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 NY Times: ‘Hail Satan?’ Review: Pitchforks, Black Clothes and Good Deeds


In the aftermath of the Satanically-inspired arson at the Cathedral de Notre Dame, how fitting it is for one of the demonic denizens of Sulzberger's Slimes, Ben Kenigsberg (cough cough), to publish a sympathetic review for a just-released documentary titled, "Hail Satan?" -- a film which focuses on the rapidly growing group (50,000 members) calling itself the "Satanic Temple." From the review:

"Before watching “Hail Satan?,” you might be surprised to learn that a group of self-described Satanists adopted a stretch of highway in Arizona and picked up litter with pitchforks. Or that others have collected socks for the needy. ...

Its adherents have rallied around seven tenets that sound — well, pretty nice. These include striving “to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures” and promoting beliefs that conform to a “scientific understanding of the world.”...

After all, if the Ten Commandments are an acceptable display at the State Capitol in Arkansas, then shouldn’t an eight-foot statue of the goat-headed deity Baphomet get equal play?"


So, the demons clean up litter and collect socks for the poor. Isn't that special? It's ironic because just this past week, the lovely and gracious Mrs. King joined with some of the local ladies to clean up litter and, with yours truly driving her around, collected Easter chocolates from local businesses to give to poor children. (I got yelled at for eating one of the small chocolate bunnies). We wonder, would the Slimes ever publish the following opening line about a harmless "far right" blogger???

"Before reading the conspiracy theory website TomatoBubble,” you might be surprised to learn that the self-described Hitler admirers, Holocaust Deniers and '911 truthers' picked up litter and collected chocolate easter bunnies for needy children.... The site's supporters have rallied around seven tenets which sound -- well, pretty nice." 

Hell no! (no pun intended). In the Slimes' world of upside-down / make-believe; honest and hated truthers who seek only to inform, educate, inspire and uplift humanity are ranked waaaay below these oh-so civic-minded Satanists. Nobody is censoring their wicked books at Amazon (here), or shutting down their PayPal accounts (here) as was done to yours truly. Think about it!

Image result for Ben Kenigsberg Image result for satanists clean up litter Image result for satanists clean up litter 

 1. Ben Kenigsberg of The Slimes looks like a devil himself! // 2 &3. Fiendishly clever Satanists, wearing upside-down crosses and flashing devil horns, clean up litter for the sole purpose of getting signs posted in their name.


A trailer for the film (here) attempts to present these lost souls as normal and rationale people who enjoy the whimsical tweaking of Christians over their "hypocrisy." This is also the approach of the Slimes reviewer. It's like: "Nothing to see here here but some wise guys having a good time challenging authority." And therein lies the age-old method of operation of the spirit of evil, or "Satan." These demented demons will lure the vulnerable into their ranks with the bait of mischievous fun and a bit of vice without consequence; whilst the inner core are committed to death, sexual depravity, church desecration, ritualistic murder, baby-raping, child torture-murder and cannibalism.

And this Satan worship isn't just limited to disaffected and direction-less youth. As evidenced by the ubiquitous (a $10 word for "being present everywhere") Satanic symbolism flowing out of the Hollywood cesspool, the music industry, and Madison Avenue; the high and mighty are heavily into this stuff. French President and Notre Dame arsonist Emmanuel Macron, the almost-president Killary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton are among them for sure. This nasty stuff is real, boys and girls; and it is spreading fast into the spiritual vacuum left by the ongoing destruction of faith in God and His self-evident eternal laws for right living.

Image result for google chrome 666 Image result for google chrome 666 Image result for madonna satan super bowl

Google Chrome 666  // 2. Walt Disney logo 666 // 3. Satanic whore Madonna performs at the Stupor Bowl halftime show in 2015


Image result for monster energy satan Image result for HILLARY WITH JOHN LEGEND

1. Monster Energy Drink has the Hebrew number for 6 6 6 as its logo, and an upside down crucifix in the "O" in "MONSTER" // 2. Satanist Killary Clinton (posing with Satanic homosexuals John Legend and tranny Chrissy Tiegen) forms an upside-down crucifix with her  hands across the vertical line formed by her shirt & jacket.


Image result for chelsea clinton upside down crossImage result for chelsea clinton happy new year satan

 1. Chelsea Clinton tweets "Happy New Year" to "The Church of Satan" // 2. Chelsea wears an upside-down crucifix.


A visit to "Meetup.com" and a search for Satanic groups yields a plethora of groups across the country. Google around a bit. They are easy to find. But like their Communist Party USA cousins of decades past, we suspect that the bulk of the Satanists keep their dark side "on the down low." As portrayed in the 1968 film, "Rosemary's Baby," many of these shady characters seem just like the guy or gal next door -- some of them highly respected professionals in their community.

Whether one believes the persona of Satan to be a literal entity or just a metaphor for evil is a difference without a distinction. They dwell among us, and above us -- and they grow bolder and more dangerous by the day. Ya better start praying, America, and Europe too.


Image result for rosemary's baby doctor Image result for church of satan meetupImage result for q anon satanic children rachel chandler

1. "Dr. Sapirstein" (cough cough) from "Rosemary's Baby" was a Satanist. How many real "Sapirsteins" are practicing medicine and killing people? // 2. Satanic Temple of Arizona holds a "Meet & Greet" event. // 3. Q Anon posted this sickening image of a mock Satanic child sacrifice from the Instagram page of a wealthy socialite named Rachel Chandler -- a child sex provider for the stars who has been linked to the Clinton Foundation.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read a film review in The New York Times today about a documentary on Satanists. It seems that they aren't as harmful as people might think.

Boobus Americanus 2: Kind of weird, but to each his own. You know, "tolerance."


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St. Sugar:  Boobuss, you lukewarm nothing! Callss for "tolerance" is how Ssatan getss his frickin' hooked nose under the tent.  We don't "tolerate" that bullsshit up here!

 Editor: The Satanists know that they don't have to win everyone's heart and mind. All they have to do is get enough Boobuses to "tolerate" evil in their midst.


