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WEDNESDAY / MAY 22, 2019


 Image result for TERESA MAY

NY Times: Theresa May Offers U.K. Lawmakers a Vote on a Second Referendum


Three years ago, on June 27, 2016 to be precise, at a time when all of nationalist Alt-Rightdom was celebrating the then 3-day-old "Brexit" referendum results, the ever-prescient (a $10 word for having or showing knowledge of events before they take place) Anti-New York Times  cautioned as follows:

"Sulzberger's Slimes and much of the elite Piranha Press appear to be laying the groundwork for either a "redo" or a slow-as-molasses divorce that may actually never go into full effect.

Your history-savvy reporter and his crazed feline sidekick here really hate to piss on everyone's liberation parade. But sensible people really need to hold off on the champagne-popping and flag-waving because Britain, as of now, still remains officially and completely "in" the EUSSR. Know that a high percentage of bickering couples actually reconcile during the lengthy divorce process. Also know that it is the millennial morons and the alien agitators who will sway the future, not the older dying native Englishmen who voted to escape. Unless there is a massive reeducation of these fools, the Globalists will be back with a vengeance."

Nailed it.


Three years have passed since that joyous day of "liberation" -- and Orwellian Britain still remains a subjected province of the EUSSR.

The skillful betrayal of the British public has been led by "Conservative" Prime Ministerette Theresa May. Out of one side of her hideous face, this hideous hag prattles on about the will of the people -- while from the other side, it works with pro-European Unionists to delay, delay and delay. And now, the Douchebag of Downing Street is talking about a "new Brexit deal" which would essentially keep Britain under EU laws while pretending to exit. It would be sort of like a married couple that officially divorces, but the aggrieved spouse can't actually leave the home or ever get remarried. Mamma May is now also talking about holding a 2nd referendum!
There is still hope, however. In this week's upcoming EU elections, Marxist May's "Conservatives" are braced for a humiliating defeat by the surging Brexit Party of Nigel Farage -- who wants Britain out of the EUSSR quickly and without any "deal" if necessary. Such a blow against May's "Conservatives" would be pose a huge challenge to the three M's of Europe -- May, Macron & Merkel.

Image result for farage eu Image result for may macron merkel Image result for farage and netanyahu

1. Farage hates the EU. // 2. The 3 M's are dedicated Globalists who pretend to be "center-right." // 3. Farage is a big Trump supporter. Could he become Britain's next Prime Minister?


A Mini-Crash Course on the EU

The seeds of the Soviet, er, European Union were planted after World War II. With much of Western Europe in ruins and despair, the oh-so-humanitarian U.S. government (which caused the ruin and despair for the purpose of toppling the nationalist governments of Germany and Italy) implemented the "Marshall Plan" to rebuild Europe. For marketing purposes, the scheme was named after the "great" General turned Secretary-of-State George Marshall. It was actually crafted by the eggheads at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.


Though the hyped-up Marshall Plan did indeed provide relief, the true purpose of the Globalist plot was buried deep within the aid package. The "poison pill" of the multi-paged plan was the sub-group that it created in order to administer the economic aid package: the 18 member Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC) -- the "embryo" of the modern day EU! 

Image result for OEEC Image result for OEEC  

1. European suffering gave the "humanitarian" Globalists the opening they needed to lay the foundation of the OEEC, which would later lead to the BENELUX trade bloc ---then the "Common Market" -- and finally, the "European Union." // 2- Globalist Golden Boy George Marshall did not write up the scheme which bears his name. The greasy gang at the Council on Foreign Relations did that.



Image result for churchill united europe is near

Post-war quote from the "Conservative" British Mad Dog gives the game away -- World War II was fought for the sake of World Government.


Churchill Before a Group of Globalists:

"We must recreate the European family in a regional structure called it may be the United States of Europe. ... If at first, all the states of Europe are not willing or able to join the union, we must nevertheless proceed assemble and combine those who will and those who can.....

"This indispensable structure of regional groupings is coming into being. ... In this way alone, can the skeletal structure of world government be clothed with the flesh and blood of a living organism and the acts of state be confirmed by the passionate heartbeats of millions of men." (video here)


The EUSSR and all the other building blocks of the New World Order took centuries to build. The disintegration of one the beast-systems main structures would be a huge historical setback for the One Worlders. And that is why May and her greasy gang of ghouls have been delaying Brexit. Although Britain, subjected or sovereign, seems beyond all hope at this point -- let us "hope and pray" that Farage's party can make Brexit a reality.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Britain might be having a do-over on the Brexit vote from three years ago.

Boobus Americanus 2: Brexit, bad.


Editor: They only believe in "democracy" if they get the results they want.


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TUESDAY / MAY 21, 2019


 Image result for robert smith morehouse
Billionaire Robert F. Smith

NY Times: Morehouse College Graduates’ Student Loans to Be Paid Off by Billionaire
NY Times: Who Is Robert F. Smith, the Man Paying Off Morehouse Graduates’ Loans?


Though a self-made billionaire and the richest Black man in America, the highly accomplished Robert F. Smith was relatively unknown to the general public up until just a few days ago. But boy did he ever just become the flavor of the month, and right quick too. From the front page illustrated article:

"The 396 young men began the day as students in caps and gowns, ready to graduate from Morehouse College — full of hope, but burdened in most cases with the debts that financed their education.

Then their commencement speaker went off-script with an extraordinary pledge: the newly minted alumni of the historically black college in Atlanta would go forth into the world student debt-free.

Robert F. Smith, the billionaire investor who founded Vista Equity Partners told the crowd that he would pay off the entire graduating class’s student debt."

Even for a man worth $5 Billion, the estimated $40 million gift amounts to a nice bit of change. Applause are in order. And, we must admit, seeing the joyous reaction of the young liberated debt slaves was a bit goose-bumpy -- and also a sad reminder of just how enslaved many of us are to this evil, miserable, soul-sucking, debt-money monetary system which has been fastened around our necks and dumped upon our shoulders. But leave it to St. Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat from the other side to channel her suspicions down to the board room of the ANYT.

Smith is married to Hope Dworaczyk, a fashion editor and former Playboy Playmate. Image result for robert f smith and obama Image result for robert f smith tv

1. Like Trump, he's a billionaire married to a much younger ex-model. // 2 & 3. Now known as the great liberator of college debt-slaves (though for Black kids only)


Drag to pan

The Crazy Cat smells a rat.


Preliminary research into Smith reveals an impressive, intelligent, driven and ambitious individual. This ain't no Affirmative Action Obongo-type phony or Hollywood-made Oprah-type billionaire. This particular 'brutha' is legit -- and now, he is famous. But three finds have triggered St. Sugar's feline instincts.


1. Demonrat Party Kingmaker "Reverend" Al Charlatan (Sharpton) was very quick to publicly praise Smith and draw a contrast between his generosity and Trump's indifference towards debt-ridden students (here)

2. The same Al Charlatan -- an anti-White domestic terrorist, vote-fraud organizer and communist -- later revealed in a tweet that Smith is a financial supporter of his subversive "National Action Network" (NAN).

