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A still image from a video obtained from social media showing smoke billowing at an Aramco facility in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, one of two oil processing centers struck by drones on Saturday. It was not clear how badly damaged the facilities were, but such strikes have the potential to disrupt world oil supplies. Image result for NEW YORK TIMES AFGHANISTAN BOMBING

NY Times (Sept. 7, 2019): Trump Says He’s Called Off Negotiations With Taliban After Afghanistan Bombing
NY Times (Sept. 15, 2019): Saudi Oil Attack Photos Implicate Iran, U.S. Says; Trump Hints at Military Action


It never fails. Every ... single ... time that a U.S. President seems poised to pull out of a global spot, or that peace is about to be established some place where the "powers that be" don't want peace, there occurs an oh-so-conveeenient "incident" or terrorist attack to thwart the effort. From about one week ago, the Slimes reports:

"President Trump said on Saturday that he had canceled a secret meeting at Camp David with Taliban leaders and the president of Afghanistan and was calling off monthslong negotiations that had appeared to be nearing a peace agreement..... "The Taliban had admitted to a suicide car bomb attack on Thursday that had killed an American soldier and 11 others in the capital of Kabul."

Now, why would the Afghan Taliban, at a moment in time when a U.S. President is granting them the respectful opportunity to talk, do something so stupid and counter-productive as stab Trump in the back by staging a terrorist attack? 


Image result for trump and taliban Image result for cia spooks

Image result for afghan poppy fields

1. Trump has been trying to end the war in Afghanistan for the past two years. Opposition from the Fake News, conveniently-timed terror attacks, and even rats within his own party have made this very difficult. // 2 & 3. The CIA knows that if the Taliban comes back to power, it will again be bye-bye to the famous poppy fields of Afghanistan which fund much of the Agency's covert activity.


And now, just as talk of lifting sanctions and making a new deal with Iran is starting to piss off the manipulative Israelis, comes this sophisticated drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields, which is being blamed on Iran:

"The Trump administration intensified its focus on Iran Sunday as the likely culprit behind attacks on important Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend."

Now, why would the Iranians, at a moment in time when a U.S. President is openly talking about lifting sanctions and meeting face-to-face with the Iranian president, do something so stupid and counter-productive as stab Trump in the back by staging, through their proxies, an attack on Saudi Arabian oil production?  None of this makes any sense. Unless, of course, one understands how the usual suspects usually operate.


Image result for netanyahu iran Image result for netanyahu iran
Image result for mossad
This one is not hard to figure out.
Both the Globalist and Zionist wings of the worldwide PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) have an obvious vested interest in maintaining instability and danger in, respectively, Afghanistan and Iran. (((They))) absolutely do not want Trump pulling out of Afghanistan and making peace with Iran. Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times certainly don't need to be told who (((they))) are -- but we'll say it anyway --- Globalist Jew CIA and Zionist Jew Mossad! 
Though these stunts will complicate and delay matters for Trump, we believe that negotiations between the White House and the Iranians and also the Afghan Taliban will continue, albeit through back-channels -- as was the case with North Korea. So, be not alarmed by Trump's obligatory "door-closing" with the Taliban and tweeted-out "military threats" against Iran. It's all part of the invisible game. Unfortunately, these bombings, coupled with the Fake News deceptive spin, will make it much harder to achieve objectives.

Image result for trump tweet on saudi oil field attack locked and loadedImage result for trump tweet fire and fury


Trump on Iran: "We are locked and loaded."  --- Recall Trump on North Korea back in 2017? "We will launch fire and fury."



 Well, well, well ... look what St. Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat just sniffed out:


The Times of Israel // May 11, 2019

Israeli TV claims Iran weighing attack on Saudi oil production facilities

Israel has warned the US that Iran is contemplating targeting Saudi oil production facilities, an Israeli TV report said Friday night, as tensions between Tehran and the Trump Administration soar.

The unsourced Channel 13 report said the Iranians were “considering various aggressive acts” against American or American-allied targets. Tehran had looked at targeting American bases in the Gulf, but that had been deemed too drastic. The main target they were interested in was “Saudi oil production facilities,” the TV report said. Such a strike would also send world oil prices soaring and enable Iran to get more income from its oil sales, the report added.


Image result for laughing jew animated gif Well played, Hynmie. Well played.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Iranians are behind the drone bombing of Saudi Arabia.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Ya know, they are really stupid for doing that just when Trump was talking about lifting sanctions.




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NY Times (Opinion): Why I Provide Abortions


For today's Anti-New York Times, we break away from the Global Comedy/Freak Show that is geo-politics to dabble in the moral-cultural controversy that is the suffocation, saline burning and bodily dismemberment of babies in utero - and sometimes out! Whatever one may think of the legality of this ghastly killing-for-hire practice itself, one would think -- one would hope -- that the "pro-choice" crowd would at least see it as a tragedy to be avoided and a practice that a society should be ashamed of.

Not so for Dr. Willie Parker, whose self-serving and euphemistic editorial in Sulzberger's pro-death Slimes, in which he attempts to pass himself off as some heroic figure, is shocking to the senses. Let's dissect (no pun intended) the heart of Slick Willie Parker's "I"-infested bit of excessive egoism.

1. Parker, a self-professed "Christian", performs abortions up to the 9th month of pregnancy.// 2 & 3. Parker's seminars and writings attempt to reconcile abortion with Christian teachings.  One of his events was held in Austin, Texas at Temple Beth Shalom (cough cough).


Parker: In public health, you go where the crisis is. If there is an outbreak and you have the ability to relieve suffering, you rush to the site of the need. This is why, a year and a half ago, I returned to my hometown, Birmingham, Ala., to provide abortions.

Rebuttal: Performing abortions "relieves suffering"? Tell that to these little fully sentient little ones shown below: Image result for aborted baby

It's a medical fact -- unborn babies can feel pain, even after just a few weeks.


Parker: For the previous two years, I had been flying to the South from Chicago to provide care to women whose access to abortion services was limited to a few clinics, ..... These women face harsh life circumstances and incessant hostility, merely for wanting to exercise their rights.

Rebuttal: "These women face harsh life circumstances and incessant hostility" -- Who are you kidding, Willie? American women walk in and out of abortion mills as if they were getting their nails done.

Parker: My decision to provide abortions represented a change of heart on my part. I had been working for 12 years as an (ob-gyn), and had never performed abortions because I felt they were morally wrong.

Rebuttal: Oh, so you were once pro-life but now you have seen the light. That's one of the oldest tricks in the Marxist-Progressive handbook. Just like all those gun-grabbing libtards who say: "I was once a proud member of the NRA, but now ... blah, blah, blah" or "I once did not believe in Global Warming, but now...blah, blah, blah."

Parker: But I grew increasingly uncomfortable turning away women who needed help.

Rebuttal: Your poor tormented man. How were you able to finally resolve this internal moral dilemma?

Parker: Ultimately, reading a sermon by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. challenged me to a deeper spiritual understanding.

Rebuttal: Ah yes! When in doubt, pray to St. Martin. Did Marxist Loser King deliver this sermon moments after bedding and 'rough-sexing' his latest White prostitute, or was it just moments before, Willie?