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TUESDAY / APRIL 16, 2019



 NY Times: A Symbol of Stone, Faith and Frenchness Goes Up in Smoke


As these words are being key-punched on the evening of April 15th, the fire at Paris's historic, iconic and spectacular Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Our Lady) is still raging. And already the Fake News, backed by "experts," is pumping out the manure-mantra: "accident -- accident -- accident." Without a shred of observable data, one such "expert" has already stated that the centuries-old cathedral was like "a forest fire waiting to happen."
So, after 856 years from the start of construction in 1163, and 674 years since its completion in 1345, just now, with evil Satanist Sodomite President Emmanuel Maricon (not a typo, Spanish for ?) "on the ropes" and reeling from the Yellow Vest movement protests which have rocked Paris, at the start of Easter week, after a rash of Catholic Church vandalism and desecration across France (here), after fire suppression upgrades at the Cathedral, with well-equipped modern fire stations close by, --- historic old Notre Dame just happens to ignite as "renovations" were taking place. How conveeenient! 
Image result for macron notre dame Related image
1. The unpopular homosexual devil Maricon is already earning "high marks" for his handling of the disaster -- and promising to rebuild the Cathedral as soon as possible. // 2 & 3. The majestic spire and the "Twin Towers" have been destroyed.
Headline: Express UK // March 20, 2019

Anger as France sees 10 Catholic Churches Attacked in ONE Week

A SEVEN day spree of vandalism has seen Catholic churches targeted across France sparking fears of a fresh wave of anti-Christian sentiment in the country, including one church being defiled with human EXCREMENT.


The severity of the political crisis in France, centered in Paris, cannot be underestimated. The five-month-old "soft-violent" Yellow Vest movement, aimed at bringing down Maricon over his "carbon taxes" and other misdeeds, showed no signs of abating, and had spread to other countries in Europe. The movement, though not monolithic in terms of political ideology, is anti-Establishment and generally anti-Globalist. Rothschild Golden Boy Maricon in particular, and the EU in general, had a serious problem on their hands with this Trump-supported (here) movement. We learn the following from France24:
"Due to the fire, President Emmanuel Macron has postponed a highly-anticipated TV address on the Yellow Vest crisis, and rushed to the scene."
"Youse guys" (New Jerseyese for the plural of you) just wait and see the puff-up job that the Fake News gives to this nasty little son-of-Satan and his communist whore mother wife as they masterfully play their assigned roles of comforter-in-chief and national healer. Who would dare to stage protests in Paris at a somber time such as this? 
Image result for macron devils hand sign Image result for church lady satan Image result for yellow vests in paris riot
1. Demon-seed Maricon flashes devil horns. // 2. Tell it, Church Lady. Tell it!  3. Will this event take the momentum out of the Yellow Vest protests?

Through decades of Marxist infiltration and clerical homosexualization, the usual suspects and their demented minions had long-since murdered the moral essence of the Roman Catholic Church; but this blow against Western Civilization is like a final dagger to the heart. In their sick twisted minds and putrid black hearts, the symbolic gesture of burning down the grandest cathedral in Europe, kills God himself. 

Will the pursuit of truth in this matter also be beaten down as the ranting of "conspiracy theorists ?" Probably. Sacre bleu! These people are sick -- and evil.


 https://thedemolitionproject.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/478d4a59f8b32183bd6577708ee.jpg https://elizabethirreverent.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/devil-head.gifImage result for notre dame fire

1- In 1931, the Jewish Bolsheviks demolished (by dynamite) Moscow's cherished Christ the Saviour Cathedral.// 2. 2019: History repeats at Notre Dame, "by accident." (Directed Energy Weapon?)



Boobus Americanus 1: That's a shame what happened to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yeah. They're saying that the wood was really old.


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St. Sugar:  Boobuss you frickin' ssimpleton! The wood was already old 500 frickin' years ago!

 Editor: Everything is an "accident" to these Boobuses.... a sad event for humanity.


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MONDAY / APRIL 15, 2019



 NY Times: Boycott of New York Post Is Planned by Yemeni-Americans Over 9/11 Cover


After stirring up a shit-storm last month with her bold comments about the power of the Israel Lobby, Demonrat Congressgirl Ilhan Omar of Minnesota again finds herself in the media spotlight. Her offense this time -- one which prompted the Jew York Post to publish a provocative front page -- was in failing to show sufficient respect for the fraudulent Holy Day of 9/11/2001. From the article:

"The quotation from Ms. Omar that appeared on the cover (of the NY Post) had been pulled from a speech she gave last month at an event for the Council on American-Islamic Relations: "CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. 

In accordance with the "broken clock" principal (right twice a day), we must again hold our noses and applaud the sassy Somali for dropping a truth bomb in the laps of a Demonrat Party leadership that doesn't know what to do with her and her two equally outrageous and equally untouchable "minority" galpals, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Kudos to her for using the vague language ("some people did something") instead of the usual crap about "19 Arab hijackers with box-cutters" for it suggests that she does not buy the "official story." And good on her for pointing out how the government response to the 9/11 attacks has indeed violated our liberties (Patriot Act, TSA harassment at airports etc)

Image result for broken clock Image result for ilhan omar
Related image

1 & 2. Even broken clocks are correct twice daily. The foreign-born lefty with the big mouth gets it right, again. // 3. The physical abuse we must all endure at airports is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution --- and it all came about because of the LIE of 9/11.


Could it really be that what triggered the NY Post and the Foxtards into hissy-fit mode was not the "lack of respect," but rather, the subtle hint that Ms. Omar, like most Muslims, doesn't believe in the 9/11 lie? It's interesting because two other well-known figures who have dominated the news these past few years -- Donald Trump and FBI Director on 9/11 Robert Mueller -- have both, in the past, gone off script and contradicted the "official story" too.


  • From CNN, September 21, 2001: 

"FBI Director Robert Mueller has acknowledged that some of those behind last week's terror attacks may have stolen the identification of other people, and, according to at least one security expert, it may have been "relatively easy" based on their level of sophistication."


