward neighborhood public schools with the goal being: let’s make them work for all kids.”

Yes, any year now, as a direct result of all this new "investment," Los Angeles school kids will be scoring perfect SAT scores by the thousands (rolling eyes).

Image result for randi weingarten Image result for randi weingarten Image result for randi weingarten and hillary

1. The lovely Randi Weingarten heads the Marxist "American Federation of Teachers." The AFT Union boasts 1.6 million dues-paying members! // 2. Lesbian Weingarten is "married" to a lesbian "rabbi." // 3. Weingarten and her Communist union went all-in for Killary (who is also a dyke).


In addition to engorging themselves at the expense of taxpayer while reducing their class sizes, the competition-hating Communists also succeeded in forcing the Los Angeles School Board to schedule a vote on a resolution asking the state government to “establish a charter school cap” and create a Governor’s committee on charter schools. A "charter school" is still a public school, but with choices. Families can actually choose one for their children. The schools function with freedom from many of the stupid regulations that are imposed upon district schools, and they are are held accountable for academic results and for achieving the goals set forth in their charter.

The continued growth in the charter school model nationwide is onviously viewed as a threat by swine like Randi Weingarten and her lazy-ass legions of libtarded lecturers.That, even more so than the extra money, is why we have witnessed so many large teacher strikes over the past few years. Again, quoting from the article:

"The Los Angeles strike was the eighth major teacher walkout over the past year. A movement that calls itself Red For Ed spread like wildfire from West Virginia to Oklahoma, Arizona and beyond."

"Red for Ed, eh? Cheese & crackers! These degenerate sons & daughters-of-Marxist-bitches don't even try to hide it anymore, do they now?

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Kids in inner-city charter schools are made to wear uniforms and actually learn something. Yet the very same Marxists who profess to love "the children" so much (especially the black & brown ones) are hell-bent on stopping them from spreading. 

Image result for Red For Ed

 "Red for Ed" wants more money, more taxes, less work for union members, and less charter schools to have to compete against.


It is no exaggeration to state that Communist Jew Lesbian Weingartnen is a major prime-time power broker of the Demonrat Party, whose endorsement is coveted by hundreds of ambitious low-lives seeking political advancement. But the full extent of Weingarten's power lies in her influence on shaping curriculum nationwide. Under the stewardship of her AFT -- and also the larger but just as leftist NEA (National Education Association) -- the deliberate dumbing-down, deliberate moral corruption, and deliberate libtarded politicization of the nation's children have reached terrifying proportions.

In 1952, at a time when not too many Americans could see where the slowly emerging trend in "education" was heading, the late great St. Joseph McCarthy wrote the following prophetic words of warning:

“Every man and woman in America can appoint himself or herself to undo the damage which is being done by Communist-minded teachers and Communist-line textbooks.

Countless times I have heard parents throughout the country complain that their sons and daughters were sent to college as good Americans and returned four years later as wild-eyed radicals. The education system of this country cannot be cleansed of Communist influence by legislation. It can only be scrubbed and flushed and swept clean if the mothers and fathers, and the sons and daughters of this nation individually decide to do this job. This can be your greatest contribution to America. This is a job which you must do if America and Western Civilization are to live.

I warn you, however, that the task will not be a pleasant one. When you detect and start to expose a teacher with a Communist mind, you will be damned and smeared. You will be accused of endangering academic freedom. Remember, to those Communist-minded teachers, academic freedom means their right to force you to hire them to teach your children a philosophy in which you do not believe.

To Communist-minded teachers, academic freedom means their right to deny you the freedom to hire loyal Americans to teach your children.

We cannot win the fight against Communism if Communist-minded professors are teaching your children. We cannot lose the fight against Communism if loyal Americans are teaching your children.” 


Tell it Joe, tell it!  --- Unfortunately, not enough of us heeded his warning.



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1 & 2. Former "labor activist" Lily Eskelsen Garcia (woman in blue, with Killary) is boss of America's other big teacher's union, the NEA. Like Weingarten of AFT, Garcia puts her union's clout behind Demonrats like Killary. // 3. In his 1952 booklet, "The Fight for America," St. Joseph McCarthy warned us about the dangerous direction toward which "education" was heading.



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Los Angeles teachers' strike just ended with them getting a payraise.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, if we want the children to be educated, we have to pay the educators.


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St. Sugar: Boobuss, you credulouss cretin!!!  Your sstupid kid would get more "education" by reading the Anti-Jew York Sslimess each day than from a whole decade in classs --- and it'ss only $5 a frickin' month to ssubscribe!

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Slimes Caption: Syrian air defenses being launched to counter Israeli missiles near Damascus, the Syrian capital.

NY Times Magazine: Israel Confirms Attacks on Iranian Targets in Syria


Not a month seems to go by without "our greatest ally" --- the "only democracy in the Middle East" unilaterally bombing one of its neighbors. Today it's Iranian targets in Syria; before that, Syrian targets in Syria; before that, Lebanon; before that, Palestine; before that, Iraq. And that's just the overt aggression which "the State of Israel" commits in broad daylight -- to say nothing of the covert stuff that (((they))) do by using secret agents or mercenary terrorists around the world. The most amazing aspects of these unprovoked and repeated aggressions are:
1. The parties under attack never respond in kind; and
2. The "world community" ™ -- though occasionally calling for "restraint" and issuing the obligatory "tsk tsk, naughty naughty," generally just shrugs its shoulders over the attacks.
Oh well, move along. It's Israel. Business as usual. Nothing we can do.
Image result for israel bombs syria Image result for israel bombs syria Related image
The Israeli Air Force bombs Syria again and again and again --- and then complains about "Syrian anti-aircraft fire."
Space and time will not permit a comprehensive summary of all such events. That would require a whole book encyclopedia set! So, we'll just review a few of the historical precedents of unprovoked Israeli treachery which not only went unpunished / unsanctioned -- but also uncondemned in the western world. (We'll leave out 9/11 because that was a joint operation involving the intelligence agencies of multiple countries in addition to Israel / Mossad.)
July, 1946: King David Hotel Bombing
Type of Attack: Terror Bombing / Attempted False Flag
In order to chase the occupying British out of Palestine, Jewish terrorists, dressed as Arabs, bombed the King David Hotel, killing 46 people. Though it quickly became known that the "Irgun" terror gang (whose leaders later became the leaders of the new state of Israel) was responsible, the Jews got away without any consequences.
Summer, 1954: Lavon Affair
Type of Attack: False Flag Bombings
American and British-owned targets were bombed in Egypt. There was property damage but no one killed. Arab / Muslim "terrorists" were initially blamed. But upon investigating, the Egyptians arrested Jewish agents. The Israeli government then claimed that it was a rogue operation, basically just said "oops" and then got away without any consequences.