Sharpton: "We are proud of billionaire, Robert Smith for pledging 40 million dollars to pay off all student’s loans of Morehouse College 2019 class. He has been a consistent supporter of NAN." (here)

3. Smith is also a donor to the Demonrat National Committee and to individual hard-left Demonrats -- including specific donations to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer. (here)

Do "youse guys" see where St. Sugar is going with this?

Image result for robert f smith and obama Image result for robert f smith and hillary

1. Sugar Daddy Smith owns Demonrat big-shot Al Charlatan. // 2. A fan of Obongo. /// 3. Puffed-up by the Piranha Press.


What if this gift was a publicity stunt? What if Smith, at a later date, were to "reluctantly" enter the ridiculously crowded and buffoonishly pathetic field of 23 (and counting?) Demonrats who have already announced for the 2020 QFS (Quandrennial Freak Show). You thought Obongo Mania was intense back in 2008? Just imagine how (((they))) could hype-up a self-made Black billionaire of actual accomplishment and with a record of high-profile charity.

Unlike the plethora of pugnacious Pygmies currently presenting themselves, Trump would have a very hard time tearing this guy down. Keep your eye on this very interesting and intriguing character. And if he does enter the crowded pool -- remember -- you heard it here first.

Image result for democratic candidates 23Image result for robert f smith

The massive field of unelectable Demonrats seems positioned (perhaps by design?) for a unique champion to enter the race and be crowned king. Is Robert F. Smith being positioned as the new Marxist Messiah?



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about that African-American billionaire who announced during a commencement address at an all-black, all-male college that he would pay off all of the class's student loans.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's wonderful. What a great guy.


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St. Sugar: If it had been an all male, all White college, the kidss wouldn't get nuthin!

Editor: All male, all White colleges aren't even allowed to exist!


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MONDAY / MAY 20, 2019


Tranny "Marsha" Johnson

NY Times: Where Are the Statues of L.G.B.T.Q. Pioneers? Here Are 11 Worthy New Yorkers


From the rarefied upper high-society strata of various nations right on down to your local youth sports associations, ego-driven humanity has always had this idolatrous obsession with honoring its favorite guys and gals by naming places after them, or erecting statues in their likeness. In due time, the passage of time itself consigns all of history's plastered heroes (or villains) to the Hall of Anonymity. But whilst the historical memory of the "immortalized" idol remains alive, such monuments can tell you a lot about the people who erected them and what the values of their day were.

For example, we can infer that societies which erected statues of Jesus, Buddha, and Confucius held virtue in high regard. (We didn't mention Mohammad because Muslims do not erect statues.) We  can also infer that people who erected statues of Julius Caeser, Charlemagne, George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Robert E. Lee admired the leadership qualities of strength, honor, patriotism and courage. And even when scoundrels such as Winston Churchill, Franklin Demono Rosenfeld and Marxist Loser King are set in stone, bronze or plaster for the boobs to kneel and worship before, those artistic abominations are at least based on the perception -- erroneous though it may be -- that those individuals were great and good.

But in recent years, the Marxist-Libtard Axis of Criminal Insanity has re-doubled its effort to tear down statues and monuments of "white men" associated with the old order. And the new idols being erected or still contemplated as replacements tell you a lot about where this sick society is headed.

Image result for statue thomas jefferson torn down Image result for statue robert e lee torn down Image result for statue andrew jackson torn down 

Under attack by the Left and on their way out --  1. Founder / President Thomas Jefferson // 2. General Robert E Lee // 3. General / President Andrew Jackson


The tearing down of statues and images of many of History's "dead White men" -- their places often taken by more "diverse" characters -- is really picking up pace across North America and Europe. In time, much like the current-day common mis-perceptions of ancient Egypt and India, future generations will naturally assume that Western Civilization was built by brown and black folks -- with the exception of men like Sigmund Fraud (cough cough), Albert Einstein (cough cough), Jonas Salk (cough cough), of course. That's bad enough; but now come the early rumblings for the "immortalizing" of sodomites, bull-dykes and trannies in Jew York.

From the article:

"Virtually nonexistent among the city’s monuments, L.G.B.T.Q. men and women have made outsize contributions to New York’s identity. It is long past time they were put on a pedestal."

The fact that "the paper of record" is heralding the idea as a "trial baloon" actually means that the matter has already been decided. It's only a question of time now. Move over, George Washington -- the freaks are coming to take your place. Barf bags ready -- have a look at some of the demented and deceased characters that this twisted Slimes writer, Ginia Bellafante, wants to cast as idols for the century-to-come.



Tranny Communist (Young Lords Group) "Sylvia Rivera" /// Homosexual Communist (Communist Youth League) Bayard Rustin // "Artist" Keith Haring -- died of AIDS


We can talk about "economic recovery," the possible take-down of "The Deep State," and even the end of the New World Order conspiracy itself. But what does it all mean if the cancer which (((they))) injected into the societal bloodstream many years ago has already progressed to this point? With the schools, high academia, Hollyweird and even many "Christian" churches and "conservatives" now afflicted with -- or at least "tolerant" of -- this mass insanity and moral sickness, the death march of the West is, by now, even without the help of the Rothschilds, Soros, Sulzberger, U.N., et al. -- self-sustaining.
Trying to stay optimistic here, boys and girls -- but absent some serious and badly-needed bloodshed or outside intervention -- the future for our children / grandchildren (for the few of us who will ever even any grandchildren, given the crashing birth rates)  appears to be -- like the sick statues being contemplated -- "set in stone."
Image result for buttigieg married Image result for buttigieg marriedImage result for buttigieg time mag
The presidential hype surrounding "Mayor Pete" Buttifag and his "husband," Chasten Glezman (cough cough) is intended to position him for a future QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show). At the rate which today's youth are being corrupted, an openly faggot First Couple (Obongo and "Michelle" were closeted) seems to be a future inevitability.
Communist sodomite Pete Buttifag receives a standing ovation at a "town hall" meeting hosted by "conservative" FOX News for the "conservative" Republicans of New Hampshire.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read an opinion piece in the New York Times suggesting that some gay activists of the past ought to have statues erected in their honor.

Boobus Americanus 2: Society has progressed a lot. It was only about 35 years ago that gay bath houses were still being raided in New York City.


Drag to pan  Image result for bath houses raided

St. Sugar: Bring back the good ol' dayss of police raidss on fag bath housses!

Editor: The queers are untouchable now.


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Image result for hitler postage stamps Image result for hitler postage stamps



SATURDAY / MAY 18, 2019


Slimes Caption: The Mississippi River, which gushed into downtown Davenport, Iowa, at record levels two weeks ago, has finally retreated toward its banks

NY Times: In Flood-Hit Midwest, Mayors See Climate Change as a Subject Best Avoided


The "science" of Global Warming / Climate Change can sure get confusing at times. One day, the High Priests of Holy Academia warn us that manmade GW/CC is causing "record droughts" --
  • Headline: New York Times: (May 1, 2019): In a Warming World, Evidence of a Human ‘Fingerprint’ on Drought
Now today, just two weeks after that article, another Slimes headline declares:
  • In Flood-Hit Midwest, Mayors See Climate Change as a Subject Best Avoided
Drought? Flood? Does GW/CC cause too much rainfall, or too little? Make up your frickin' minds already! --- Oh. Wait a minute, boys and girls. The Globalist Slimes has an answer for this seeming contradiction as well. From just five months ago:
  • Headline: New York Times: (December 12, 2018: More Floods and More Droughts: Climate Change Delivers Both

Lying sons-of-bitches have all scenarios covered, including periods of normal rainfall which they will explain as by saying: "Don't confuse weather with climate."


