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Leaders and officials attended a ceremony commemorating the outbreak of World War II in Warsaw on Sunday.
Leaders and officials attended a ceremony commemorating the outbreak of World War II in Warsaw on Sunday.
NY Times: In Poland, Where History Is a Weapon, Leaders Commemorate World War II


After reading this atrocious article about Poland's reality-inversion regarding World War II, there is a great temptation to make "Polish Jokes" about stupidity -- but out of respect to our intelligent Polish readers, we won't. But seriously, Poland, have "youse guys" not learned anything of the tragic history of how your country was used and then discarded by the Western Globalists -- just for the purpose of kicking off World War II?

Of course, the ruling clique of Poland is not unique in its artful distortion of history. With the notable exception of the mentally and emotionally retarded Germans of today, the ruling class of every state rigs past events in its favor to one degree or another. What we find so disturbing about the Polish attitudes revealed in this story is that the Poles are not merely just falsifying the past -- but are foolishly standing on that flawed foundation as a phony pseudo-patriotic rationale for provoking Russia this time. And as it was in 1939 with regard to Germany, the misguided (and dangerous) belligerence serves only the interests of a Globalist West which doesn't give a kielbasa about Poland! Come on, Poland --- what's wrong with youse guys?!

Let's dive into this cesspool of Fake History and clean up a few of the dirty lies.


Image result for polish ultra nationalism Image result for polish lithuanian empire 1750 Image result for hitler putin poland

1 & 2. Psychotic Polish ultra-nationalism of the unhealthy "us vs them" variety has been a part of the national culture ever since the Polish-Lithuanian Empire was chopped-up and divided among the old Prussian, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. The dismemberment was done, with the cooperation of some in the Polish nobility, as a means of thwarting internal republican / "Jacobin" revolutionary activities. // 3. Poland's nationalistic and misguided hatred of Germany and Russia (Hitler & Putin) is rooted in that historical event -- but was later updated to include World War II (which Poland started) and the Soviet/Bolshevik subjugation of Poland (which would never have happened had Poland remained friendly with Germany).


Slimes: President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was not invited. President Trump abruptly canceled. And as other global leaders gathered in Poland on Sunday to commemorate the start of the deadliest conflict in human history, the event served to underscore the divisions in Europe and within Poland itself.

Rebuttal: The "start of the deadliest conflict in human history" was 100% the fault of the Polish military dictator, Edward Rydz-Smigly --- an ego-maniacal ultra-nationalistic warmonger who was played by a fool by the British-French alliance which promised him a restoration of much of the old Polish Empire from the 1700's if he would start a war with Germany. But after Smigly and the mass-murderous Bolshevik Jewish partisans of Poland ignited the blaze, Poland was abandoned, first by the British/French; and then by Smigly himself -- who fled in fear to Romania. (True Story --- here and here)

Slimes: In Warsaw, President Andrzej Duda of Poland used the occasion to chide other European leaders for not taking the threat posed by Russian aggression seriously,...

Rebuttal: "Russian aggression," eh? Seriously? President Duda knows damn well that Putin poses absolutely no threat whatsoever to Poland. But just like Smigly's vicious slanders of The Great One of Germany 80 years ago, the purpose of the dishonest rhetoric is to serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Slimes: ... making an analogy to the policies of appeasement that allowed the Nazi party to rise in Germany.

Rebuttal: "Appeasement" eh? (rolling eyes, sighing) Poor Neville Chamberlain --- still getting ripped-on for trying to avoid a global bloodbath of epic dimensions which neither he nor The Great One wanted. (here)

Slimes: “We are still faced, even in Europe, with the return of imperialist tendencies, attempts to change borders by force, assaults on other states, taking their land, enslaving citizens,

Rebuttal: For the 1,000th time -- Russia did not "change borders by force" nor did it "assault another state." The "enslaved citizens" of Crimea voted by a margin of 97% to return to Russian sovereignty. What's the matter, Duda? Dontcha believe in "democracy?"


Image result for president duda Image result for duda and macron Image result for duda and rydz smigly

1. President Duda and his Law & Justice Party may be nationalists who have butted heads with the EUSSR, but he is still an idiot who cannot see who the real enemies of Poland actually are. // 2. Duda's ultra-nationalism, like that of Rydz-Smigly 80 years ago, enables Western Globalists to play him. // 3. The madness of Smigly lives on. The Polish brand "us vs. them" ultra-nationalism" gives nationalism / patriotism a bad name.


Slimes: “Closing one’s eyes is not a recipe for peace,” Mr. Duda said. “It is a simple way to embolden aggressive personalities. It is a simple way to give permission for further attacks.”

Rebuttal: What exactly would you have NATO do, Mr. Duda? Go to war with Russia over Crimea -- and see Poland itself the first to be engulfed in flames and buried in rubble? Perhaps this type of crazy talk -- and not the coming hurricane -- is the real reason why Trump skipped the event.

Slimes: It was a vastly different tone from the one a decade ago, when European officials were courting Mr. Putin, hoping to draw Russia closer to the West. Back then, the Russian leader accepted the invitation to visit Poland for the 70th anniversary ...

Analysis: The Globalists held out hope 10 years ago that Russia could be tamed and enticed into "the family of nations."

Slimes: In the years since, however, Russia has engaged in a litany of actions that have led the Western world to impose sanctions and freeze out Moscow. It has annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine, meddled in elections from Estonia to the United States and sent agents to poison dissidents in Europe, British and other governments believe.

Rebuttal: "British and other governments believe, eh?" This sneaky qualifier is exactly the typical type of weasel talk which the "paper of record" always employs when it wants to libel someone, while still distancing itself from the big lie. --- "It's not us saying this, we're just citing "other governments."

Slimes: At the same time, Russia has set about offering a revisionist version of the events that led to the war a.... In advance of Sunday’s anniversary, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a slick and historically dubious video that accused the Poles of not allowing the Soviet Union to enter their territory to fight Germany.

Rebuttal: Now the Russians are engaging in Fake History! Yes, it is true that the Poles, both before and during the Polish-German War, refused to sign on to any agreement that would permit the Soviets to march into Poland for the purpose of "protecting Poland." The reason was, and Smigly himself even said it: "If the Soviets come in, they will not leave." And indeed, when the Soviets did invade in 1939, and again in 1944, terror and oppression ensued.


 Image result for crimean referendum celebrate Image result for rydz smigly brandenburg Image result for katyn forest 

1. Russians of Crimea celebrate their DEMOCRATIC return to Russian sovereignty. Why -- 5 years after the fact -- is Duda still promoting the LIE of a Russian "conquest" of the Crimean peninsula? // 2. Nationalist painting, from six months before the 1939 war had even started, depicts the Mad Marshal Smigly riding triumphantly through the Brandenburg gate in Berlin as he tramples upon German flags. // 3. The Soviet NKVD massacre of 10,000 Polish Army officers at Katyn Forest would never have happened had Poland chosen the path of friendship with Germany -- instead of conquest.  


Slimes: Polish leaders hoped to use Sunday’s ceremony to highlight Poland’s role as victim in both the war, and in the peace that followed.

Rebuttal: The "victimization" of Poland came at the hands of "the good guys" -- FDR, Churchill and Stalin -- and above them, concealed by the high cloud lines, stood the "usual suspects" pulling the strings. No truer words were ever written than the opening paragraph of The Great One's Final Political Testament --- his "Suicide Note," in essence. (And no, he did not turn chicken and run away to Argentina after urging his generals to fight on until death! -- rolling eyes, sighing -- here)


"It is untrue that I or anybody else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests

As late as three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish War, I proposed to the British Ambassador in Berlin a solution for the German-Polish problem -- similar to the problem of the Saar area, under international control. This offer cannot be explained away, either. It was only rejected because the responsible circles in English politics wanted the war, partly in the expectation of business advantages, partly driven by propaganda promoted by international Jewry."

Tell it, Great One. Tell it!
Slimes: The main commemorations were moved to Warsaw from Westerplatte, where the first volleys of artillery from the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein on Sept. 1, 1939, signified the outbreak of World War II.
Rebuttal: Lie of omission! Months, weeks and days prior to any German shots being fired by sea or by land, tens of thousands of German civilians living under Polish oppression (due to the border redrawing of the infamous Treaty of Versailles) had already been tortured and slaughtered by Polish "irregulars" (cough cough) -- and the isolated German city of Danzig (today, Gdansk, Poland) was about to be cutoff and surrounded by Polish forces.
Slimes: President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany used the occasion to once again apologize for his country’s actions in the war.

“My country unleashed a horrific war that would cost more than 50 million people — among them millions of Polish citizens — their lives,” he said. “This war was a German crime.”

Rebuttal: Aw.... such a good little virtue-signalling German, aren'tcha Mr. Steinmeier? Nice work... now crawl back to Berlin on your hands and knees and go service the Frumpy Frau's butt-crack.


Image result for Frank-Walter Steinmeier at polish ceremonyRelated imageImage result for bromberg massacre
1. President Steinmeier delivers the obligatory German "apologies." // 2 & 3. Ghastly images from the Bromberg Massacre of Germans trapped in Poland ---  hands tied behind back, eyes gauged out, tortured, raped, burned. Has anyone ever "apologized" for what was done to so many MILLIONS of innocent German people before, during and after the "Good War?"


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Poland just commemorated the 80th Anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland.

Boobus Americanus 2: Poland was the first victim of Nazi aggression.


 Drag to pan Image result for saint hitler

St. Sugar: School thesse ass-clownss for me, will ya boss?

St. Adolf (September 19, 1939): "For years I patiently looked on these continuous provocations. What keen suffering I underwent only few can imagine, because there was hardly a week in which delegations from these districts did not come to me depicting unbearable conditions and imploring me to interfere.

I have always begged them to try again. This continued for years, but I have recently also warned that this could not go on forever. After again waiting and even receiving new proposals I finally decided, as I declared in the Reichstag, to talk with Poland in the same language as they talked to us, or believed they could talk to us - the language which alone they seem to understand."


  Editor: And that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


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Leonard Milberg, who collects Judaica and Irish poetry, viewing a display containing the 16th-century manuscript by Luis de Carvajal the Younger at the New-York Historical Society.

NY Times: A Secret Jew, the New World, a Lost Book: Mystery Solved


Long before the phony "Holocaust" of the 20th Century; and long before the phony "pogroms" of the 19th Century, there was the real but totally misrepresented and exaggerated "Spanish Inquisition" -- which commenced in 1478 and remained in effect until 1874. Officially known as the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, the policy was established by "anti-Semitic" Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile for the usual purpose of containing the usual bad behavior of the usual suspects (you know -- ritual child killing, well poisoning, coin clipping, money lending abuse, unethical business practices, disrespect of Christianity, revolutionary activities ---- that sort of stuff).