June 8, 1968: USS Liberty

Type of Attack: Direct Assault / Attempted False Flag

The Israeli attack on a U.S. Navy surveillance ship by Israel jet fighters and torpedo boats killed 34 crew members, wounded 171 others, and severely damaged the ship. The purpose of the attack (carried out in broad daylight) was to sink the ship, kill every American, and leave Egypt to take the blame. The Israelis issued an "oops," and got away without any consequences as the U.S. "mainstream media" and government ignored the event as if it never happened.

Related image Image result for lavon affair awards Related image

1. The Jew terrorrists behind the King David Hotel bombing later became prominent Israeli politicians. // 2. Elderly spies behind the Lavon Affair false flag being honored almost 50 years later! // 3. The USS Liberty -- an act of war against America --- ho hum.

June, 1981: Bombing of Iraq (Operation Opera)
Type of Attack: Bombing Raid
Privately, President Ronald Reagan was said to be furious upon learning that the Israeli Air Force had just bombed Iraq's under-construction nuclear power reactor, just 17 miles from the capital city of Baghdad. In spite of Reagan's displeasure and the outrage of the Arabs, the Israelis got away without any consequences.
Summer, 1982: Seige of Beirut
Type of Attack: Ground and Air Assault
In pursuit of Palestinian freedom-fighters, the invading butcher Ariel Sharon established a deadly ring around the beautiful city of Beirut, Lebanon. The bloody siege and bombing caused enormous destruction and left 5,000 Lebanese civilians dead (conservative estimate). The Israelis got away without any consequences.


September, 1982: Sabrat Shatila

Type of Attack: Massacre 
The Sabra and Shatila massacre was the killing of (depending upon whose numbers you believe) between 100 to 3,500 Palestinian and Lebanese Muslim civilians, by a Israeli-controlled "Christian" militia. Try as he did to deflect blame for the massacre on the Lebanese "Christians" militia, Ariel Sharon was condemned by much of "the international community" for the horrific event. Nonetheless, in terms of any tangible sanctioning or punishment, the Israelis got away without any consequences -- save from Sharon's resignation as Defense Minister. (He became Prime Minister of Israel 19 years later).
Image result for israeli jets destroy iraqi atomic reactor new york times Image result for bombing of beirut time magazine Image result for Sabra and Shatila massacre time ariel
1. The Reagan Administration issued a "tsk tsk, naughty naughty" condemnation of Israel's attack on Iraq. But the Israelis couldn't care less. // 2. Even TIME Magazine expressed shock over the extent of Israel's brutality against Beirut -- but again, nothing was ever done to punish Israel or prevent future bad behavior. // 3. Again, TIME and much of the press engaged in hand-wringing over an Israeli massacre of Arabs -- but no sanctions or punishment from anybody.

2006: Invasion of Lebanon

Type of Attack: Ground Invasion
Under the phony pretext of defending against a "border raid," Israeli forces staged a major invasion of southern Lebanon. Fortunately, this time the Israelis got their sorry assess kicked hard and good by the heroes of Hezbollah. In that respect, they finally did pay a price; but in terms of international condemnation, once again, the Israelis got away without any consequences.
2016-2019: Bombings in Syria
Type of Attack: Direct Bombings
A combination of Russian bombing of CIA-Mossad front known as "ISIS,"Iranian and Hezbollah assistance to Syria, and Trump's cutoff of arms to the "moderate rebels" ("ISIS") solidified the position of Bashir al Assad's government. During this three-year period, Israel began to show its previously hidden hand more and more with repeated and unprovoked bombings of Syrian and Iranian positions. The Israelis got away and continue to get away with this behavior, without any consequences.
Image result for 2006 israel soldiers wounded Image result for assad vs israel Image result for assad vs israel
1. In 2006, the invading Israelis got their asses handed to them by Hezbollah. // 2. Israel's mercenaries have not been able to topple Assad of Syria... so now they are openly bombing Syrian positions in the hopes of baiting Assad into a war.
Again, let us emphasize, that the above-listed events represent only a fraction of the openly known yet unpunished / uncondemned (by the West) massacres, bombings and invasions carried out by the terrorist "State of Israel." There is not a nation on Earth, including the United States, which can so easily get away with attacking so many innocent nations and killing so many innocent people whenever the hell it bloody feels like doing so. The worst Israel ever has to face in the immediate aftermath of such barbarism is the same old half-hearted "tsk tsk, naughty, naughty" (if even that!) from the "International Community."
Now, what does that tell "youse guys" (New Jerseyese for the plural of "you") about who runs "The West" and -- by extension -- much of the planet? Hmmm?


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Israel just bombed Iranian targets in Syria.

Boobus Americanus 2: Israel, being the only democracy in that part of the world, has a right to defend itself. What the heck are the Iranians doing in Syria anyway?


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St. Sugar: Boobuss, you sstupid frickin' clod! The Iranianss were invited there to protect Ssyria from Issrael and itss mercenariess!

  Editor: Old Polish proverb: "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."



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Image result for Geneticists have begun using old bones to make sweeping claims about the distant past. But their revisions to the human story are making some scholars of prehistory uneasy.

NY Times Magazine: Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths — or Falling Into Old Traps?


From time to time, the high priests of the false religion of Scientism will be contradicted by actual scientific data -- making the official keepers of the fraudulent faith "uneasy." A recent example of this was the 2011 experiment conducted by a team of international researchers who fired neutrino particles exceeding the speed-of-light "limit" necessary for Einstein's stolen "Relativity" calculations to function. (here) The shocked reaction of the "theoretical physics" community was skillfully handled by the high priests with a calm acknowledgement of the experiment's conclusions, followed by the caveat that the methodology of the experiment would have to be "examined." Of course, it was later "discovered" that the researchers "made a mistake." The neutrinos only "matched" the speed of light. For daring to challenge the orthodoxy established by St. Einstein, the team leasers of the experiment later lost their jobs and reputations. (here)

And now, some pesky real scientists are again challenging the orthodoxy of human genetics (race), and it's again got the usual suspects a bit "uneasy." From the article:

"Geneticists have begun using old bones to make sweeping claims about the distant past. But their revisions to the human story are making some scholars of prehistory uneasy." (emphasis added)

What an odd statement, eh? Why should scientific discoveries make "scholars" feel "uneasy?"