  • From CNN, September 11, 2001: 

"When I first looked at it (the destruction), I couldn't believe it. ... I happen to think that they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously (to the plane hits)."


Of course, Mueller and Trump then returned to the "official story." We are quite certain that many influential people know the truth but dare not say it. Let us hope and pray that they will one day be able to expose the 9/11 false flag -- while the memory of the horrible event is still relatively fresh and the perps are still alive.

Image result for trump and mueller Related image

1 & 2. Trump and Mueller -- who have been working together all along -- both briefly dabbled in 9/11 truth before falling back into line. Will their war against Deep State traitors stop at Killary and Obongo? Or could there be a plan for eventual 9/11 truth to come out? Hope for the best, but don't hold your breath either. // 3. Trump, his VP and his Defense Secretary at center -- surrounded by 9 military brass on one side, and 11 on the other. A message to "some people?"


After nearly 18 years, the sad fact that such a preposterous fairy tale as the 9/11 lie is still believed by most Boobuses continues to amaze and frustrate this reporter. The instant pulverization of two man-made mountains; the laughable tale of 19 nerdy Arabs with box-cutters outfoxing the U.S. Air defenses; the absence of any airplane at the Pentagon; the perfect implosion and collapse of a 3rd skyscraper that hadn't even been struck by a plane, and so many other monstrous in-your-face lies so absurd that a Hollywood producer would reject such a script for being too unrealistic -- even for fiction!

And just imagine -- as many of "youse guys" can relate to -- I've actually alienated some former "friends" and even family members over this false-flag fraud (to say nothing about the other "conspiracy theories" promoted here). It ain't easy being a truther!

Image result for building 7 animated gif ignore.jpg

1. Building 7 collapsing on 9/11 // 2. So sick of these TV-watching boobs who can't handle reality!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that Muslim groups are offended over the New York Post's recent 9/11 cover attacking that Minnesota Congresswoman.

Boobus Americanus 2: She'd should have shown more respect. A lot of people died that day.


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St. Sugar:  9/11 wass a frickin' inside job!!!

 Editor: With outside support from Mossad.


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FRIDAY / APRIL 12, 2019



Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was arrested Thursday at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he had sheltered since 2012.

 NY Times: Julian Assange Arrested in London as U.S. Unseals Hacking Conspiracy Indictment


Few people realize that the outbreak of the "spontaneous uprisings" of the 2010-2011 Arab Spring was triggered by "leaks" suddenly made public by probable Mossad agent, Julian Assange, and his "Wikileaks" group. Assange himself even took credit for the Arab Spring -- an exaggeration, of course, but he did play a key role.

Then a funny thing happened during the epic 2016 campaign battle between Killary Clinton and Donald Trump. Time and time and time again, and the most critical moments, Wikileaks would release E-mail dirt on Killary and her pedo-monster campaign manager, John Podesta. Some of the most obvious stuff raised questions about Killary's integrity and hurt her image so badly that candidate Trump was prompted to say: "We love WikiLeaks!"

But those of us who followed the leaks very closely caught some of the really nasty stuff which even Trump could not mention, and that the Piranha Press would not mention. Assange's 2016 leaks -- which we believe were fed to him by the boys at the NSA -- hinted at Satanism, child trafficking and child rape taking place within elite circles of the Demonrat Party. And now, Assange and his treasure trove of damning dirt on everybody and their mother are under the protective custody of Maestro Trump. Whether this is a case of a "Black Hat" being flipped over to the good side, or that of Mossad operatives working with Trump to take down the Globalists for their own reasons is anyone's guess. But one thing is for sure, the coming fallout from the coming E-mails about to be obtained from Assange is gonna be fun to watch.

Image result for assange 2016 Image result for trump we love wikileaks Image result for hillary podesta wikileaks

1. Assange has boasted about the dirt he still has on Killary. // 2. Election 2016: Candidate Trump's holds up Wikileaks transcripts and declares: "We love WikiLeaks!" // 2. Satanists Killary and Podesta were embarrassed by WikiLeaks revelations --- but the worse may be yet to come.



The final lines of Q Anon's latest "crumb" alludes to the Assange arrest ("We have the source") and tells of big happenings to come:

Nothing can stop what is coming.
As the target(s) turn to the other side, the attacks will intensify.
We have the source.


And for a guy who is supposedly in such deep trouble, we also find it interesting how cool and aloof Assange remained after his arrest -- even winking at the camera from the van he was about to be transported in.This is all part of the great and grand sting operation. Trump isn't going to harm Assange. Without WikiLeaks, Trump wouldn't even be in the White House -- a fact which Killary herself has stated on many occasions. And what does that nasty bitch have to say of Assange's arrest? The same headlines from CNN and Time Magazine:


Hillary Clinton Says Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Must 'Answer for What He Has Done'

Image result for assange arrested Image result for assange arrested

 Assange winks and flashes peace signs because he knows its all a game.


This is a slow process which tries the patience of many of us who thirst to see these Marxist monsters get their due punishments. The slow pace of the process ought not cause us to lose faith in Q Anon and "the plan." That being said, let us reiterate what we have been saying all along. Though it would be great fun to see some of these Deep Staters marched off in handcuffs and leg restraints, if the really big stuff (9/11 truth, crisis actor shootings", mass voter fraud, Satanic child rape  and child torture-murder etc) does not get fully exposed, then we're all still doomed in the long run.

But until we finally do get to see where this all ends up -- and we might have to wait for Trump's 2nd term to finally witness the end game -- do pass the popcorn and enjoy the show. "Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!"

Related image  Image result for lock her up  Image result for lock her up

1. Could the nasty Bolshevik Bitch, with the help of Assange, actually end up in jail as Trump had threatened during a debate in 2016? // 2. The frequent chants heard at Trump rallies: "Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!" ---- It's beginning to look more and more like a realistic possibility.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that the United States was behind the arrest of Julian Assange.

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump has no respect for freedom of speech. He has gone crazy!


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St. Sugar:  Crazy like a cat, Boobuss!

 Editor: Um, that'ss fox -- "crazy like a fox."