Parker: I was moved by his discussion of the quality of the good Samaritan and of what made the Samaritan “good.”

Rebuttal: Our Sunday School lessons are a bit hazy by now, preacher Parker, but when exactly did the 'Good Samaritan' advocate killing unborn babies?

1. When in doubt, a good "Christian" should ask, "What would St. Martin do?" //  2. "Blessed are the abortionists, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." ---- NOT!


Parker: I realized that if I were to show compassion, I would have to act on behalf of those women. My concern about women who lacked access to abortion became more important to me than worrying about what might happen to me for providing the services. 

Rebuttal: Willie, your heroic altruism and self-sacrifice for these women is moving us to tears. Knowing full well that you can be murdered by a "pro-lifer" at any time (rolling eyes), you still persist with your do-gooderism. Good for you, Willie! --- By any chance, Willie, do you collect a fee for your service to humanity, or do you work pro bono?

"Abortion Providers Are Heroes" ---- Libtards truly are mentally ill.


Parker: I stopped doing obstetrics in 2009 to provide abortion full time for women who needed help. Invariably I field questions regarding my decision, with the most often asked being: Why? The short answer is: Because I can.

Rebuttal: No Willie, the short answer is because there is a ton of quick and easy money to be made in this brutal business -- which is why you fail to address the question of pro bono work. result for aborted baby

Cha-Ching!!! Will that be cash, credit or tax-payer-funded ObongoCare / Medicaid?

Trimester 1 -2: $300-$500    /   Trimester 2-3: $700 - $1000


Parker: And: Because if I don’t, who will?

Rebuttal: A zillion other heartless, soulless and money-hungry "doctors" -- that's who!

Parker: The South has become one of the centers of the abortion crisis. While women across the country are losing the ability to make private health care decisions because states have passed hundreds of laws chipping away at that right, the South is the most restrictive.

Rebuttal: Total lies and typical South-bashing. There is not a single state in the country that has denied women the "right" to have their baby snuffed out er, "the ability to make private health care decisions." Ever hear of Roe vs Wade, Parker? These minor regulations regarding informed consent and 2nd office visit abortion are so reasonable that even many pro-aborts are 'OK' with them. What's the matter Parker? Are you afraid that if a woman has a day or two to think about what she is doing that she may not hire you? Hmmmmmm?

Parker: Legal, properly administered abortion care holds an enviable record in medicine with a 99 percent safety rate.
Rebuttal: 99% safety rate??? Not for the babies! Their fatality rate is 100%! (Except for a few late-term survivors who go through life crippled. Image result for amputee survived abortion
One of the lucky ones-- Nick Hoot lost parts of both legs in an abortion attempt.
Parker: ... and a less than 1 percent complication rate.

Rebuttal: Evidently, Parker does not regard the millions of women who suffer from remorseful depression,  anniversary date crying spells, thoughts of what the child would look like had it been born, nightmares, anxiety etc for the rest of their lives --- as part of the "complication rate". (here)

Parker: In the Mississippi and Alabama clinics where I practice, I see women who must travel hundreds of miles for an appointment. Years ago, I saw a patient in Mississippi whom I still think of often because of her intense grief in the midst of pregnancy. I want for women what I want for myself ...

Rebuttal: I, I, I, I, I, I ---- the true hallmark of a psychopath. Parker must have the same ghost-writer as Mr. and Mr. Obongo.

Parker: We who provide abortions do so because our patients need us, and that’s what we are supposed to do: respond to our patients’ needs. It is the deepest level of love that you can have for another person, that you can have compassion for their suffering and you can act to relieve it. That, simply put, is why I provide abortion care.

Rebuttal: Break out the violins and pass the tissues. -- Final count of self-references: 26!


Image result for violin result for noble Dr. Willie Parker

An ode to the great and compassionate and noble Dr. Willie Parker




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President Hassan Rouhani of Iran. For nearly a year, the Trump administration has threatened economic penalties against foreign governments and businesses seeking to invest in Iran. Image result for BOLTON NETANYAHU

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran // John Bolton with Bibi Satanyahoo


NY Times: Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser
NY Times: Trump Leaves Open Possibility of Easing Iranian Sanctions to Spur Nuclear Talks
Politico: Israel Accused of Planting Mysterious Spy Devices Near White House


A trio of fairly well-publicized events these past few days all seem to point toward a growing rift between Donald Trump and the Zionist warmongers who seek a "Greater Israel" with U.S. troops doing the bulk of the dying to obtain the new territory for them. First, we have the firing of that blood thirsty, Iran-hating, walrus-faced, neo-con "shabbos goy" -- (a hebrew term for a non-Jew who performs certain activities which religious law prohibits a Jew from doing on the Sabbath) -- John "Bonkers" Bolton. We suspected all along that pro-peace Trump only hired this pro-war clown as National Security Adviser as part of "keep your friends close / keep your enemies closer" tactic.
The firing happened on the eve of the 18th anniversary of September 11th . And, in obvious connection to the sacking of Bolton, we learn today that Trump is seeking to ease sanctions on Iran as part of process which will culminate in talks and a new deal with Iran -- something which Bolton and his Israeli owners, of course, were adamantly opposed to.
And finally, we learn -- probably as the result of a deliberate leak to Politico ordered by Trump himself -- that the mistrustful and worried Israelis were planting spy devices near the White House. Hmmm. Perhaps Trump isn't the trusted and obedient Zionist puppet which some of "youse guys" claim? I know, I know .... "But but, his daughter is married to a Jew; and he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, blah blah, blah." 
Image result for netanyahu bolton Image result for netanyahu bolton Image result for netanyahu bolton
Like a submissive puppy wagging its tail before his master --- the body language says it all! Bolton was Satanyahoo's poodle -- and Israeli hardliners are not happy to see him go.
 Image result for Moshe Ya'alon Image result for Moshe Ya'alonImage result for jeff epstein mossad

1. Ex Israeli Defense Minister and Satanyahoo ally Moshe Ya'alon: "John Bolton Ousted is Bad News for Israel" (Here) // 2. We would add that the exposure of the Jeffrey Epstein Mossad pedo-blackmail operation is also "bad news" for Israeli Intelligence!

There is actually a 4th event that just occurred which, though not quite as well-publicized as the aforementioned three items, did garner a fair amount of press and certainly sent, in GodFather movie parlance, a powerful "Sicilian Message" to someone. Also, on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, a remaining "ISIS" (Mossad) location on a small island in the middle of Iraq's Tigris River was carpet-bombed to kingdom-come with more than 80,000 pounds of laser-guided bombs. The video is spectacular.

Headline: Fox News: US bombs ISIS-'Infested Island' in Iraq, New Video Shows (Video Here)

Image result for donald trump mafia don What immediately caught our attention as we read the account was the name of (or the name just given to?) this small island. From the FOX account:

"We're denying ISIS the ability to hide on Qanus Island,"  said Maj. Gen. Eric T. Hill, the commander of the Special Operations Joint Task Force."

Qanus? As in Q Anon and "up your anus?"

We can find no previous Iraqi-sourced references to any river island named "Qanus" (list here). So, who named this obscure river-island? -- St. Sugar doesn't miss a trick.


Image result for qanus island Related imageImage result for q

1 & 2. The Mossad / ISIS island named "Qanus" was wiped out in spectacular fashion on the eve of 9/11. A Sicilian Message? /// 3. Qanon: March 10, 2018: "We are saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time"


There are other indicators that the expansionist "Greater Israel" Zionists (not to be confused with the Israel "as is" Zionists who are content to just keep what was stolen in 1948 & 1967) are becoming disillusioned with Trump. For good reason, we have long suspected that Internet "conservative" giant Matt Drudge (cough cough) of "The Drudge Report" fame was an Israeli asset. In recent months, the posts and headlines on his website have taken a noticeably anti-Trump turn. Though he will mix it up from time to time to conceal this fact, an astute observer (yours truly) will have noticed the change.

When the likes of Drudge and Ya'alon start turning against Trump, it's a damn good sign that "The Donald" -- as Q Anon had posted -- was playing these fools all along.


-- Here come the hate-mail and "shill" accusations in 3...2 ...1...


Image result for godfather keep your friends close Image result for matt drudge jew Related image

After trusting that Trump would wipe out or subvert Iran for them --- (((they))) are now turning on "The Donald."




  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump got rid of John Bolton.

 Boobus Americanus 2: That's good to know. Bolton was a real warmonger. Trump should never have brought him on as National Security Adviser.




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Image result for 9/ 11 attack Image result for 9/ 11 memorial 2019

9/11 -- 18 Years Later


It's that time of the year again -- the holy day of September 11 during which Boobus Americanus is commanded to bow his empty head in solemn patriotic reverence and dutifully commemorate the most colossal magic trick ever played on the world since the Holohoax. This date is particularly piognant (a $10 word for evoking a feeling of sadness) for both the Mrs. and me. Sherrie lost a friend who worked blocks away from "Ground Zero, and yours truly lost a childhood friend -- though we had lost touch about 10 years prior -- who worked in the World Trade Center. The interesting thing about Sherrie's lost friend is that she doesn't show up on the list of dead -- which suggests that the deaths of many passersby who worked in the area and died that day went unrecorded.
The most frustrating part of the tragedy is that, unless and until it is widely exposed and the "perps" duly punished (executed publicly) these memorials mean nothing. Worse than that, the continued propagation of that moronic mendacity, that felonious fairy tale, that loony libel which maintains that "Osama Bin Laden" and his band of "19 Arab hijackers" -- using TWO airplanes to turn THREE mountainous skyscrapers into instant powder and aerosol -- actually disrespects the dead. The thousands of people killed that day -- and the hundreds of thousands (maybe a million?) killed, directly or indirectly, in the phony "War on Terror" and "Arab Spring" which, by design, grew out of those the false flag attacks -- deserve more than stupid bell ringing and platitudinous "thoughts and prayers ." What the dead and still dying (first responder cancers) deserve is not the Orwellian group worship of a fairy tale, but rather -- the TRUTH about who mass murdered them, namely, the Globo-Zionist Axis of Evil -- with each wing of those overlapping crime syndicates having its own agenda.
Image result for 9 11 ceremony bell ringing Image result for 9/11 collapse
Image result for mohammed atta
1. Bag-piping, cheesy speeches and bell ringing does nothing to avenge the dead and dying. // 2 & 3. Man made mountains instantly transformed into powder and aerosol by "suicide hijackers" who trained on crop-dusters and video games??? Who the frickety-frack STILL believes in this bullshit? Answer: About 85% of Americans, that's who!
The PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) all read certain papers and publications which, although available to us lowly plebes and proles, are generally only read by those "in the know." It is through such sources that the high & mighty "muckety mucks" of politics, academia and media wink and nod at each other in coded language. It's what you might paradoxically call an "open conspiracy." Indeed, the noted Fabian Socialist and admitted One Worlder H.G. Wells, wrote a book about the Globalist vision in 1928 -- its title: "The Open Conspiracy."
Let us review three such obvious cases of this undeniable "wink-wink" telegraphing among "elites."


1998 / Zbigniew Brzezinski

Globalist big-shot Zbigniew Brzezinski publishes "The Grand Chessboard", in which he argues that America must dominate Central Asia. Like the boys at PNAC, Z-Big also believes it will take a "truly massive threat" to convince the American public to go along with his scheme:

"America may find it difficult to fashion consensus on foreign policy, except in the circumstance of a truly massive external threat.

He further adds:

"The attitude of the American public toward the projection of power has been ambivalent. The public supported America's engagement in World War II because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Related image
Z-Big gave a wink-wink about "Pearl Harbor."

1998 / The Council on Foreign Relations

Following the 1998 embassy bombing in Africa (falsely blamed on Osama Bin Laden) Ashton Carter (future Defense Secretary under Obongo), John Deutch (ex-CIA Director), and Philip D. Zelikow (future Director of 9/11 Commission cover-up) co authored an article in the Council on Foreign Relations's (CFR) magazine, Foreign Affairs. The article is entitled: Catastrophic Terrorism -- subtitled, "Imagining the Transformative Event"

Again, the spectre of Pearl Harbor is invoked:

"Like Pearl Harbor, this event would divide our past and future into a before and after.",_Undersecretary_of_Defense,_1993_official_photo.JPEG/200px-John_Deutch,_Undersecretary_of_Defense,_1993_official_photo.JPEG
Zelikow - Carter - Duetch // They too gave a wink-wink about "Pearl Harbor."
The Neo-Cons of Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

The warmongering 'Neo-Cons' of PNAC published a paper calling for the U.S. to dominate the Middle East and expand its military reach and budget. Lamenting the political difficulty of achieving these goals, they wrote:

 "..the process of transformation is likely to be a  long  one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event –like a New Pearl Harbor." 


Image result for robert kagan and vicky nuland

The Kagan-Nuland Family and Bill Kristol of PNAC.... more wink wink about "Pearl Harbor."


In addition to these "just amongst our crowd" clues of a coming "Pearl Harbor" were the demonic "in your face" hints dropped in so many movies and TV shows aired years in advance. As a matter of fact, the blockbuster film event of Summer 2001 was "Pearl Harbor" -- starring Hollywierd A-Listers Josh Hartnett,  Kate Beckinsale and  Ben Affleck. How conveeenient!


Image result for pearl harbor movie Image result for how convenient

Just three months before the attack, "Pearl Harbor" had become the most hyped-up film of Summer 2001.


Then of course there is the "official story" of the event itself which, were it not so tragic, would be the stuff of side-splitting laughter. There were the "Arab passports" with burnt edges suddenly found at the crash sites; Korans and "suicide notes" left in baggage which never made it onto the planes; melted cars and trucks parked blocks away from the Twin Towers; steel beams weighing many tons hurled laterally and embedding themselves in buildings 500 feet away; a Bin Laden "confession video" miraculously turning up in Afghanistan; a hole the size of a car said to be the entry point of a 767 airliner at the Pentagon crash site; and on and on and on the barrage of blithering bullshit spewed -- all of it eagerly gobbled up by a traumatized public hungry for revenge on the big bad Muslims. And  let us "never forget" that small army of highly suspicious Israeli operatives arrested before 9/11, on 9/11, and just after the 9/11 attacks.

Yes, for we who see, this day is a tough one to have to endure -- all the more so because so many of us have alienated friends and family members over this event. May the day come when we who have been so ridiculed (and even hated) for daring to see the truth of 9/11 are finally vindicated --and the many who died because of the trick are finally avenged.


Related image Image result for no plane at pentagon Image result for building 7 animated gif

1. Hijacker "suspects" later discovered "alive and well." Their passports had been stolen by Mossad // 2. The Pentagon crash site -- no plane and a perfect undamaged lawn. // 3. "Building 7" in New York -- a 600-foot shyscraper, not even struck by a plane, collapses perfectly into its own footprint on the afternoon of 9/11.



Image result for 9/ 11 attack bergen recordImage result for dancing israelis

 "Never Forget" that the only suspects arrested on 9/11/2001 were five Israeli agents in white vans carrying explosives. They were later dubbed "The Dancing Israelis" because they had been seen celebrating at the time of the attacks.



  Boobus Americanus 1: It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years since Bin Laden attacked us on 9/11.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Wow. The babies born that year aare now old enough to vote.




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German Jews from Würzburg and Kitzingen, in Bavaria, being deported to ghettos and concentration camps.

NY Times: Mapping the Holocaust: How Jews Were Taken to Their Final Destinations


What's this? A Holocaust story appearing in the Jew York Slimes? No frickin' way! (rolling eyes in sarcasm). Break out the tissues and violins. The composers of "Shoah Business" have just added a new set of verses to the song that never ends about the event that never happened.
Gas masks and goggles on, truth seekers. Into the mythical mist of the Zyklon B we go! (cough cough) Image result for the shoah

Sing it Ethel, sing it! --- "There's no business like Shoah business like no business I know."


Slimes: Nini Ungar clearly recalled that Friday in February 1942 when the Nazis loaded her, her husband and her parents on a cattle cart and transferred them....

The Viennese were standing and laughing. ‘Finally they got the Jews out!’ ” Ms. Ungar, who was born Mina Tepper ... recounted in video testimony."

Rebuttal: Assuming Ms. Unger's account of the Viennese "standing and laughing" as the Jews departed is even true, dare we ask why the Austrian-Germans were so happy to see the Jews being deported? Y'all must have done something really bad to piss-off the famously polite and civil people of Germany. What might that have been? Hmmmm? Image result for 40000 roar protest hitler

Always the "victims" -- eh? The images above are from 1933, a full 9 years BEFORE most Jews and Communists were interned during World War II.


Slimes: Her journey across a wintry Europe can now be traced on a database that documents about 1,100 transports, searchable by train (or boat or bus) or victim’s name.

Rebuttal: How about some tears for the 5 million Germans booted out of their homes after World War I; or the 15 million forced out after World War II? At least the Jews had sheltered transportation. The poor Germans were forced to march westward while exposed to the elements.

Slimes: A project of Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial and research center, the database sheds new light on the cross-border, Europewide nature of the stages leading to the mass extermination of some six million Jews, known in Hebrew as the Shoah.

Rebuttal: A "project of Yad Vashem," eh? Same scammers who cowed Amazon into submission over its "Holocaust Denial" titles back in 2017.

Say, where are the actual remains of these "six million" bodies? Oh, that's right. There were turned into ashes in a handful of crematoria the size of pizza-ovens.

Slimes: “Very often people think of the Shoah as something that took place in the camps and killing sites in Eastern Europe from a geographical perspective,” said Joel Zisenwine, who has directed the “Transports to Extinction” project since 2008. “By focusing on the transports, I think we provide a more precise image of the Final Solution.”

Rebuttal:  So, the Jews were "transported" to the camps? Wow. That's interesting. We never knew that. We just figured they flew into the camps by flapping their arms. Ya learn something new every day.

1- Dutch Jews boarding a train bound for an internment camp.// 2 & 3 - Japanese-Americans were also interned by FDR. The only difference between the two events was that the Japanese-Americans had never expressed any hostility towards their adopted country.


Slimes: “In Paris, Amsterdam or Salonika, people may not have witnessed mass murder,” he said, “but they did witness Jews being marched to the train station.”

Rebuttal: This is really getting ridiculous.

Slimes: On arrival at the Skirotava station in Riga, the deportees were told that they had to walk miles to the ghetto, and that those unable to make the distance could take buses instead.

Rebuttal: So, the big bad genocidal Germans were considerate enough to allow elderly Jews to ride buses instead of walking the last few miles? That was nice of them, eh?

Slimes: Yad Vashem researchers said the vehicles were not buses but gas trucks, and their passengers were murdered.

Rebuttal: Ah yes. Of course. That explains it. The old "the-bus-is-actually-a-gas-chamber-on-wheels" trick. Those clever Germans!

And then after the mass killing was done, the Germans must have entered the posion bus (wearing HazMat suits, "of course") and dragged the dead bodies out one by one onto a waiting truck bed -- and then transported them again to a crematoria; and then lifted easch corpse, one by one, and placed it into the oven. That's German efficiency for ya!


Image result for smoke coming out of bus Image result for yad vashem Image result for the bad war
1. Oy vey! This bus isn't what I expected!" (cough cough) // 2. The scammers at Vad Yashem were the ones who pressured Amazon into banning The Bad War, by yours truly, and about 30 other excellent WW 2 / Holohoax books back in 2017. (The Bad War, still available here)

Slimes: Half a dozen researchers are beginning the next phase: mapping the transports in Eastern Europe, where documentation is harder to come by.
Rebuttal: What exactly does the "mapping" of the transports prove? No one had ever disputed that Jews and Communists (plenty of overlap there!), as a temporary wartime security measure, were placed in internment camps as enemy aliens. Show us some forensic or documentary evidence of the Holohoax -- not "transportation routes."

Slimes: He described one of the sisters — it was not clear which — approaching the commander of the camp, showing him an identifying document, saying she was the sister of Sigmund Freud and asking to be given light office work. The commander said there must have been a mistake and told her that in two hours there should be a train to Vienna.

Rebuttal: That was nice of the big bad Germans, eh?

Slimes: “She could leave all her valuables and documents here, have a bath, and after the bath she would receive her documents and a travel permit to Vienna. The lady, of course, went to the bath house, from which she never returned.”

Rebuttal: Ah yes. "Of course." That explains it. The old "the-bathroom-is-actually-a-gas-chamber" trick. Those clever Germans! 

Notice how the new verses of the same old song now add additional killing methods (gas vans, gas bathrooms, firing squads etc)? This is to make up for the impossibilty of "6 million" having been killed in such small "gas chambers" and turned to ash in such small crematoria as at camps like Bullschwitz.

One thing we must concede about the Tribe -- they sure do produce some funny comedy writers!


"A Jewish lady walks into a bar and asks if she can use the bathroom......"


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an interesting piece in the New York Times today about the transport routes used during the Holocaust.

Boobus Americanus 2: I can't imagine the horror the 6 million Jews must have felt -- not knowing what or where they were being shipped to.

 Drag to pan

Editor: It's not what it seems, Sugar. You see, unbeknownst to the choir, the conductor is actually an SS officer releasing Zyklon B gas from his baton.


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Relatives of Ukrainian prisoners freed by Russia in the exchange greeting them upon their arrival in Kiev on Saturday.

Relatives of Ukrainian prisoners freed by Russia in the exchange greeting them upon their arrival in Kiev on Saturday

NY Times: Russia and Ukraine Swap Dozens of Prisoners, in a ‘First Step to Stop the War’


Less than three short years ago, Deep State Globalist tool Obongo handed four potential World War III kick-off time-bombs to the new incoming president. We know that the threat of a global confrontation with China and Russia was very real because no less of an authority than Satanic puppet-master George Soros, using cryptic language, told us it was coming. Soros, speaking before a conference of the World Bank in 2015:


Soros: “If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war.”
ANYT Translation: "Hey China, you're gonna have problems with one of our military allies - maybe Japan, or perhaps Vietnam. My client (Rothschild) could make them disappear."   (*our words, not Soros')

Soros: “There is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, ... 


ANYT Translation: "If China doesn't come to heel, then we'll use our puppets to simultaneously light Russia's fuse in Eastern Europe and China's fuse in the South Pacific; and make it look like they started it.


Soros: "Both the US and China have a vital interest in reaching an understanding because the alternative is so unpalatable. The benefits of an eventual agreement between China and the US could be equally far-reaching.... If this approach could be extended to the financial and economic spheres, the threat of a military alignment between China and Russia would be removed and the prospect of a global conflict would be greatly diminished."

ANYT Translation: "Hey China. Dump Russia and  slow down with your newly created Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) --or else!"


That same year, Sulzberger's Slimes even ran an editorial: How to Avert a Nuclear War (here) with more cryptic hints of a coming showdown:


"We find ourselves in an increasingly risky strategic environment. The Ukrainian crisis has threatened the stability of relations between Russia and the West, including the nuclear dimension — as became apparent last month when it was reported that Russian defense officials had advised President Vladimir V. Putin to consider placing Russia’s nuclear arsenal on alert during last year’s crisis in Crimea. Diplomatic efforts have done little to ease the new nuclear tension."



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1. That demonic bastard Soros was OPENLY threatening Russia and China with World War // 2. Soros with the Satanic Witch Killary // 3. Oh what a bullet we dodged in 2016!


The four live trip-wires which Soros puppet Obongo left in place for the future expected President and Soros puppet Killary Clinton to trigger were:


1. The Asian Pivot encirclement of China -- (using CIA-controlled Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines & Australia)

2. The CIA war to unseat Assad of Syria, a key Russian ally

3. CIA-controlled South Korea vs North Korea

4. CIA-controlled Ukraine vs Russia

In numerous articles, we have explained, with irrefutable facts and logic, how Trump used guile and back-channel diplomacy to deactivate each of the four hot spots. In addition, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and a meeting with the president of Iran are also expected to occur within the coming months. And yet, we are still enduring ridicule, abuse and a disturbing rash of cancelled subscription / donations from a bunch of "youse guys" who not only insist that Trump is a secret Globalist -- but, in some case, claim that we are either gullible or Deep State traitors putting out misinformation! And yet, not one of "youse guys" from our friendly firing squad can explain why, if Trump actually works for Rothschild and Soros (rolling eyes, sighing), has he -- much to the dismay of the Globalists -- pacified all of these CIA WW 3 hot spots? Why, if he Satanyahoo's slave, did he save Assad of Syria and defund CIA-Mossad "ISIS"? Why did his Justice Department arrest high level Mossad asset, Jeffrey Epstein -- whose ladies are now singing like birds? And why, do tell, is he now sponsoring back-channel peace talks with Israel's hated enemy, Iran -- a fact which more and more hard core Israelis are now openly complaining about (here)?
The latest news of peace, from this article:

"After five years of grinding conflict stoked by Russia in eastern Ukraine, the two bitterly estranged neighbors swapped dozens of prisoners on Saturday in a long-anticipated exchange that Ukraine’s new president hailed as “the first step to end the war.”

Does anyone really believe that these areas of conflict -- all of which, in "doomsday clock" parlance, were "at 5 minutes to midnight" just a few years ago -- would now be secure and at peace had Killary and CFR cronies taken the reins at State (Vicky Nuland!), Defense and CIA in 2017? Does anyone not believe that (((these people))) weren't capable of kicking off the 3rd World War in 100 years? You bet your ass they would have, without so much as batting an eyelash!

And speaking of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), can any among you now throwing rotten tomatoes at TomatoBubble cite the last time that neither of the critical policy-making positions of Secretary of State and CIA Director were held by a member of that warmaking organization?


Image result for mccain and hillary Image result for trump and kim in dmz
1. As Secretary of State, psycho warmonger Hillary openly threatened Russia and China over Syria --- "Russia and China must pay for standing up for the Assad regime!" // 2. Killary and the evil John McStain were close pals. Had she become president, McStain would still be in the Senate and cheer-leading the Republican support of "Madame President" and her World Wars. // 3. Killary and McStain both attacked Trump when he first said that he wanted to end the dormant Korean War once and for all.


It's perfectly fine to remain skeptical of Trump and Q Anon (which we now know is part of the Trump operation) -- and to disagree with our assessment of "The Storm" (which we ourselves have never said that we are 100% sure of anyway.) Trump is neither the Messiah nor The Great One (that's Hitler for you newbies and normies). But calling him a secret Rothschild agent? Calling us idiots, sellouts, or even, in one case "an FBI plant?" Seriously? If anyone is a "shill," its some of these dubious websites attacking Trump "from the right" in order to drive a wedge between him and some of his nationalist supporters. The man is not endowed with dictatorial powers. Heck! He doesn't even control much of his own party, to say nothing of the Globalists / Marxists who still control the Congress and much of the Federal Judiciary; all of the big cities, all of the big media, big academia & big tech; and even many of the large Zionized and/or Marxified churches.
In defense of the ANYT, our challenge to that vocal minority who have so viciously turned on TomatoBubble / ANYT over our support of Trump and Q Anon (assuming that youse guys are still lurking here) is to answer one simple question.
Had Killary Clinton, or Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio become the 45th President of the United States -- would any of these World War III danger points have been deactivated?

Think about it (hint: the answer is NO!) - and then explain to us why we should not be giving Trump credit for stopping the drive to World War III dead in its tracks.

. (AP)
1. Asian Pivot against China --- GONE! /// 2. "ISIS" Proxy war against Syria & Russia -- GONE! // 3. Ukraine vs. Russian East Ukraine War -- GONE!


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Ukraine and Russia are making peace now.

 Boobus Americanus 2: That's good to know. We certainly didn't need another World War 3 scenario coming out of Eastern Europe.




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Image result for More House Republicans Ask: Why Win Re-election When You Can Retire Instead
Moderate Republican't and Trump critic Martha Roby of Alabama announces that she will not seek re-election in 2020

NY Times: More House Republicans Ask: Why Win Re-election When You Can Retire Instead



As was the case during the lead-up to the Congressional elections of 2018, the propaganda arm of the Demonrat Party -- also known as the “mainstream media” – is positively giddy over the unusually high numbers of Republican’ts who have announced that they will not seek an easy re-election in 2020. Recall that back in 2018, a whopping 34 sitting Repubs, including the young House Speaker Paul the Rat Ryan, all "voluntarily" gave up the cushiest jobs in the world.  Typically, based on historical precedent, there should only have been 2 or 3 such retirements.

Now, with still four months to go before the big 2020 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) 13 more (14 according to CNN) GOP reps have already called it quits in just the past few weeks, and many more are expected.


Headline: CNN – House Republicans Could be Looking at Retirement Avalanche in 2020

"What's dangerous for House Republicans is that the possibility now exists that the retirements become a self-fulfilling prophecy. An "if everyone else is going, I guess I should too" sort of thing. And if that happens, then House GOPers could be facing the equivalent of an avalanche; they know it's coming but are absolutely powerless to stop it"


That’s 47 or 48 “retirement” announcements over the past 20 months – and many more to comeThe laws of probabilities dictate that an anomaly of this magnitude is not by chance. It’s gotta be a conspiracy!


Image result for PAUL RYAN Image result for RODNEY FRELINGHUYSEN Image result for REPUBLICAN RETIREMENTS

1. The 2018 retirement of  Globalist Speaker"Eddie Munster" / Paul Ryan shocked everyone. /// 2. My former Congressman, the "blue-blood" Establishment 12-term "moderate" Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey, also quit in 2018. (My dormitory at Rutgers University was named after a member of this ass clown's family.) His father, Peter Frelinghuysen, was a 20-year Congressman, a closeted pedo-homosexual (here), and an enemy of Joe McCarthy. Frelinghuysen's  great great great uncle, Theodore Frelinghuysen, was a pro-Central Bank enemy of Andrew Jackson. Rodney Frelinghuysen is the type of entrenched Republican't scum that has been dropping like flies ever since Trump became president.  // 3. Dropping like flies.


Back in 2018, Q Anon foretold that an internal purge of the Republican’t Party was just as essential to the successful completion of “the plan” as the defeat of the Demonrats. In addition to the “retirement” cleanse of Globalist Speaker Ryan and 33 other “moderates” or other assorted shady characters in the House; mighty anti-Trump Senators McCain (AZ), Flake (AZ) and Corker (TN) were forced out of the “Upper Body” of Congress – with McStain, we believe, being secretly executed for high treason. That event instantly transformed McStain’s rabid anti-Trump butt-boy, Lindsey Graham (SC), into Trump’s little puppy. And now, more “retirements” --- with all of the replacement GOP candidates / reps for these "moderates" being Trumpists.


Image result for MCCAIN CORKER FLAKE Related image

1. Mighty Republican't Senators McStain, Corker & Flake. Trump hated all three of those Globalist Greaseballs -- and now they are gone. // 2. Sodomite Senator Graham -- Once an anti-Trumper -- has now been flipped and is totally owned by Trump.


Although the Slimes attempts to ridiculously spin this colon cleaning of untrustworthy lukewarm Republican’ts as being due to frustration with being the minority party in Congress or wanting to spend more time with family – the article does let a truth gem slip out which confirms our belief:

“Serving in Congress in the Trump era offers Republicans a pair of stark choices: embrace the president and defend his policies and comments without reservation, or risk a brutal primary challenge from a Republican who is willing to.”

Translation: Trump & NSA, perhaps even through blackmail, are systematically pushing out the disloyal and corrupt Republican’ts and replacing them with clean America Firster RepubliCANs. It’s clear now that “the plan” – by necessity – had to be a two-term operation. So when the promised mass indictments finally happen (if Q Anon is to be trusted), the new GOP will be squeaky-clean with the Demonrats left in shambles.

And thanks to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the FBI, DOJ and even elements of the CIA have already been cleaned up. Expect more scrubbing from new AG William Barr. The Congressional Republicans are undergoing a similar swamp-draining. So if Trump and his legions of REAL Republicans can then rout the Demonrats in 2020 --- we may witness some truly historic ass-kissing during Term #2.

A century of Deep State infestation was never going to have been cleaned up in just three years – and certainly not with a direct overnight frontal assault. Patience, boy and girls, patience.


Image result for drain the swamp cartoonRelated imageImage result for 2020 trump landslide
1. Swamp draining is a slow process. // 2. Rothschild's "Economist" Magazine cover depicts the gradual transition of the Republican't Party into the Trump Party --- and that's what these strange "resignations" are really all about. // 3. A 2020 landslide with a truly conservative GOP Congress of clean newbies will enable Trump to really start locking people up (We hope!)


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a bunch of Republican moderates are expected to resign instead of seeking re-election in 2020.

 Boobus Americanus 2: The same thing happened in 2018. If sensible bi-partisan Republicans keep quitting at this rate, the party will under the total control of Trump and the radical far right.




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Jerry Dhonau, left, was among journalists who helped shield a 15-year-old student, Elizabeth Eckford, from a hostile white crowd in 1957 near Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas.CreditCredit

NY Times (Op-Letter): Desegregation at Little Rock

A daughter recalls her journalist father’s reporting of the desegregation of the Little Rock, Ark., public schools in 1957.


More than 60 years after the fact and Sulzberger's Slimes is still beating the big bad White Man over the head with the story of the forced desegregation of the public schools of Little Rock, Arkansas. This particular remembrance (the one millionth or so vomited out by The Slimes since 1957) is brought to us by Carla Fine, (cough cough). Ms. Fine is the daughter of Benjamin Fine -- a Slimes reporter (image above, in bow-tie) who had been sent down to "the land of cotton" to stir up the usual racial strife back in the day.
A bit of prideful Bolshevik barf from the article:
"I am so proud of my father’s legacy, along with all the other courageous reporters, both then and now, who witness and write the truth even in the face of danger.  ... In 1957, my father told Elizabeth not to let the mob see her cry, although her elegant words to me did not stop me from sobbing myself"
Oh the bloody drama! Where would Black folk be without these oh-so-benevolent yids to fight for them, eh? (rolling eyes). So sick of this crap.
But the subject of the Little Rock affair does offer us a "teachable moment" -- an opportunity to set the record straight about this misunderstood misrepresented event from history. Sugar, fire up the TomatoBubble Time Machine and set the dial for 1957, please.
Related image Image result for little rock desegregation Image result for little rock desegregation
1. Yankee-Jew "reporter" Benjamin Fine inserted himself into the controversy at Little Rock.

The Communist NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) had recruited plaintiffs for a class action lawsuit --- the famous Brown vs Board of Education case of 1954. The Warren Court unanimously ruled that, in regard to public education, the racial segregation doctrine of “separate but equal” was unconstitutional. States and communities throughout the South immediately began to set plans in place to obediently comply with the new edict.

In Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas, the Little Rock School Board also agreed to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling. The Superintendent of Schools submitted a plan of gradual integration to the school board in May 24, which the board unanimously approved. The plan would be implemented during the fall of the 1957 school year

This original proposal was scrapped and replaced with one that was more gradual and less shocking to the White communities – with the target levels of forced integration not to be fully achieved until 1960–1962. This drew criticism from the communist NAACP of Little Rock. They criticized the plan on the grounds that it was vague, indefinite, slow-moving and indicative of an intent to stall further on public integration.” But what really triggered the wrath of the Marxists was an alteration to the plan that would have given White students the choice of attending a school that was not previously part of their assigned district.

The NAACP filed another lawsuit in February of 1956. This lawsuit instigated the Little Rock School Crisis of 1957. Though the courts ruled against the NAACP’s appeal, the group did ultimately succeed in its legal attempts to force Little Rock to implement integration on its terms and its timetable. It was the confrontational NAACP, not the local “extremists,” who initiated the heavy-handed tactics by way of legal harassment and the recruitment of nine Black student-pawns to force immediate, rather than phased-in integration.

White protesters threatened to hold protests at Central High and physically block the black students -- who had been recruited and organized by the NAACP -- from entering the school. Governor Orval Faubus then deployed the Arkansas National Guard to thwart the NAACP’s staged event. The sight of a line of National Guardsmen blocking out the students made national headlines and polarized the nation. What people did not see was the unreasonable and relentless provocation of the Jewish-led NAACP.

Woodrow Wilson Mann, the Democrat mayor of Little Rock, then asked President Eisenhower to send federal troops to enforce integration of the nine students. On September 24, the Tyrant-in-Chief ordered the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army to Little Rock and federalized the entire 10,000-member Arkansas National Guard, taking it out of the hands of Governor Faubus. That was the end of Little Rock’s reasonable plan for gradual integration.


Image result for faubus time magazine Image result for little rock 9 Image result for national guard faubus

The NAACP and the media vilified Governor Faubus – who called out the Arkansas National Guard to thwart the NAACP’s stunt. Forced integration wasn’t enough. The Marxists wanted it to happen on their time table.




Related image  Image result for eisenhower little rock
The biggest story of 1957



The act of military intervention on American soil was so extreme that Ike felt compelled to address the nation by misrepresenting the situation, omitting key details, vilifying the White “extremists” of Little Rock, and citing the Charter of the United Nations as the partial basis for his action!

Some excerpts:

“Good Evening, My Fellow Citizens: For a few minutes this evening I want to speak to you about the serious situation that has arisen in Little Rock. To make this talk I have come to the President’s office in the White House. I could have spoken from Rhode Island, where I have been staying recently, but I felt that, in speaking from the house of Lincoln, of Jackson and of Wilson, my words would better convey both the sadness I feel in the action I was compelled today to take and the firmness with which I intend to pursue this course until the orders of the Federal Court at Little Rock can be executed without unlawful interference.

In that city, under the leadership of demagogic extremists, disorderly mobs have deliberately prevented the carrying out of proper orders from a Federal Court. Local authorities have not eliminated that violent opposition and, under the law, I yesterday issued a Proclamation calling upon the mob to disperse.

This morning the mob again gathered in front of the Central High School of Little Rock, obviously for the purpose of again preventing the carrying out of the Court’s order relating to the admission of Negro children to that school.

… In accordance with that responsibility, I have today issued an Executive Order directing the use of troops under Federal authority to aid in the execution of Federal law at Little Rock, Arkansas. This became necessary when my Proclamation of yesterday was not observed.

The tyrant Eisenhower thus became the first president since the US Civil War to deploy the military against his own people; and he did so in support of the trouble-making NAACP -- a front for domestic subversion. The deployment was as shocking as it was unnecessary. Why didn’t Eisenhower use his status, his popularity and his legendary charm to bring the parties around a White House table and work out a face-saving compromise solution for all?

Eisenhower’s heavy-handed state intervention on behalf of Marxist-Black agitators established a dangerous precedent that would serve to make these groups even bolder in later years.

Image result for eisenhower little rockImage result for eisenhower little rock Image result for time mag governor faubus
1 & 2. Eisenhower reassures the nation after ordering the 101st Airborne division to brandish their bayonets in support of the Communist NAACP’s unnecessary demands. // 3. Governor Faubus holds up headline: "Guns Force Integration"
Image result for eisenhower little rock TROOPS Image result for i dont like ike
Read: "I Don't Like Ike!"


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a touching piece in the New York Times today from the daughter of the Times reporter who covered the 1950's desegregation of the public schools in Little Rock.

 Boobus Americanus 2: It's hard to believe that we once barred students from attending certain schools on the basis of race.




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Looting a shop in Johannesburg on Monday.
Looting a shop in Johannesburg

NY Times: South African Riots Kill Five and Spur Cries of Xenophobia


What's this? Trouble in the post-apartheid paradise that is "the new South Africa ?" How can that be? Impossible! From the article:

"Rioters looted shops and set fire to cars and buildings in the latest outbreak of violence against African immigrants in and around Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city. The police said five people were killed and at least 189 arrested."

You see, many of the Blacks in South Africa don't want Blacks from other African nations like Somalia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Mozambique coming in and competing for jobs -- or so they perceive -- which -- due to the idiotic Marxist policies of  "the new South Africa " -- are already scarce. The article quotes an envious loser named Sibongiseni who sides with the rioters: “We need to take our fight to the Nigerians because they are the ones who are destroying us.” he said.

In reality, it's not the Nigerian immigrants (who generally have a reputation for being industrious) who are destroying  "the new South Africa -- it's the communist African National Congress which has dominated SA politics ever since the Whites allowed the Globalist West to browbeat and shame them into handing over the very nation which they had built from scratch over to Nelson Mandela and his Jewish-led gang of criminals. Oh well, at least this clown isn't still blaming the big bad "White Man" -- who, due to enforced impoverishment and fearful emigration, will eventually disappear from SA public life. No. Now -- owing to their work ethic and business acumen -- it's the fault of the "Nigerians."

Image result for nigerian shopkeepers Image result for poor whites south africa.Rioters appeared to target shops owned by foreigners, the mayor of Johannesburg said.

1. Many Nigerians in South Africa know how to hustle and earn money. But in a nation infected with envious Marxism, success can put a target on your back. // 2 & 3. Now that so many South African Whites have been dispossessed and confined to squatter camps, the "no justice, no peace" looters and rioters want to blame Blacks from other countries for their misery. Oh the comical irony of it all!
South Africa's incompetent President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned the violence and looting of shops owned by foreigners -- referring to the attacks as “something that is completely against the ethos that we as South Africans espouse.” Yes, Mr. President. What your nasty envious mobs are doing to foreign-born shopkeepers is indeed disgraceful --- but can ya spare a crocodile tear or two for all those White South Africans who have been impoverished, robbed, beaten, raped, tortured and murdered since your glorious coup of 1994? According to our calculations, an astonishing 1% of all White South Africans who have ever lived over the past 25 years have been murdered -- many of them rather brutally. Is the ongoing anti-White bloodbath not "against the ethos," Mr. President?

Under the leadership of Ramaphosa, as it was under the leadership of his predecessor Jacob Zuma; as it was under the leadership of his predecessor Kgalema Motlanthe; as it was under the leadership of his predecessor Thabo Mbeki; as it was under  the leadership of his predecessor, the sainted murderous terrorist Nelson Mandela -- the once thriving, White-ruled South Africa has continued its descent into the economic, cultural and political hell-on-Earth. Oh the upper and upper middle classes (both Blacks and Whites) are doing well enough; but for a large percentage of everyday folks (both Blacks and Whites) the "new South Africa" has become a cesspool of permanent high crime, permanent  high unemployment, permanent high levels of big game poaching, a permanent AIDS epidemic, and a permanant wave of brutal torture-murders aimed at White farmers. With a record of failure like that, one would think that Boobus South Africanus would have voted the ANC losers out by now. Though there are indeed some Blacks not afraid to openly say that life was better for all under Apartheid, the majority, to their own detriment remain under the Marxist spell -- voting ANC as faithfully and as blindly as Boobus Blackus Americanus votes for Demonrats.


Image result for thabo mbeki Image result for zuma


1. Mbeki // 2. Zuma // 3. Ramaphosa

It's a damn crying shame what (((they))) did to South Africa. Yes, boys and girls, it's true. The ANC's original founders and owners were neither Zulu nor Xhosa tribesmen; but Khazar chosenites. Working hand-in-hand with their public-opinion-shaping brethren who control the western Piranha Press, it was these hate-filled Marxist Jews that put the big bad "White Man" of South Africa under the oppressive thumb of their ANC house-Negroes -- a dress rehearsal for what (((they))) ultimately have planned for the United States, Europe and all other outposts of European origin.
Closing on a more cheerful note -- more and more South African farmers are being welcomed, with open arms, in Russia. Headline and excerpt, from the Israel National News (ironically):

15,000 Boers plan move to Russia from South Africa

Absorption considered after series of murders South African government accused of encouraging.

"Russia's humanitarian absorption of migrant refugees is being weighed after a series of murders the South African government has been accused of encouraging, and that have made farming in South Africa the most deadly occupation in the world. South African farm killings, where victims are typically members of the country’s white, Afrikaans-speaking minority, are often extremely brutal in nature, involving prolonged periods of torture."
You can be sure that once the bulk of the Christian Boer farmers leave, then the riff-raff of "the new South Africa "will miss Whitey. Let em starve then! Maybe Russia, as vast as it is and with so much virgin territory, can one day take all the SA Whites in --- because the EUSSR and the USA sure as hell won't! Image result for south african farmers in russia Related image

1. Nelson Mandela and SA Communist Party boss Joe Slovo (cough cough). Their anti-White triumph has brought misery to many Blacks and Whites. // 2. 15,000 skilled Boer farmers have already made plans to accept Putin's asylum offer and settle in Russia! // 3. But many non-farming poor Whites remain in squatter camps.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that there were xenophobic riots in South Africa.

Boobus Americanus 2: South African Blacks must have been taught to hate other Blacks by the Whites.


 Image result for bush mandela

  Editor: The jewel of the African continent--- now a failed state. Thanks in large measure to George H W Bush's support of Nelson Mandela.


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An image released by North Korea’s state news agency showing the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, celebrating what was purportedly the test-firing of a new rocket launcher last month.
NY Times: North Korea Missile Tests, ‘Very Standard’ to Trump, Show Signs of Advancing Arsenal


Given the fact that even an accidental activation of the 66-year-old North Korea / South Korea live trip-wire would drag the United States and China -- both of which have defensive obligations to protect the respective Koreas -- into direct warfare, one would think Trump's skillful neutralization of this dangerous time-bomb is an achievement which would draw approval and praise from all points of the political spectrum. After all, libtards love their children too.

And yet, since the days of candidate Trump's very first utterances about meeting with Lil' Kim, Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press have worked ceaselessly to undermine the ongoing, Trump-engineered rapprochement (a $10 Frenchified word for resumption of harmonious relations) between the two Koreas.


Image result for DAVID SANGER ON TELEVISION Image result for trump and kim Image result for china north korea alliance

1. In print and on TV, Sleazy Sanger never stops taking cheap shots at Trump's attempts to establish good relations with North Korea, China and Russia. // 2. Trump shakes hands with Lil' Kim while setting foot in North Korea --- and that's a bad thing??? // 3. China is treaty-bound to come to North Korea's defense in the event of war with the South and the United States. Does Sanger not realize this? (Of course he does!)


Let's just take a few small whiffs of the negative stink farted out by this vile CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) member and "Pulitzer Prize-winning" propagandist, David Sanger (cough cough).

"As North Korea fired off a series of missiles in recent months — at least 18 since May — President Trump has repeatedly dismissed their importance.... Now, American intelligence officials and outside experts have come to a far different conclusion: that the launchings downplayed by Mr. Trump have allowed Mr. Kim to test missiles with greater range and maneuverability that could overwhelm American defenses in the region."


Here we go again with the unnamed "intelligence officials and experts." Vintage Sanger! As if Lil' Kim would actually dare to launch an unprovoked first strike against the U.S. military. OK, Sanger -- whatever you say.

Sanger then suggests that Lil' Kim is playing Trump for a fool by flattering him in person and with letters:

"Mr. Kim’s flattery of Mr. Trump with beguiling letters and episodic meetings offering vague assurances of eventual nuclear disarmament."


And again, like a mediocre High School debater, Sanger appeals to his unnamed invisible "experts" to back-up his nasty nonsense.

"Some outside experts say the North Korean leader’s strategy is to buy time to improve his arsenal despite all the sanctions on North Korea."

Related imageImage result for a little bird told meImage result for invisible man
Sanger's unseen / unnamed "outside experts" tell him what to write --- "Pssst! Trump is being fooled. Kim is building a secret arsenal to attack America."
And finally, to add further weight to the scare tactics and get his brain-dead readers to peeing their pink panties, the Sanger piece includes an illustration showing how American forces are within striking range of Lil Kim's missiles, and another one depicting a missile being fired from a vehicle. Oooh. So scary! Of course, the fact that American city-killing warheads can blanket any point on the planet at a moment's notice doesn't register with "the paper of record."
This pathetic attempt to undermine the long overdue pacification of the Korean powder-keg amounts to an act of straight-up treason. Sanger and his blood-lusting crowd seek nothing less than the complete restoration of this strategic and dangerous trip-wire. And the sad part about is that -- unless there is a complete rout of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) in the coming years -- the Korean situation will return to what it was soon after Trump leaves office in 2021 or 2015 -- only worse.
An image released by the state news agency on Aug. 25 purportedly showing a rocket launch. Image result for ny times building
1 & 2. Scary maps and images accompany Sanger's sleazy writing. // 3. It is the TREASONOUS Manhattan Mendacity Factory which poses a threat to world peace -- not North Korea.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that North Korea is test-firing missiles again.

Boobus Americanus 2: North Korea, bad.


    Editor: No, Boobuss. Jew York Slimes, bad --- very, very bad.


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Leaders and officials attended a ceremony commemorating the outbreak of World War II in Warsaw on Sunday.
Leaders and officials attended a ceremony commemorating the outbreak of World War II in Warsaw on Sunday.
NY Times: In Poland, Where History Is a Weapon, Leaders Commemorate World War II