Image result for scientismImage result for Antonio Ereditato and Dario Autiero Image result for Geneticists have begun using old bones to make sweeping claims about the distant past. But their revisions to the human story are making some scholars of prehistory uneasy.

1. Thou shalt not stray from the established doctrines of "Scientism" // 2. Italian physicists Antonio Ereditato & Dario Autiero led a team which cracked the speed-of-light "limit" -- thus demolishing Einstein's "Relativity" nonsense. Little did they know that they would be committing career suicide. // 3. Advanced research of ancient DNA samples is making some "scholars" feel "uneasy." Why???


Reading between the lines, the very lengthy and very boring piece featured in New York Slimes Magazine insert of the Sunday paper can be summed up thusly: Archeology and DNA samples of ancient South Pacific cultures do not support the official orthodoxy of mixed race / colored peoples (Polynesians) establishing them. Rather, it was sea-faring migrants (er, White guys) who brought civilization to South Pacific. From the article:

"Further burrowing turned up not only more pottery but also tools of obsidian and a great cache of human bones, which had lain undisturbed and unusually well preserved over thousands of years. The site was soon identified as the oldest and largest prehistoric cemetery ever found in the Pacific. Everything at the site indicated a founding colony — first arrivals to the shores of uninhabited islands. Teouma was, according to Bedford, “unlike anything anyone had ever seen, or was likely to see, in this part of the world ever again.”
Archaeologists hoped the bones might help provide a clue to the abiding mystery of how anybody had gotten to these far-off coastlines in the first place. Vanuatu is a volcanic archipelago of more than 80 islands littered in an extended slingshot shape across an 800-mile arc of the South Pacific."

The archeology is also supported by DNA research which shows minimal racial admixture -- meaning (without actually saying): "White boys were here." The "uneasiness" stems from the fact that we aren't supposed to know that so many ancient civilizations (including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Polynesian, Incan, Mayan, Aztec, North American, Egyptian, Persian etc.) were established by fair skinned Aryans -- who were later blended out or murdered out of existence by peoples who later claimed the founders' civilization as their own.


1607.jpg mummy07.jpg
1. An ancient mummy mask  depicting  blue eyes found in Peru. In some cases, the actual mummies had blond hair. // 2. Aryan mummies with blond and red hair were also discovered in China. (here) ///  3 When the British, centuries ago, arrived in what are now known as the Solomon Islands, they found many Blacks with straight blond and red hair -- the genetic remnant of frisky ancient White mariners and some slaves brought to island by the advanced navigators.


The article explains the "uneasiness" and even hostility towards researchers making these "discoveries." We use the word "discoveries" in quotes because we've known it all along.

"Some critics believed that any association with (David) Reich represented a betrayal, too, not only of the ni-Vanuatu (local people) but of anyone who believed that culture was as powerful a human determinant as the gene. Shortly before the publication of his book, Reich wrote an Op-Ed in The New York Times in which he warned that the future was likely to demonstrate some meaningful genetic differences among populations and that lest they be abused by racist pseudoscience. He was careful to differentiate the idea of a genetic population from the old idea of race, which he agreed was a social rather than biological fact. But he nonetheless gave comfort to those who maintain that on the deepest of all levels our destiny is written into our genetic signature." (emphasis added)

In other words, boys and girls -- we have one group of researchers that wants to get the truth out and control it in a "limited hangout" before us "racists" get a hold of it And they are opposed by the high priests of archeology / genealogy (cough cough) who don't want the truth of ancient White civilization-builders worldwide to get out, at all!


1 & 2. Silas Alben, the chief of the village that includes the site where the ancient remains and artifacts were found. -- Sorry Silas, but in regard to "your" ancient culture: "You didn't build that." // 3. David Reich (cough cough) of Harvard believes that the research can no longer be suppressed -- but it should be controlled and explained so that "racists" don't twist it. Many other "scientists" (cough cough) are "uneasy" about the truth getting out at all, and have attacked Reich over his "betrayal" of orthodoxy.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times Magazine insert today that DNA research is shedding new light on ancient cultures of the South Pacific. But some are uneasy about the racial implications of the findings. 

Boobus Americanus 2: Really? What did it say?

Boobus Americanus 1:  Well, the piece was really long. I didn't finish it yet.




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Image result for abraham cahan
Abraham Cahan, the founding editor of The Jewish Daily Forward.

NY Times: In Print Since 1897, The Forward Goes Digital Only


The Forward -- the 121-year-old Jewish publication that started as a Yiddish-language daily newspaper for the "wretched refuse" leaving Christian Europe -- has announced that it will switch its now monthly magazine to digital-format-only, this spring. Now, why should "youse guys" care about a paper / magazine once known as "The Jewish Daily Forward?"

Well, as students of hidden history, we should know about a publication which, during its heyday -- owing to its ability to direct "Jewish thought" in America -- was able to leverage "public opinion" just as much as The Jew York Slimes -- itself captured by the Jews just one year before the founding of The Forward.

From the article:

"At its height in the 1920s, the publication had a circulation of more than 250,000, with editions printed around the country. “It was huge,” said Mr. Lipsky, who wrote “The Rise of Abraham Cahan.”(emphasis added)

You see how it worked, boys and girls? The Forward would issue its marching orders to 250,000 politically active chosenites (many of them wealthy and influential) who in turn leveraged / imposed the official Jewish line (albeit in a more subtle manner) upon scores of millions of unsuspecting Goyim of America.

Image result for the forward in yiddish Image result for forward communist slogan Image result for obama forward

1. The widely read Yiddish gibberish made sure that Jewish immigrants toed the Leftist line. // 2 & 3. The term "Forward" has long been a Communist slogan. 