Owing to the fact that (((they))) control the media, academia and Hollyweird, the Inquisition is generally misunderstood as a historical case of "intolerant" Christians forcing the ever-innocent-ones to convert to Catholicism under threat of torture or death at the hands of the Inquisitor. That's not exactly the case -- actually, that is not at all the case -- and this NY Slimes article, albeit inadvertently, refutes the popular misconception. Let's dive in.


http://www.historiarex.com/uploads/files/1410746887.jpg http://rationalwiki.org/w/images/0/05/NOBODY_EXPECTS_THE_SPANISH_INQUISITION!.jpg Image result for SPANISH INQUISITION

Ferdinand, Isabella and the Catholic Church have been scorned and mocked for initiating the Inquisition. But is what we have been taught about this period in European history actually true?


The article opens:

"It is perhaps the most significant artifact documenting the arrival of Jews in the New World: a small, tattered 16th-century manuscript written in an almost microscopic hand by Luis de Carvajal the Younger, the man whose life and pain it chronicled.

Until 1932, the 180-page booklet by de Carvajal, a secret Jew who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in Spain’s colony of Mexico, resided in that country’s National Archives."


A "secret Jew," eh? That sure sounds like a "conspiracy theory" , doesn't it?

You see, boys and girls, once upon a time in Catholic Spain, the chosenites were taking over the joint, particularly in matters pertaining to commerce and money (There's a real shocker, eh?). Compounding the problem was the fact that so many of them, for purposes of career advancement, had pretended to convert to Catholicism (they were not forced converts) while secretly remaining true to Judaism. And finally, to compound their dirty deeds even more, some of them aggressively proselytized Catholics to convert to Judaism.

These generally olive-skinned and black-haired Sephardic "secret Jews" -- referred to as "conversos" or "marranos" -- made common cause with their Moorish Muslim cousins who had also overstayed their welcome in the parts of Spain which they had earlier conquered. Cleansing Spain of the North African Moors was relatively easy, but digging out the insincere secret "marranos" was challenging. In a certain sense, the Inquisition was very similar to latter day HUAC & McCarthy mole hunts aimed at cleaning out communists.


Image result for marrano jew book http://i.forbesimg.com/media/lists/people/sonia-sotomayor_416x416.jpg Image result for marco rubio

Marrano Jews chose to flout the laws and disrespect the hospitality of their Spanish hosts. Many who arrived in the New World continued the charade for generations. Probable marranos (and homosexuals): Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (Meyer) and Cuban Senator from Florida Marco Rubio (Ruby).


More from the article:

"De Carvajal was a Jew who posed as Catholic in New Spain, now Mexico, during a period when the Inquisition ruthlessly persecuted heretics and false converts..."


"False converts," eh? So, poor Mr. De Carvajal, more than 100 years into the Inquisition regime, still chose to scam and disrespect the Spaniards. Why feel sorry for him? Imagine 1000's of false converts to Judaism trying to weasel their way into privileged status in "the State of Israel."  How aggressively would the Mossad smoke them out and even kill them? Hmmmm? Heck, your reporter here once knew a Gentile New Jersey girl who was engaged to marry a chosenite who wanted to live in Israel. The Israeli bureaucrats put the young couple through the ringer, before finally granting her permission to live in Israel with her husband-to-be, but only if she converted to Judaism and allowed the state to tell her where she could or couldn't work. When she refused the kosher conditions of this Israeli Inquisition, her Jew fiance dumped her!

Not only does the ongoing Israeli Inquisition deny normal citizenship rights and privileges to converts to Gentiles married to Jews; the shitty little state even openly discriminates against ethnic Jews who truly embrace Christianity!


Headline: New York Times: (December 27, 1989)

Israeli Court Rules Jews for Jesus Cannot Automatically Be Citizens


How's that for "tolerance ?"


Image result for cross fingers behind backImage result for jews for jesus Related image

1. Spain had a problem with "false converts" with false loyalty taking false vows acquiring undue influence and power. // 2 &3. Who's guilty of an "Inquisition?" --- "Jews for Jesus" get abused in Jew York City -- Imagine what (((they))) would do to them in Tel Aviv?


Another excerpt from the article:

"De Carvajal, a trader, was arrested around 1590 as a proselytizing Jew."

You see that?  Not only was he a phony convert, but he proselytized (recruited Catholics to Judaism) --- something that modern day Israel will throw you in jail for! Mr. D brought the law down upon himself.

One more:

"He was freed for a time — possibly so that the authorities could track his contacts with other secret Jews."

Translation: They mercifully let him free --- and he went back to playing his games with other fraudsters.

The Spanish Inquisition supported royal decrees issued in 1492 and 1502 ordering troublesome Jews (and Moors) to convert or leave Spain. Their country, their rules -- just as was the case with the aforementioned Jersey girl! Though the Inquisition is almost always portrayed in popular literature and history as an example of Catholic "intolerance" TM and "oppression" , more than a few "respectable" modern historians now openly question previous accounts regarding the severity of the Inquisition. (This will probably begin to happen with the Holohoax within the next 50 years.)

Noted British-Burmese historian Henry Kamen boldly declares that the 'myth' of the pervasive, torture-mad inquisition is an invention of 19th century Protestant authors (financed by Jews, perhaps?) with an agenda to discredit the Catholic Church. Over the 350 year period that the Inquisition was in effect throughout the empire, about 150,000 persons (average of 428 per year) were charged with crimes and only about 3,000 (10 per year) were executed. Kamen also reveals that many suspects were just questioned and released unharmed, and torture was used very rarely and only in certain serious cases.


Image result for henry kamen https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61kAuwWxwhL._UY250_.jpg https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51dRjvi3ZGL._UY250_.jpg

After plowing through reams and reams of original source documents, historian Henry Kamen and others have long since set the record straight about the Spanish Inquisition. Though most modern day academics now know the true version of events, the public at large still misunderstands the history.

"One of the most important living historians of Spain, Kamen has devoted his career, most famously in his revisionist books on Philip II and on the Spanish Inquisition, to taking on the so-called Black Legend, promoted by Spain's opponents. That he has in many ways succeeded, thanks to decades of engaged scholarship, in fundamentally altering historians' understanding of 15th- and 16th-century Spain is testimony to the force of his arguments and the depth and quality of his rigorous, archive-based research."

— The Atlantic Monthly (Boston), 2012


Considering the depth of the treason  infestation problem that Spain faced both at home and in its New World colonies, the 300 year mole hunt wasn't anywhere near as harsh as people believe it to be. Nonetheless, the truth about the Inquisition didn't stop the libtarded government of Spain, in 2015, from granting full citizenship rights (replete with all the "free" stuff that the Marxists of Madrid hand out to the masses) to the scattered "descendants" of Spanish Jews. (here)
Dios mio and "oy vey!" This world has gone mad.
 I know, Isabella ... yo lo se.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times today about recently discovered documents belonging to a Mexican Jew who was tortured and executed during the era of the Spanish Inquisition.

Boobus Americanus 2: Since time immemorial, the Jews have suffered and endured so much persecution.


   Drag to pan

SugarWaaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa! It's alwayss the other guy'ss fault, eh Boobuss? You frickin' clod! 

 Editor: More than 100 historical expulsions had to have had a reason behind them.


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FRIDAY / AUGUST 30, 2019


Sarah Kellen, left, and Ghislaine Maxwell, have been accused in lawsuits of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit teenage girls and young women for sex.
Sarah Kellen, left, and Ghislaine Maxwell, have been accused in lawsuits of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit teenage girls and young women for sex.

NY Times: How a Ring of Women Allegedly Recruited Girls for Jeffrey Epstein

After Mr. Epstein’s suicide, his inner circle of girlfriends, employees and other associates is now under scrutiny by prosecutors.


"Youse guys" will recall that in our August 10 issue of The Anti-New York Times we put forth four possible scenarios to explain what happened to Mossad asset and pedo-monster Jeffrey Epstein (cough cough). To review:

1. His high-level friends airlifted him to Israel for a safe retirement.

2. His high-level friends had him killed in order to silence him.

3. The "White Hats" faked his death and have him in witness protection, singing like a bird.

4. After having extracted everything they needed from Epstein, the "White Hats" executed him a la John McCain -- then staged the "suicide" to cover up the operation.  
We closed by saying: "We're about 25-25-25-25 on each theory. All make sense and there is precedent for each as well."
Well, those probability percentages have since changed -- and we are happy to report that our list has been narrowed to the win-win theories # 3 or # 4, at 50-50 each.
Jeffrey Epstein was accused of sexually abusing dozens of minors in his mansions in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Fla. Image result for frank pentangeli with fbi guys Image result for witness protection fbi
1. Mossad frontman, Jeffrey Epstein // 2. GodFather II -- Informant Frank Pentangelli with his FBI keepers. // 2. Is Epstein under witness protection, or has be been duly executed?
Not only are the "White Hats" in control, but because of Epstein's "death" --- be it real or faked -- a whole new world of possibilities is opening up. From the Palm Beach Post:
Headline: Epstein's Death Means His “Co-Conspirators” Can be Charged

"Jeffrey Epstein’s death means four women and other unidentified people can be prosecuted in connection with an underage sex ring authorities say the financier operated from his mansion in Palm Beach, attorneys for Epstein’s accusers said Monday.

In the wake of Epstein’s death, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra has no choice but to throw out the controversial nonprosecution agreement, said attorneys Bradley Edwards and Paul Cassell. The once secret accord allowed the politically-connected millionaire and other “co-conspirators” to escape federal charges in connection with allegations that he had sex with girls as young as 14.

“In light of Epstein’s death, the court must grant the victims (among other things) the rescission remedy that they seek regarding co-conspirators,” they wrote." (emphasis added)


You see, Epstein had to "die" in order for that 2008 "secret accord" deal (made under the reign of Bush/Cheney) to be invalidated. Now the whole terrible tapestry can be legally unraveled. Epstein's chief recruiters of young girls -- Ghislane Maxwell (cough cough) and Sarah Kellen (cough cough) -- will soon be squeezed into singing too. This is genius stuff -- but of course, that won't stop a handful of "youse guys" from peppering yours truly with sarcastic and even abusive messages about "Rothschild Puppet Trump" arranging for Epstein to escape to Israel in order to cover up the scandal. (rolling eyes, sighing)


Image result for sarah kellen Image result for trump and sessions chess Image result for trump chess

1. Due to Epstein's "death" (real or faked) Mossad sex slave recruiters Kellen and Maxwell may now be sued and/or prosecuted -- and forced to rat out others. // 2. It was Trump and his "ineffective" former Attorney General Jeff Sessions who put Jeff Epstein away and, in so doing, have opened up a can of worms that now has many elites very worried.


The drip-drip investigations and prosecutions to follow will be played for maximum political effect as the Fake News is already being forced to do one "limited hangout" after another after another regarding the Epstein drama. But the really big bombshells won't be detonated until Summer / Fall of 2020 -- just in time for the big Presidential & Congressional elections of November 2020. How cleverly conveeeneint. Well played Trump, and NSA. Well played.

We can only imagine how many big names will eventually be exposed as pedo-perverts over the coming months / years. But we have to agree with the assessment of former CIA agent, Dr. Steve Pieczenik -- a righteous Jew who fingers elements of Mossad and CIA for the 9/11 attacks. Piecznik on the Epstein scandal:

"Israel has not been our greatest ally. It's been our greatest enemy. They are also involved in 9/11 -- the stand-down. Wolfowitz's deputy confirmed that to me. Mossad operatives who I interrogated and threatened confirmed that to me..... The key to this Epstein problem of pedophilia is the fact that it goes back decades.

Jeff Epstein was picked out by the Mossad as the proper agent of influence .. because he was so narcissistic that they could manipulate him and create a false front for him. ...To make sure that Jeffrey Epstein was working properly, they had an operative from the Mossad who was named Maxwell, the daughter of Robert Maxwell .. a criminal... His daughter was the control operative of Epstein.

The Mossad incurred so many operatives under the Epstein ring and the Bronfman ring... into the thousands... What the Israelis did is use pedophilia as a honey trap.... This corruption goes back to 9/11... From 9/11 on, Trump understood that the Israelis had been involved (in 9/11).... On a certain day, Trump decided that he was going to indict the Mossad operatives on charges of pedophilia.

In the NSA sweep of our telephone data, they had picked up Israeli compromisers all over the United States and the world.... Israel has been placed on notice. Israel, if you do not make a peace treaty with the Palestinians, there will be more serious repercussions than you can imagine. ... the take-down of your Mossad operatives...

As a Jew, I am not proud of what American Jews have done. For the most part, I find them arrogant and ignorant --- totally ignorant of what Israel really is."


Tell it, Pieczenik. Tell it!


 Image result for ehud barak epstein Image result for dr steve pieczenik on epstein youtube

1. Jerusalem Post: Ehud Barak (former Israeli Prime Minister) Crashed at Epstein’s Apt. Regularly, Neighbors Say: Five current and former residents of the New York apartment told the Daily Beast that they’ve encountered Barak’s security detail, saying they “would hang out in the lobby as if it was their own living room."  // 2. CIA "White Hat" Steve Pieczenik links Mossad to 9/11 and claims that the Epstein blackmail operation was essential in getting U.S. officials to cooperate with "stand-down" orders that day. (Video: Here)


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that many of Epstein's associates and employees are now under scrutiny.

Boobus Americanus 2: I thought this was going to end with his suicide. But it now seems as though the scandal is getting even bigger.


 Drag to panImage result for popcorn

St. Sugar: The movie iss jusst gettin' sstarted, Boobuss.

  Editor: With this Epstein thing about to get unravel, Trump has got so many big people by the balls now.


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President Emmanuel Macron of France showed his greatest agility in his handling of President Trump during the Group of 7 summit in Biarritz, France.
Slimes Caption: President Emmanuel Macron of France showed his greatest agility in his handling of President Trump during the Group of 7 summit in Biarritz, France

NY Times: How Emmanuel Macron Positioned Himself as Star of the G7 Show



As the old Frumpy Frau of occupied Germany prepares for her grand exit from "the world stage" in 2021, the Illuminati torch of Globalist leadership passes to the barely closeted French Faggot and Rothschild asset, Emmanuel Maricon (not a typo, Spanish for ?) and his nasty skank of a plasticated mom-wife, Brigitte -- who, as a 40-year old married mother of three, sexually seduced her little High School student Emmanuel when he was just 15 years old. The kooky kinky commies are now 66 and 41, respectively.

It is clear from the opening lines of this gushing love letter of an article that "the paper of record" is counting on the Satanic little arsonist who torched the Cathedral de Nore Dame to deliver us from the evils of Trump and nationalism. Haz Mat suits and hip-waders on, boys and girls. Into Sulzberger's Cesspool we go for a bit of rebutting clean up work.


 Related image  Image result for macron gay Image result for notre dame fire macron

1. Seriously, grandma -- seriously? // 2. On the cover of a sodomite magazine. The pink team knows that Maricon plays for them. (One French reader tells us that Brigitte and her ex-husband used to do "threesomes" with young Maricon --- but we will not repeat such rumors until we have solid evidence (Ooops.... Cool) // 3. The mysterious fire at Notre Dame reeks of "inside jobness."


Slimes: President Emmanuel Macron of France seemed to be everywhere at once during the Group of 7 summit. For the space of a weekend, at least, the West appeared to have one person running the show, and it was not the American president.

Rebuttal: A "two-fer" in the opening salvo. Maricon is portrayed as a dynamic and skilled natural "leader" of the G-7 nerd-prom as Trump is marginalized.

Slimes: One day, Mr. Macron was wooing President Trump over a long, private lunch. The next he was flying in the Iranian foreign minister for unannounced talks.... He prompted a surprise diplomatic opening on Iran from Mr. Trump.

Rebuttal: Bullshit! Trump, through back-channel surrogates such as Senator Rand Paul, has been in communication with the Iranians all along. If anything, Trump is using Maricon to play along and make it seem like the French president was the one who created "the opening."

Slimes:  He seized the role as chief defender of the global climate...

Rebuttal: The "chief defender" against what? ... Oh, that's right --- "Global Warming ." (rolling eyes, sighing)

Slimes: ... telling Brazilians to get themselves a new president. 

Rebuttal: As if it is any of Maricon's damn business to demand that Brazil not cultivate just 1% of its massive virgin Amazon rainforest territory.

Slimes: ... as host of the summit in the southern resort city of Biarritz. It gave him the perfect stage to pursue his ambition to position France, and himself, as candidates to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Trump’s retreat from traditional Western values.

Translation: Trump's "retreat" from Globalism, the looming "Brexit" of this coming October, and Manly Merkel's age and imminent retirement means that its up to Boy Macron to keep the Globalist project together until Trump exits "the world stage" in either 2020 or 2024.


A working session of the Group of 7 leaders in Biarritz on Monday. Fires in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil this week. The president of Brazil accused Mr. Macron of treating the country ‘‘as if we were a colony or a no-man’s land.” Image result for macron G 7

1. The Goofy 7 Nerd Prom (USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, UK & Italy) with some other nations represented as guests.  //  2. Maricon tried to sell the big lie that the Amazon fires were abnormal and out of control -- and that the Amazon "belongs to the world," not Brazil. // 3. Trump hates the little prick, but has to play along with the annual G-7 spectacle.


Slimes: With Mr. Trump deepening American isolation on major global issues...

Translation: "Isolationism" is Globo-Speak for national sovereignty and resistance to the New World Order crime gang.

Slimes: Mr. Macron organized the events to avoid the missteps that have produced undiplomatic outbursts from Mr. Trump in the past.

Translation: "Undiplomatic outbursts" is Globo-Speak for speaking the truth.

Slimes: But Mr. Macron’s objective appeared to be ... reasserting the efficacy of the European approach to global problems.

Translation: "The European approach to global problems" is Globo-Speak for unconditional obedience to the United Nations and/or European Union.

Slimes: He said as much last week, telling journalists that the summit was a way to demonstrate that the “European civilization project” was an “answer” in a world searching for “global stability.”

Translation: "Global stability" is Globo-Speak for world government.

Slimes: “If we can’t redefine the terms of our sovereignty, we can’t defend our project,” Mr. Macron said to reporters

Rebuttal: Ya hear that? Little Maricon wants to "redefine the terms of our sovereignty." -- No need to even translate that one. It speaks volumes for itself. The petite penis-lover wants ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Slimes: In the context of global diplomacy, that means eschewing the threats, bullying and humiliation favored by Mr. Trump and what Mr. Macron called the “nationalist-sovereignists” ....

Rebuttal: Classic case of "projection!" It is the Globalists who engage in "threats, bullying and humiliation" when (((they))) don't get their way. Just look at how harshly they have treated Great Britain over the looming "Brexit" -- and the constant threats against Polish and Hungarian patriots. And wasn't this the same nasty bunch that gave its blessing to the murderous destruction of Libya and Syria not too long ago ---  to say nothing of what (((they))) did to Serbia 20 years ago, and nationalist Germany and Italy 80 years ago!

Slimes: .. and a refusal to demonize adversaries.

Rebuttal: A "refusal to demonize adversaries?" Really? But didn't this article just quote Maricon as childishly belittling his adversaries as “nationalist-sovereignists?” And telling Brazilians to get a new President? And didn't the Goofy 7 kick Russia out a few years ago? Ah yes --- the "anti-bullying" Left is soooo "civil," eh?

Slimes: Not everyone was as enamored of the presumptive French role, however. ..... In a dispute that has grown personal, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil mocked Mr. Macron’s wife and said the French president was treating Brazil “as if we were a colony.”

Rebuttal: Nationalist Bolsonaro's retweet of an unflattering tweet aimed at the age gap / appearance of the French First Hag was the highlight of the nerd prom. These evil people need to be mocked and scorned at every turn. Good on you, Mr. Bolsonaro!


 Image result for macron angry Image result for Bolsonaro macron tweet wifeImage result for bolsonaro trump

1. Contrary to the article's portrayal of a dignified and respectful statesman, Maricon is a nasty little Globalist bully who has accused opponents of "anti-Semitism" and "racism."     // 2. Tweet depicts the wives of Maricon and Bolsonaro with their husbands. It reads: "Now you understand why Macron is persecuting Bolsonaro." -- To which President Bolsonaro, 64, (whose wife is 37) added: "Don't humiliate the man... ha ha ha" // 3. Bolsonaro of Brazil -- a fan of Trump who openly calls Global Warming a "Marxist hoax" -- hates Maricon.



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Macron's performance at the G-7 is drawing rave reviews.

Boobus Americanus 2: Macron -- good.


 Drag to pan

St. Sugar: He'ss a frickin' Globalisst sisssy who plays for the pink team.

Editor: His mom-wife screwed that boy up in the head real bad.


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Image result for trump rouhani

NY TImes: An Agreement Can Be Met,’ Says Macron on Iran-U.S. Relations

 Wash Post: Trump & Rouhani Say They are Willing to Meet



So, Trump and President Rouhani of Iran are now openly talking about having a friendly tete-a-tete (a $10 French term for a sit-down), eh? This may have come as a surprise to many, but not to us. Time for a bit of horn-tootin', boys and girls.
Though initially disappointed with the seeming foreign policy aggressiveness of the man whom we used to mock as "Trumpstein" in early 2017; by the middle that first year in office, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti New York-Times became, as far as we know, the first and only (all glory to Sugar's feline instincts) to figure out the method behind Trump's fake madness and boldly predict that Trump -- while faking out the warmongers by threatening to start a war -- would actually lead the world to peace. Many of "youse guys" expressed doubt over our Trump-the-Pacifist theory, and a handful even insulted us!
Though Iran is insisting that there will be no talks until Trump lifts the sanctions which he had imposed; that's just posturing on their own part. The talks will eventually happen and -- through back-channel proxies such as Senator Rand Paul, they already are. Trump wants a deal and so does Iran. The purpose of the drama is to keep the Zionist crazies off off-balance.
From the Guardian (UK) / May 2019:

Headline: Donald Trump Tells Iran ‘Call Me’ Over Lifting Sanctions

President suggests US could help revive Iran’s economy in return for no-nuclear weapons pledge

Image result for charlie brown lucy football Image result for bibi un Image result for trump rouhani talks

"Lucy" Trump just fooled the warmongers, again! There will be no war for you, Bibi.


Headline: The Hill (July 19, 2019)

Trump Confirms He Authorized Senator Rand Paul to Negotiate with Iran 

Image result for rand paul iran

Rand Paul has already been talking to the Iranians!


Let's flashback to a rebuttal piece we published -- just after another of Trump's harmless "attacks" on Syria -- to a Slimes story headlined: "President Trump Talked Tough. But His Strike on Syria Was Restrained" on April 14, 2018:
***FLASHBACK / EXCERPT // 4/14/2018 ***
Well, well, well. It appears that the Jew York Slimes is all butt-hurt over the fact that Trump's missile strikes (as we predicted) didn't actually do any damage. From the first article:
"In sending missiles and bombs at Syria, President Trump hit more targets and used more firepower than he did in a similar military strike last year. But in the end, he opted for what was still a restrained operation that was evidently calculated to avoid provoking Syria's patrons in Russia and Iran into retaliating."
In other words, Trump's missile show just "shilled" the crap out of the Globo & Zio warmongers! But Syria wasn't the only place to take incoming missiles the other night. Within minutes of the news, some of "youse guys" launched your own mockery missiles which filled up the inbox of TomatoBubble.com:
Mike, it looks like your theory about Trump and Putin is wrong. --- Mike, I love your work, but you're delusional about Trump. --- Mike, you are grasping at straws. --- Mike, Q is a bullshit psyop. --- Mike, Trump just launched an attack. You should have known better. --- Mike, Trump is starting World War III. --- Mike, Trump playing 4-D Chess? Hang it up! --- Mike, it's time to publish a retraction, etc. etc. etc."
Oh well, at least no one cussed us out or cancelled their subscription! (send apologies via contact box down below)
Oh ye beloved TomatoBubblers of little faith! Have we not by now sufficiently established the pattern? Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times remains firm in the conviction that the pretty fireworks were all just for show. Once again, Trump has neutralized the warmongers, co-opting them as the Russians (his allies) expose the false flag chemical attack.
Notice the pattern:
  • Trump "attacks" Syria in 2017 then, weeks later, cuts off funding to the CIA's "moderate rebels" just as Putin is bombing the crap out of them.
  • Trump threatens to nuke North Korea. Now, he will be meeting with Lil' Kim in June!
  • Trump declares "trade war" against China. Then, China removes some of its trade barriers (as Xi and Trump had surely already agreed upon during Trump's visit to China).
  • Trump goes along with Congress's sanctions on Russia (which he cannot stop, anyway) and bashes Putin. He then announces that he wants to meet with Putin soon.
Trump's strategy of rhetorical aggressiveness and harmless fireworks enables him to outmaneuver the warmongers -- keeping them silent as he pulls the rug out from under them. Be not alarmed by these strategic actions, boys and girls. Trump, Putin, Xi -- and by extension, Assad and Lil' Kim are all on the same team.
Image result for missile strike on syria trumpImage result for trump rocket man new york post Image result for trump trade war china
1. ANYT / Flashback: 2017: Remember the previous harmless attack on Syria back in April, 2017? 2. Remember the "Rocket Man" insults and the threatening "fire & fury" theatrics? 3. The "Trade War" with China will not last either.
One frustrated reader asked a fair question.
"Mike. What would be your red line which finally causes you to give up on Trump?"
Response: "When Trump takes us to war anywhere in the world, that will be my "red line" --- As of now, Assad remains in power, Kim remains in power, and the Iranian government remains in power. Meanwhile, ISIS has been wrecked and Syria remains under Russian and Iranian protection. Keep your eye on the ball, not the head fakes."
Image result for trump missile attack on syria 2018Image result for missile attack on syria 2018
fter all the huffing and puffing and missile attacks, where's the damage? Trump proclaims "Mission Accomplished" as Assad remains in power, and the Russian-Iranian forces remain in place.
Image result for trump mission accomplished

Nailed it.
Trump's rhetorical ass-kissing of Israel and Bibi Satanyahoo, and symbolic gestures such as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; lighting menorahs; donning the beanie cap and touching the fake Wailing Wall; etc, though disgusting to observe, served, by design, the critical purpose of masking the fact that he was never going to give Satanyahoo his long-sought after attack against Iran for the sake of Greater Israel. And certain warmongering elements of the Israeli media itself are now manifesting unmistakable signs of some serious "butt-hurt" over Trump's looming love affair with Rouhani. Have a look at what some of the Zionist expansionists are saying about this development:
  • Haaretz News: Israel Fears Trump Might Sit Down With the Iranians – and Be Outmaneuvered

  • Jerusalem Post (Op-Ed): Iran's Plan to Defeat Donald Trump

  • Jerusalem Post: Ehud Barak Warns Against Trump-Rouhani Meeting
  • Times of Israel: Barak Calls Potential Trump-Rouhani Talks a ‘Red Light’ for All of Israel
  • Times of Israel: Israel Alarmed by Possible Trump-Rouhani Talks

  • FOX News: Ari Fleischer: Trump Considering Iran Meeting is 'Unsettling'

Going back to 2018, we find similar ultra-Zionist concerns and butt-hurt about Trump's policy in Syria:
Times of Israel, April 14, 2018:
  • Israel Fears Trump May See Job as Done in Syria, Leave Israel Alone to Face Iran

Oy vey! Why such negativity? The suddenly "alarmed" Israeli ultras can moan and groan all they can about how "unsettling" and "dangerous" Trump's eventual meeting with Iran may be. But with Russia and Iran, with Trump's blessing, now playing dominant roles in the region; and with Trump in the early stages of making a deal with Iran; and with Mossad asset Jeffrey Epstein and his pedo-blackmail operation now totally neutralized, the Israelis will have to behave themselves. And now we begin to get a sense of what Q Anon meant when he posted back in March, 2018: "We are saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Q."


Image result for butt hurt salve Image result for epstein Related image
1. Globalists aren't the only ones applying Butt-Hurt salve these days. Certain ultra-Zionists who trusted Trump to take down Iran have also been outmaneuvered, and are now feeling "unsettled" over it. /// 2. The dead or alive pedo-pervert Epstein was a key Mossad asset; but Trump and the NSA have neutralized him, and now have all of the evidence.The blackmail party is over.
Image result for ehud barak jeffrey epstein
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was photographed trying to cover his face as he visited the New York apartment of his once-valuable asset, Jeffrey Epstein. The worried, whiny bastard is now expressing great frustration with Trump's outreach to Israeli enemies, North Korea and now, Iran.
From the Jerusalem Post article, August 27, 2019:
"It's a red light for all of us, which warns against Netanyahu's over-dependence on President Trump and the sharp turnarounds in Trump's stances," Barak said.  Barak also used the US-North Korea relations as an example. "In North Korea, we saw war threats that ended in hugs, a dead end in negotiations, hugs again, and then the story repeats itself all over again," Barak said. "The same could happen with Iran."

 Image result for charlie brown lucy football Image result for ehud barak and trump

Barak is fed up with Trump's Charlie Brown routine, and has to be worried about the unraveling of the Epstein child sex / blackmail operation.


From one of The Times of Israel articles listed above ("Israel Alarmed"), quoting another Israel Minister:

“We have no interest in a negotiations between the United States and Iran,” the TV report quoted one minister saying, “but our capacity to influence and confront Trump is extremely limited because Trump has “bear-hugged” Netanyahu so tightly that going out against him is deemed impossible."


Ya hear that?! Straight from the Hebrew Horse's own mouth. Trump's "bear hugging" (public ass-kissing, wearing of matching blue ties etc) of Satanyahoo now makes it "impossible" to condemn Trump as "anti-Israel" or "anti-Semitic" --- like (((they))) have always done in the past whenever a U.S. President resists their attempts to "influence and confront."

So, still believe that Trump a Zionist puppet? Some of "youse guys" really need to rethink that position -- because pervert Epstein's former handler, Ehud Barak, certainly has. And we suspect that some of the websites that are still viciously attacking Trump "from the right" for being a Zionist agent are actually fronts for "the usual suspects" (cough cough) trying to drive a wedge between some of Trump's America First supporters and him. Ignore the sound of all diversionary sizzle, boys and girls -- and judge the steak only.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump and the president might be meeting face-to-face soon.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! Trump had seemed so belligerent toward Iran. I would be shocked if that happens.


 Drag to pan

St. Sugar: He'ss been planning it all along, Boobuss!

  Editor: And after that Trump has said and done to win the support of so many Jews and Israeli, there is nothing that will stop him from making peace with Iran and brokering a sensible Palestinana-Israeli deal.


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Image result for hitler postage stamps Image result for hitler postage stamps


FRIDAY / AUGUST 23, 2019


The roller coaster in question.

NY Times: German Theme Park Shuts Swastika-Shaped Ride

 The park’s owner said he had not noticed the ride’s resemblance to the Nazi symbol. Public display of the swastika is banned in Germany, where anti-Semitic crimes are on the rise. 


For the mental inmates of occupied Germany, obedient and unremitting self-flagellation to the tune of the song that never ends about the event that never happened is part of the national religion. As paradoxical as it may seem, Germans express their "national shame" with an intense national pride that reeks of self righteousness, moral superiority, and grotesque virtue-signalling. The holier-than-thou psychosis conveys a sentiment of: "Because I am so deeply ashamed of myself and my people; I am, therefore, a better person than you!" 
Yes indeed, Boobus Germanicus is insanely proud of not being proud and arrogantly superior in his declared inferiority. And this unintentionally satirical story about the "Nazi amusement park" perfectly illustrates the demented dichotomy of doomed Deutschland.
Image result for boris becker and barbara feltus Image result for heidi klum and seal Image result for german girls refugees welcome
German tennis legend Boris Becker (Image 1) and German "super-model" Heidi Klum (2) could have married any German partner that they wanted to. But both showed the world how noble and morally superior they were by marrying, and having children with, "people of color ." (Before, in both cases, cheating on their colored spouses and later divorcing.) //  3. Foolish frauleins greet the never-ending hordes of "refugees" with welcome banners (many written in English so that the outside world can read them) and declarations of love. --  "You see! You see! Vee are not Nazis!"
Image result for hitler  facepalm
I know gentlemen ... I know...
From the article:
"An amusement park in Germany shut down a new attraction this week after complaints that it resembled a pair of giant, spinning swastikas that lifted riders into the sky over the Black Forest town of Löffingen.

The ride, called the Eagle’s Flight, included a set of four eagle-shaped cars, each connected at a right angle to a central axis, giving it a swastikalike appearance ....

Rüdiger Braun, the owner of the park, told reporters from the European Broadcasting Union that until the backlash, he had not noticed the ride’s resemblance to an iconic symbol of Nazi Germany. He apologized “to all persons who feel disturbed and insulted by our design” and said that the ride would be redesigned to have three cars on each arm instead of four. 'Then we will have this problem under control,' he said. When the ride was first noted on social media earlier this month, the reaction was a predictable stew of outrage, mockery and tasteless humor."

The "problem" is now under control, eh? (palm to face, sighing, shaking head). Like we said, this piece is a satire of itself. No rebuttal necessary.


 Image result for eagles flight swastika Image result for hitler on piece of toast Image result for german man arrested hitler on cell phone ringtone

1. Mr. Braun! Tear down that ride! //  2. In 2017, a 38-year-old German man evaded charges of drug-dealing, but was then ratted out by his ex-girlfriend and criminally charged for baking images of The Great One into slices of toast and posting the images to Facebook! (here) // 3. In 2010, a 54-year-old German man was ratted-out by a fellow bus passenger, and then arrested for having The Great One's voice for his cellphone ring-tone. (here)


Though we suspect that "the usual suspects" account for more than a few of the "outraged" social media complainers -- having met and chatted (over a few drinks) about politics / history with a trio of such zombified German tourists to New York about 10 years ago -- yours truly is absolutely certain that much of this uproar about nothing had to have come from native Germans as well. These poor people have been mind-raped so bad that they have actually grown to love the rapist -- and we're not just talking about the Marxists / libtard trash. The Merkel-loving "centrists" have got it just as bad. 

A closing note about the swastika -- It is not a "Nazi" (NSDAP) symbol and nor was The Great One the first use it. The design dates waaaay back to the Aryans of Central Asia. The name swastika comes from the ancient "mother tongue" of Sanskrit. It translates to: "conducive to well being." For milennia, the revered swastika was widely used as a symbol of divinity, spirituality, prosperity and good luck -- even in the West. It remains common in India -- a rich civilization which was founded by the same Aryan bloodlines of ancient Persia, Greece, Egypt etc. That is why, in the north of India, we still see many fair-skinned Indians who could easily pass as Europeans. And it is also why the ancient Aryan language of Sanskrit bears both structural and even word resemblance to Hindi, Latin, Greek, Slavic and Germanic languages.

One might say that the swastika was to our White / Aryan ancestors of the Caucuses (Caucasians) what the Star of David is to Jews. What a tragic farce that the Germans of today must now grovel before the latter symbol; yet will not (and cannot) tolerate so much as the mere sight of the former.


Image result for swastikaImage result for swastika in india Related image
1. The German swastika and the Hindi swastika. // 2. "Nazi" Buddha // 3. European woman? Greek? Italian? Spanish? ... No! That's a fair Indian movie star of Aryan lineage. 


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that an amusement park in Germany caused a controversy because one its rides resembled a swastika. The owner then changed the design.

Boobus Americanus 2: Hitler's symbol of hatred, racial superiority, and the genocide of 6 million Jews has no place in civilized society.


 Drag to panImage result for white cat nazi

St. Sugar: Sshow him Fritz!

  Editor: Sig Meow.


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Image result for hitler postage stamps Image result for hitler postage stamps




“People don’t realize we have very strong background checks right now,” President Trump told reporters in New Jersey on Sunday. 

“People don’t realize we have very strong background checks right now.”

NY Times: After Lobbying by Gun Rights Advocates, Trump Sounds a Familiar Retreat

Washington Post: Trump Backtracks on Gun Reform

The Daily Beast: Trump Loses Interest in Gun Control


Like Lucy van Pelt of the comic strip / cartoon "Peanuts" routinely pulling the football away from the gullible Charlie Brown just as he is about to kick it, Donald Trump has once again left his adversaries -- and, with all love and due respect, even a few of "youse guys" -- looking like fools. As all of Libtardia  and a good chunk of middle-of-the-road Boobus Americana were screaming -- in the wake of the two recent HOAX mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH -- for the Nanny State to "do something" about "gun control" ™ - the maestro immediately tempered down the media uproar by temporarily placing himself at the head of the gun grabber movement by talking of the need for "Red Flag" laws. The Left was compelled to thus hold its fire as some on the "far Right" screamed: "Trump betrayed us! Trump is a Rothschild Globalist." ----  (rolling eyes)

Being the marketing master that he is, Trump allowed two weeks to pass after the events -- which is about the upper limit of the public memory span for big stories such as the El Paso & Dayton "massacres." And now, as we absolutely knew was going to happen all along and confidently told some of "youse guys" who sent in angry e-mails, Trump has pulled the football away, again --- leaving the Left kicking at air and falling on their collective arses. Now they won't be able to "get it up again" until the next hoax shooting.


 Image result for gun control do something Image result for do something guns Image result for charlie brown lucy football

1 & 2: "Do something! Do something!" -- shrieked the loony libtards after the recent hoax shootings. // 3. Trump shut them up by strategically agreeing to "do something." -- And now, after waiting out the media storm, he has pulled the ball away, again!


An excerpt from the Slimes article reveals the frustration of the Communist gun-grabbers:

"After the shooting, Mr. Trump expressed support for universal background checks, keeping guns away from mentally ill people and restricting gun sales for some young adults. But that support quickly evaporated after a late-night Oval Office meeting with N.R.A. officials. Mr. Trump later threatened to veto a background check bill.

“We’ve seen this movie before,” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, said in a statement. “President Trump, feeling public pressure in the immediate aftermath of a horrible shooting, talks about doing something meaningful to address gun violence, but inevitably, he backtracks in response to pressure from the N.R.A. and the hard right.”


What the Slimes and UpChuck Schumer don't understand is that it wasn't "pressure" from the National Rifle Association that got Trump to back-off. The NRA leadership itself even played along with this game by remaining silent whenTrump said that the NRA would probably support or stay "neutral" regarding whatever new regulation he was considering. And then, after quieting his enemies by telling them what they wanted to hear, Trump suddenly "backtracked" and did the right thing. That's also exactly how he kept us out of new Globo-Zionist wars in Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and Iran (with which the Trump administration is currently in back-channel communication with.) And still, the Charlie Browns of both Left and Right never learn! (Here come the angry E-mails and even a cancelled subscription or two from some of "youse guys" in 3... 2 .. 1)


Image result for trump and lapierre .Image result for trump and kim

Image result for trump chess

1. Relax, boys and girls -- Trump will never betray the NRA and Mr. LaPierre knows it. // 2. Trump pretended that he was going to attack North Korea (remember "fire & fury" // "Rocket Man") because it was the only way to outmaneuver his warmongering Globalist adversaries in both parties. // 3. Isn't it obvious by now that Trump is a clever strategist and not a "Globalist psyop?"


It was also good to hear Trump make a point that few people, on both sides of the gun debate, are even aware of but definitely need to know about. And that is this: The United States already has a universal system of instantaneous background checking in place! It is a constantly updated database called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) which blocks one from purchasing a firearm without first passing the computerized "instacheck." The NRA actually supported the implementation of this system way back in 1998. Said Trump of the current laws: “People don’t realize we have very strong background checks right now.” -- And indeed we do.

So, with NCIS having been in place for 21 years now, why are the Marxists still screaming for "background checks?" It's simple. The real agenda here, in addition to banning "assault rifles ," is to add whole new categories of people to the NICS list -- such as anyone who has ever been prescribed an anti-depressant; or been treated for drug / alcohol addiction; or is a member of a "white supremacist" group; or is late on his taxes; or owes child support / alimony; or has an unpaid parking ticket; or picks his nose; or scratches his ass; or (fill-in-the-blank). For decades now, the Globalists have been salivating at the thought of disarming and killing a bunch of us "deplorables" off. That is why they continue to stage these false flag hoax shootings. Trump knows this, which is why he will not be signing his name to any new "gun control" laws. And if he does, you can rest easy knowing that it will be something toothless and cosmetic just to shut the lying loud mouths of his enemies.


Image result for Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)Related image

That's right, Boobus. Every gun store in the United States already performs an instant background check which weeds out those with criminal records (and, sadly, even some who aren't violent people). The databases are updated constantly as local police department feed new data into the FBI system.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is already back-tracking on his gun-control promise.

Boobus Americanus 2: The NRA got to him.


    Related image

St. Sugar Ssay hello to my little friend!

 Editor: The 2nd Amendment is alive and well in Heaven, I see. Spray some fire and lead down this way -- toward Sodom on the Hudson River.


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Image result for jeff daniels to kill mockingbird 

NY Times: Ed Harris to Succeed Jeff Daniels in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Broadway


Ever since that wretched wench Harper Lee vomitted out the 1960 "classic" novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- a Jewish-promoted, anti-White sob story -- hundreds of millions of impressionable High School students (your reporter included) have been forced, and continue to be forced, to devour her goofy garbage. Compounding the tragedy, many millions more have been "moved" by the 1962 Hollywood (cough cough) rendition of her book, starring the notorious commie-pinko Gregory Peck as the crusading lawyer, "Atticus Finch." More recently, a Broadway (cough cough) show starring A-List actor Jeff Daniels in the leading role has drawn "rave reviews" by those prone to such raving. This November, Daniels will be replaced by another A-Lister, Ed Harris.

The propaganda plot centers around a southern Black man falsely accused of raping a White woman, and the noble White lawyer who oh-so valiantly, but unsuccessfully, argues his client's innocence amidst evil Alabama's toxic environment of "racism" . Break out the violins and tissues, boys and girls. Youse guys know the procedure. Variations of this predictable scenario have been run and re-run a million times, so that's really all you need to know.


  Image result for jeff daniels  mockingbird
 Summary: "Once upon a time, in the racist, evil, redneck, White supremacist southern state of Alabama, there was an kind, gentle, innocent Black man who was wrongly accused of raping a White woman, and a saintly White liberal who did all he could to save him."// 2-4: Big name actors Peck, Daniels, Harris
Image result for CRYING WOMAN 
"Oh what those racists did to that poor black man in To Kill a Mockingbird!" (sniffle sniffle) 


Ms. Lee, that silly old gorgon (a $10 word for a repulsive hag) amassed a fortune peddling her stereotypical anti-southerner commie-crap. As a result, captive White readers and movie / TV / Broadway viewers have become afflicted with a pathetic and suicidal guilt complex. And to the extent that books, films and plays such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Roots, The Green Mile etc create a climate of general hatred against Whites, particularly Southerners, can it not be said that the fictitious story is  directly responsible for murderous violence toward innocent White people?

Incitement, no matter how subtle, equals death; and To Kill a Mockingbird always was, still is, and always will be an incendiary piece of literature and drama, as well as a piece of something else we will not mention. 


Image result for black attacks white  
On behalf of battered and dead Whites worldwide, thanks Ms. Lee -- and thank you Jewish Supremacists who control book publishing, Hollywood, Broadway and the New York Slimes.  
The Fake Historians cannot point to a single case in which a 1900's southern Black man, in spite of clear evidence of innocence, was ever deliberately and wrongly convicted of rape by a White jury. A lynch mob, perhaps. But not a jury. For if they could cite such a clear case, we would surely have all heard about it (1,000 times!) by now. Instead, a fictional book / film / play and the deep emotions which they evoke are accepted by the subconscious public mind as "a true story."
To the contrary, we do know of high profile cases in which Black jurors, in spite of clear evidence of guilt, have deliberately and wrongly acquitted Black murderers and rapists. Ever hear of OJ Simpson (double murder)? And back in the days of post-Civil War Dixie, local law enforcement authorities often had difficulty solving rape cases because Black communities refused to cooperate or "snitch" on their own. Even the racially "liberal" Theodore Roosevelt -- while condemning the practice of mob lynching -- acknowledged some serious problems regarding Black on White rape in his 1906 State of the Union Address. Roosevelt:
"A great many white men are lynched, but the crime is peculiarly frequent in respect to black men. The greatest existing cause of lynching is the perpetration, especially by black men, of the hideous crime of rape--the most abominable in all the category of crimes, even worse than murder.
The mob which lynches a negro charged with rape will in a little while lynch a white man suspected of crime. Every Christian patriot in America needs to lift up his voice in loud and eternal protest against the mob spirit. 
The white people of the South indict the whole colored race on the ground that even the better elements lend no assistance whatever in ferreting out criminals of their own color. The respectable colored people must learn not to harbor their criminals, but to assist the officers in bringing them to justice. .... The two races can never get on until there is an understanding on the part of both to make common cause with the law-abiding against criminals of any color." (emphasis added)
Ya hear that, boys and girls? Right from the original anti-lynching "progressive" himself -- a contemporaneous admission that not only were Black men raping many Southern White women; but also a confirmation of the frequent charge that Black communities often covered up for the perpetrators. When will Hollywood or Broadway ever make a show about that "injustice?"
Image result for teddy roosevelt 1906 Image result for oj simpson jury Image result for oj simpson verdict blacks celebrate
1. Even the "progressive" Teddy Roosevelt -- who was very popular among Blacks -- urged them to stop protecting the rapists of White women. // 2 & 3. "Black Supremacism?" -- 1995: Blacks across America (75% of them) celebrated the televised announcement of the ridiculous "Not Guilty" verdict (handed down by an all-Black jury!) of Black ex-footballer OJ Simpson for the double-murder of his white ex-wife and her suspected lover. Notice how mortified the Whites in that photo are.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Ed Harris will replace Jeff Daniels on Broadway as Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a MockingBird,' this fall.

Boobus Americanus 2: Mockingbird remains an iconic work, an American cultural classic that reminds us of the injustice which this country has inflicted upon and continues to inflict upon people of color.


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St. Sugar Rape! Rape! 

 Editor: Sugar, stop it with the comedy act and focus on rebutting these two ass-clowns.


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  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Danish people are all laughing at Trump's proposal to buy Greenland.

Boobus Americanus 2: I really think he is losing it. The man is crazy.



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MONDAY / AUGUST 19, 2019


President Trump joked about buying Greenland for its natural wealth during a meeting in the Oval Office. Image result for fjord to trump post

NY Times: ‘Greenland Is Not for Sale’: Trump’s Talk of a Purchase Draws Derision


NY Times: Danish PM Says Idea of Selling Greenland to U.S. Is Absurd


Once again, Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press are laughing it up over what appears to be Trump's latest display of deliberate weirdness -- namely, his sudden idea to purchase the Greenland land & ice mass from Denmark -- even though it is absolutely not up for sale. From one of the Slimes articles:
"President Trump’s idea to possibly buy Greenland for its natural resources left residents of the semiautonomous Danish territory amused, apoplectic and in disbelief, and received a chilly reception in Denmark on Friday.

“I hope it’s a joke, because it’s a terrible and grotesque thought,” said Martin Lidegaard, chairman of Denmark’s Foreign Policy Committee.

“It must be an April Fool’s Day joke … but totally out of season,” Lars Lokke Rasmussen, a former prime minister of Denmark."
Yes, good people of Denmark (and Greenland) -- it is a joke. But the joke is not on "youse guys." It's on the Clintons and the Fake News which still hasn't learned how to properly interpret Trump's "crazy talk."

Image result for greenland Image result for Lars Lokke Rasmussen Image result for Martin Lidegaard

Danish politicians Rasmussen and Lidegaard cannot understand the motive behind Trump's joke.



Here's the untold story. For more than a year now, Trump and his legal activist allies over at Judicial Watch have been focused on some scandals involving Hillary and a Chinese company. A trump tweet from 2018:
Report just out: ‘China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email Server.’ Are they sure it wasn’t Russia (just kidding!)? What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this? Actually, a very big story. Much classified information!”
And another:
"Hillary Clinton’s Emails, many of which are Classified Information, got hacked by China. Next move better be by the FBI & DOJ or, after all of their other missteps (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, FISA, Dirty Dossier etc.), their credibility will be forever gone!
Trump did not name the Chinese front company; but we learn from a Judicial Watch report of a scandalous project in New York City linking the Clintons, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, and a billionaire developer named Bruce Ratner (cough cough). The expose --written by Judicial Watch’s Chief Investigative Reporter, Micah Morrison -- describes New York's controversial Atlantic Yards development project as “a giant boondoggle generating torrents of cash for well-connected insiders.” Among the highlights of the Morrison piece:

  • Ratner --  the central figure in the Atlantic Yards scandal -- has very close ties to de Blasio and Clinton. In fact, Killary’s presidential campaign headquarters was located in one of Ratner's buildings.

  • One lever of the scam system is called the Public Authorities Control Board. According to court testimony, the shady PACB -- which has no staff and no offices -- has approved “billions of dollars of bond sales.” In a 2006 meeting of the rigged board that lasted just five minutes, Ratner’s Atlantic Yards proposal, despite mounting opposition, was approved at a price tag of $4 billion.
  • Ratner later received state-backed financing and $726 million in “special government benefits” (remember that number!) to fund construction of a portion of site (The Barclays Center). Even with the infusion of taxpayer money, the arena would “cost the city nearly $40 million more in spending” than it would generate in tax revenues, the report said.

  • In 2014, Ratner sold an ownership stake in Atlantic Yards (excluding the Barclays site) for $208 million. The buyer: a Shanghai-based company subsidized by the Chinese government. In an audacious move, Ratner and his new Chinese partners then changed the name of the site from Atlantic Yards to Pacific Park! Brooklyn watchdog-journalist Norman Oder wrote that the Chinese company: "now reaps the benefit of the subsidies, tax breaks and cheap land that Ratner wangled for the project. Judicial Watch President and Trump ally Tom Fitton is now demanding the records from De Blasio's office relating to this controversy. Says Fitton: "We will take it to court if necessary, because the public has a right to know.”


Image result for bruce ratner and hillary clinton Image result for judicial watch

1. Ratner, De Blasio and Hillary conspired with a Chinese owned company to rob the taxpayers through the Atlantic Yards project. // 2. The activist lawyers at pro-Trump Judicial Watch have been creating many problems for the Deep State.


In short, Ratner, aided and abetted by Clinton and De Blasio, apart from project-related bond sales, directly ripped off taxpayers for $720 million for a project which then flipped over to Chinese-owned company for $208 million. You've been a very bad girl, Hillary, very bad. And the name of this Chinese firm which benefited from the Atlantic Yards to Pacific Park scam? ---- Greenland Holdings. Armed with this data, we can now decode the following headline from the New York Post (pay attention to the dollar amount Trump mentions):

Trump: ‘$700M’ cost of Greenland is ‘hurting Denmark very badly’

The libtards who truly believe that Trump is insane and/or stupid may be enjoying a good laugh over Trump's "absurd" Greenland proposal -- but De Blasio and Hillary aren't laughing at this latest "Sicilian Mesage" from The Donald. The Greenland Holdings scandal (among so many others) is a big deal. That would explain why De Blasio, polling at less than 1%, is still running for president. He thinks it will buy him time and immunity. Let's hope it doesn't.



Image result for “Report just out: ‘China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email Server.’Image result for greenland holdings

For more than a year now, Trump has been tweeting about a shady Chinese firm linked to Hillary. His sudden mention of "Greenland" and "700 million" offers us a clue.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Danish people are all laughing at Trump's proposal to buy Greenland.

Boobus Americanus 2: I really think he is losing it. The man is crazy.



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SUNDAY / AUGUST 18, 2019


Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan, last month on Capitol Hill. On Friday, she rejected an offer to visit her grandmother in the West Bank on Israel’s conditions.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Trump at the White House in March.

 Trump and Netanyahu Put Bipartisan Support for Israel at Risk

By SHERYL STOLBERG (cough cough)


NY Times (Op-Ed) : If You Think Trump Is Helping Israel, You’re a Fool

By THOMAS FRIEDMAN (cough cough)


The Marxist Jews at Sulzberger's Slimes are in absolute panic mode over this latest brilliant bit of chess played by Trump and a pair of possible co-conspirators from "The Squad" -- Muslim Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilan Omar. Though a few of you diehard Trump-haters will predictably interpret this recent controversy as further evidence of him being a wholly-owned Zionist puppet owned by Bibi Satanyahoo; the more astute will surely appreciate the significance of what Trump is trying to do. But you don't have to accept it from The Anti-New York Times. Smell the fear and anger from the Marxist mouthpieces of the Manhattan mendacity machine for yourselves:


Sheryl Stolberg (cough cough):

"By pushing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into barring an official visit by the first two Muslim women in Congress, President Trump is doubling down on a strategy aimed at dividing the Democratic Party and pushing some Jewish voters into the arms of Republicans.

In the run-up to his 2020 re-election campaign, Mr. Trump has spent months attacking the two freshman Democrats, Representatives Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, angering the Democratic Party as he seeks to paint Republicans as Israel’s only true friend in Washington. In a string of Twitter posts on Friday evening, Mr. Trump said just that, writing that Ms. Tlaib and Ms. Omar 'are fast becoming the face of the Democrat Party' and that Ms. Tlaib had behaved “obnoxiously” toward Israel."
Thomas Friedman (cough cough): 
"I am going to say this as simply and clearly as I can: If you’re an American Jew and you’re planning on voting for Donald Trump because you think he is pro-Israel, you’re a damn fool....  Trump’s way of — and motivation for — expressing his affection for Israel is guided by his political desire to improve his re-election chances by depicting the entire Republican Party as pro-Israel and the entire Democratic Party as anti-Israel.

As a result, Trump — with the knowing help of Benjamin Netanyahu — is doing something no American president and Israeli prime minister have done before: They’re making support for Israel a wedge issue in American politics.

Trump’s campaign to tar the entire Democratic Party with some of the hostile views toward Israel of a few of its newly elected congresswomen — and Netanyahu’s careless willingness to concede to Trump’s demand and bar two of them, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, from visiting Israel and the West Bank — is part of a process that will do huge, long-term damage to Israel’s interests and support in America."
Image result for tom friedman tv Image result for sheryl stolbergRelated image
Friedman, Stolberg and many other elite Jews are now openly expressing concern about Trump's obvious strategy to use the openly anti-Israel loony ladies (secret agents?) of "The Squad" to siphon Jew votes and money away from the "anti-Semitic" Demonrats.
Now don't misunderstand us here -- Trump's chuminess with Satanyahoo and his public fawning over "our greatest ally" has always been just as vomit-inducing for us as it has been for any of "youse guys." But it's easy for an independent blogger to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the shitty little Israel -- and we always will. To the contrary, an elected political leader of a nation which contains not only millions of deep-pocketed, loud-mouthed and politically engaged Jews, but also tens of millions of Christian Ziotards in his own party, has got to know how to skillfully maneuver and manipulate. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
A public presidential denunciation of the shitty little state would be music to our ears. The reality is that such a fleeting moment of glory for us would result in a President Kamala Harris landslide in 2020, with a Demonrat Communist House & Senate to boot. We don't want that!
In the grand scheme of things, what do the empty gestures of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; or formally recognizing Israel's sovereignty over a Golan Heights areas which Israel gobbled up and occupied over a half-century ago; or wearing a matching blue tie with Satanyahoo all matter if Trump can redirect critical Jew votes and Jew money away from the Demonrat Communists and toward his own relection and movement instead? As long as he doesn't drag us into another war for Israel -- which he has not done and will not do -- then why should we have a problem with something that has clearly got The Slimes scribblers pissing in their pink panties?
Image result for the squad israelImage result for jewish vote democrat
If "The Squad" -- with its open calls for an impossible boycott of Israel -- can drive a bunch of Israel First Jew voters away from the Demonrats and onto the Trump Train, it would guarantee a Trump landslide in 2020.
There is, however, one caveat to our approval of this stratagem. If Trump and his true allies in the Republican Party do indeed storm to a clean sweep victory in 2020; and that element of the Israeli / Epstein / Neo Con Mafia which played a critical role in engineering the false flag attacks of 9/11 is not fully exposed, then there will be no more excuses.The ANYT will be the first to turn againt him -- and hard.
At such a point of supreme political power (and with much of the military brass behind him), we would have every right to demand a full exposure during Trump's second term. Anything less, would be a gross injustice, and a guarantee that the evil forces opposing Trump will eventually return to full power in 2024, with a vengeance.
And so, only for the duration of QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) 2020, we shall hold our nose and play along: "Hello Hymie! And Shalom! ... Welcome to our team!" (gagging as I say that)

 Image result for 9 11 trump interview bombs Image result for 9/11 attack 

1. Trump, speaking on 9/11/2001: "I happen to think that they had bombs in the building." /// 2. The final verdict on Donald Trump can only be rendered in his second term.  If indeed the perpetrators of 9/11 are finally exposed (as both Trump and Q Anon have promised), then this distastefully necessary appeal to Jewish voters and Christian Zio crazies will have been worth it.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is attacking the anti-Israel Congresswomen in order to manipulate Jews into voting for him in 2020.

Boobus Americanus 2: It's a clever move. Disgusting, yet clever..



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 NY Times: Whatever Happened to Ghislaine Maxwell’s Plan to Save the Oceans?

The philanthropic works of Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend never materialized. Now, she’s being sued by one of his victims.


The fact that Sulzberger's Slimes evidently feels compelled to run a "limited hangout" story such as this indicates to us that the unraveling of the Jeffrey Epstein / Mossad scandal did not end with his alleged "suicide" in a New York Federal prison. It now appears that (((they))) are now throwing his handler, Ghislaine Maxwell (cough cough) -- the billioneress daughter of the late tycoon and Mossad asset Robert Maxwell -- under the proverbial bus. In the game of chess, sometimes  even an important piece has to be sacrificed in order to protect the King.

As this article shows, albeit unintentionally, there is no exaggerating of the high-level-connectedness of child-sex traffickers / blackmailers Epstein & Maxwell. We are on the cusp of something which will either end up being a massive 'Deep State" cover-up on the scale of the JFK assassination or the 9/11 false flags -- or, the pulling of a loose thread which will, as Q Anon has promised, uncover the naked and vast Satanic ugliness of the West's PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) in a manner which will render even the most TV-addle-brained Boobus shocked and sickened. Cautious optimism, boys and girls --- cautious optimism.


Image result for epstein and maxwell The Limitless, docked in Saint Martin. Image result for maxwell chelsea wedding

1. Epstein with Maxwell. It is alleged that the two twisted demons would engage in "threesomes" with sex slaves as young as 14. //  2. Now fully stripped of her "behind-the-scenes" anonymity, Ms. Maxwell's yachting days are over as she is said to now be self-confined in her latest boyfriend's home in Massachusetts. // 3. That's her at Chelsea Clinton's wedding.



Image result for ghislaine maxwell and nat rothschild Image result for ghislaine maxwell and elon musk

1. Maxwell with Nat Rothschild  // 2. With Elon Muskrat



Though the average Boobus-in-the-street (or in a suite) would not be able to appreciate the significance of both Epstein's & Maxwell's ties to the world-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, regular readers of The Anti-New York Times certainly will. Some surprising revelations (surprising because the bewildered sheeple aren't supposed to know about the mighty CFR) from this story:

"In 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations event in Washington, D.C. She was there in her capacity as the founder of the TerraMar Project, an oceanic conservation group she started in 2012, according to a C.F.R. spokeswoman.

The C.F.R. is one of the world’s most prestigious nonprofit think tanks. Among its officers and directors then were David Rockefeller, one of the modern era’s most revered philanthropists; Colin Powell; and Robert Rubin, the secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton.

The TerraMar Project was an organization with an opaque website and a founder who happened to be the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious money manager who — in addition to being one of the C.F.R.’s “Chairman’s Circle” donors for at least six years — had pleaded guilty in 2008 to state charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor.

“We were unaware of the allegations against Ms. Maxwell at the time of the event,” the C.F.R. spokeswoman wrote in an email. The spokeswoman added that Mr. Epstein’s membership was revoked in 2009, because he did not pay his membership dues while in jail."


Of course, the article fails to mention that members of the Sulzberger Clan, and a whole bunch of Slimes reporters, columnists and editors have, over the past 100 years, been members of the CFR. Nonetheless, there is still quite a mouthful to chew on in that bit of "limited hangout" for it demonstrates the intersection of one-worldism, fake environmentalism and child-sex perversion / trafficking. Though not all of the "elites" are into the type of really sicko stuff that we can only imagine to have occured on Epstein's demonic island; they all damn well know that this type of debauchery happens -- but they don't bloody damn care because the wayward teen daughters of we of "the masses" don't count for jack-shit in their eyes! This is evidenced by the fact that well-known TV news personalities Little Georgie Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric (both CFR members themselves here) attended a 2010 dinner event a Epstein's New York townhome/palace just one year after Epstein had gotten out of jail after having been convicted of "sex offenses" with teenage girls.



Image result for council foreign relations shadow of power Ms. Maxwell and his holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa at StarTalk Radio's climate change panel discussion in 2014 in New York City. Image result for stephanopoulos and couric
1. The Shadows of Power, by James Perloff (holding book) was a book about The Council on Foreign Relation which started your reporter here down the long road to enlightenment back in 1990. // 2. Ms. Maxwell and "his holiness" the Gyalwang Drukpa at Neil DeGrasshole Tyson's "Climate Change" panel discussion in 2014 in New York City. // 3. CFR "elite" journalists Little Georgie & Commie Katie knew exactly who CFR donor Epstein was and what he did to little girls. They don't care because the abuse was of ordinary girls.
*Georgie and Katie each have two young daughters.


As previously stated, this loose thread will either be cut off at some point --- or, if yanked upon until the slack runs out, unravel the terrible tapestry concealing everything from child sacrifice to 9/11 to JFK and so much more.Though we are confident at this time that some big names are indeed sweating about now; just remember, that in the grand scheme of things, as delightful as it would be to see the likes of a Killary Clinton or Barack Obongo arrested one day in the not-too-distant future -- unless the really grand evil and the true masters of the planet are exposed; then this will all have been just entertainment. Let's see where this goes. Cautious optimism... cautious optimism..


Image result for jfk shot animated zapruder gif Image result for 9/11 attack Image result for pizzagate

Though the unraveling of Mossad / CIA Epstein-Maxwell operation may be fun to watch -- it will all be just meaningless fun & games unless the truly monstrous stuff depicted above (which is all related) is finally fully exposed.





  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Epstein and his female partner-in-crime had close ties to some elite think-tank called the Council on Foreign Relations.

Boobus Americanus 2: This story just gets weirder and weirder.



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The usual suspects turn out across America in favor of illegal immigration.

 Washington Post: In D.C., New York and Beyond, Jews Mark Annual Day of Mourning by Protesting Trump Immigration Policies


We're surprised that Sulzberger's Slimes didn't cover this latest Jewish spectacle staged in New York, Washington DC and a bunch of other major shitties across America, but we did find a headline story in the equally vile Washington Compost. We learned that a Jewish holiday known as Tisha B'Av -- the annual day of mourning -- fell on August 11 this year. According to Jewish history, it was on this day that both the First Temple of Jerusalem was torched by the Babylonians in 423 BC (always pissing somebody off, always); and again, on this day, by the Romans in 70 AD (always pissing somebody off, always).

The more observant chosenites typically observe Tisha B’Av by going to temple and reading from the "Book of Lamentations" (always lamenting about something, always). But this year, thousands of (((them))) spent the day protesting Trump's alien detainment camps (which, by the way, were also in operation under Obongo). From the article:

"Some came in large groups from their synagogues, sporting matching T-shirts and signs that read 'Never Again' ... They were joined by thousands more across the country who attended similar protests — the latest manifestations of a growing wave of activism among Jews opposed to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which some argue are reminiscent of the way Jewish people have been treated in the past."

"Never again ," eh? Unless, of course, if you're a Palestinian -- but I digress.


Image result for jews ice protests Image result for jews ice protests Image result for jews ice protests

Waaaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!   How can (((they))) whine about "Never Again" when the event in question (the Holohoax) never even happened in the first place?  


Now of course, all this high-sounding tommyrot about "Never Again" has absolutely nothing to do with any Jewish sense of empathy -- allegedly born out their own "painful past" -- for the trespassing greaseballs being interned or deported. No sir. (((They))) couldn't give a rat's ass about this invader riff-raff. Can you just imagine, if the Central American hordes were mostly future Republican voters, instead of guaranteed Demonrats, just how rabidly anti-immigrant (((these people))) would suddenly become? They'd instantly switch, on a shekel, so damn fast that their beanie hats would fly off -- and start screaming at the top of their lungs:  "Oy vey! A nation must defend its borders! USA! USA! USA!" 

Or, better yet, just imagine how "welcoming" these commie chameleons would be if the truly oppressed and endangered White farmers of South Africa could somehow make it to Mexico and then seek asylum in a U.S. border state. -- "Oy vey! Build that wall! Build that wall!"

Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times already know that is the truth. However -- and this is the part that is so damn infuriating --- in the malleable minds of so many scores of millions of our fellow Americans, these Jewish stunts impress the easily impressed as the sincere manifestation of the sentiments of a poor persecuted people who, though perhaps over-reacting, have an understandable aversion to the whole idea of "internment." How bloody frickin' "noble" of them, eh?


Image result for jews ice protests never again Related image Image result for jews for migrants

(((They))) "care" sooooo much about oppressed humanity, don't they?


Since the days when the New York Jew girl Emma Lazurus penned that stupid poem in 1883 ("Send me your wretched refuse" etc), which later found its way to the base of the Illuminati-themed Statue of Liberty --- to Jew Israel Zangwill's famous 1907 Broadway play, "The Melting Pot" -- to powerful Jew Senator Jacob Javits' obsession with getting the 1965 Immigration Bill passed -- to Jew George Soros' worldwide open-borders initiatives --- and so much more; the oh-so-empathetic Jewish-Marxist obsession with flooding America with as many Eastern European Yids and, later on, dirt poor "people of color" as possible has never wavered, and actually pre-dates the Holohoax. So, what gives with this phony altruism here?

It's elementary, White Man, elementary. (((They))) are fixin' to exterminate us through birthrate attrition, through unlimited immigration, through homosexualization, through blending -- and lastly, once the majority of remaining Whites are too few and too feeble to take up firearms (and (((they))) are coming for those too!) -- through direct killing. And that, dear reader, is what the multi-city "Never Again" rallies were really all about. You can be sure that amongst (((themselves))), in the dark corners of their synagogues, the code words have a different meaning altogether than that which (((they))) portray in public. It goes something like this: "Oy vey. Never again can we allow a White majority to reclaim political power from us."


Image result for emma lazarus Related image Image result for jacob javits

1. Emma Lazarus // 2. Israel Zangwill // 3. Jacob Javits --- all obsessed with immigration. Was it really about "empathy" for the "downtrodden"-- or something else?



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Jews across America staged protests against Trump's internment camps.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's understandable, considering what Jews had to go through during the Holocaust.



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Editor: I don't know which is more taxing on the heart and arteries --- the lies of the usual suspects, or the willful stupidity of Boobus.


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MONDAY / AUGUST 12, 2019


An ad campaign by Coca-Cola promoting gay acceptance has prompted a political backlash in Budapest.

NY Times: Coke Ad Riles Hungary Conservatives, Part of Larger Gay Rights Battle


The term "Soft Power" -- coined by "scholar" Joseph S. Nye (cough cough) of Harvard University and the Council on Foreign Relations -- refers to the calculated use of covert economic or cultural influence -- as opposed to overt political or military force -- to artificially change "the hearts and minds" of a target nation from the outside whilst making it appear as though the "progress" is occurring naturally from the inside. It is warfare without the bloodshed, waged by the various propaganda branches of the western NWO -- such as the marketing wizards of Madison Ave, the mega CEO's, the perverted "elites" of Hollywood, the book publishers, Silicon Valley, the "music" and "art" syndicates, and the demented eggheads of Ivy League academia.


Image result for soft power by nye  Image result for soft power by nye Related image
Joseph S. Nye wrote the book (literally) on the art of mass mental conquest through the use of "Soft Power."


This Slimes article joyously describes how Coca Cola, a globally recognized American institution of there ever was one, is being used to wage a Soft Drink Soft Power culture war against nationalist conservative-leaning Hungary: 
"By the standards of Western advertising, Coca-Cola’s billboard campaign in Hungary was pretty tame. Three couples are shown enjoying a soda, smiling and seemingly in love. One picture shows a man, a woman and a Coke; another two women and a Coke; and a third shows two men and a Coke.

'Love is Love,' is the campaign slogan. But in the current climate in Eastern and Central Europe, where “L.G.B.T. ideology” has taken the place of migrants as public enemy number one for many nationalist leaders, love is not love.

It is a threat."

Love is love (fast-tracked), eh? -----  (palm to face, sighing, shaking head)


Image result for love is love Image result for love is love coke ad hungary A gay pride parade last month in Budapest.

1. “Love is Love” ™ is the new code term to whitewash a man's lust for another man rectum. // 2 & 3. Coca Cola ads in Hungary feature a pair a fags and a pair of dykes. // 4. Pride Parade in Budapest.


It's interesting to note how Coca Cola is again being used to promote this filth because one of the most effective subliminal campaigns for promoting One Worldism ever devised was the "iconic" 1970's TV ad which featured a mob of young people of different nationalities and races, decked-out in different costumes, singing on a hilltop in Italy as they each hold up a bottle of Coke. "Youse" fellow baby-boomers will surely remember that bit of mushy Marxism: "I'd like to buy the world a coke." Superficially at least, it seemed like a heart-warming scene. After all, who wouldn't want to live in a world in which all of "God's children" ™  get along?

Many gullible young people were sucked in and moved to goosebumps by the Rothschild Globalism in disguise. But beneath the catchy tune and warm, fuzzy facade lie the Soft Power subliminal poison of uniting and mixing the peoples of the planet --  without any mention of the iron hand which will be keeping the new mixed slave race of Coca Cola drinkers under total and permanent control. And that is why the "iconic" ad has since been enshrined in the U.S. Library of Congress.

Image result for scheming jewImage result for coke teach the world to sing Image result for coke teach the world to sing

Sing the beautiful song which I wrote for you, my obedient little goyim! ---

I'd like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love
grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves
I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a coke and keep it company
that's the real thing ...


The "far right" governments of both Hungary and Poland (also attacked in this article) have made valiant efforts to beat back the cultural Marxism seeping in from the western provinces of the degenerate European Union and from America's relentless Soft Power tentacles. Yet the sad fact remains that both states, notwithstanding the occasional middle finger flashed at Brussels, still remain willing members of the continental monster state of the EUSSR.

Unless and until there is a clean political as well as cultural break from the thoroughly Marxified West, combined with de-democratization and a hard core purging (as in death or mass imprisonment) of both foreign and domestic libtards -- American Soft Power will ultimately corrupt the hearts and minds of Hungarian and Polish youth. Invite dirty stray dogs into your home; expect your own pets to get ticks and fleas. That's the power of Coca Cola.


Image result for orban Image result for orban and merkel Image result for orban and macron
1. Viktor Orban of Hungary // 2 & 3. As long as Hungary remains part of evil EUSSR and under the influence of vile leaders such as Merkel & Macron, it will remain highly vulnerable to Soft Power subversion of its young people.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Coca Cola is running an ad campaign in homophobic Hungary which features gay couples.

Boobus Americanus 2: In time, change and progress will come to Eastern Europe too.



Editor: Change for sure --- but not exactly "progress."


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Jeffrey Epstein was accused of sexually abusing dozens of minors in his mansions in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Fla.

NY Times: Why Wasn’t Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch When He Died? 

The suicide of the disgraced financier, who was found dead in his cell on Saturday, raised questions about what steps officials took after an apparent attempt in July. 


In the immediate aftermath of the blockbuster news of the sudden demise of Mossad super asset Jeffrey Epstein; The Slimes, as well as anyone with an ounce of critical thought capacity asks: "Why Wasn't Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch?" -- especially after having allegedly tried to kill himself a few weeks ago. The article quotes Robert Gangi, a former Director of the Correctional Association of New York:
“If he’s on suicide watch, it's virtually impossible to kill yourself.”
Of course, the tone of the Slimes story suggests that somebody in New York simply screwed-up. Epstein's "suicide" -- we are to believe -- was the result of negligence, not conspiracy. Yeah, sure it was. Adding to our suspicion is a photo purporting to show Epstein's "dead body" on a gurney is such an obvious fake that it insults the intelligence. In the image, which first broke in the New York Post, Epstein's head is way out of proportion to his body, which seems only 4 feet tall!
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1. Epstein's elite pals who frequented his Satanic Sex Island are today breathing a sigh of relief --- or are they??? /// 2. The NY Post photo was clearly 100% FAKED! Why???
So, as many of "youse" inquiring readers have already asked: "What happened?" Well, we're not sure. But we've come up with four plausible theories -- and the "official story" of a "distraught" inmate ain't one of them.
"The usual suspects" using the usual means managed to spring their boy and ship him to an Israeli beach for safe-keeping and martini-sipping --- in accordance with a prophecy made by The Great One (that's Hitler for all you normies & newbies) 25 years before the shitty little state was even brought into existence. From Mein Kampf:

"It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks."


Tell it, Great One. Tell it!


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1. The Five "Dancing Israelis" arrested on 9/11/2001 after having been seen celebrating as the towers collapsed and then caught near the George Washington Bridge with a van full of explosives, were, after many weeks in captivity, quietly sprung and allowed to flee back to Israel. // 2. One month later, after being caught RED HANDED with explosives, guns and phony Pakistani passports in the Mexican parliament building, two Israelis were allowed to flee back to Israel after intense pressure was brought to bear upon the Mexican authorities. // 3. Israel "a haven for convicted scoundrels" ---- he nailed it!



The "Frank Pentangelli" Model. Aficionados of the Godfather movies will recall how, in Godfather II, the character Frank Pentangelli, whom everyone thought was dead, later turns out to be alive and living comfortably as a monitored informant in the FBI's witness protection program. Might the "White Hats" have made Epstein a similar "offer he couldn't refuse?"

"Look here, grease-ball. Tell us all you know about everyone you know and you can live well in a small home somewhere in Nevada (or a much safer cell in Guntanamo Bay?). Or, you can rot in this cell for the rest of your days -- until another inmate rapes and kills you."



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1. Informant Frank Pentangelli with his FBI keepers. // 2. Is Epstein under witness protection?
After having extracted everything they needed from Epstein, the "White Hats" executed him a la John McCain -- then staged the "suicide" to cover up the operation.  
Modified Pentangelli scenario. The Bad Guys wasted one of their own (or enabled Epstein to do it himself) in prison -- then staged the "suicide" to cover up the operation.  
We're about 25-25-25-25 on each theory. All make sense and there is precedent for each as well. What do "youse guys" think? Or do you have a theory of your own you'd like to share?  
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Later on the movie, the Mafia manages to outmaneuver the Feds and "persuades" Pentangelli to kill himself while under custody.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in The New York Times today that Epstein was not on suicide watch, even after he had tried to kill himself a few weeks ago.

Boobus Americanus 2: Somebody needs to be fired for this! How do you let such a high profile figure in possession of so much information just kill himself like that.


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