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 NY Times: Pete Buttigieg, Gay and Christian, Challenges Religious Right on Their Own Turf
 Pete Buttigieg during a campaign stop in Concord, N.H. on Saturday. As a religious gay man, he has been discussing God and sexuality in an unconventional way.


Of the 20-and-still-counting number of communist kooks and crooks already vying for the Demonrat nomination of the 2020 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show), South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (pronounced "Boota-Jij") has got to be the most self-righteous of the Bolshevik bunch. The conspicuous wearing of his supposed Midwestern "Christian faith" on his sleeve is annoying enough; but what really makes us want to throw up in our mouths is when Paradox Pete links his bizarre form of "Christianity" to his open homosexuality. Yes. That's right. The one who dubs himself "Mayor Pete" takes it in various bodily orifices and believes that God approves of it.
From the article:

"A devoted Episcopalian who fluidly quotes Scripture and married his husband, Chasten, in a church service last year, Mr. Buttigieg is making the argument that marriage is a “moral issue.” In a speech on Sunday to the Victory Fund, a group that supports gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender politicians, he said his relationship had made him “more compassionate, more understanding, more self-aware and more decent.”

In that quintessential hissy-fit, drama queen fashion so tyical of these demented characters, Pastor Booty-semen then picked a spat with Vice President Mike Pence -- a perceived "anti-gay" Christian who hadn't even said anything about the Mayor -- further adding:

“And yes, Mr. Vice President, it has moved me closer to God. .... If you have a problem with who I am, your quarrel is with my creator."


Evidently, the scripture-quoting Mr. Booty-lick missed this quote:


Leviticus 18 and 20

  • "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination." - Chapter 18 verse 22
  • "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them." - Chapter 20 verse 1


Image result for pete buttigieg and husband Image result for pete buttigieg and husband Image result for pete buttigieg christian

1 & 2. Faggy Boy Pete says his "marriage" brought him closer to God. // 3. In classic "self-fulfilling prophecy" fashion, the Piranha Press has been promoting the previously unknown 37-year old wonder-boy lately -- and then claiming that he is "catching on" with voters.


It is absolutely unprecedented for a 37-year old Mayor of a small city of just 100,000 inhabitants to be getting artificially puffed-up like this as a serious contender for the White House. Even state legislator Obongo had to first have his resume established with the prestige of an arranged U.S. Senate seat before he could even think of becoming a "presidential contender." This sudden "catching on" would simply not be happening if Booty-plug liked girls. You see, the godless "powers that be" are obsessed with throwing homosexuality in our faces and, one day soon, installing an open sodomite (as opposed to the closeted Mr. & Mr. Obongo) into the White House. Understand that, and you'll understand how this degenerate freak suddenly emerged from out of nowhere.

With degenerate America's moral code now in absolute free-fall -- and its age demographics shifting rapidly towards "Generation X," the "Millennials," and "Generation Z" in elementary school behind them -- an openly sodomite president seems to be an eventual inevitability. However, outside of the deepest "blue" libtarded states, we still don't believe that the United States is quite ready for an openly queer Commander-in-Chief and a First Faggot. Can "youse guys" just imagine the spectacle of the first dance at the first inaugural ball! No. Still too many of us "Baby Boomers" with enough sense of propriety left to allow that to happen for QFS 2020 -- For 2024? Maybe.

Image result for jfk and jackie dance inaugural ball dancing Image result for trump and melania inaugural ball dancing Image result for pete buttigieg and husband dancing

JFK & Jackie, Donald & Melania --- Pete & Chasten??? Thanks Jews.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that the candidacy of "Mayor Pete" is gaining traction. He's openly gay and a devout Christian.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! What an interesting combination. 


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St. Sugar:  Faggotry remainss a frickin' abomination in the eyess of God! Ya don't ssee uss animalss doing that nassty sshit!!!

 Editor: That kitty-litter mouth of yours isn't exactly holy either. Surprised they tolerate that up there.


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 NY Times: Blamed for Climate Change, Oil Companies Invest in Carbon Removal


One of the little known secrets of The New World Order beast system is that its most essential pillar of support is not its wholly-owned Fake News, but rather, the self-imposed cowardice of disorganized people and organizations which, if they would only stand united and firm, could bring the whole illusion crashing down upon the Globalists, and right quick too.

Imagine the possibilities if the heads of all the energy companies bundled their resources together to launch an all-out marketing attack upon the absurd Global Warming / Climate Change hoax for what it was. And further imagine if all the weak-kneed Republican'ts (not the Globalist ones, just the decent but spineless ones) joined them. Add in all of the real scientists to this effort and the scam would start to crumble from the inside out. What's the worst that could happen? They're gonna lose everything anyway if they don't stand up and fight eventually.

But instead of aggressively counter-attacking the evil that intends to destroy them all in the end; we get pathetic stories such as this. From the article:

"Everyone knows an electric fan can make people feel cooler on a steamy day. But could fans moderate the planet’s rising temperatures? Some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies would like to find out.

Chevron, Occidental Petroleum and the Australian mining giant BHP this year have invested in Carbon Engineering, a small Canadian company that claims to be on the verge of a breakthrough in solving a critical climate change puzzle: removing carbon already in the atmosphere.

At its pilot project in Squamish, an old lumber town about 30 miles north of Vancouver, the company is using an enormous fan to suck large amounts of air into a scrubbing vessel designed to extract carbon dioxide. The gas can then be buried or converted into a clean-burning — though expensive — synthetic fuel."

Giant CO2-extracting fans? (Palm to face, sighing, shaking head)  Cheese & crackers! What a cravenly pack of corporate pussies!


The time, money and mental energy that went into the creation of these idiotic carbon-sucking fans could be better utilized in attacking the warmists and their worldwide hoax.


In football as it is in war, successful coaches and field generals have always understood that pure defensiveness and playing the game according to the rules demanded by your adversary are sure formulas for disaster. So when these spineless corporate executives, for the sake of "quieto vivere" (an Italian term for "to live quietly"), pretend to actually believe in this Global Warming / Climate Change crap-- and then propose their own solutions -- the only thing they end up achieving is further validating a great big fat stinking lie. The Marxist swine and their libtarded dupes can then wag their finger and declare to us "climate change deniers" : "Ya see! Ya see! Even the oil executives now accept the fact that the planet is dangerously warming due to man-made CO2!"

These corporate cowards can't see that they are hanging themselves in the long term because you can be sure that even if these stupid fans could substantially reduce the amount of harmless plant food in the atmosphere, the Greenies and their Globalist masters will never be pacified until the various energy industries are brought under their complete control -- if not outright ownership.

Image result for napoleon Image result for patton Image result for coward
1. The Great One of the 19th Century (Napoleon Bonaparte): "The purely defensive is doomed to defeat." // 2. General George Patton: “Success in war depends on the golden rules of war: speed, simplicity, and boldness.” // 3. Typical CEO under pressure from libtards: "Yes. Yes... I do believe in Climate Change, and we're doing something about it with our carbon fans!"


On a lighter note, and to digress from the subject, here's an amusing, yet highly revealing little side-by-side comparison I put together for "youse guys" to ponder and chuckle over.


Drag to pan
"Who's the dirty, twisted soulless creep?" -- Children know!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that energy companies are working on ways to pull carbon out of the atmosphere with big fans.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, it's about time that Big Oil and Big Coal acknowledge the problem that their greed has caused.


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St. Sugar:  Boobuss, you eternal sshit-head! Who do ya think heatss up and coolss off that nice big ssuburban home of yourss?!

 Editor: Boobus doesn't make such mental connections.


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MONDAY / APRIL 8, 2019


Stephen Moore founded the conservative Club for Growth// Herman Cain, a former pizza executive, sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

 NY Times: What’s at Risk if the Fed Becomes as Partisan as the Rest of Washington


Trump's effort to appoint two political allies to the Board of the Federal Reserve, a year after already having named the Board's first non-Jewish Chairman in many years, has got Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press suddenly worried about the "politicization" of the fraudulent Fed. Of course, there were no such fears when Bennie Bernanke (cough cough) and then Janet Yellen (cough cough) kept the "Prime Rate" near zero for 8 years for the sole purpose of propping up the moribund economy of that shit-stain Obongo --  or when Alan Greenslime (cough cough) squeezed the economy under Papa George Bush so that a pair of even nastier Deep Staters, Bill and Killary Clinton, could run and win with the slogan, "It's the economy, stupid" -- or when Fed Chairman Eugene Meyer (cough cough) choked off the money supply during the Depression so badly that President Herbert Hoover ended up losing in an historic landslide to Franklin Demono Rosenfeld.

No. Those manipulations, on behalf of Demonrat communists, never happened, according to The Slimes. But it has happened, and it was also the plan for taking down Trump as well -- something which the ANYT not only warned about soon after Trump took office; but the Slimes itself let slip out -- before Trump was even inaugurated --  with this headline from December 13, 2016:


NY Times: A Trump Economic Boom? The Fed May Stand in the Way (here)


Yenta Yellen was plotting to choke the economy by tightening the money supply (leaving us debt slaves with fewer dollars to pay back existing debt) thus killing any "Trump recovery" in its cradle. But the maestro had plans of his own for the fraudulent Fed. Much to the dismay of all of Libtardia, the nasty dwarf Yellen is out (Trump denied her a second term); the Gentile Powell is in, and Gentiles Cain and Moore are on now their way to provide even more protection for Trump  -- and the Slimes isn't happy about it.


Image result for eugene meyer Image result for greenspan Image result for yellen

1. Jew Fed Chair Eugene Meyer squeezed Herbert Hoover's monetary testicles until most Americans came to blame Hoover, not the Fed, for their misery. After FDR swept into power, Meyer stepped down as Fed Chairman and purchased the bankrupt Washington Post -- which his daughter, Katherine Meyer Graham, and grandson, Donald Graham, ran until recently. // 2. Jew Fed Chair Alan Greenslime's manipulations put Bill Clinton in office //  3. Jew Janet Yellen was out to sink Trump, until Trump sunk her.


During the 2016 campaign, Trump made mention of the importance of auditing the Federal Reserve. He tweeted in February of 2016:

"It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done."

And Roger Stone, one of Trump's unofficial campaign adviser and staunch supporter, had this to say about what a Trump presidency would bring:

“'I suspect you’d get an audit of the Fed… Trump has never said that, but I know his views. He doesn’t trust anything he is hearing out of Washington… he is the last best chance for reform,' Stone added."

Could Trump actually be setting the stage for such a bold move, perhaps for his 2nd term? Could this be the reason why Trump has demonstrated such an unusual affinity for Andrew Jackson -- the hero who killed the 2nd Central Bank of America? Oh the unholy hell that would break loose in the Piranha Press if the inner sanctum of the beast system was ever fully investigated! We'll believe it when we see it. Until then -- cautious optimism .
Headline: Politifact: What's up with Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson?

"If it were possible to have a bromance across the centuries, Presidents Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump would almost certainly qualify.

Repeatedly over the past year, Trump has invoked and praised his predecessor in the White House, who served from 1829 to 1837. In addition to various mentions in remarks and on Twitter, Trump placed a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office and made a pilgrimage to the late president’s tomb in Nashville less than two months after being sworn in."

Related image Image result for trump andrew jackson tomb Image result for andrew the great
Donald loves Andrew --- A "Sicilian Message" to The Fed? // Read "Andrew the Great" by M S King (here)
Image result for 20 dollar billhttp://financialjuneteenth.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/harriet.jpg
 Thanks to Obongo, we almost lost Jackson to Aunt Jemima (Harriet Tubman) on the $20 bill. Trump stopped the switch which was due to take place in 2020.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that Trump is trying to stack the Federal Reserve Board.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's outrageous. The Fed has always remained independent of politics and it should stay that way.


Drag to pan Image result for charles lindbergh sr

St. Sugar:  I'll let my new friend handle thiss one.

St. Charles Lindbergh Sr.: “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Woodrow Wilson) signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”.

 Editor: Tell it, Mr. Lindbergh. Tell it!