And what was (and still is) that official line set forth by the Russian-born founder / editor of The Forward, Abraham Cahan? In a word: MARXISM! But don't take our word for it. The Manhattan headquarters of The Forward still features engraved images of the European Communist legends Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Ferdinand Lassalle (and a 4th man whose name has been lost to history) in its entrance!
The greasy crowd which worshipped The Forward were the same ones who, literally, celebrated in the streets of Jew York City over the news of the Russian Tsar's abdication (1917) and subsequent subjugation of Christian Russia to murderous Bolshevik Jews. The Forward's legions then became the most enthusiastic supporters and funders of New York Governor Franklin Delinquent Rosenfeld and the Communist wing of the Democrat Party. And a few months after FDR's Red Gangsters were victorious in the 1932 presidential election (due to the deliberate crashing of the economy by Jewish bankers), The Forward's fanatical readers, both in the suites and in the streets of Jew York, began agitating for war to take out The Great One (that's Hitler for you newbies & normies) -- himself also having assumed power in March of 1933.
 Image result for forward building marx engels lassalle relief Image result for the forward old issues 1930'sImage result for jews declare war on germany
1. Nineteenth Century Communists Marx, Lassalle & Engels are immortalized in the facade of the Forward's building. // 2. The Forward endorsed FDR, in both Yiddish & English. // 3. After drinking The Forward's poison, Jews took to the streets of New York demanding action against Hitler. This public agitation worked hand-in-hand with the maneuvering of the big money Jews around Roosevelt.
The Forward and the Myth of the "6 Million Jews"

During both World War I and the Russian Civil War, claims of "6 million Jews" being in jeopardy of dying actually appeared in print many, many times. Towards the end of World War II, the first published claim of "6 million Jews" having actually died was published in January of 1945, based upon the claim of a Jewish propagandist named Jacob Lestchinsky --- a correspondent for --- wait for it --- The Jewish Daily Forward.

As far back as 1933, Lestchinsky had been accused by both Latvia and Germany of spreading false atrocity propaganda. Germany even expelled him for telling atrocity lies. In November of 1933, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported:

"The anti-Semitic Latvian newspaper, Lattvis, continues to agitate for the expulsion of Jacob Lestchinsky, correspondent of the New York Jewish Daily Forward, from Latvia on the ground that he has been spreading atrocity propaganda against Latvia." (here 

With neither investigation nor confirmation, Lestchinsky's claim of "6 million dead Jews" was immortalized with a headline in the Jewish-owned "paper of record" - The Jew York Times of January 8. 1945 (before any of the "extermination" camps had even been "liberated!"). The most "prestigious" newspaper in the world thus gave a HUGE boost to the big lie, fed to it by what was once one of the most influential (in a behind-the-scenes sort of way) newspapers in American history -- The Forward. Influence the influencers -- rule America.

Though it ain't what it used to be, The Forward, for its ability to reach and teach mighty chosenites, is still a force. From its subscription page:

"The Forward is a Jewish lens on the news, politics and cultural trends that shape our modern world. With topics relevant to ALL American Jews, from breaking news to social justice and human interest, Forward readers get uncompromising independence, balanced reporting and a distinctive editorial perspective with every issue.(emphasis added)

Forward? More like "backwards."


  Image result for the forward magazine

1. It was Lestchinsky of The Forward (on right) who first got Sulzberger's Slimes to headline the lie of the "Six Million" dead Jews (Image 2). // Image 3: A more recent Forward Magazine cover warns about the "danger" of Christianity creeping into the public sphere (oy vey!)



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a 120 year old Jewish publication named The Forward is switching to online only.

Boobus Americanus 2: The Forward? Never heard of it.


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St. Sugar: It was never meant for us Goyim to see, Boobus!

  Editor: The unsuspecting Boobuses always got the filtered version through The Slimes.



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Federal workers and supporters demand the reopening of parts of the government.
NY Times: Shutdown’s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth


* Note for any Federal workers among our readership: Harsh reference towards government workers should not be taken personally. It is the positions we view as "useless," not the people holding them. We can't really fault someone for accepting a job with the Feds.


I don't know about "youse guys," but other than the furloughed Federal parasites (probably 90% of them Demonrats), has anyone actually noticed any of these oh-so-horrible effects of the partial (15%) "government shutdown" caused by Demonrat refusal to fund Trump's border wall?

From the article:

"The partial government shutdown is inflicting far greater damage on the United States economy than previously estimated ... The revised estimates from the Council of Economic Advisers show that the shutdown, now in its fourth week, is beginning to have real economic consequences. The analysis, and other projections from outside the White House, suggests that the shutdown has already weighed significantly on growth."

Only in the upside-down insular world of Keynesian / Marxist economic theory -- which holds that all prosperity and all human advancement flow from government manipulation and bureaucratic interference -- are the layoffs of 800,000 generally well-payed useless eaters considered a "threat" to the national economy. That's like claiming that the removal of 800,000 blood-sucking ticks from the butt-hole of a sick racehorse will weaken the creature and make him run slower. 

Image result for keynes Image result for government shutdown Image result for ticks on a horse

1. The British sodomite John Maynard Keynes is the founding father of the anti-market, pro-big government manipulation economics which has infested the business schools of America and Europe. Keynes' groupies believe that government spending creates prosperity. // 2. Some of the useless eaters of America's bloated bureaucracy believe that they are entitled to cushy, lay-off-free jobs with automatic payraises for life. // 3. 800,000 blood-sucking ticks digging into a horse's ass. Who needs em?


The piece goes on and on in a pathetic attempt to induce reader tears for the useless eaters of the Departments of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation. Weep not for these engorged Marxist mosquitoes, boys and girls -- for if history serves correctly as any indicative precedent, they will all receive full back-pay when they do return to "work" (rolling eyes). The "government shutdown" is actually a paid vacation for them. Nice "work" if you can get it, eh?

Apart from the fact that no economic harm will come to the 800,000 ticks and fleas, may we ask: "What is so bloody damn sacrosanct about a position with the Federal government?" Why no tears from Sulzberger's sleazy scribblers for those of us here in the private sector (the racehorse which supports the parasites) for whom job losses due to firings, downsizing, environmental regulations and outsourced / off-shored work are standard elements of the vicissitudes (a $10 word for ups-and-downs) of life?