Image result for global warming drought magazine cover Image result for global warming floods magazine coverImage result for fake scientist

Too dry? Blame GW/CC ---- Too wet? Blame GW/CC


Not only do the warmist con-artists have a manufactured explanation for any and all variations (or no variations) in rainfall; they play the same rhetorical tricks when it comes to temperatures and other weather factors. Some more headlines:


GW/CC causes hot weather

·       National Wildlife Federation: Global Warming and Heat Waves

 … and GW/CC also causes cold weather…

·       Scientific American: Global Warming Can Mean Harsher Winter Weather 



 GW/CC causes weaker winds …..

·       Scientific American: Climate Change May Mean Slower Winds

·       Live Science: Global Warming Weakens Trade Winds

 and GW/CC also causes stronger winds…

·       ABC (Australia): Global Warming: Australian scientists say strong winds in Pacific Behind pause in Rising Temperatures

·       University of California at Santa Cruz: Stronger coastal winds due to climate change may have far-reaching effects



GW/CC causes glaciers to melt … 

·       National Geographic: The Big Thaw: As climate warms, how much, and how quickly, will Earth's glaciers melt?

 and GW/CC also causes glaciers to expand …

·       National Geographic: Some Glaciers Growing Due to Climate Change, Study Suggests


Image result for global warming blizzard magazine cover Image result for global warming blizzard magazine cover
Too hot? Blame GW/CC ---- Too cold? Blame GW/CC -- Too many hurricanes? Blame GW/CC -- Not enough hurricanes? Blame GW/CC


GW/CC causes polar ice to melt …

·       Weather Underground: Arctic Sea Ice Decline

 … and GW/CC also causes polar ice to expand …

·       Nature: Ocean Warming May Be a Major Driver of Sea-Ice Expansion in the Antarctic




GW/CC causes low-lying atolls to disappear

·       United Nations University: Atoll islands and climate change: disappearing States?

 and GW/CC also causes atolls to reappear …

·       Telegraph (UK):  Pacific Islands Growing, Not Shrinking Due to Climate Change


GW/CC causes more hurricanes

·       UK Independent: Global Warming is Causing More Hurricanes

 And GW/CC also causes fewer hurricanes.

·       NASA: In a Warming World, the Storms May Be Fewer But Stronger


Image result for climate change magazine cover climate change polar ice  Image result for climate change magazine cover atolls
Disappearing Ice -- Reappearing Ice ///  Disappearing Atolls -- Reappearing Atolls---- Blame everything and anything on GW/CC.


You see, with warmist fake logic, no matter what happens, the warmist "scientists" and their co-conspirators in the complicit media have an explanation! It is heads, they win -- and tails, they also win. Future historians (in a more sane and honest age, we hope) will one day marvel at how so many "educated" people ever fell for this comical bullshit which -- given the geo-political implications of the scam -- is deadly serious, notwithstanding the side-splitting laughter it does induce.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the recent flooding in the mid-west is being attributed to Climate Change.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's strange. I recently read an article in New York Times blaming recent droughts on Climate Change.

Boobus Americanus 1: Climate Change actually causes both.


Drag to pan  Image result for climate bogeyman

St. Sugar: It'ss a frickin' hoax, you moron!

Editor: He really needs to click on the cover image of "Cimate Bogeyman" and order a copy.


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Image result for hitler postage stamps Image result for hitler postage stamps



THURSDAY / MAY 16, 2019


NY Times: Trump Tells Pentagon Chief He Does Not Want War With Iran


Oh ye small handful of Anti-New York Times readers of little faith! Time and time and time again, "The Editorial Board" has explained how Trump threatens war in order to conceal the fact that he is making peace. How many times have we seen him whet the appetite of the Globalist ghouls and Zionist fools with his deranged-sounding threats of war? In so doing, Trump puts himself at the head of the War Party before "pulling the rug out" from beneath the feet of the excited warmongers -- every -- single -- time. So, relax "youse guys." We are not going to war with Iran for the sake of Bibi Satanyahoo.

And yet, a few insulting E-mails trickle in every time Trump makes this strategic play. Amazing. Now, what makes us so sure that Trump -- in spite of his revolting (though politically necessary) embrace of Satanyahoo -- has no intention of going to war with Iran? The lessons of history -- very recent history. Let us review.


Image result for trump dove Related imageImage result for trump warmonger

Trump has always been a "dove" (picture from 1983) -- but for the strategic purpose of outmaneuvering the warmongers, he must often pose as a psycho warmonger himself.


Syria: 2017

After the "Deep State" staged a phony "poison gas" attack which the Fake News dutifully blamed upon Dr. Assad, Trump -- who knew the "attacks" were staged -- tweeted that Assad was an "animal" who killed children. Then, what does Trump do? He alerts the Russians who in turn alerts Assad, that he was about to launch missiles at an empty location. The War Party cheered what they believed would be the final push to remove Assad -- as Trump then did nothing else while the Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah finished off CIA / Mossad "ISIS."


North Korea: 2017 - 18

During the 2016 campaign and the period before his inauguration, Trump was mocked and ridiculed for stating, on several occasions, that he would like to meet with Lil Kim of North Korea and establish good relations between him and the U.S. The War Party wanted none of that idea! So what does Trump do? He threatens North Korea with "fire and fury" and calls out Kim as "Rocket Man" before the United Nations. Then, just as certain warmongers within his own party and the Fake News were falling in line behind "warmonger" Trump, he announces a meeting with Kim in Singapore -- one from which he would emerge and say, "We fell in love."

Image result for trump animal assad  Image result for trump rocket man

Trump must have been laughing as he fooled the warmongers with his purposely ridiculous "Rocket Man" and "Animal Assad" tweets and statements.


Venezuela: 2019

The Globalists and neo-cons have wanted a "regime change" in Venezuela for a long time. The Latin American nation's great sin is not its socialist domestic policies, but rather, its fierce defense of sovereignty in the face of Globalist schemes to unite South America. So, what does Trump do? By publicly threatening to remove VZ President Nicolas Maduro, while "endorsing" a rival named Juan Guaido, Trump make Maduro more popular than ever. The people come to view Guaido as a CIA traitor and his movement quickly fizzled. You can be sure that Trump knew what he was doing all along when he publicly called for a coup in VZ.
Iran: 2019
While claiming that "all options are on the table," peacemaker Trump has again placed himself at the head of the "get Iran" movement. From this position, he will again de-activate another hot-spot -- leaving Satanyahoo and the Israel Lobby with another case of "blue balls." Indeed, even this article, as well as others in the Piranha Press, are already realizing that Trump isn't serious about going to war with Iran. In fact, don't be surprised if the end-result of this latest "crisis" will be a friendly meeting between Trump and the Iranians --- maybe next year.
If and when Trump ever starts an actual war, we will be the first to abandon him. But he is not going to. Bet on it.