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FRIDAY / APRIL 5, 2019


 NY Times: It’s Possible Leggings Are the Future. Deal With It.


It is as amazing as it is amusing to behold just how easily the fairer sex can be manipulated by the unseen dominant men who control the levers of culture. A century ago, after propaganda legend Edward Bernays (cough cough) linked cigarettes with "women's rights ," loony ladies everywhere just had to show the boys that they too could take up the unhealthy and dirty habit. Youse gals sure showed us, didncha' ya now!

Fast forwarding to the 1960's, Deep State feminist icons Betty Friedan (cough cough) and Gloria Steinum (cough cough) managed to convince stay-at-home mothers that they were being "oppressed" -- and that true fulfillment was to be found not in home and hearth, but by working 9-5 at a "career." How did that work out for you burnt-out workin' gals, eh? Are youse happy sitting in traffic, slaving away at work, dealing with office politics, and coming home burnt out to your empty apartment, cat and sex toy?

And observe how year after year, the moment some limp-wristed faggot in Paris or Milan declares the new "style," right away the more fashion-minded women will bust out their magic plastic cards to shop till they drop. As for those "ladettes" who are as lacking in modesty as they are in fashion conscious, the accepted trend now is to wear skin-tight "leggings" -- aka "yoga pants" as everyday wear for everything from going to the gym, to school, to a restaurant, or even to their jobs! Skin-tight leggings make a young lady (and in an increasing number of cases, an older woman) look like one part slob and, for the "hotter" ones, one-part slut. And they are totally "normalized" now.


Image result for leggings yoga pants Image result for girls in leggings Image result for fat girls in leggings

1 & 2. The "hot" girls seem to get a perverse kick out of tormenting the boys by wearing "leggings" every day. Then they complain when their asses get stared at, or they get raped while jogging in them. // 3. Even the, shall we say, "plus size" gals are wearing leggings as everyday clothes.


The context of this article is how the trashy "ladettes" of today's millennial generation are "defiant" over the criticism of such outfits. Modesty, they believe, is a tool of "control." This recent debate was triggered by the written complaint of the mother of a male student at Notre Dame University -- a wise woman who understands what goes through a young man's mind and soul when a tight ass in "leggings" is shamelessly paraded in his face. The lustful desire lit within a man is only part of the problem. The real abuse is not that of the girls being stared at, but rather, at the frustration of the young men who "can't have that."

Think about it. Would we not consider the flaunting of a plate of juicy steak and roasted potatoes in the face of a starving man to be a form of psychological abuse? Is the constant public flashing of barely concealed hips and buns in the face of a healthy man who is powerless to touch them any different? As a society, we believed understood that once. But now, with out-of-control women ruling over us (their unseen Jewish masters way above them) our young men -- excluding the "hot" studs who now claim the lion's share of these demented whores -- have to accept the daily torment of seeing these slobbish sluts taunt them with what they can't have. Though your normal baby-boomer reporter here must confess to instinctively gawking at quite a few of these ubiquitous booties in leggings (and being subsequently banished, for days at a time, to the doghouse of the all-sensing and lovely Mrs. King as a result); it is still a disgrace.


Related image Image result for girls in college leggings Image result for new york times leggings protest

College girls: 1958  --- College girls: 2019


Enjoy the shameless and slovenly flaunting of your "assets," your permanent tattoos, your drinking binges, your "hook-ups," and your "liberation" while you can, ladettes. The day is coming (and quickly) when said assets will start to droop a bit and the lustful eyes of those male "hotties" will turn their gaze to something a bit younger. Before you know it, you'll be alone, childless, burnt-out from your shitty job and miserable --- all as planned by forces beyond your understanding.
Ah, the joys of "liberation!" -- Thanks Jews.

Image result for friedan Image result for betty friedan feminine mystique Image result for girl in leggings
Jewess Betty Friedan's 1963 book, "The Feminine Mystique" was hyped to the stars by the Fake News. By design, this book, and the "feminist movement" in general, accelerated the mental and moral degeneration of the modern female.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that tight leggings are here to stay.

Boobus Americanus 2: No complaints here. Ha ha ha. Though I really wouldn't want my daughter going out like that.


Editor: She will when she becomes a teenager, Boobuss. And there won't be a damn thing that you can either do or say to stop her.


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 NY Times: In Rare Speech to Congress, NATO Leader Says Allies Must Deter Moscow
In a rare speech to a joint session of Congress, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed the importance of the military alliance between Europe and the United States and a need to stand up to Russia.


Next to being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, perhaps the surest indicator that a foreign personage is a treasonous Globalist rat who should be summarily executed on the spot is if that individual gets invited to address a joint session of the United States Congress. NATO's Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, really stunk up the joint the other night with his tiresome Russia-bashing so typical of the International Left. But why would anyone be surprised? Wikipedia's bio on this warmongering swine reveals his Red streak thusly:
"Stoltenberg's first steps into politics came in his early teens, when he was influenced by his sister Camilla, who at the time was a member of the then Marxist–Leninist group Red Youth."
In addition to being a Putin-hater and a critic of some of Trump's policies, Stoltenberg, formerly the Prime Minister of Norway, is also a hardcore Global Warmist and a mandatory universal vaccination fanatic. The fact that Republican't Senate Leader Bitch McConnell would combine with Demonrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to grant this piece of filth the high honor of addressing Congress again demonstrates the level of treason still entrenched within the upper ranks of the Republican't Party.
Image result for stoltenberg merkel Related image Image result for stoltenberg soros 
Stoltenberg with Merkel, Macron, Poop Frankie -- All part of the same EVIL Globalist Mafia.
Stoltenberg's absurd warnings about Russia mimic the bullshit dumped by Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press day in and day out. While assuring the audience of DC traitors and dunces that NATO wants good relations with the Russian Bear, stealthy Stolty repeated the same old litany of monstrous lies regarding Russia’s "annexation" of Crimea in 2014, its "cyber aggression," its "assassination campaigns," its support for Assad of Syria, and its "interference" in foreign elections. Ah, show us the shekels, Stolty. Show us the shekels.
The truth of the matter is that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), from its inception in 1949 to the present day, has never been a "peace-keeping" alliance.  Exactly to the contrary, NATO is a war-making machine serving the interests of the One Worlders. Indeed, among the religious devotees and dupes of NWO Globalism, NATO ranks right up there with the United Nations, the European Union, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as "indispensable" institutions of "global stability."

The initial beginnings of NATO actually trace back to the Treaty of Brussels of 1948 among Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK  -- four European states which had conspired to start World War II in the first place.  Economically ravaged and militarily weakened by the war, and hence, vulnerable to hidden US-CIA domination; the four dying colonial powers agreed upon a mutual defence system which would soon include all of Western Europe plus the USA.

The Alliance's first Secretary General, Lord Ismay, explained that the aims behind the new military bloc were to: "keep the Russians (Soviets) out, the Americans in, and the Germans down." NATO, after having achieved all three of the objectives set forth by Ismay, and after outliving the Soviet Union and its Eastern European vassal governments, has since expanded eastward into a 29-member force -- adapting the "keep the Russians out" element into one of "menace the Russians."  Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, defense committee chairman of the Russian Duma (lower house of Parliament), puts it this way: "They would even admit the North Pole to NATO for the purpose of encircling Russia."

Related image Image result for nato logo Image result for nato expansion animated gif
1. The destruction and unconditional surrender of Germany (1945) and the establishment of the CIA (born 1947) enabled the Globalists to begin shaping the corrupted and libtarded European Union of today. 2. The eastward-expanding NATO (born 1949) is also a key element of the New World Order.


As we saw with the barbarism unleashed upon Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya, NATO is a violent, dangerous and cruel war machine whose suicidal game of "chicken" with Russia is intended to kick off World War III. In recent years, the Alliance has stationed many thousands troops while staging large scale war-games in Eastern Europe  -- all part of an effort to bait Putin into drawing "first blood."

NATO is and has always been, a great big lie -- which was why the conservative anti-communist legend, Senator Robert A. Taft (R-OH) voted against NATO membership in 1949. In a speech following his "No" vote, Taft said:

"A joint military program has already been made… It thus becomes an offensive and defensive military alliance against Russia. I believe our foreign policy should be aimed primarily at security and peace, and I believe such an alliance is more likely to produce war than peace. A third world war would be the greatest tragedy the world has ever suffered. Even if we won the war, we this time would probably suffer tremendous destruction, our economic system would be crippled, and we would lose our liberties and free system just as the Second World War destroyed the free systems of Europe. It might easily destroy civilization on this earth…"
Tell it Senator. Tell it!
Image result for taft nato Image result for yugoslavia bombed Related image
1. In 1949, Robert Taft -- "Mr. Republican" -- warned that NATO would actually be an offensive organization that could one day drag the United States World War III. By that time, Taft was on track to become president in 1952. The Globalists then recruited NATO Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower to literally steal the nomination from Taft at the 1952 GOP convention. (Read "I Don't Like Ike," by M S King) 2 & 3. The merciless and murderous bombardment of Yugoslavia and Libya dispelled the myth of NATO existing as a "defensive" organization.
Nothing has changed since Taft's times. If anything, the arguments in favor of keeping NATO in existence are now even more absurd. Not a single one of the NATO member nations and mini-nations faces any external threats from Russia -- and nor do any of the states still being considered for expanded membership, like Ukraine and Georgia. For the sake of "world peace ," we really need to get the heck out of NATO -- and as a lesson to others, we should beat and then lynch human filth such as Stealthy Stoltenberg from the Washington monument.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that the Secretary General of NATO just addressed the US Congress and Senate.

Boobus Americanus 2: Post World War II organizations such as the UN, the Common Market and NATO have kept Europe at peace for 70 years. 


Drag to pan   

 St. Sugar: Yeah --- The "peace" of ensslavement! You frickin' idiot!
Editor: In the lingo of Globalese, "peace" is defined as the total absence of opposition to (((them))).


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 NY Times: Trump, Putin and a Possible ‘Red-Line Moment’ in Venezuela


The mere fact that Slimes sleaze-ball David Sanger (cough cough) has been awarded three Pulitzer Prizes over his 36-year career is all the evidence that one needs to indict him as a criminal propagandist. In this latest piece of provocation against Trump, Sanger, having failed to initiate a war of super-powers in Syria, attempts to bait Trump into confronting Putin in Venezuela.

From the article:

"Now, in Venezuela, President Trump is facing his own red-line moment — again, with Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.... For the past week, the Trump administration has escalated its warnings about Russian intervention in the country, claiming that Moscow is helping to prop up President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and undermining the hopes of American officials that the Venezuelan military will oust him. .. Such declarations seem to set up a test: Would Venezuela be the place where Mr. Trump, who has often seemed willing to tolerate Mr. Putin’s most audacious provocations, finally draws his own red line? And, if so, does he have a plan to enforce it?"

Putin's "audacious provocations?" Presumably, this blood-thirsty little Jew Globalist is referring to Crimea, Syria and now Venezuela. But what Sanger doesn't tell his stupid-ass readers is that in all three of those cases, the big bad Russians were invited in by the governing officials, and welcomed by the majority of the people.

Image result for DAVID SANGER Image result for putin maduro

1. Sanger has been beating the war-drums since the day Trump was sworn in -- and he is growing more and more frustrated by the day. // 2. Russian cargo plane in VZ. // 3. Maduro of VZ  with Putin. 



If Sanger and his crowd of demented and demonic warmongers are holding out any hope that Trump will make good on his vague threats towards the Venezuelan government and its Russian friends, they are in for another disappointment. As was the case with Syria and North Korea, the Maestro's game is talk war, war, war --- while waging peace, peace, peace. Be not alarmed, boys and girls. Trump and Putin have got this under control. There will be neither war nor color-revolution "regime change" in Venezuela.

We suspect that (((they))) are wise to this trick by now, and its driving them nuts! Sanger himself gives a hint of his crowd's desperation and disappointment: 

"While there have been ritual reminders that “all options are on the table,” there is no indication that any military intervention is being seriously contemplated."