Image result for factory worker Image result for layoffs Image result for unemployment office

Most hard-working private sector workers in America have, at one time or another, been laid off and stood on unemployment lines.


  Image result for lazy government worker

But this guy can't ever be touched?


This idiotic claim about the "threat" to the overall economy (due to less government spending) is "supported" by the various pseudo-economists quoted in the article. It represents a textbook example of what the 19th Century French free-market economist, Frederic Bastiat described as, "The Broken Window Fallacy."

From the Slimes article (citing "economist," Ian Sheperdson):

"If the shutdown continues through the end of March, Mr. Shepherdson said in a research note, he would expect the economy to shrink in the first quarter. While federal workers are likely to receive back pay once the furlough ends, most government contractors will not, and the longer spending is depressed, the higher the risk that the businesses they run or patronize will fail, Mr. Shepherdson said." (emphasis added)


Forget about ever re-educating the dogmatic econo-eggheads of Academia about basic macro-economics. But methinks "youse guys"  would surely appreciate the simple logic behind Bastiat's "Parable of the Broken Window" (From "That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen"). It's a timeless classic -- very short and sweet too. Here it is:


"Have you ever witnessed the anger of the good shopkeeper, James Goodfellow, when his careless son has happened to break a pane of glass? If you have been present at such a scene, you will most assuredly bear witness to the fact that every one of the spectators, were there even thirty of them, by common consent apparently, offered the unfortunate owner this invariable consolation – "It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. Everybody must live, and what would become of the glaziers (glass cutters / installers) if panes of glass were never broken?"

Now, this form of condolence contains an entire theory, which it will be well to show up in this simple case, seeing that it is precisely the same as that which, unhappily, regulates the greater part of our economical institutions.

Suppose it cost six francs to repair the damage, and you say that the accident brings six francs to the glazier's trade – that it encourages that trade to the amount of six francs – I grant it; I have not a word to say against it; you reason justly. The glazier comes, performs his task, receives his six francs, rubs his hands, and, in his heart, blesses the careless child. All this is that which is seen.

But if, on the other hand, you come to the conclusion, as is too often the case, that it is a good thing to break windows, that it causes money to circulate, and that the encouragement of industry in general will be the result of it, you will oblige me to call out, "Stop there! Your theory is confined to that which is seen; it takes no account of that which is not seen."

It is not seen that as our shopkeeper has spent six francs upon one thing, he cannot spend them upon another. It is not seen that if he had not had a window to replace, he would, perhaps, have replaced his old shoes, or added another book to his library. In short, he would have employed his six francs in some way, which this accident has prevented."
The lesson is this: Money taken from taxpayers to inject into one sector of the economy deprives another sector of the economy of that same investment. And if the "public" expenditure does not add to the net wealth (GDP), society is actually poorer because of the transfer scheme.
Bastiat's clear, concise and passionate writings (The Law, Economic Sophisms, The Man and the Statesman), were penned at a time when more and more French "intellectuals" were becoming smitten with Marxist-style foolishness. His books are essential and understandable reading for free-market / sound currency liberty lovers. It's a damn shame that most of today's economics majors will never be exposed to Bastiat.
https://voicesoflibertydotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/bastiat-quote.jpg?w=720 http://www.economicnoise.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/lawtiat-quote-picture.jpg?9d3a8d https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CpGDZy0UEAEzY8w.jpg
Frederic Bastiat


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump's shutdown of the government is threatening economic growth.

Boobus Americanus 2: Of course. All those people not getting paid will have a ripple effect.

 Drag to pan Image result for bastiatImage result for bastiat book

St. Sugar: I jusst ran into St. Basstiat the other day. He ssigned hiss book for me!

  Editor: Another brilliant man buried by Fake History and Fake Economics.



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Slimes Caption: The Nazis left the task of creating inventories for the millions of books they seized to a special task force, members of which are seen here in Estonia.

NY Times: The Hunt for the Nazi Loot Still Sitting on Library Shelves



What is this we have here? Yet another Jewish scam tarnishing German history while raking in some extra shekels at the same time? We've long known of -- and exposed the contextual truth about -- the big lie of the "Nazi-looted art" (here). Then of course there was the anti-Swiss "stolen gold" bank shakedown of the 1990's (here) which was accompanied by the conveeenient downing of a Swiss airliner in 1998 (here) and the conveeenient explosion / fire in a Swiss tunnel in 2001 (here). Now, the usual suspects are just starting to cash in on "Nazi-looted books" What next? Nazi-looted salt packets from Jewish delis?

From the opening of the Slimes article, vomited out by guest contributor, Milton Esterow (cough cough).

Esterow: The hunt for the millions of books stolen by the Nazis during World War II has been has been largely ignored, even as the search for lost art drew headlines. The plundered volumes seldom carried the same glamour as the looted paintings, which were often masterpieces worth millions of dollars.

Jew-to-English Translation: "Though this scam won't be as lucrative as our art hustle, there is still plenty of money to be made gathering up these rare books."

Esterow: But recently, with little fanfare, the search for the books has intensified, driven by researchers in America and Europe who have developed a road map of sorts to track the stolen books, many of which are still hiding in plain sight on library shelves throughout Europe. (emphasis added)

Jew-to-English Translation: "Hey librarian lady! You see that old and rare book sitting on your library shelf over there? Well, it's mine now! He he he he."

.Image result for milton esterowImage result for jew greedImage result for cash for books

1. Milton Estorow -- author of "The Art Stealers" -- is now helping to promote the "stolen books" scam. // 2 & 3. The "gimme, gimme, gimme" never ends with these people..