Image result for trump with   wife Guaido Image result for trump with    Guaido Image result for trump iran

1. Knowing very well that it would actually strengthen Maduro, Trump invited Juan Guaido's wife to the White House while calling for a coup and even threatening a military invasion of VZ! // 2. Chess-master Trump sent Pence to Columbia to meet with Guaido. This further painted Guaido as a traitor in the eyes of most Venezuelans. // 3. Trump vs Iran -- The same old clever trick of threatening war while making peace.



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is saying that he does not want a war with Iran.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don't buy that. Trump seems hell-bent on starting a new war every month.


Editor: I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and again. Wake me up when Trump actually takes us to war.


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Image result for hitler postage stamps Image result for hitler postage stamps



TUESDAY / MAY 14, 2019


Image result for ‘This Is All We Can Afford’: Shrinking Lives in the English Countryside

NY Times: ‘This Is All We Can Afford’: Shrinking Lives in the English Countryside
In Cumbria, a bucolic landscape masks growing poverty and isolation.


Poor Unjolly Old England. It wasn't all that long ago that this island seat of a vast global empire which -- for all its heavy handedness and exploitation -- brought stability, civilization and progress to much of the Turd World. But today, the conquerer is now the conquered -- a pathetic captive province of the communistic European Union (three bloody long years since the "Brexit" vote and still no action!) mired in moral degeneracy, weighed down with crushing levels of debt; taxation and regulation: and, as a result, plagued with deepening poverty rates for many of its Aryan natives.
Of course, the article blames the despair of the featured English townspeople as the result of "austerity" budget cuts put in place by England's "Conservative" Party. But a close reading between the lines of this sad story about the sad lives of the mostly older rural residents of the northwest county of Cumbria offers us a hint of the related true "root causes" of the decline of Cumbria and greater England as a whole, namely, an aging population (due to decades of low birth rates) and no jobs -- the standard rotten social and economic fruits of Marxism / libtardism.
Image result for Cumbria County Scenic Cumbria County, England  -- no place for old or young men.
More and more, modern England, much like the rest of the dying West, is beginning to resemble the England of George Orwell's "Oceania" from his classic 1949 novel titled, "1984." Orwell's nightmarish vision of the future depicts a sick society in which the ruling elites acclimate the impoverished masses ("proles") to their wretched state by the deliberate promotion of immorality, alcoholism and unremitting propaganda. Orwell's spooky foresight was either one of great intuition -- or, perhaps he knew the playbook in advance. At a time when the English were still famed for being "prim and proper" -- Orwell, in Part 1, Chapter 7, prophesied the following for how the "proles" of "Oceania" would be dumbed-down, demoralized and controlled.
"Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they (the proles) had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern... They were born, they grew up in the gutters... petty quarrels with neighbours, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling, filled up the horizon of their minds.
To keep them in control was not difficult. A few agents of the Thought Police moved always among them, ... marking down and eliminating the few individuals who were judged capable of becoming dangerous; but no attempt was made to indoctrinate them with the ideology of the Party. It was not desirable that the proles should have strong political feelings. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary.
And even when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. The larger evils invariably escaped their notice. .... Even the civil police interfered with them very little. There was a vast amount of criminality in London, a whole world-within-a-world of thieves, bandits, prostitutes, drug-peddlers, and racketeers of every description; but since it all happened among the proles themselves, it was of no importance. In all questions of morals they were allowed to follow their ancestral code."
Mr. Orwell nailed it, didn't he? 
Image result for george orwell  (
Image result for london soccer hooligans Image result for london ladettes drunk Image result for teresa may
1. Football fanatics // 2. Slutty slovenly childless "ladettes" of England // 3. A nasty Globalist Party wench of a "Prime Minister" who cares more about "migrants" than impoverished Englishmen.
No analysis of the sorry state of England is complete without again revisiting one of the main historical themes of TomatoBubble.com -- World War II, aka "The Bad War." You see, by being on the "winning" side of an expensive and bloody conflict imposed upon innocent Germany by the Jewish bankers and their worldwide henchmen (Churchill being foremost among them) -- Britain, by design, soon found itself broke and internationalized under the oppressive leftist yoke of a regionalized tyranny which later became the European Union. The Great One (that's Hitler for all you newbies & normies) stood firmly in opposition to this global scheme. And that is why, in spite of his repeated and sincere offers of peace and friendship to England, British traitors such as that drunken, closet homosexual swine Churchill, in service to his true masters (cough cough), drove the British Empire into war and eventual dissolution.
Let's let the great protagonists, The Great One and The British Mad Dog, confirm this historical reality in their own respective words:
The Great One (1940):
"Yes, the German people used to live in a democracy, and had been plundered and squeezed dry. No, what does democracy or authoritarian state mean for these international hyenas? They’re not interested in either! They are interested in only one thing: Is anyone willing to let themselves be plundered, yes or no? Is anyone stupid enough to keep quiet in the process, yes or no? And when a democracy is stupid enough to keep quiet, then it is good! And when an authoritarian government declares: “You do not plunder our people any longer, neither from the inside or outside!” then that is bad."
The British Mad Dog / 1949:
"We must recreate the European family in a regional structure called it may be the United States of Europe. ... If at first, all the states of Europe are not willing or able to join the union, we must nevertheless proceed assemble and combine those who will and those who can. .... "This indispensable structure of regional groupings is coming into being. ... In this way alone, can the skeletal structure of world government be clothed with the flesh and blood of a living organism and the acts of state be confirmed by the passionate heartbeats of millions of men."
Unfortunately, the "international hyenas," which The Great One warned about and fought against, ultimately prevailed in that horrible war -- and that, dear reader, is why the people of Cumbria County, England are suffering today. And it is also why "The Bad War" (by yours truly) and The British Mad Dog (also by yours truly) were both banned by Amazon after several years of strong sales.
Image result for the british mad dog
Both banned by Amazon, but still available at TomatoBubble -- HERE


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about how -- because of Conservative Party budget cuts -- things are getting really bad in some areas of England

Boobus Americanus 2: Conservatives --- bad.


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St. Sugar: Editor: The frickin' commiess and their libtard dupess always blame their own failures on "conservatives."

Editor: In Europe, "conservatives" are actually junior Marxists. It's all part of the show put on for the "proles."


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MONDAY / MAY 13, 2019


 Posters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for this month’s European Parliament elections. Populists expect a strong showing.
NY Times: Russia Is Targeting Europe’s Elections. So Are Far-Right Copycats


Matt Apuzzo and Adam Satariano -- a pair of Slimes scribblers with Italian surnames -- have truly lived up to the meaning of the sound of those names with this latest pile of anti-Russian dogshit. The word "puzzo" translates directly to "I stink." And Satariano seems to combine the Italian word "satira" (satire) with "ano" (anus). One "stinks" and the other is a "satirical asshole." Yeah, that's about right. How fitting! (Italian to English Translator: here)

Apuzzo is a 2-time "Pultizer Prize winning" "investigative journalist" based in the Globalist city of Brussels; and Satariano, also based in Europe (London) covers technology. Stinky & Asshole both have that faggotity-ass look about them (having worked in New York City, Mike King's "gaydar" detection system has a 91.7% accuracy rate).

Let's have a wee bit of a sniff of this devious duo's anal stink and see if we can spruce it up with some rebutting pine spray:

Image result for matt apuzzo Image result for Adam Satariano Image result for putin hack elections
1 &2. Concerned over the coming EU elections, Stinker (left) & Satirical Asshole crap out a real anti-Russian stinker of "investigative journalism." // 3. Putin "hacking" EU elections with anonymous Facebook posts, tweets and websites.

Stinky & Asshole: Less than two weeks before pivotal elections for the "European Parliament," a constellation of websites and social media accounts linked to Russia or far-right groups is spreading disinformation

Rebuttal: Anyone, anyplace, anytime on this planet can start up a website or social media account under any identity. How exactly does this give the "far right" any type of unfair advantage and, more importantly, on what basis have you two stinkers determined that this activity is "linked to Russia ?"

Stinky & Asshole: European Union investigators, academics and advocacy groups say the new disinformation efforts share many of the same digital fingerprints or tactics used in previous Russian attacks.....

Translation: European Union investigators, academics and advocacy groups = Commie Globalists, Commie Globalists and Commie Globalists. Sorry stinkers. Fewer and fewer people trust these deceitful criminals anymore, which happens to be the real reason why the "far right" is expected to do very well in the coming EU elections.

Got anything more substantive to show us?

Stinky & Asshole: Fringe political commentary sites in Italy, for instance, bear the same electronic signatures as pro-Kremlin websites.

Rebuttal: What exactly do you malodorous mental midgets mean by "electronic signatures?" Could youse gals be more specific?

The very lengthy and very boring article neither defines nor details what these "signatures!" are because Stink & Stinkier know that most Slimes-worshipping boobs neither read nor think critically.

Image result for salvini and putin Image result for mussolini
1 & 2. Matteo Salvini, Italy’s "right-wing"deputy prime minister, is attacked for being "pro-Russian." // 3. Notwithstanding the fact that his misadventures cost his German allies dearly during World War II, Italy sure could use a man like Benito Mussolini again.


Stinky & Asshole: The activity offers fresh evidence that despite indictments, expulsions and recriminations, Russia remains undeterred in its campaign to widen political divisions and weaken Western institutions.

Rebuttal: What "activity?" What "fresh evidence?" Be specific! ---- See how the rhetorical scam works, boys and girls?

The Bolshevik butt-boys put out a claim of "Russian interference" ™ -- then cite their cherry-picked experts to support the claim -- then speak of, without actually defining, "electronic signatures" -- and then they build upon the original fake foundation (Existential Fallacy) as if it were an established fact.

Stinky & Asshole: Russia remains a driving force, but researchers also discovered...

Rebuttal: "Researchers," eh? (rolling eyes sarcastically)

Stinky & Asshole: ... numerous copycats, particularly on the far right. Those groups often echo Kremlin talking points....

Rebuttal: Oooh -- "far right" keyboard warriors are posting unapproved "talking points" on social media. So scaaary! Evidently, communists and libtards don't talk politics on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Stinky & Asshole: Investigators are confident, however,

Rebuttal:  "Investigators," eh? (rolling eyes sarcastically) --- Who exactly are these "researchers" and "investigators?"

Stinky & Asshole: Advance Democracy, recently flagged a number of suspicious websites and social media accounts ....
Rebuttal: "Advance Democracy," eh? Never heard of them. Be right back, boys and girls --- gonna Google these sons-of-bitches. Sight unseen -- how much "youse guys" wanna bet this fake advocacy group is part of the Soros constellation of criminals?
Image result for minute glass
OK, back -- From "The Daily Caller" (3-13-2019)

"A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation found that a multi-billion dollar charity backed by Silicon Valley tech titans donated $500,000 (Advance Democracy) last year. The staffer operates a similar charity called The Democracy Integrity Project, which receives funding from George Soros." (here)
Told you so! (Youse can pay up at my GoFundMe page-- here)
Stinky & Asshole: ... to law enforcement authorities.

Rebuttal: Wow! A Soros-owned gang is ratting Internet posters out to "law enforcement authorities." --- Ah, thank Papa Satan for the glorious "liberation" of Europe which began on D-Day, 1944, eh? Without that "sacrifice," Europeans would not have free political speech today. (rolling eyes sarcastically).

Stinky & Asshole: Conspiracy theories are peddled freely, including that last month’s Notre-Dame fire was the work of ....  a spy agency, or an elite cabal that secretly runs the world.

Rebuttal: Oh there's no doubt about that Notre Dame arson, stinksters! I suppose that thought criminal Mike King here won't be traveling to the EUSSR anytime soon.

Stinky & Asshole: (quoting some other sanctimonious ass-clown): "They’re working to destroy everything that was built post-World War II.”

Rebuttal: We can only hope and pray. Not only was that bloodbath truly "The Bad War" -- but it's 70-year-aftermath has inflicted even more damage upon Europe and the world. Death to the New World Order!
Image result for un imf natoImage result for imf
1. The Fire of Notre Dame "conspiracy theories" ™ are circulating online. Alert the "authorities!" // 2 & 3. Post-World War II structures such as the U.N. and the I.M.F. (just to name a few) were set up to trap the whole planet inside of a global jail cell. Many people in Europe are waking up to this fact --- and its got Stinky & Asshole worried.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Russia and other far-right copycats are plotting to influence the upcoming European elections.

Boobus Americanus 2: Putin -- bad. Far Right copycats -- bad.


Drag to pan Image result for machine gun cat animated gif

St. Sugar: Thiss cat don't need to copy nobody'ss Internet tacticss. Sscrew that! I would jusst frickin' machine-gun at least 50,000 of these Globalisst sonss-of-bitchess.

Editor: Righteous fire from heaven. Rain it down baby girl!


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SATURDAY / MAY 11, 2019


 NY Times: A.N.C. Leads in South Africa Election, as Voters Give Party ‘One Last Chance’


During the now quarter of a century since the Globalist-Marxist induced dismantling of "Apartheid" in South Africa and its first open election, the corrupt and incompetent African National Congress (ANC) has won every election since. As with the shit-hole state of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) -- the rallying cry of "one man - one vote" could be amended to include "one party, forever."

Under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa, as it was under the leadership of his predecessor Jacob Zuma; as it was under the leadership of his predecessor Kgalema Motlanthe; as it was under the leadership of his predecessor Thabo Mbeki; as it was under  the leadership of his predecessor, the sainted murderous terrorist Nelson Mandela -- the once thriving, White-ruled South Africa has continued its descent into the economic, cultural and political hell-on-Earth.

Image result for thabo mbeki Image result for zuma


1. Mbeki // 2. Zuma // 3. Ramaphosa


Oh the upper and upper middle classes (both Blacks and Whites) are doing well enough; but for a large percentage of everyday folks (both Blacks and Whites) the "new South Africa" has become a cesspool of permanent high crime, permanent  high unemployment, permanent high levels of big game poaching, a permanent AIDS epidemic, and a permanant wave of brutal torture-murders aimed at White farmers.

With a record of failure like that, one would think that Boobus South Africanus would have voted the ANC losers out by now. Though there are indeed some Blacks not afraid to openly say that life was better for all under Apartheid, the majority, to their own detriment remain under the Marxist spell -- voting ANC as faithfully and as blindly as Boobus Blackus Americanus votes for Demonrats.


Image result for farm murders Related image Related image

The Judenpresse, which moans and groans over every incident of alleged "racism," remains deaf, dumb and blind to South Africa's never-ending farm murder crisis -- as well as the nation's Chicago-like Black-on-Black murder rate.


Because "democracy" gave every illiterate, 60's IQ slum-dweller and his mother the "right" to vote for Communist filth... over and over and over again, the Marxist Black government of South Africa, in spite of presiding over a resource-rich nation and a skilled class of White professionals and administrators, has utterly failed its people -- Blacks included. Thousands of White farmers and their families who have been murdered, and hundreds-of-thousands of middle class Whites have been kicked out of their jobs due to strict quotas which favor Blacks. As a result, about 500,000 Whites have been forced into squatter camps.

It's a damn crying shame what (((they))) did to South Africa. Yes, boys and girls, it's true. The ANC's original founders and owners were neither Zulu nor Xhosa, but Khazar chosenites. Working hand-in-hand with their public-opinion-shaping brethren who control the western Piranha Press, it was these hate-filled Marxist Jews that put the big bad "White Man" of South Africa under the oppressive thumb of their ANC house-Negroes -- a dress rehearsal for what (((they))) ultimately have planned for the United States, Europe and all other outposts of European origin.


https://nationalvanguard.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Winnie_Mandela_Nelson_Mandela_Yossel_Joe_Slovo_hammer_and_sickle_red_star_flag_banner.jpg https://static01.nyt.com/images/2017/10/13/business/00APARTHEID-5/00APARTHEID-5-superJumbo.jpg https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/ad_197581640-e1456390036615.jpg?quality=80&strip=all&strip=all

1. Nelson Mandela and SA Communist Party boss Joe Slovo (cough cough) 2 & 3. Their anti-White triumph has brought misery to many Blacks and Whites.


Dirt poor and prisoners to crime, South Africa's genius voting majority lines up to keep the ANC in perpetual power.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the African National Congress won another election in South Africa.

Boobus Americanus 2: South Africa has made such great progress since the end of Apartheid.


Drag to pan

St. Sugar: Yess it has Boobuss! Of the "G-20" nationss, Ssouth Africa rankss firsst in crime, firsst in unemployment, firsst in AIDS.

Editor: To a libtard, that's progress indeed.


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FRIDAY / MAY 10, 2019


 NY Times (Op-Ed): Donald Trump, King of the Losers
NY Times (Letters): What We’ve Learned From Trump’s Taxes -- Readers Discuss His Decade of Huge Losses



As a "big picture" thinking man's publication, The Anti-New York Times tries to avoid getting drawn into the gossipy "Red Team" vs "Blue Team" childishness that so captivates the respective camp followers of "conservative" media (FOX, AM Talk Radio, Drudge) and Marxist / Libtard media (all the rest). And that's what this latest nonsense regarding Trump's real estate "losses" during the late 1980's / early 90's is all about. We'll bite on this one only because the attack is so silly and petty that it offers us a "teachable moment" for demonstrating what a useless and biased propaganda sheet that "the paper of record" truly is. From the Op-Ed article, by Gail Collins (cough cough)

"Hard to believe, but it seems Donald Trump was an even worse businessman than we thought. Thanks to Times reporters Russ Buettner and Susanne Craig, we’ve learned that Trump’s old tax records show that ... in 1990 and 1991 he had losses of over $250 million a year."

Apart from the fact that every real estate mogul took a dive when the market crashed in the late 80's; and apart from the fact that smart businessmen (and their clever accountants) know how to structure matters so that "losses" will reduce tax liabilities; the seditious scum at Sulzberger's Slimes -- none of whom have even so much as run a childhood lemonade stand -- seem to miss the overall long term reality of Trump having multiplied his father's fortune many times over. If a baseball team, over the course of a 162-game season, loses a string of 8 games consecutively, but then goes on to win the division title and then the World Series Championship, would we focus on the success, or that aberrational losing streak? What a pack of demented dumb-asses!


Image result for gail collins Image result for Russ Buettner times Image result for Susanne Craig times


1. The lovely and glamorous Gail Collins. // 2. Russ Buettner // 3. "Pulitzer Prize winner" Susanne Craig (bitch looks like "The Bride of Frankenstein")


The Slimes' scribblers and their idiot letters-to-the-Editor groupies should be less concerned with Trump's "losses" of $250 Million of his own money, and more concerned with the far more substantial losses of our money. Where were the Slime's "investigative journalists" when George Bush 43 wasted $6 TRILLION of our taxpayer dollars paying for a fraudulent war which the Slimes enthusiastically propagandized for and cheered on -- not to mention the spilled blood and suffering?
And where was the snide mockery when Barack Obongo -- that human shit-stain upon the fraying fabric of American history -- lost, in a single year, $1 TRILLION of our taxpayers dollars paying for a fraudulent "stimulus package" which not only had zero effect upon the depressed economy of 2009 -- but automatically increased future wasteful budgets by trillions (through "baseline budgeting") for the remainder of the recessionary decade which followed. The evil lying deceivers at the Slimes cheered those destructive economic policies as well.
Image result for iraq war bushImage result for iraq war money lostImage result for obama stimulus
The 16 year reign of ruin of Bush-Obongo lost us many TRILLIONS in lost taxpayers dollars with Slimes-supported banker bailouts, stimulus schemes, wars and proxy wars. But let's all focus on Trump's "losses" as a private businessman. 
In closing this rebuttal of these ridiculous writings, let us enlist the assistance of -- irony of ironies and hypocrisy of hypocrisies -- the New York Slimes itself! From an October 25, 1995 pro-Trump puff-piece titled, "Crowning the Comeback King," by Brett Pully.
"Though there are still four years to go in the 90's, business and government leaders in New York honored Donald J. Trump yesterday for pulling off what they called "the comeback of the decade."
Mr. Trump, the developer who came to epitomize opulent wealth during the 80's before tumbling into deep financial trouble, has managed to erase much of his debt and is moving ahead with major projects at a time other developers are idling. .... the operative word at the luncheon was "comeback."  ... In addition to his real estate ventures, revenues are strong throughout the casino business."
You and your gang of greaseballs are busted, Sulzberger! And there are other pro-Trump love letters which had appeared in old issues of the Slimes. You see, before Trump turned political, the Slimes praised "The Comeback King" as a smart businessman. But now, in the eyes of the Fake News, billionaire Trump was a failed businessman?
The article as it originally appeared. Image result for trump 1990's Image result for trump 1990's
1. Hoisted on their own petard! (blown up by their own bomb) -- The NY Times of October 25, 1995 praises Trump's recovery from the market-wide real estate crash.  // 2. 1990's -- Trump was invited to share his wisdom before a Congressional Committee. Now, we are told, that he is stupid? // 3. Even Fake News CNN admired him during the 90's.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump lost a lot of money in the late 80's and early 90's.

Boobus Americanus 2: Hmmm. Perhaps he's not such a successful businessman after all.


Drag to pan

St. Sugar: Ya wanna compare your net worth to his, Boobuss?

Editor: Nice job digging up that old Slimes article praising Trump's comeback.


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Slimes Caption: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub, center,  was a survivor of the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps


 NY Times: Menachem Mendel Taub, Grand Rabbi and Holocaust Survivor, Dies at 96


Yet another of the many millions of Holohoax "survivors" has died. This one was a high-profile Hasidic rabbi. The usual printed crap, from the article:

"Alone among the grand rabbis of the Hasidic world, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub had no ample beard, just a few short wisps of facial hair framed by long sidelocks. He could not produce children, and his voice had a higher pitch than that of his rabbinical counterparts.

Those traits testified to his torturous ordeal as an inmate in Auschwitz, where the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele subjected him and hundreds of other Jews and Gypsies to macabre experiments designed to tinker with their genetic heredity and thus prove the supremacy of the Aryan race.


(Palm to face, sighing, shaking head)

Image result for mengele Image result for Menachem Mendel Taub

1. The "notorious" Dr. Josef Mengele was actually an honorable SS doctor who saved lives at Bullschwitz -- not took them! // 2. The beardless rabbi has a high-pitched voice and shoots blanks -- traits which he deceitfully blamed on Mengele's "experiments."


More about the rancid rabbi and other "survivors" --


"He published a collection of more than 500 first-person accounts by Holocaust survivors."


How did so many chosenites manage to "survive" an extermination program? Do "youse guys" realize how simple it would have been to mass murder 100% of the inmates already in captivity? Ya know, the ANYT is so sick and tired of rebutting this fable with logic and facts. So today, let's lighten things up a bit with a fun parody that composer Mike just whipped up for your entertainment. Cue up the music for Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" from the era of "disco" music. Apologies to a few of you foreigners and young ones who may not be familiar with the very popular and still often-played song from 1978. (original Gloria Gaynor version -- here)




Oy vey I vaz afraid, I vaz petrified

Kept thinking how zee evil Nazis vaz gonna skin my hide

But then at Auschvitz vee played soccer and sang a Yiddish song

And I grew strong

Jew propaganda vaz so wrong

And now he’s back

From the master race

Adolf Hitler neath’ my bed with scary mustache on his face

Aryan persecution never ends -- another genocide decree

Those Nazis have come back to pour Zyklon gas down on me

Go on now, go, shut zee gas-chamber door

Just turn around now

Cause you're not velcome anymore

Veren't you the one who tried to gas me so I’d die

Of course it’s bullshit

Did you not think that I vould lie?

Oh my my, I vill survive

Oh, as long as I know how to lie, the hoax will stay alive

I've got lots of shekels I can give

And you know I von’t forgive, and I'll survive

I vill survive, oy vey

Image result for laughing jew animated gif Image result for i will survive Related image

1. Rabbi got a kick out of the new version. // 2. I hope Ms. Gaynor won't mind. // 3. The Great One "cuttin' the rug" to 1970's disco.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a Hasidic rabbi who had survived Dr. Mengele's experiments has passed away. Mengele left him sterile.

Boobus Americanus 2: Nazis bad.


Drag to pan

St. Sugar: Been here four and a half monthss now -- and have yet to sseee a ssingle one of these crazed sside-locked "men-of-God" yet!

Editor: Still missing you and grand pop a lot, baby girl. What a sad Christmas that was.


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TUESDAY / MAY 7, 2019



Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York meets with people at a coffee shop in Iowa, last month.

 NY Times: Asked if a Woman Can Win, 2020 Candidates Offer an Easy Answer: ‘I Have’


A century and a half ago, the legendary British Queen Victoria was negligently foolish (or perhaps hopelessly powerless?) to have allowed Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (cough cough) to sow the seeds for Europe's mutually destructive future World Wars. (See Planet Rothschild - here) That said, she was indeed spot-on with her observation about the dangerous folly of allowing women to enter Parliament and eventually lord over de-balled men. Here's what "her highness" had to say about the early "women's / suffragette movement" in 1870:

"I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of "Women's Rights", with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to "unsex" themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection. I love peace and quiet, I hate politics and turmoil. We women are not made for governing, and if we are good women, we must dislike these masculine occupations."

Tell it, Vickie. Tell it!


The Frumpy Frau
Killary Rotten Clinton 
Prime Minister Theresa May


 Prime Minister Beata Szydlo


Prime Minister Erna "Regrigerator" Solberg



Christine Lagarde - IMF Director

(possible tranny)



Senator Susan Collins



Senator Lisa Murkowski



Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi



Rep. Maxine Waters
Related image
Senator Kamala Harris
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
(Ex- President, Argentina)



Senator Elizabeth Warren
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Ex-Chairwoman, Democrat Party


Senator Tammy Baldwin

(open lesbian)



Yikes! What a ghastly gallery of ghoulish gals. And plenty more out there all across the demented and de-balled "West" and its subsidiaries.

The 2020 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) which is fast-approaching will also coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Abortion, er, "Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution -- an historical abomination which prohibits all individual states of the Union from denying our lovable emotion-driven womenfolk the "right" to vote. As Karl Marx and then-president Woodrow Wilson had intended and envisioned, the feminized electorate, in accordance with a woman's God-given soft instinct to nurture, has steadily pushed us more and more towards an all-powerful and suffocating cradle-to-grave "nanny-state." Female sentiments make for good mothers, but not for good government. Manly liberty and womanly nanny-statism will forever be incompatible concepts.

Granting the fairer sex the "right" to be more easily conned and manipulated into voting for scoundrels, self-anointed do-gooders and communists was bad enough. In due time, loony ladies from coast to coast began running for office. The plague spread to the point where we almost elected a horrid she-devil as president in 2016. Dear ladies -- we menfolk are perfectly capable of ruining a "democracy" on our own. Instead of running for political office, why don't youse gals run along home, make babies with a husband, and bake us up some cookies, eh? That is where a happy and healthy society needs you; and that is what the Creator designed you for to be content and happy.

Image result for mother baking cookies for children Related image Image result for mother baking cookies for children

Though the modern debt-based economy may not always allow for it, women who devote themselves full-time to husband, home and kids tend to be far more gratified than burnt out "career women" and bitchy female politicians.


Despite its Jewishness and some of its blood-lust, there is still a lot of rock-solid virtue and wisdom to be found in the Old Testament pages of "the good book." One passage in particular applies just about perfectly to this alarming political situation. From Isaiah, Chapter 3: Verse 1:

"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths."

Tell it Isaiah. Tell it!

Image result for woodrow wilson Image result for rip up u s constitution Image result for women suffrage
In addition to prolonging World War I, Jew-puppet Demonrat Woodrow Wilson endorsed and presided over a flurry of Congressional Acts and Constitutional Amendments which fundamentally altered the American system for the worse -- (Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax (16th Amendment), Direct Election of U.S. Senators (17th Amendment) and Women's Voting Rights (19th Amendment)


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a lot of women are running for president on the Democrat side.

Boobus Americanus 2: I think it's time for the first female president.



Drag to pan Image result for obama effeminate
 St. Sugar: Actually, Boobuss. You essentially already had one with that frickin' faggot Obongo!
Editor: No doubt about that one.


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MONDAY / MAY 6, 2019



 NY Times: Dr. Ruth Says ‘Make Time’ for Sex. Millennials, She’s Looking at You.


Amazing. She is going on 91 years of age and this putrid little yenta hag is still graphically yapping away about sex, sex, and sex. From the soft-pornographic opening of the Slimes article / interview:

"People didn’t talk much about sex in the 1980s — at least not openly. So when a pint-size former Israeli sniper with a thick German accent began saying things like “premature ejaculation” and enter “from behind” on local radio — and later, television — people listened.

Now almost 91, Dr. Ruth Westheimer is the subject of a new documentary, “Ask Dr. Ruth,” chronicling her journey from German-Jewish refugee of the Holocaust to the celebrity sex therapist we know today. ... She’s on the board of the Museum of Jewish Heritage (her pitch to donors: “You get good sex for the rest of your life”), teaches two college courses, attends opera and concerts and is active on Twitter."

So, the 4' 7" demonette is still pitching sex obsession and now, Jewish heritage / Holocaustianity --- a Jew twofer (two for one deal).

Image result for dr ruthImage result for dr ruth 

The Marxist mantra of an insane yenta: "sex sex sex --- sex sex sex -- sex sex sex."


One of the questions asked in the Slimes interview was about pornography -- specifically, whether or not Dr. Ruth approved of it. Her answer was basically "yes and no." She approves of porn if people enjoy it, but then added that she had some reservations about it as well. And just when one might think that this wretched little troll might actually possess an ounce of decency, can you guess the reason why part of her opposes pornography? Exploitation of young females? No -- Porn addiction? No. -- Incitement to rape women? No. Destruction of marriages and families? No. Cheapening of sexuality? No. Contribution to births out-of-wedlock? No. Spread of venereal diseases? No. It's none of that. The reason why Dr. Ruth is conflicted about pornography is because -- (and this is not a joke) -- she worries that porn videos are giving viewers unrealistic portrayals of penis-sizes and female orgasms! (here)

During the early days of pre-Israel, the diminutive little devil served in the terrorist "Hagannah" organization as a sniper and, according to her own admission, had her first sexual encounter in a haystack, at age 17, without contraception. Always classy, weren't you Ruthie? Westheimer then went on to study psychology in France and sociology in the United States. With a research focus on "sexuality," the perverted professorette went on to teach at several universities and also worked for the abortion-loving, baby-part selling Planned Parenthood.  In 1980, her media career began with her radio show, Sexually Speaking, which ran until 1990.  During her amazing run, Dr. Ruth also hosted TV shows on cable television and authored 40 books on sex and sexuality. Sex and money, with a bit of Holohoaxing thrown in just to add some flavor. How quintessentially Jewish!


Image result for dr ruth booksRelated imageImage result for dr ruth books

sex sex sex -- money money money -- sex sex sex -- money money money -- sex sex sex -- money money money -- 


The social situation of the 1980's, though not nearly as bad as it is today, wasn't exactly the Victorian Era of propriety either. And yet, even by the worsening standards of the day, the explicit sexual talk that flowed out of this filthy little dwarf's mouth was shocking to hear. While hiding behind the protective pseudo-scientific shields of "sex therapy" and "safe sex," this daughter-of-hell casually spoke to millions of impressionable young people about penises, clitorises, anuses, rectums, masturbation, erections, orgasms, ejaculations, vibrators, oral, anal, bondage, lubricants, threesomes and on and on and on.

For the very few schooled in the Jewish arts, it was obvious that Dr. Ruth delighted in pouring her perversion into the public well of the Christian "goyim." But owing to her status as a "doctor," many feeble-minded listeners and readers took her gibberish as if it were some sort of sound medical advice. The old yenta whore will go to her grave talking about sex -- sex -- sex. Her new gig is to urge senior citizens and millennials to have more sex. The trick for seniors, according to her, is to "engage in sex in the morning because the testosterone level is highest in the morning."


Image result for dr ruth sexually speaking Image result for dr ruth teens and sex Image result for dr ruth sexually speaking

Dr. Ruth's radio show and sex books raked in many millions of dollars by peddling verbal pornography under the guise of academically accredited "sexology."


This Jewish-Marxist fixation on sexuality is nothing new. It's actually what Sigmund Freud (cough cough) is all about; and those who understand the 120-year-old Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion will surely recognize the following motive set forth in those fascinating documents that so captivated Henry Ford:

"The peoples of the goyim are bemused with alcoholic liquors; their youth has grown stupid on classicism and from early immorality, into which it has been inducted by our special agents ...We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the GOYIM." 

For a more contemporary, and truly astonishing, self-admission of promoting perversion, we refer you to the Israeli journal, Haaretz:


Image result for Haaretz


Headline: Haaretz: (February 3, 2014)

'Dirty Jews' and the Christian Right

Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America's powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity. In a tidy coincidence, two separate videos went viral last week, demonstrating that American Jews’ love affair with obscenity is still going strong..... (here)


Understanding the cultural phenomenon that was the nasty swine "Dr. Ruth" is all very simple, boys and girls. You see, when you promote wild promiscuity to the masses, the traditional intuition of marriage and its associated family structure must fade away in due time. As the population of children born to single promiscuous mothers -- along with the number of children of the many divorces caused by extra-marital affairs and pornography addiction -- grows and grows; so too does the level of economic dependency upon the all-mighty state. That's very bad for civil society, but it's very good for those who seek to engineer a degraded, demoralized, alienated, depressed and dumbed-down humanity (aka Marx's "proletariat") that can be easily controlled and herded into the voting booth.


Image result for sigmund freud  Image result for larry david sex Image result for sarah silverman grabs ass

 Sigmund Fraud (cough cough), Larry David (cough cough), Sarah Silverman (cough cough)
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Howard Stern (cough cough), Harvey Weinstein (cough cough), Sumner Redstone (cough cough)



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Dr. Ruth is still going strong and talking promoting sex into her 90's.

Boobus Americanus 2: What an amazing little Jewish woman.


Editor: What an obsene nasty skank -- even at 91!


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FRIDAY / MAY 3, 2019



 NY Times: Caster Semenya Loses Case to Compete as a Woman in All Races