You see that? Sanger agrees with the ANYT assessment.

This is not to suggest that the members of  "The Editorial Board" of the ANYT arer admirers of, or apologists for, Venezuela's socialistic policies. But we do support Maduro's plucky anti-Globalism. Ultimately, the nation's internal policies are neither any of ours nor Sanger's damn business.


Image result for trump kim Image result for trump putin Image result for trump xi

If the Nobel Peace Prize was a legitimate award instead of a Globalist propaganda scam; Trump's fence-mending with North Korea, China and Russia would have garnered him one by now.


Some of "youse guys" who still send in nasty E-mails saying that Trump is one of (((them))) and he is "controlled opposition" and that I am either "stupid" or a "shill" or a "secret Jew" etc. (palm to face, sighing, shaking head) really need to ask yourselves: Where would the world be today had that horrid communist hag been elected President in 2016? At a time when, thanks to Obongo, adversarial relations with Russia, China and North Korea were headed toward a showdown, Killary Rotten Clinton was screeching that "Russia and China must pay a price" for protecting Syria, and later mocked candidate Trump for even suggesting that we should sit down and talk with Lil Kim.

Trump is not perfect, and frankly, even if Q Anon and the boys were to actually take down a large chunk of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class), it may already be too late to repair and regenerate Western Civilization because the moronic millenials are too far gone already. That said, "youse guys" should be thanking God All-Mighty that Trump saved us from George Soros' wholly-owned bitch and the absolute hell-on-Earth which that she-devil would have unleashed by now. Trump one of (((them)))? No frickin' way!

Image result for soros and hillary Image result for trump dove

1. Soros: "If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war.” // 2. Killary: “I do not believe that Russia and China are paying any price at all – nothing at all – for standing up on behalf of the Assad regime.  The only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that Russia and China will pay a price,” // 3. Trump: "You're going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton." 


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that in spite of his threats, Trump isn't likely to take military action against the Russians in Venezuela.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's good. We don't need a World War 3 over Venezuala.


 Editor: No. But the Globalists do.


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MONDAY / APRIL 2, 2019


Slimes Caption: Joe Biden's history of being physically affectionate puts him out of step with the mores of an increasingly progressive Democratic Party.

 NY Times (Op-Ed): The Wrong Time for Joe Biden


Now that word of "Creepy Joe's" predatory perversion has been made "official" by the high and mighty "paper of record," we may scratch him from the list of viable contenders for QFS 2020 (Quadrennial Freak Show). Bye bye Biden! It's a shame actually; because we were hoping to see him go head-to-head against Trump before the full extent of his perverted creepiness became widely known. Could it be that the king-makers of the Demonrat Party, anticipating Biden's vulnerability on this matter, are trying to take him out now because of this weakness? It is interesting to note that the woman who just lit the fuse to the bomb which is now blowing up Biden's expected candidacy is a Demonrat herself.
From the article:
"On Friday, Lucy Flores, a former Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of Nevada, accused Joe Biden of touching her inappropriately as they waited to take the stage at a 2014 election rally. He put his hands on her shoulders, she said, then nuzzled her hair and kissed the back of her head."
Surely Ms. Flores, being a Demonrat politician and a "minority" in a party now dominated by females and "minorities," had to have known that these charges would open the floodgates and probably sink Biden before he even got started. The question is: Did someone put her up to it?
Image result for Lucy Flores Image result for Lucy Flores
Image result for biden smell hair
1. Lucy says that Creepy Joe has some "splainin" to do!  // 2. Creepy Joe has a thing about nuzzling and smelling hair (wife of Obongo Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter). // 3. With actress Eva Longoria
Of course, this "limited hangout" of Biden's unwanted groping, hair-sniffing, ear-whispering, neck-rubbing and even kissing will be limited to cases of grown women. For if the normies of America ever became aware of the fact that many of Biden's victims were actually little girls, the damage would be so severe that it might spill over to the Demonrat Party as a whole. Creepy Joe's antics amount to much more than just a handsy old man experiencing a late-life crisis. His outrageous whispering to, and groping of, numerous young girls ranging in age from 7 to 17 indicates that he is a child raping pedo-monster. The images below -- which represent only a fraction of what is freely available on the Internet -- speak 1,000 words apiece. 
Image result for joe biden tomatobubble creepy
Image result for joe biden with children Image result for joe biden with children Image result for joe biden with children
As most of you probably know by now, among these sick, sick, sick sexual predators, "pizza" is a code word for sex with children. It is therefore with great interest and suspicion that we view the faggy-as-can-be "friendship bracelet" that Creepy Joe gifted to Obongo -- a known homosexual, "married" to a tranny, and accused of being a pedo-monster by Q-Anon. Notice the pizza pendant following the name "Joe." Have a look:
Image result for joe biden obama pizza bracelet  Image result for joe biden obama pizza bracelet Image result for joe biden obama pizza bracelet
1. Joey loves Barry? A bracelet with a pizza slice on it. // 2. Obongo sniffing and cuddling with little Asian girl.
 Image result for joe biden obama pizza bracelet
Obongo and Biden will have sexual intercourse with anything that moves --- including children (though we're not sure if Barry likes adult women)
Closing on that pizza theme, the "Olsen Twins" are two of the Hollywood child actresses long suspected of having been recruited / abused into the "lifestyle." Recent Q Anon "crumbs" add still more credibility to this opinion about the Olsens. (bookmark qanon.pub) As the before & after photos below clearly show, the little blond angels have long since grown up to become weird, drugged-up-looking she-devils. Have a close look at "Gimme Pizza" -- the Olsen Twins' creepy song video from their childhood days that is posted further below. See if you can pick up on hidden meaning in a few of the lyrics; and watch for subtle sexual imagery.
Sick -- sick -- sick.
 Related image Image result for olsen twins 
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (now 32 years old and worth over $300,000,000) --- What in God's name did "they" do to these girls?! The weird "pizza" video below offers us a clue.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that Joe Biden inappropriately touched a woman in Nevada.

Boobus Americanus