Esterow: Their work has been aided by newly opened archives, the internet, and the growing number of European librarians who have made such searches a priority, researchers say.
Jew-to-English Translation: "We can use dubious Internet sources as the basis for our claims. Out of misguided sympathy, fear, ambition, or a combination of those factors, librarians will "cooperate" with us.
Esterow (quoting a Swedish libtard "researcher"): “People have looked away for so long,” said Anders Rydell, author of “The Book Thieves: The Nazi Looting of Europe’s Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance,” “but I don’t think they can anymore.”
Jew (useful goy)-to-English-Translation: We got away with claiming the Swiss gold. We got away with claiming the artworks. And now, the stupid goy will give us whatever old valuable books we ask for too. He he he he.
Esterow: Given the scope of the looting, the task ahead remains mountainous. In Berlin, for example, at the Central and Regional Library, almost a third of the 3.5 million books are suspected to have been looted by the Nazis... (emphasis added)
Jew-to-English-Translation: We hit the mother-lode! Show me the money, baby!
Esterow (quoting a "researcher"): “Most major German libraries have books stolen by the Nazis,” he said.
Analysis: As it was with the "stolen art," we are certain that it was the same for "stolen books." The Germans sought to preserve cultural treasures from the vicious carpet-bombing of Messr. Churchill and Roosevelt.
Image result for bombing of france Image result for anders rydell jewish Image result for anders rydell

1. Cover of French Magazine depicts horrible aftermath of Allied bombing raid against occupied France in 1942. This is why the Germans moved to relocate artworks and, presumably, books. It was to PROTECT the items from being destroyed!  // 2 & 3. Esterow quotes the useful and obedient Swede, Anders Rydell, whom the chosenites have evidently made rich. Ah, show us the shekels, Andy. Show us the shekels.


Esterow: In the last 10 years, libraries in Germany and Austria have returned about 30,000 books to 600 owners, heirs and institutions, according to researchers. In one instance in 2015, almost 700 books stolen from the library of Leopold Singer, an expert in the field of petroleum engineering, were returned to his heirs by the library of Vienna University.
Analysis: So, the heirs of a man named "Singer" (cough cough) got paid, eh?
Esterow: The numbers alone often do not do justice to what a single returned piece of Judaica, or even a more prosaic volume, can mean to a family.
Analysis: "A returned piece of Judaica," eh? Never knew the big bad "Nazis" were interested in collecting that sort of stuff (rolling eyes).

Esterow: In Germany last year, the University of Potsdam library gave an important 16th-century volume back to the family of its owner, a man killed in a concentration camp in 1943. The book, written by a rabbi in 1564 and later looted, explains the fundamentals of the Torah’s 613 commandments.
Analysis: "A book written by a rabbi," was returned to its "owner," eh? Are there any non-Jews cashing in on this effort yet? Or do all "stolen" artworks and "stolen" books belong to (((them)))? Hmmm?
Eesterow: The owner’s grandson identified it from a list of looted works that had been posted online. Then he and his father, a Holocaust survivor, flew from Israel to Germany to retrieve it.
Jew-to-English-Translation: "So, I call the University of Potsdam Library and I says to them that I found out online that they are in possession of an extremely valuable book once owned by my grandfather; and that I'm flying up from Israel to get it. And the stupid Nazi goy said, "Ja. Ja. Vee apologize. Vee zid not know iy vaz yours. Vee vill hold it for you."
Oh to be a fly on the wall at some high-fallutin' synagogue --- just to hear the greaseballs laughing at how easy it is to fleece the stupid teary-eyed goyim --- again and again and again.
Related image Image result for laughing israeli Image result for alan greenspan laughing
1. So I says to them: "Space is curved and time can be slowed down." -- and they believed it! // 2. So I says to them: "Amateur Muslim hijackers turned the Twin Towers into powder and dust." -- and they believed it! // 3. So I says to them, just before the Crash of 2008: "There is no housing bubble. Keep on borrowing." --- and they believed it!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that more and more valuable books that were looted by the Nazis are being returned to the rightful heirs of Jewish families.

Boobus Americanus 2: Nazis, bad.... Jews, good.

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  Editor: It's so easy and stress-free  to be a good little normie, isn't it?



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Marxist Loser King Day

An Editorial by The Anti-New York Times


Today, January 15th, we solemnly "celebrate" the birthday of that holiest of American icons (though this year's "holiday" isn't recognized until the 21st) -- the "Reverend" "Dr." Martin Luther King -- whom we unaffectionately like to refer to as the Irreverand Marxist Loser King. We can think of no higher (or would that be "lower?") honor to bestow upon this bellowing Bolshevik bum than to judge him according to the very standards he himself set forth in his famous "I Have a Dream" speech of August, 1963.

Preaching poetic platitudes penned for him by his Jewish-Communist handler / ventriloquist, Stanley Levison, (cough cough) the man born "Michael King" (uggggh!) thundered before the quarter-million-strong mob of commies, libtards, anti-Whites and other assorted well-intentioned dupes of every stripe:

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Judged by the "content of character," eh Marty? Amen to that preacher! Let us do exactly that with a bullet point review of your Red resume:


http://a.abcnews.com/images/Politics/gty_march_on_washington_martin_luther_king_ll_130819_16x9_992.jpg http://i2.cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/130828121351-07-mlk-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg Drag to pan

"Man of God, my asss! I don't ssee that rat-basstard anywhere up here!"


  • Plagiarized as much as 1/3 of his doctoral thesis at Boston College, including punctuation errors.
  • Attended the Highlander Folk School, a communist-front training academy in Tennessee.
  • Had adulterous sex with countless women and white prostitutes whom he used to "get rough" with. (First Lady Jackie Kennedy was disgusted by MLK's perversion, and referred to him as a "terrible" man.)


http://therichest.imgix.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/graduation.jpg?auto=format&q=90&lossless=1&w=568&h=409&fit=crop http://www.davidduke.com/images/martin-luther-king-at-highlander-communist-training-school1.jpg https://elizamackintosh.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/picture-14.png

1. New York Times, October 11, 1991: "Boston U. Panel Finds Plagiarism by Dr. King" (here)

2. King attended communist training school    3- The Daily Mail (UK): "Jackie Kennedy hated Martin Luther King so much she could barely look at photographs of him."

In interviews taped in 1964 but only just released, she said the black civil rights leader was a ‘terrible man’ and a ‘phony'." She claimed King bragged of being drunk at her husband John F Kennedy’s funeral and had been caught trying to set up an orgy. (here)


  • Accused Senator Barry Goldwater, the great conservative and 1964 candidate for president, and his followers of "Hitlerism" 
  • Openly associated with known communists, even after President Kennedy had told him to stop.
  • Agitated in favor of the power-grabbing Civil Rights Act of 1964 which, in time, led to legalized discrimination against millions of White job applicants and candidates for promotion -- and has since been expanded to "protect" sodomites, bull-dykes and cross-dressers who demand 'equality."
  • Agitated in favor of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which guaranteed penniless illiterates and morons the "right" to bloc-vote for communist Democrats. These "rights" have since been extended to include illiterate newly-arrived aliens (legal and illegal), convicts and dead people.


http://www.cambridgeblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/goldwater_hbo.jpghttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/b6/17/17/b617178975bc5c48f94462ebea09a7af.jpg http://abcnews.go.com/images/US/1749781.jpg

1. The honorable patriot Barry Goldwater was slandered by the beast MLK: “We see danger signs of Hitlerism in the candidacy of Mr. Goldwater.” (King was referring to the "evil" Hitler of Marxist mythology, not the real one that we know and love.)    2. 1964: LBJ signs the Civil Rights Atrocity with MLK at his side   3.1965: LBJ signs the Voting Rights Atrocity, again, with MLK at his side 


And so, boys and girls, whether one chooses to judge Marxist Loser King according to his shocking personal vices (prostitute-mongering, serial adultery, sex orgies, slander, plagiarism, demagoguery, drunkenness etc.), or just by his critical public pressure role in helping to pass two of the absolute worst laws in American history, there is no reason to honor this filthy communist pig just because he was made a martyr by an assassin's bullet. To the contrary, he merits the contempt of all decent Americans, of all colors and creeds.


http://tisnm.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/MLK_Holiday.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4iBsw7vaMJQ/UUFJqmK6gXI/AAAAAAAAJPI/Cq1zU78jJN4/s1600/mlk8.jpghttps://media2.wnyc.org/i/1200/627/c/80/photologue/photos/011711%20stanley%20p1.jpg
1 & 2:The ONLY "American" with a Federal "holiday" solely in his honor also has a Washington DC monument now. The pile of petrified cow dung is actually larger than the sculptures of Jefferson and Lincoln. 3. Known communist Stanley Levison was MLK's Jewish stage manager and speech writer. He is the one who should get the "holiday" in his name!

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7f/09/aa/7f09aafa9cd5fbd2c82f1d2db3efcb1d.jpg http://www.tabletmag.com/wp-content/files_mf/mlk620.jpg  https://www.swuconnect.com/insys/npoflow.v.2/_assets/images/Article%20Images/MLK%20and%20rabbis.jpg
1. Nasty Communist Eleanor Roosevelt presents an award to MLK.    2. MLK accepts an award from Red Rabbi Jacob Rothschild of Atlanta.  3. The usual suspects used MLK as a tool to wage war against White gentile America They still are.


Boobus Americanus 1: Today is actually Martin Luther King's birthday.

Boobus Americanus 2: Oh. Happy MLK Day.


  Editor: This is nothing for real Americans to be happy about, Boobus. Marxist Loser King is now the ONLY "American" with a national holiday in his name.



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Can't afford ANYT?




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 NY Times: Tim Tebow Announces Engagement to Former Miss Universe


Congratulations to American ex-footballer and devout Christian Tim Tebow and his lovely South African fiance, former Ms. Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Unjustly railroaded out of a football career, Tebow, 31, years after his 15 minutes of fame had passed in 2011-12, has been reduced to playing minor league baseball ever since --- a sport in which he does not excel. After years of struggling to find the right woman who "loves God as much as I do," nobody deserves happiness more than Tebow. Now if "youse guys" are wondering why we chose an engagement announcement as today's story, well, be patient. There's an angle (cough cough) to the story of Tim Tebow that you don't need to be a football fan to appreciate.

As a superstar college quarterback (and a straight-A student) for the Florida Gators, Tim Tebow led his team to two national championships (2006 and 2008), while filling his trophy case with the coveted Heisman trophy for best college player in America as well as many other awards. In 2010, the hulking and speedy Tebow was selected in the first round of the NFL professional draft by the Denver Broncos.

Image result for tebow 3:16 Image result for tebow 3:16 Image result for tebow heisman

The college superstar who famously wore the numbers of the bible verse, John 3:16 on his face led his team to two national championships and won the Heisman Award for the nation's best college player. In a 2009 championship game, after wearing John 3:16 on his eye black; the Bible verse was the highest-ranked Google search term over the next 24 hours, generating over 90 million searches.


After the struggling Broncos started off the 2011 season with a dismal record of 1 win and 4 losses, the 2nd-year quarterback was installed as the starter. Through a series of suspenseful movie-like comebacks -- always accompanied by Tebow's public one-knee prayers on the field -- the seemingly God-protected quarterback led the Broncos on an improbable 6-game winning streak. The team that started the season so poorly ended up winning a division title.

As the legend of Tebow's prayerful "miracle" comeback victories developed into a national craze, Tebow’s No. 15 jersey flew off of store shelves as people all across America tuned each week in to see what kind of "miracle" Tebow's Broncos would pull off next. “Tebowing”, the act of kneeling before God at critical points of the game, and also after a winning score, became a national sensation emulated by young players across America. The media could neither control nor contain Tebow-mania.

Off the field, in contrast to so many of the criminals and degenerates playing in the NFL, Tebow lived out the moral precepts of the Christian faith. He spent the off season working with cancer-stricken children and orphans. Tall, handsome and famous, Tebow was never drawn-in to the playboy lifestyle -- despite having 1000's of beautiful groupie whores at his potential disposal. 

As a professional player, it is indeed true that Tebow still needed a lot of polishing as a passer (thrower) --- which is usually the case for first & second year quarterbacks. But the potential for refining Tebow into a first rate QB was clearly there. So, why did Tebow's career nose-dive so abruptly after his exciting miracle run of 2011? 


A truly good and humble man who helped others

Image result for tebowing kids Image result for tebowing kids Image result for tebowing kids



Tebow's on-field kneeling and prayer, coupled with some amazing come-from-behind victories, inspired a national craze among young people. Everyone was "Tebowing!"

Image result for tebowing kids Image result for tebowing kids Related image


Image result for tebowing kids Image result for tebowing kids Image result for tebowing kids



But not everyone was happy about Tebow-mania.


Image result for worried jewRelated image
Oy vey!


At the time, of 32 NFL teams, self-chosenites owned or were presidents of 11 of them. There are actually more Jews among the NFL's 32 owners that there are among its 1600 players!  And Sports journalism is every bit as kosher as news journalism. In short, an unabashed, clean living, Christian football star, praying and then performing "miracles" on the football field, was deemed "not good for the Jews." Here's the story.
On the eve of the 2010 NFL college draft, Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman (cough cough) penned an ugly hit-job titled,  “I Want Tim Tebow to Fail.” Pearlman:

“I have never written those words about an athlete before. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever written those words about a person before. But I want Tim Tebow to fail. I want a team to draft him in the sixth round, then I want him to report to training camp, throw a bunch of dying quails (bad passes) and be cut.

[…]I  want him to fail in the NFL because a famous Tim Tebow is a dangerous Tim Tebow.”


After Tebow was drafted in the first round, Sports radio host Fred Toettcher (cough cough) joked that Tebow’s draft party was akin to a “Nazi Gathering.”

Once the praying QB actually began playing (and winning in dramatic fashion), the hate machine really kicked in to high gear. In December 2011 The Jewish Week published a vicious piece of venom by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, tittled, “My Tim Tebow Problem.” Hammerman:

“I want to root for the guy, but I’m afraid of what will happen if the hulky Denver Bronco quarterback continues to pull off what is fast becoming the Greatest Gridiron Story Ever Told. Since  taking over as the starting quarterback earlier this season, the Heisman winning national champion from the University of Florida has been winning consistently and dramatically, in the final minutes of the game or overtime....

If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. "

Image result for jewish week my tim tebow problem Image result for Fred Toettcher sports radio Related image

The Rabid Rabbi Hammerman's article in "The Jewish Week" is alone evidence of a plot to "get Tebow." 2 & 3. Jewish Sports media personalities Teottcher and Pearlman also showed us their hateful hand. 




Related image The Jew York Jets


When the Broncos were finally eliminated in the 2nd round of the playoffs, the Jewish haters breathed a sigh of relief. But what to do about Tebow for the following year? After his magical rookie season, the Broncos signed the legendary Peyton Manning, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts, to be their starting quarterback.  Tim Tebow was then placed on the market for other teams to sign. Several teams expressed strong interest in Tebow, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, whose Christian fan-base,  along with the fact that Tebow had starred for the Florida Gators in college, would’ve been a perfect fit. But the Broncos turned down Jacksonville's offer in favor of a lesser one from the New York Jets. Now why would the Jets’ General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum (cough cough) negotiate so aggressively to bring Tebow to New York?  A month after Tebow trade,  Neil Glat (cough cough), was made President of the Jets. 

Once the 2012 season began, fans were surprised to see that Tebow spent most of his time on the bench.  When Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez faltered badly, Jets fans demanded that the team let Tebow start at least one game.  But management refused, thus wasting Tebow's entire 2012 season. When the 2013 campaign rolled around, the Jew York Jets spitefully held onto Tebow until the rosters of most other teams were already full, making it very difficult for Tebow to be picked up by another team before the deadline. Tebow was then replaced by Geno Smith, a poor-playing black quarterback much hyped by the Jews sports media. On this deliberate act of career sabotage, sports writer Les Carpenter wrote:

“When the Jets fought to get him, you would think they understood what they were getting. You would guess they had a way to exploit his strengths. Instead they embarrassed him. They seemed to hate the way he drew more interest than their other players. They grumbled about the mania around him that was so great they had to hold a separate press conference for him after games in which he barely played.

Off goes Tim Tebow, the player they pursued hard but never wanted.”


Image result for nfl helmets patriots The Jew England Patriots


After his late release from the Jets, the New England (Boston metro) Patriots offered Tebow a non-guaranteed contract in June of 2013.  The Patriots, owned by Robert Kraft (cough cough), held on to Tebow throughout the summer. Just one week before the 2013 season began, the Patriots, in spite of Tebow's solid performance in practice pre-season games, cut him near the last minute. Like the Jets had the year before, the Jew England Patriots wasted Tebow’s time, but paid him nothing on his provisional contract. 


Image result for nfl helmets eagles The Jewadelphia Eagles


The end of Tebow’s quarterback hopes came with the Philadelphia Eagles, who signed him for a one year contract in 2015. The Eagles, owned by Jeff Lurie (cough cough), picked-up Tebow in April, and fired him just a few days before the NFL season officially started in September. Despite improvement in his accuracy in pre-season games, the Eagles claimed he was unfit for his intended role as a third-string back-up quarterback. Yeah, right!

So, you see, boys and girls --- of all the NFL clubs, particularly in the south, that could have signed Tebow, it was three northeastern teams -- controlled by the usual suspects -- that pursued him most aggressively, and then tossed him among themselves so that other teams could not sign him. How conveeenient!

Image result for Mike Tannenbaum jets Image result for kraft and netanyahu Image result for lurie jew

Jew Tannenbaum of the Jets, Jew Kraft (with Israeli Prime Minister Satanyahoo) of the Patriots, and Jew Lurie of the Eagles. They toyed with the Christian hero -- keeping Tebow on the bench until he was no longer marketable.


The NFL Jews NEVER wanted Tebow. Their purpose was to "give him a chance," before cutting him and thus tarnishinhg his reputation as a player who hadn't played in three years. In support of this anti-Christian plot was the Jewish  sports media which spun the end of Tebow's career as the result of "flaws" in his performance. What "performance?" In spite of the optimistic claims of private trainers who worked with Tebow to fine tune his game, the northeastern owners / general managers never even gave him a chance! 

The pre-meditated killing of Tebow's promising career and on-field "ministry" is a sad story of religious persecution against a Christian gentleman -- carried out by the very same greasy bunch that's always whining about "persecution." And that is why we are so happy that he has found such a beautiful and devout wife that he can finally start a family with.

 daily-stormer_828 Image result for tebow engaged Image result for kaepernick on knee

1 & 2 - Tim Tebow, 31, engaged to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, 23, of South Africa // 3. Tebow's one-knee prayer ritual was soon replaced by Colin Commie Kaepernick's one-knee anti-national anthem, anti-cop, anti-white ritual -- which the Jew owners and the Jew sports media had no problem with!



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Tim Tebow just got engaged to a former Ms. Universe.

Boobus Americanus 2: I always thought Tebow could have made it in the NFL. I wonder why he was never given a chance.



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Slimes Caption: Passenger planes at the Phoenix airport in July. Greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes and trucking increased sharply in 2018.
 NY Times: U.S. Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed