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NY Times: Shame on Us for Getting Used to Trump
Lurid McCarthyite fantasy that Jewish Philantropist Soros controls American diplomats.
Washington Post: Soros Foundation Requests Banning of Joe DiGenova After Anti-Semitic Rant
Open Society Foundation: “Last night, yet again, Fox gave air time to McCarthyism. This has to stop.”
NY Times: How Vilification of George Soros Moved From the Fringes to the Mainstream
Employing barely coded anti-Semitism, they have built a warped portrayal of Soros as the mastermind of a “globalist” movement

The Daily Beast: Jewish Groups Blast Fox News for Joe diGenova’s Anti-Semitic Soros Conspiracy Theory



Amongst us hard-core "far right" "conspiracy theorists" and our equally hard-core Marxist adversaries, the name of George Soros (cough cough) is universally known -- with we-the-good righteously loathing the evil rat bastard from hell with every ounce of our beings; and them-the-bad obediently worshipping at the ill-gotten money-sacks piled up around his feet. But amongst the massive mushy misinformed middle which swing elections, and hence, our destinies, the comforting blanket of obscurity conceals both his name and his evil deeds from the eyes and ears of the Boobus public at large. In the age of Trump and his administration's known Internet persona, Q-Anon, that may be starting to change, however -- and Soros, as well as his allies and minions at Sulzberger Slimes and the Washington Compost, don't like it.
Slimes yapping yenta Michelle Goldberg "oy veys" for us:
" A significant part of the right is trying to convince Americans that the president has been set up by the Jewish philanthropist George Soros. These are the sort of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that deform public life in squalid second-rate oligarchies like Russia and Hungary. (emphasis added)
Hmmm. You sound nervous, my dear. Why is that?
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1. When one such as Porky Goldberg starts squealing about "anti-Semitic conspiracy theories," you know somebody has been doing the Lord's work. // 2. It's not a "theory." Moneybags Soros (a Rothschild agent) carries some of the most influential politicians of Europe and America around in his pockets like so many spare shekels. Killary (Image 2) and McStain (Image 3) were favorites of his.
Image result for soros trudeau
Image result for soros and juncker Image result for soros and poroshenko
1. With Prime Minister Justine Trudeau of Canada // 2. With President of EU Commission, Jean Claude Junker // 3. Soros receiving "Medal of Freedom" from the corrupt former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.
The timing of this little media storm coincides with the recent return of Q-Anon -- who, for reasons not clear to us, had disappeared for 3 months. On the morning of November 13, Q, who often uses initials to name key players, posted that "GS" (George Soros) is linked to Ukrainian corruption and controls the Demonrat Party. Here is the relevant excerpt:
Hint: Geo location: Ukraine
Hint: Energy
When [GS] calls, D's always answer.
Nothing can stop what is coming.

That same night, Trump ally Joe DiGenova, appearing on the show of Trump ally Lou Dobbs, "coincidentally" followed up the Q's morning attack by dropping this calculated truth bomb:

“Well, there’s no doubt that George Soros controls a very large part of the career foreign service of the United States State Department. He also controls the activities of FBI agents overseas who work for NGO's [non-governmental organizations]. That was very evident in Ukraine. And Kent was part of that. He was a very big protector of Soros. Soros "corrupted FBI officials, he corrupted foreign service officers.” 

Though DiGenova never uttered or even hinted at the "J-word," the Piranha Press, as evidenced by the hysterical headlines above, was off and running with charges of "anti-Semitism" and "McCarthyism"--- both of which are classic indicators that somebody has just told the absolute truth. In the spirit of "free speech," Soros himself (speaking through mouthpieces) called upon FOX to ban DiGenova from appearing again. This created more headlines.  And just like that, Soros' name-recognition, as well as the fact that he is a Jew, has now reached the ears of countless Boobuses for the first time -- and that's a good start. How ironic. Out of fear and also for tactical reasons, most of the good guys in the public realm cannot say the word "Jew" in relation to Soros or Globalism. But the Piranha Press just "named the Jew" for us. Ha ha ha. Thanks Sulzberger. And well played, Q-Anon and friends. Well played.
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1. Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife, Attorney Victoria Toensing, clearly work for Trump/ Q Anon -- as does Lou Dobbs. Hours after Q-Anon posted an attack on Soros, the couple followed the lead and created an instant controversy. // 2. Q Anon - The Storm: A 120 Year Timeline, by Robert S Smith -- that's me using a pen-name to avoid having it banned.-- // 3. (((They))) are screaming about "McCarthyism" now. Let's hope that this time around, the Globalists do not succeed in crushing the truth again.
Closing on a hopeful note, Q just dropped a pair of very threatening and incendiary posts -- some vague, some more unless and until we start seeing high-level players taking perp-walks in handcuffs, then its all just fun and games. But there's nothing wrong with having a bit of hope and some cautious optimism, is there? Q posts, November 16:
The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption.
A Higher Loyalty [Y].
Hunters become the Hunted.
How do you remove a liability?
Six o' clock can be dangerous.
Family proud?
Followed by this one foretelling of impending suicides:
For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money.
There is no escaping God.
The unraveling of this "impeachment" circus in the coming days, coupled with the expected release of some long awaited investigative reports, should leave Trump and his Attorney General William Barr in a very strong position from which to inflict the pain of justice. Stay tuned.
1. Attorney General Bill Barr delivered an aggressive speech Friday night to the conservative Federalist Society. The speech has got all of Libtardia up-in-arms calling for his "impeachment." Barr: "The left is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms and the undermining of the rule of law." // Q again tells us that U.S. Attorney Durham is about to drop the hammer down upon the evil ones. Q-Anon: "Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing." // 3. Get multiple copies of the Q-Anon booklet -- very inexpensive (here)



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump's supporters claim that Jewish philantropist George Soros controls many politicians and much of the State Department.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Interesting. I wonder if there's any truth to that.


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   William B. Taylor Jr., center right, and George P. Kent, right, preparing to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday in the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry.
NY Times: Impeachment Hearings Open With Revelation on Trump’s Ukraine Pressure
NY Times: Democrats Take Their Impeachment Case to the Public 
NY Times: How We’re Watching Impeachment
NY Times: For a Rural Democrat, Talking Potatoes Is Easy. Impeachment Is Really Hard
NY Times: In ‘Hyde Country,’ Voters Warily Eye Impeachment
NY Times (Op-Ed): As the Public Impeachment Hearings Begin...


Oh if I only had a shekel for everytime the Fake News dropped the word, "impeachment ." TB / ANYT wouldn't ever have to panhandle for donations again (hint hint).

Sulzberger's scribblers and the rest of the Piranha Press are trying sooo hard to recreate the "impeachment" magic of 1973-74. Back in those pre-cable, pre-talk radio, pre-Internet dark ages -- when the Jewish-owned and CIA-managed Big Five (New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC and ABC) could shape reality and set the agenda unopposed -- taking down Richard Nixon was easy.

But Adam Schiff's (cough cough) current circus down in DC will never yield such a result. In fact, it will backfire on the Demonrats -- which is why Trump actually wants to be "impeached ." The non-stop mantra of "impeachment "  -- "impeachment" -- "impeachment" brings to mind Henry Ford's observation from almost 100 years ago.

Ford: "If after having elected their man or a group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear of “scandals” and “investigations” and “impeachments,” for the removal of the disobedient official."

Amazing. After 100 years, nothing has changed except for the fact that the Globalists of today are having a hard time taking down Trump.


Image result for henry fordImage result for henry ford international jewImage result for adam schiff hearing

1 & 2. The "anti-Semitic" auto pioneer Henry Ford had the phony "impeachment" tactic all figured out 100 years ago. // 3. Shifty Schiff seems desperate in his impractical quest to get rid of Trump. Is he afraid of something?


Ironically, if anyone is going down, it could turn out to be Schiff himself. The suspected child sex-predator and increasingly desperate-sounding and frightened-looking chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has got to be worried about what just happened to a "good friend" of his. Dr. Bruce Tensel (cough cough), a former chief medical correspondent for NBC, was just arrested for asking a 9-year-old girl to send him "sexually explicit" images (here). Within hours of his arrest, Internet sleuths were able to confirm that Schiff once described Tensel as a "friend," and had invited him to his 50th birthday party. He had previously also called upon Tensel to moderate an event promoting ObongoCare in 2009 (here) -- again introducing him as a "dear friend." A pair of old YouTube videos confirming the Schiff-Tensel friendship (and viewed by your trusty reporter here) have already disappeared down the Orwellian memory hole.


Image result for schiff and bruce hensel

Schiff invited his "dear fiend" Tensel to sell ObongoCare. Ever notice that every time a child-sex psycho turns up, there seems to be a prominent Demonrat close to him?


Tensel wasn't the first child-sex-pervert to be linked to impeachment interrogator Schiff. As we reported last month, "Liddle" Adam (as Trump refers to him, for a reason which we'll get to later) was also a favorite of California sodomite activist and Demonrat donor, Ed Buck -- a deranged creep who was busted for drugging, sexing and sometimes killing young Black sodomites (here). Schiff accepted donations from Buck and has also been photographed with him in friendly settings. Nice crowd you hang out with there, Shifty Schiff. Of course, association doesn't establish guilt -- but there's more to tell.


Related image Image result for eric bauman and adam schiff and ed buck Related image

1. Buck, now in prison, got his jollies off by drugging, raping black boys and young Black men. // 2. Schiff all chummy with pervert-murderer-donor Ed Buck (center) and former California Demonrat Party Chairman, Ed Baumann -- who has also been accused of sexual assault. (here) // 3. -- What's in your closet, Mr. Schiff?


We are convinced that "liddle" Adam -- who, for 25 years, was a mentor affiliated with the controversial "Big Brother" program (here) -- is a pedo-monster. Though we can present no "smoking gun" evidence to support the allegations swirling about him, we do suspect that Trump has the evidence and that this nervous buy-eyed demon knows it. As Q-Anon has posted on many occasions: "Those with the most to lose are the loudest."  

Now, about Trump's repeated and well publicized use of the term "Liddle" to disparage Schiff in his tweets -- there is an organization called "Liddle Kidz Foundation" which has crossed paths with Schiff -- both in his own Commiefornia district and in the child-trafficking haven of disaster-torn Haiti. The LKF, in its own words found at its own website, teaches adults how to "touch" and "massage" infants and children for "therapeutic" purposes. We kid you not -- here: liddlekidz.com
This past June, the pedo-monster himself tweeted about the "Liddle" cupcakes that his staff had given him for his birthday. Though it was probably meant to poke back at Trump's use of the term, many a truth is said in jest, especially by nervous liars. There's no doubt about this one, boys and girls. Trump has got this "liddle" monster in the cross-hairs and is toying with him. If and when he finally "pulls the trigger" on the Demonrat Golden Boy behind the "impeachment" circus, it will send shock-waves across America.
Related image Image result for adam schiff haiti baby
1 & 2. During the 1980's, weirdo Schitt "Big Brothered" a young Black boy named David McMillan -- who went on to become a full blown libtard TV writer. The Big Brother Program has long been plagued by allegations of rampant sex abuse of minors. (here) /// 3. Schitt tweeted out an image of himself with a Black baby in Haiti -- a known haven for child-sex-traffickers and pedo-monster-murderers. He truly looks like he wants to rape the baby!
Image result for liddle adam schiff Image result for schiff tweet liddle cupcakes
1. The "Liddle Kidz Touch Tour?" --- Under the guise of "therapy," these Satanic sickos throw hints right in our face and laugh. // 2. Schiff tweet: "My staff made me some Liddle cupcakes."
Welcome to the Liddle Kidz™ Foundation | The Premier Organization for Infant and Pediatric Massage Professionals Worldwide!
 "Pediatric Massage?" A line of naked, diaperless babies UNDER A RAINBOW saying "We love it?"



  Boobus Americanus 1: My goodness! There must have been a dozen articles in the New York Times today about impeaching Trump.

 Boobus Americanus 2: I really think they are over-selling this whole thing. There's is just nothing to do this.





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   Protesters carried a sign reading “tampons are no luxury” during a demonstration in Berlin last year.
Protesters carried a sign reading “tampons are no luxury” during a demonstration in Berlin last year.
NY Times: Tampons to Be Taxed as Essential, Not Luxury, Items in Germany
Starting Jan. 1, menstrual products will be considered “necessary” items, as bread, books and cut flowers are.


Bloody Hell! (pun intended) -- We knew that the oppressed peoples of the captive provinces which constitute the EUSSR were being skinned alive by VAT (Value Added Taxes) at the checkout counter; but had no idea that things are so bad that the ladies of Europe get heavily taxed on "menstrual products" because the "authorities" classify them as "luxury items." What do these kooky commissars expect the fraus of Germany to do -- go back to using rags?
Fortunately for the dripping damsels of demented Deutschland, a wee bit of extra freedom is coming to Mamma Merkel's vast open-air concentration camp. The story reveals, that effective January 1st, tampons and pads will soon be taxed at the same "necessities-of-everyday-life" rate as bread -- dropping from a confiscatory rate of 19% down to 7%. --- Wait a minute? Germans pay VAT tax of 7% on frickin' bread?! Even here in Demonrat New Jersey, grocery items are mostly exempt from sales tax. Oh thank Gott for the "liberty" bestowed upon Germany (and all of Europe) in the years and decades after "The Good War," eh?

We were also surprised to learn from the article:

"European Union regulations dictate that certain items cannot be taxed at a lower rate, but menstrual products are not among them, so two German women took the issue into their own hands." (emphasis added)

EU regs "dictate" minimum tax rates on items? --- Wow, sounds like those "conspiracy theorists" of decades ago who tried to warn the people of Europe that the oh-so-benign-sounding "Common Market" was actually a regional sovereignty-busting dictatorial superstate in the making were right, after all. 


Image result for churchill addressing european unionImage result for churchill united europeImage result for european union communist

1 & 2: The British Mad Dog addressing a group of Globalists in 1949: "In many ways, and under varying forms, this indispensable structure of regional groupings is coming into being .... We demanded of many countries the creation of a European assembly. In spite of some needless opposition (from "conspiracy theorists"), this has now come to pass. In this way, alone, can the skeletal structure of world government be clothed with the flesh and blood of a living organism."


The tragic comedy writing continues:

Slimes: “The higher tax rate on these products amounts to fiscal discrimination of women, based on their sex, which is not allowed by the Constitution,” Nanna-Josephine Roloff and Yasemin Kotra, who started the movement in Germany, wrote on their petition launched on International Women’s Day in 2018.

Rebuttal: Perhaps the boys should start complaining about having to pay high taxes on say, neckties. Isn't that a form of "fiscal discrimination" of men, Frau "Roloff" (cough cough)?

Slimes: On the advice of Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, a co-founder of the United States-based nonprofit Period Equity, the women shifted their focus to ...

Rebuttal: "Period Equity?" Mein Gott! The West, already gone mad, actually gets madder by the day -- thanks to characters such as co-founder Jennifer Weiss-Wolf (cough cough). Hey Jenta -- what happens when a born biological woman who now identifies as a man, still gets her, his, its period each month? Is that still considered "fiscal discrimination?" Just sayin'.

Slimes: The last week, Parliament approved the change. It has already been incorporated into the German tax code and is to take effect on Jan. 1...

Rebuttal: Economics 101: The lost revenue from the tax reduction on tampons will have to be "absorbed" by someone else in the form of increased taxes, or increased borrowing / money printing / currency debasement (inflation tax). In short, women, in general, will pay less taxes --- while men, in general, will pay more taxes.


Related image Image result for Period Equity germany black and white

1 &2. With Germany under full-blown Turd World invasion by "rapefugees," the only thing that these loony ladies can get excited about is "period equity?" // 3. I know, gentlemen, I know --- but youse did the best you could.

Slimes: In Europe, Britain, France and Luxembourg have also decreased taxes on such products. Women in Denmark and Sweden still pay a 25 percent tax on tampons and sanitary pads...

Rebuttal: 25%?! They're "bleeding" these poor women dry! And they still must pay taxes on income as well as corporate taxes (which are passed down to the consumer).

Slimes: Next, they (the activists) would like to see menstrual products provided for free to women and girls in public institutions, including schools, hospitals, prisons and municipal office buildings.
Rebuttal: Socialized PeriodCare, eh? Mein Gott, the libtards of Germany and Europe make Loony Lizzy Warren almost seem reasonable by comparison.... Or do they? This Warren tweet from a few months ago tells of the effects of a bill currently stalled in the U.S. Senate:
"After we introduced the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act in 2017, the Federal Bureau of Prisons began offering free sanitary products."
It's only a "period" of time before menstrual products become a "human right ." Watch and see.
Related image Image result for Period Equity
1. "Menstrual hygiene is a right!" -- How long before insurance providers are mandated to cover the cost of tampons?

Image result for communist raised fist wrench workers'Image result for taxes on menstrualImage result for lenin facepalm

1. & 2. "Menstruaters of the world, unite!" // 3. Not quite what you had envisioned, eh Karl?



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that EU regulations allowed for Germany to reduce the tax rate on tampons.

 Boobus Americanus 2: That's nice for them to do.





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Image result for From Pariah to Powerhouse: Ralph Northam’s Unlikely Rebirth in Virginia

NY Times: From Pariah to Powerhouse: Ralph Northam’s Unlikely Rebirth in Virginia


Nine months after a racist picture in his medical school yearbook sparked widespread demands he resign, Mr. Northam will govern with Democrats controlling both houses of the legislature.



Like a slow southern-moving contagion, the state government of the Virginia of George Washington ("Father of the Country"), Thomas Jefferson ("Father of the Declaration of Independence"), James Madison ("Father of the Constitution"), Patrick Henry ("Give me liberty or give death"), and legendary Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson has, much like neighboring Maryland to the north a decade or so before it, completed its transition from Republican “red” to swing-state ‘purple” to deep “blue," -- meaning, Demonrat. Virginia, where the CIA is headquartered, is now a Marxist-run state with full blown trannies and CIA crisis-actor-hoaxsters now serving in its legislature.

The article describes the unchained tyranny about to be unleashed by the new Marxist monopoly of Virginia:

“After Democrats won control of the Legislature on Tuesday, Mr. Northam is positioned to be one of the most consequential Democratic governors in America in 2020, aiming to enact strong gun restrictions and L.G.B.T.Q. protections and clear the way to take down Confederate statues — all potential headline-making changes that could galvanize the party base nationally in the presidential race.”

Governor Northam, you may recall, was the one who Trump chided for coming out in favor of post-birth abortion in cases of fetal baby abnormality. He had also committed the great "sin" of wearing blackface as a young man. But just like the recently re-elected Justine Trudeau of Can'tada, all it took was a somber-sounding, lip-biting "apology" for Northam's "racial insensitivity" to be forgiven. Ah, it's good to be a commie, ain't it Ralphie boy?


Related image https://video-images.vice.com/articles/592f3972765588486b8920cb/lede/1496333349087-IMG_3982.jpeg https://media4.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2017_30/2082431/danica_roem_poster_74f71c816104b4f32e03655141aa7961.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000.jpg

With the help of many "people of color" ™ (both living & dead) voting the straight Demonrat Party line, Tranny freak Danica Roem, first elected to the Virginia Assembly in 2017, was re-elected last week.




https://i.cbc.ca/1.3207827.1440863294!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/4x3_620/wip-virginia-shooting-chris-hurst-alison-parker-boyfriend-speaks-aug-27.jpg http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/08/27/22/2BB81CE100000578-3213449-The_heartbroken_boyfriend_of_Alison_Parker_28_year_old_Chris_Hur-m-34_1440711364849.jpg http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/78/590x/Chris-Hurst-breaks-down-over-girlfriend-Amanda-Parker-s-death-601340.jpg
Pink-pants wearing, anti-gun, CIA crisis-actor Chris Hurst was also re-elected.


How did a state which had been so solidly conservative / Republican for decades  -- so much so that even its elected Demonrats had to vote “centrist” in order to remain relevant -- turn into New York south? In a word, DEMOGRAPHICS. Virginia has a sizable and fast-growing “immigrant community” which now makes up 12.2% percent of the state’s total population. According to the American Immigration Council:

“One in six Virginia workers is an immigrant, while foreign-born entrepreneurs account for more than a fifth of the state’s self-employed business owners. One in eight Virginia residents is an immigrant, while 1 in 11 is a native-born U.S. citizen with at least one immigrant parent.”

From the day they arrive, these Turd Worlders, many of them with a proverbial anti-White chip-on-their-shoulders, are marinated in a media culture which teaches them that “racist” Republicans hate them but “tolerant” Demonrats like them and will give them lots of free shit. Naturally, the low-life element of "the immigrant community" will overwhelmingly vote Demonrat (95% +) -- but with the better educated and independent immigrants still voting 60-65% Demonrat. Compounding the crisis is the fact that the voting habits of the immigrants eventually multiplies outward through their litters of children and grandchildren. Those promiscuously fertile little rat bastards (usually in the literal sense of the word) hit puberty real quick then turn 18 before ya know it!


Image result for immigrants in virginiaImage result for immigrants in virginia http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/616/895/b04.jpg

1 & 2. Each year the Federal government prints millions of visas and distributes them almost exclusively to "people of color" who become reliable Demonrat voters and baby factories. // 3. I know, George. I know.


If this sad story about the fall of Virginia isn’t a wake-up call for all those weak-kneed “we-support-immigration-but-we-just-want-it-done-legally” conservatives (and that includes you, President Trump), then we might as well stick a fork in America – we’re finished! Here is a newsflash for you “conservatives” who talk this way: Legal immigrants, by virtue of the fact that they mostly vote Demonrat, are, regardless of work ethic, success, good conduct and overall niceness, inflicting more harm upon this country than the lowlife criminal filth which pours across our southern border each night. Trump and his GOP backers may indeed crush the Demonrats in 2020, but unless the demographic voting crisis is fixed, this "last hurrah" won’t matter in the long run. Only a few more southern states need to change colors before the whole country turns into one giant California.

Just to daydream / fantasize out loud about being "Fuhrer" for a day, and imposing some real solutions ....

It’s time to evict all welfarite immigrants and restrict the immigration of the working immigrants to a minimal flow until American couples can marry and then birth enough babies and raise up enough children to re-supply the workforce. As this transition takes place, the “voting rights” of all immigrants must be intelligently managed. No voting until you’ve accumulated 20 years of legal residence and can pass an exam -- written in English -- demonstrating a certain degree of knowledge about civics, history, economics etc.

It is a pleasant fiction – but in the context of our "democracy ," that is the only solution. Unfortunately, such common sense policy has already become impossible in our “diverse” America. Thanks Jews.


Image result for trump immigration wall with doorImage result for stacey abramsRelated image

1. Trump's Wall is a good idea --- but if the legal immigration and the associated bloc voting is not stopped cold, what will it matter? // 2. In 2018, due in large part to changing demographics, the ridiculous "Mammy" from "Gone With the Wind," er, Stacy Abrams, came within less than 1% of winning the Governorship of the Deep South state of Georgia.// 3. To Virginia's south, North Carolina is also transitioning to purple.




  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today Virginia is now solidly in the hands of the Democrats.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! That's unusual for southerners to vote Democrat like that.






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Slimes Caption: Community members celebrating marriage equality at an event hosted by Texas for Marriage at the Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Austin, Texas

NY Times: How ‘Real America’ Became Queer America

In the heartland, it’s never been a better time to be L.G.B.T.




In this guest piece for Sulzberger's Sodomite Slimes, cross-dressing (and possibly mutilated) "Phd sexologist" Samantha Allen gloats about the cultural / moral demise of what has historically been America's bulwark against total national degeneration --- the interior "heartland." Read it and weep, boys and girls:

"This may seem like a strange time to feel optimistic about the future of L.G.B.T. rights in America. But as a queer transgender woman who has spent most of her adult life in red states, hopeful is exactly how I feel.

In July 2017 --- I left on a six-week-long road trip across the red states. I wanted to understand what motivated L.G.B.T. people to stay in the heartland at a time when some progressives were pondering escaping to Canada. What I learned only reaffirmed what I have come to believe over the past decade: Attitudes toward L.G.B.T. people are changing rapidly in conservative states, and no one inside the Beltway can stop it. This country’s bright queer future is already here." (emphasis added)

He, she it is right, ya know. There's no denying it. "God's country" -- even in the Deep South -- ain't what it used to be.

Image result for Samantha Allen is the author, most recently, of “Real Queer America: LGBT Stories From Red States” Image result for churches in heartland accept gays Image result for robert e lee's facepalm

Tranny trash Samantha Allen, author of "Real Queer America" is very excited about the future of L.B.G.T. in the heartland and the south of the U.S. // 2 & 3: The Queering of conservative Dixieland is taking place as the memory of great southerners like Robert E. Lee is being erased.


We wish we could report that "Samantha's" assessment of the malignant spread of L.B.G.T. cancer is exaggerated -- but reputable polling firms do indeed confirm the validity of her, his, its claim. It's very simple. As the thoroughly corrupted millennial generation grows up, and as more and more already-corrupted northerners (including many queers) migrate into the heartland in order to escape the brutal taxation of the "blue states," L.B.G.T. is rapidly becoming normalized even in the minds of older heartland folks who can no longer resist "the tide of history." Here is some more unfortunate truth from this demonic freak:

"As more millennials move to the South and West — and as more Americans all over the country come out as L.G.B.T. — cities like Louisville, Ky.; Norfolk, Va.; New Orleans; and Salt Lake City are all seeing huge spikes in the percentage of their residents who identify as L.G.B.T..

America’s queer center of gravity is moving toward the middle. Before we know it, this country will have become L.G.B.T.-friendly not from the outside in but from the inside out."

It's right again.


Heartland Image result for LGBT IN THE HEARTLAND

1. The movie "Heartland" featured a lesbian "love story" in Oklahoma. // 2. Kansas City c**k-suckers proudly party it up. // 3. Nebraska "Pride" is growing fast.


The one factor which "Samantha" did not mention, but must surely be aware of, is the role which Jewish Hollyweird has played and continues to play in the process of slowly wearing down the barriers to L.G.B.T. acceptance among older native heartlanders over the age of 40. Thirty years of what was initially very subtle -- and later on, very blatant -- homosexual propaganda poison-pills inserted into films and TV has luke-warmed the moral code of most Americans just enough to prevent people from fighting back against the sodomite tsunami as they should. This passive "tolerance" of L.B.G.T. -- even among older folks who still think it's sick stuff -- was critical to sodomite success. And it was all engineered mainly by Hollyweird Jews. But don't take our word for it. Hear it from former Vice President and child-groper Joe Biden -- as he happily proclaimed it before a group of the usual suspects:

Related image
Biden: Jewish Leaders Helped Gay Marriage Succeed
May 22, 2013

"Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.

“I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom "Will and Grace," giving Jews a large part of the credit for both. 

“I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry," he said. "The influence is immense, the influence is immense (repition his). And, I might add, it is all to the good. ”


In 2017, the same Joe Biden referred to "transgender equality" as being the "civil rights issue of our time." And have no doubt, boys and girls-- the very same greasy bunch that agent Biden had openly thanked for making "same-sex-marriage" possible is also the gang of ghouls who have since accelerated the drive to normalize genital-mutilation. In short, "thanks, Jews!" (as always)

Related image Image result for biden with little girl Image result for biden with little girl

Serial groper and filthy pedo-creep Joe Biden openly thanked the Jews of the media and Hollywood for changing public attitudes about sexual insanity.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the American heartland is becoming much more tolerant of gays, lesbians and transgenders.

 Boobus Americanus 2: That's good, because tolerance is a virtue.



Related image



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Most Americans know November 11 as "Veterans Day" -- the day we honor the poor chumps who have "died for our freedom" (barf), as well as the living ones who knew not and know not of the dark powers that misuse the Department of Offense. We do not intend that in any way as an insult to our vets -- but that is the tragic historical reality of the situation, whether one can handle the truth or not. 

But what few people know is that the date originated as, and still coincides with "Armistice Day" -- commemorated every year to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany in a railway carriage at Compiègne, France. This year's remembrance is extra-special because it is a centennial observation.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2f/Armisticetrain_%28slight_crop%29.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Waffenstillstand_gr.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/58/1918Toronto_BayandKing_Armistace_Day.jpg

Make a mental note of the famous railway carriage of 11-11-1918. It is where Germany was tricked into capitulating, triggering celebrations throughout France, the U.K. and the U.S.


The official cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning -- the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" ... 11-11-11 of 1918. The numerology parallels the exact moment in which Woodrow Wilson, on April 4 (4-4) of 1917, had signed the declaration which would bring the U.S. into the war -- at 1:11 PM (here). Off topic here for a moment, but three decades later, the Allied "D-Day" (Devil's Day) invasion of Normandy was launched at the "sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month" of 1944 -- 6-6-6. Globalists just love their Satanic symbolism, don't they?

As the top-of-page headline of the 1918 Sulzberger's Slimes shows - (yes, even back then, the Ochs-Sulzberger Crime Family owned "the paper of record'!") - Berlin was immediately "Seized by Revolutionists" (Communists) as the war ended. Leading the "German" counterparts of the murderous "Russian" Bolsheviks who had already seized Petrograd / St. Petersburg and other areas of Russia (October 1917, "Red October") were Rosa Luxemburg (cough-cough) and Karl Liebknecht (cough-cough).

To make a long story short, the Red Revolution was quickly put down by the brave volunteers of the German "Freikorps." Red Rosa and Kommie Karl soon got what was coming to them. In 1919, the bitch was beaten with rifle butts and thrown into a nearby river, while Liebknecht was forced to step out of the car he was being transported in and then shot.


https://web.stanford.edu/dept/german/berlin_class/people/images/liebknecht_luxemburg.jpeg https://rosaluxemburgblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/otto-runge-eden-hotel.jpg

1- Arrogant Communists Luxemburg and Liebknecht strut through Berlin, thinking they were about to brutally lord over defeated Germany. The heroic Freikorps boys put an end to that notion! // 2- Freikorps boys party it up after taking care of business. (Wish these MEN would come back and show their pussified great grandsons how to take care of the "migrants" -- and Merkel too!)


Though spared from Communist takeover, Germany could not be saved from the cruel punishment of the Jewish-banker-dictated Treaty of Versailles which was to come. The loss of territory, the theft of its African colonies, the "ethnic cleansing" of Western Prussia, the isolation of Eastern Prussia, the hunger, the hyper-inflation, the imposed war guilt, the debauchery and degradation of the Weimar Republic years and so much more -- it all began with the inexplicable and total surrender of 11-11-18.

We say "inexplicable" because, at the time of the armistice / surrender, not one square inch of German territory had been occupied by the Allies. Though it is certainly true that the tide of war had begun to turn (due to America's entry), there was no need to capitulate in such a shameless and complete manner  -- not when 120,000 Americans had already died after just 7 months of fighting (70,000 combat / 50,000 Spanish Flu / other) with an additional 200,000 wounded!


  http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2010/top10_dates/veterans_day.jpg http://kickassfacts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/HitlerMustache.jpg

A certain highly-decorated and twice-injured (badly) war hero was not pleased by the treason of 11-11-1918 and its horrible aftermath. He soon took to political activism in order to right the wrongs.

"We must call to account the November Criminals of 1918. It cannot be that two million Germans should have fallen in vain and that afterwards one should sit down as friends at the same table with traitors. No, we do not pardon, we demand - Vengeance! "

- Hitler, Munich Speech, September 1922


So, who or what forces prompted Germany's bizarre decision to just lay down its substantial arms and suddenly retreat from the Western frontiers? Three groups:

1. The internal force of Jewish-led Marxists (Luxemburg, Liebknecht et al) and ambitious libtards who wanted Germany to lose and become a "democracy" or even a full blown Communist state.

2. The internal force of Zionists (who overlapped with #1) who wanted Germany to lose so that British forces could be freed up to take Palestine away from Ottoman Turkey -- Germany's ally.

3. The internal force of deluded war-weary German fools who blindly trusted in Woodrow Wilson's empty promises of a fair and just "peace without victors."



After the capitulation and collapse of Germany, the Jewish-led homefront betrayal - which cost the German military the war - came to be known as "The Stab in the Back" -- depicted in 1920's cartoons above.

As readers of "The Bad War" (here) and/or regular subscribers to The Anti-New York Times already know; the railroad car armistice / treason of 11-11-1918 did not sit well with The Great One (that's Hitler for all you newbies and normies). When the Judeo-British-French troublemakers started their crap again in 1939-1940, the revived German Reich put a quick end to World War II on the European continent -- or so it seemed until Stalin and FDR got into the act. And where do you think The Great One arranged for the signing of the 1940 armistice with France to take place? Have a look at the scene:
 http://germanhistorydocs.ghi-dc.org/images/Bild%20146-1982-089-18_web.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-M1112-500,_Waffenstillstand_von_Compi%C3%A8gne,_Hitler,_G%C3%B6ring.jpg https://iconicphotos.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/jig_1.jpg?w=700
Back to the same railway carriage! Who's "badder" (in a good way) than The Great One? No one!
Unfortunately for Germany, Europe, and the whole world, Germany's victory in 1940 was short-lived. And the subsequent post-war punishment of Germany would make the post-World War I horrors seem merciful by comparison. The world is still suffering today from the New World Order which was constructed upon the corpses of the many millions who died in those closely-related genocides that were the two wars.
The traitors and fools who delivered Germany to disaster in 1918 set the "world stage" for the horrors that are still unfolding to this day -- and could lead to World War III if the Globalists ever topple Trump. What a mess they made in 1918! That is why The Great One coined the term, "The November Criminals" to describe this greasy and pathetic bunch who signed onto 11-11-18. And that is also why your intrepid reporter and his fearless feline side-kick will most certainly not be commemorating "Veterans Day."
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51555lvIW5L.jpg http://static.thecia.com.au/reviews/1/11-11-hell-s-gate-poster-0.jpg https://wonderopolis.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Veterans_Day_flag_xl_60917020_(Custom).jpg
They love to toy with us with their symbols, hints, and demonic numerology. 
Image result for robert kennedy 4:44 http://static4.businessinsider.com/image/5410bd4a6da81169397f0fff/23-haunting-photos-from-the-september-11-attacks-that-americans-will-never-forget.jpg
Other famous double-digit dates featuring "11" or one of its multiples are: 11-22-1963, JFK shot in the front of his head -- RFK dying, after having been shot on June 6 (6-6), 1968, at 4:44 AM (EST) -- and the attacks of 9-11-2001



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Image result for The Fall of the Berlin Wall  
NY Times: The Fall of the Berlin Wall: An Accident of History That Changed the World


This weekend marks the 30th Anniversary of the made-for-TV spectacle known as “The Fall of the Berlin Wall" – an event which is still, by design, grossly misunderstood. The cornball boobus-approved version of history is summarized very well in the platitude-ridden opening of this Slimes piece:

“The Communist regime was prepared for everything “except candles and prayers.” East Germany’s peaceful 1989 revolution showed that societies that don’t reform, die.

It had long been a dream for East Berliners like Mr. Krätschell to see this towering symbol of unfreedom running like a scar of cement and barbed wire through the heart of their home city ripped open.

And when the Cold War’s most notorious armed border opened overnight, and was torn apart in the days that followed, it was not in the end the result of some carefully crafted geopolitical grand bargain. It was, at the most basic level at least, the wondrous result of human error, spontaneity and individual courage.”

You hear that? It was the “candles and prayers” of “courageous individuals” which led to the “spontaneous” destruction of the wall that had separated the free from the unfree. No one -- not even the CIA -- was able to have foreseen such a stunning development. How do you say “bullshit” in German?


Related imageImage result for berlin wall down Image result for by chance

1. The Communist East built the wall in 1961 to stem the embarrassing flow of escapees from East to West. // 2. The destruction of the hated wall which divided Berlin brought great joy to Berliners. // 3. Fake History: "It happened by chance, spontaneously."


Now, don't misunderstand. The long-overdue tearing down of that Communist monstrosity in 1989 was a welcome sight to see and a source of great satisfaction for Berliners of both West and East. The purpose of our pessimistic critique here is to simply point out that there was an ulterior and sinister long-term motive behind the planned event.

The reality of “The Fall of the Berlin Wall," and the associated “Fall of Communism," can best be understood by allegory. Imagine some prisoners locked inside of a dirty "old school" 10 x 10 ft cell which is separated, by a wall, from a more modern, 20 x 20 ft dormitory-like cell housing several other prisoners. The poor captives as well as the “free world” sympathizers who dwell in the better adjacent room demand that the guard in charge of the tiny cell “tear down this wall.” They pray and plead and hold candlelight vigils for their cramped comrades.

When the guard can no longer resist the moral "will of the people," he "spontaneously” grabs hold of a sledge hammer and tears down the wall separating the two cells. The “courageous” prisoners defiantly emerge from the old cell to find themselves warmly welcomed by the “free” prisoners of the larger, cleaner, better-decorated room. So grateful are the "liberated" prisoners for the "progress" and friendship of “the free world” that neither they -- nor the other candle lighting / prayerful inmates who had taken such pity over their previous condition – pause to reflect that they are all still inmates – albeit in a larger, more comfortable cell. As the “free” inmates and the new “ex-Communists” celebrate their “freedom,” the prison warden (cough cough) just shakes his head, laughs, and says to the guard who had torn down the barrier wall between cells: “Nice work.”


Image result for george soros 1989  Image result for jail cell OR.. Image result for jail cell

1. Hungarian Jew George Soros, the CIA and their agents in the East had been very busy in the decade preceding "the fall of communism." The long range plan of this "prison warden" was to bring the east and west into a European merger that is, essentially, communist but with a "multi-cultural" (anti-White) twist. // 2 & 3. It's only natural for prisoners to prefer a better cell, but they still remain prisoners.


So sorry to rain on everyone’s “Fall of the Berlin Wall," parade, but the events of 1989 were not “spontaneous.” Furthermore, the unified, occupied, mind-raped, guilt-ridden, self-flagellating, childless slaves of today's Germany are certainly neither “free” nor “independent.” Indeed, Mamma Merkel, an enthusiastic member of Communist youth groups, was herself pooped out of the bowels of that tyrannical East German system. Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times don’t need to be told about the type of “freedom” that his sainted sow, this frumpy frau, this commie cow has blessed Germany and all of Europe with.

The big event of 1989 was an important part of the Soros propaganda campaign which served to mask the fact that the New World Order Globalists -- with the help of treasonous operatives working inside of the former Soviet Union / Eastern Bloc states -- were overthrowing their rival Red regimes via internal “Color Revolutions.” These “spontaneous uprisings” were absolutely not for the purpose of bringing “freedom” and “democracy” to the captive peoples. The grand game was to incorporate the “Warsaw Pact” countries into their world government systems (EU, NATO etc) – before chopping up the Soviet Union / Russia into many smaller pieces and swallowing those up as well. And the grand conquest of Eurasia would have been complete by now, had it not been for the rise of Vladimir Putin. That is why (((they))) hate him so much.


Image result for gorbachev time magazine Image result for lech walesa magazine Image result for vaclav havel and soros

1. Adored by the western Globalist media but despised by today's Russians, Time Man-of-the-Year & Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev did not disintegrate the Soviet Union for the sake of "freedom." // 2. Time Man-of-the-Year & Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa of "liberated" Poland was another puffed-up "anti-Communist" fraud working for the One Worlders. He too is no longer popular among most Poles today. // 3. Media darling and winner of Philadelphia Liberty Medal Vaclav Havel of "liberated" Czechoslovakia chatting with his boss, George Soros.




  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today Germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! Has it really been 30 years since the collapse of communism?





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   Image result for ELIZABETH WARREN TAXES AND SPENDING Image result for liz warren and bill gates
Warren has the backing of the FSA (Free Shit Army), but Bill Gates is worried about her tax schemes.
NY Times: How Would Elizabeth Warren Pay for Her Sweeping Policy Plans?
NY Times: Bill Gates Objects to Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax, and She Offers to Explain


Loony Lizzy "Pocahontas" Warren was the very first Demonrat to throw her feathered headdress into the circus ring of QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) 2020. Now, in the wake of Creepy Crooked Joe Biden's slow-motion fall from grace, the ever-angry harridan (a $10 word for a bossy old hag) finds herself polling at the head of the Marxist mob vying for the Demonrat nomination. That's very appropriate, given that 2020 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the national tragedy that was the "19th Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution (women's "right" to vote).

Wily Warren has moved into first place by portraying herself as champion of "the little guy" -- to whom she wishes to give the gift of "free" health-care, and "free" college," and "free" universal childcare. Listen to Loony Lizzy school the boobs on what "the problem in Washington" is all about:

“The problem we’ve got right now in Washington is that it works great for those who’ve got money to buy influence, and I’m fighting against that. And you bet it’s going to make a lot of people unhappy. But at the end of the day, I don’t go to Washington to work for them.”

Ya see that, boys and girls? Loony Lizzie is not afraid to fight for us "little guys" --- and against "those who've got money." (rolling eyes) Workers of the world, unite!


Image result for liz warren and husband driveway Image result for Elizabeth Warren angry Image result for Elizabeth Warren angry
1. Staying true to her "for the little guy" facade, Loony Lizzy Warren (who still carries the surname of the husband which she divorced) announced her candidacy in front of her home while wearing a "little guy" coat as, Bruce Mann, her cuck-chump of a de-balled second husband, stood dutifully behind her holding the leash of their "little dog." // 2 & 3. Always fighting and finger-waving on behalf of the "little guy" and against the "rich."
This Massachusetts millionairess is most known -- and respected for -- her relentless attacks upon "big banks" and "unregulated capitalism." Of course, in the tradition of pro-Rothschild / pro-central bank Karl Marx, Loony Lizzie's foaming-at-the-mouth anti-bank demagoguery never quite seems to touch the biggest, most unregulated and most destructive central bank in world history, namely, Rothschild's multi-trillion-dollar counterfeiting, loan-sharking and market-rigging crime syndicate known as "The Federal Reserve."
Nor do the destructive effects of "unregulated" government -- with its stifling over-taxation and over-regulation of the productive private  economy -- ever seem to rile up this otherwise easy-to-rile-up psychopath. No sir. The big-mouthed nasty hag who coined the phrase: "You didn't build that on your own!" (when condemning successful business owners for failing to adequately appreciate all that their government masters have done for them) remains silent as a mouse as big government and big central banking continue to dispossess and crush millions of "little guys." Why is that, Lizzie?

The shrill socialist shrew is also proudly "passionate" about "affordable education" for the children of us "little guys." That's very ironic, considering the fact that she collected  a $300,000 per year salary for teaching a single class of wealthy kids at Harvard. Yes sir. When it comes to "capitalistic" money grubbing, the commie libtards of government, tech and academia are without peer. Indeed, the grasping avarice of self-righteous northeastern libtard swine like Pocahontas make Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge (pre-dream scenes) seem like Jesus Christ or the Buddha by comparison.

Related image Image result for rosa luxemburg speech Related image

Loony Lizzy follows in the mold of power-mad Bolshevik demagogues Leon Trotsky (Russia), Rosa Luxemberg (Germany) and Emma Goldman (United States)--- always hootin' and hollerin' and finger-wagging about the "rights" of the "little guy" as a phony pretext for taking away the actual rights (and money) of every guy!


What is noteworthy about the recent media coverage surrounding far-left Loony Lizzy -- including this particular Slimes article -- is that she is now taking flak from many not-quite-as-far-left Demonrats. Saturday Night Live has spoofed her over the magnitude of her insane spending proposals; and Globalist goof-ball Bill Gates has even criticized her "Billionaires Tax." Are elements of the Left afraid that she will alienate too many people and end up being steamrolled by Trump over her silly schemes? Or could it be that members of the tax-sheltered Billionaire Boys Club are worried that Loony Lizzy is actually going after their vast fortunes? In any case, Warren has already issued a Twitter assurance to Gates and an invitation to meet. "Don't worry, Bill. I'm just saying all this crazy stuff to fire up the Free Shit Army so I can win the nomination. Of course, I will tax the crap out of the middle class and the millionaires -- but your trusts and foundations will never be touched."

Image result for ELIZABETH WARREN TAXES AND SPENDING Image result for bill gate liz warrenImage result for bill gate liz warren tweet
1. SNL mocked Warren's simplistic tax & spend scheme, and her goofy "regular gal" sweaters. // 2 & 3. Just hours after Bill Gates publicly squawked about Loony Lizzy's Billionaires' Tax, the Marxist madwoman tweeted out a reassurance to him.
Warren has over-reached with her empty promises and a her unsellable (even to stupid libtards) plans to pay for them all. Trump would bitch-slap her very hard for putting her foot in her big mouth like this -- and having set it all to paper, no less. Might "the powers that be" now be forced to dump the 1/1024th (if that) Cherokee overboard over this tactical error? Will the next front-runner be "Mayor Pete" Bootyfag? He had already been capitalizing on Loony Lizzy's folly while falsely portraying himself as an "economic centrist" from Indiana. But are Demonrat primary voters, especially Black and Hispanics, actually going to nominate a man who prefers penis as their champion to go up against Trump? Speaking of penises, can the sainted and untouchable Mike Obongo be persuaded to get his muscular buttocks in the ring? Or might Killary jump in for yet another try? Or how about Little Mike Bloomberg (cough cough)?
You see, we don't call it "QFS" for nothing! Stay tuned.
Image result for liz warren and buttigieg Image result for michelle obama and hillary Image result for mike bloomberg time mag
1. The self-proclaimed "fiscal moderate" Bootyfag smells Loony Lizzy's blood in the water. // 2. There is still plenty of time for either Big Mike or Crooked Killary to join the QFS. // 3. Former Jew York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has billions to spend on a campaign and can pass himself off as a "fiscal moderate" who "can beat Trump."
THIS JUST IN.... Mayor Mike the gun-grabber will be joining QFS 2020. Expect (((them))) to dump Loony Lizzy in favor of one of their Tribe now .... developing...



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Bill Gates isn't too thrilled about Elizabeth Warren's proposed wealth tax on Billionaires.

Boobus Americanus 2: I like Warren. In spite of the embarrassing DNA results which proved she really isn't Cherokee, she does fight for the little guy against big business and the rich.

 Image result for irs shakedown


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   Image result for American Principles Project AD
The American Principles Project is running political ads on socially conservative issues. Ad image above depicts a "trans" wrestler triumphing over a girl.
NY Times: A Conservative Push to Make Trans Kids and School Sports the Next Battleground in the Culture War


This article is about a little-known social conservative group calling itself the “American Principles Project” which, in recent years, has fought the good fight against the slaughter of unborn babies and homosexual “marriage.” Of course, as believers in the Creator and His naturally manifested and logical laws for healthy conduct, the “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times applauds all social-cultural conservatives for doing God’s work. Nonetheless, we are saddened and discouraged to learn that APP’s new focus is about opposing “trans” boys playing – and dominating – girls' sports.

Why is this new effort to combat transanity such sad news, you ask? Well, for starters, it reminds us that the battles against infanticide and the sodomite mockery of holy matrimony are long lost causes. Furthermore, and mainly, just the mere fact that the issue of trannie freak boys crushing female competitors is -- as the headline puts it, “the next battleground” -- constitutes evidence of the hopelessness of our cultural demise. Think about it – we the normal now have to actually debate, persuade and even "battle" with the insane reprobate boobs of America over the obvious fact that a boy claiming to be a girl should not be permitted to run against, wrestle against, play basketball against a girl? Nuts!


Image result for mack beggs tomatobubble Image result for mack beggs tomatobubble Related image

1 & 2. Of course, girls have no business on a wrestling mat anyway. That said, someone like "trans" girl like "Mack" Beggs -- artificially pumped up with male hormones -- should never have been allowed to manhandle non drugged-uo girls on its way to winning the Texas State Championship in 2018. // 3. In Connecticut, a pair of mediocre male trannie sprinters, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller finished 1st & 2nd in the 2019 Girls State Track Championships.


The Abortion Train ran us over about 45 years ago and is 1,000’s miles past the station by now. The more recent Homo Train followed the same track and is now about 200 miles past the station and moving away fast. The Trannie Train, though only just very recently departed, has indeed left the station and is chugging away from us. What’s coming next? Well, if you look down the track closely, you’ll see the light approaching, but may not hear the whistle just yet. Oh but it’s coming, boys and girls It is coming. It’s a Pedo-Monster Train. And the “usual conductors” (cough cough) are operating it at break-neck speed.

Unless there is a complete Q Anon exposure and routing of the Satanic pedo-monster and child trafficking rings within the next few years; by 2025 people won’t even be all that outraged by such things anymore. Once man-on-boy “consensual” sodomy is accepted and normalized --- the pedo-monsters won’t need to kidnap and traffic anymore. They’ll be able to get their supply legally and “normally.”


Image result for train left station

The train of cultural Marxism (Frankfurt School) always leaves the station before confused social conservatives -- usually ignorant of "the big picture" -- can stop it.



Related image Related image Image result for tranny in drag conchita

1. Murder in the  uterus (and sometimes, out of it!) --- "normalized" // 2. Man "marrying" Man -- "normalized" // 3. Bearded man in drag claiming to be a woman -- "normalized." ---- The next train is Child Sex!


The sexualization and homosexualization of children in general -- and the pussification of boys in particular -- is by deliberate design of the "usual suspects" behind Globalism who, via their Fake News, Academia and "entertainment," are spreading this mental / moral cancer like a fungus. We already have kids in drag appearing on TV, Drag Queen Story Hour in libraries, boys as young as seven “transitioning,” and gender confusion being taught at educational levels from K-college. Normalization is almost here.
What is the motive -- the ultimate aim which most well-meaning social conservatives cannot, or will not, see? Answer: To engineer a nightmare society of dumbed-down, degenerate, confused, obedient, twisted, alienated, rootless, raceless, familyless, Godless, powerless, cultureless weaklings and weirdos good for little else but working, "consuming," paying interest, and paying taxes -- all to support the top tiers of the Rothschild pyramid structure enslaving a debased and hopeless humanity -- forever.
Image result for marlboro man Related image
"Marlboro Man" will rebel against tyrants --- "Mascara Man" will bend over for them. It's that simple.

The Pedo Train, if not derailed and blown up very, very soon, will also leave us at the station in a few years time. LBGTQP!" And as the Pedo Train pulls into the station, expect APP, out of futility, to give up on their current trannies-in-sports issue to focus on combating pedo-monster-mania instead. The dumb-as-dirt public at large -- most of whom are morally lukewarm, at best anyway – will, at first, mutter some obligatory disapproval before grudgingly accepting child-sex in order to keep their jobs and / or maintain social acceptance. Once psychologically domesticated to the sight of men with ten-year-old girls or boys – both on TV and in real life – even the silent resistance of inner thought will dissipate for all but us hard-core immovable "haters" and "Nazis."

The further that mankind drifts away from the safe harbor of the Eternal Creator and His iron laws; the more that we the sane will be denounced as the "freaks" -- and we who love future generations not yet born will be condemned for our "hatred."



Image result for desmond is amazing with michael strahan Related imageRelated image

1. ABC's "Good Morning America" featured "The Amazing Desmond," -- a malnourished 11-year-old child drag queen who dances in queer clubs. // 2. "Naughty Cop" -- Pre-slut Halloween costumes with sexual innuendo are being promoted for little girls. // 3. Drag Queen Reading Hour in libraries across America --- and the smiling piece-of-garbage parents (who ought to be immediately de-childed and publicly executed) think it's oh-so-funny!



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that conservative groups are now focusing on trangenders in High School sports.

 Boobus Americanus 2: It's a delicate matter. Maybe they should just have a third classification for trans athletes.


Drag to pan 


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  Image result for brokaw
NY Times: Tom Brokaw Recalls His Time Covering Watergate


To coincide with the "Impeach Trump" effort of modern days, retired TV anchorman and CFR stooge, Tom Brokaw has got a new book out, titled, "The Fall of Richard Nixon" -- about the forced removal of President Nixon from office in 1974. The 37th President of the United States, after a year-long "impeachment process," became the first and only president ever to be forced out of office -- while living, that is.

Technically, it was a resignation because Nixon hadn't been impeached. But the Demonrat House certainly had enough votes to impeach and the Senate had enough gutless Republican'ts to convict him of obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress related to a break-in at Washington's Watergate Hotel by some low-level operatives looking for dirt on Demonrats. Nixon, oblivious of the "burglary," was crucified not for the minor act, but for the cover-up.

In those pre-Talk Radio / pre-cable TV / pre-Internet / pre-Twitter days of total media monopoly, the Big Five Jew bullhorns -- New York Times: Sulzberger / Washington Post: Meyer-Graham / ABC: Goldenson / NBC: Sarnoff / CBS: Paley (Paloff) -- controlled the public perception of reality -- totally! Nixon was defenseless. Their official fairy tale of Watergate -- which is why all subsequent political scandals carry the suffix "gate" -- holds that two young crusading reporters from The Washington Post, (Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward) -- supplied with  information by an anonymous source called "Deep Throat" -- took down an evil, duplicitous scoundrel of a president for the good of the country. That lie is reinforced by Brokaw's new book. The real story is something different.


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1. The legendary Watergate Hotel where a minor "burglary" took place. // 2. Nasty Yenta Katerine Meyer (cough cough) and her hit-men reporters, Carl Bernstein (cough cough) & Bob Woodward. // 3. Nixon resigns before a stunned TV audience. He was an imperfect and ambitious man who had his flaws -- but he was never one of "them" and might have done some great things in his second term. 




  • 1948: As a young Congressman (R-CA), Nixon co-sponsored a "Mundt-Nixon Bill" to address the crisis of internal communist subversion. The bill provided for registration of all Communist Party members and required the monitoring of "printed and broadcast material issued by Communist-front organizations." The bill passed the House, but died in the Senate.
  • 1949-1950: Nixon served on the anti-Communist House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). In that capacity, he played a part in exposing the communist traitor and Soviet agent Alger Hiss -- who would be convicted of perjury in 1950. Nixon relished his role in the exposure and earned the ever-lasting animosity of the Establishment Left for it. Harvard boy Hiss was one of theirs, and people like Eleanor Roosevelt never forgave Nixon for serving on HUAC.
  • 1950: Nixon easily won a seat in the US Senate after suggesting that his ultra-liberal Demonrat opponent, Helen Gahagan Douglas, might be a communist. Eleanor Roosevelt was again incensed, and continued to trash Nixon for this for many years to come. Once in the Senate, Nixon supported the efforts of the great Joseph McCarthy.
  • 1952: In order to bolster his anti-communist / conservative credentials among Republicans, the Leftist traitor and all-of-a-sudden "Republican" Dwight D. Eisenhower selected Nixon as his Vice Presidential running mate. Two months after having stolen the Republican nomination from Ohio Senator Robert Taft (a true conservative patriot), Eisenhower, who was certain to defeat the Democrat Adlai Stevenson in the general election, left Nixon twisting in the wind as the Fake News accused Nixon of inappropriate use of campaign funds. (((They))) wanted Nixon off the ticket. His place now in doubt, Nixon delivered a TV address in which he defended himself, attacked his opponents, and urged the audience to contact the Republican National Committee (RNC) to keep him on the ticket. During the speech, Nixon cleverly and cutely stated that he intended to keep a black-and-white dog that was gifted to him, and his children had named Checkers. This speech became known as "The Checkers Speech," and it saved him -- no thanks to Eisenhower! 


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1. Nixon the ambitious anti-communist showman holding newspaper telling of the conviction of communist Alger Hiss, which he helped to bring about. // 2. The "Checkers Speech" -- Nixon, citing his new dog, takes to the airwaves to beg Republican voters to keep him on the Eisenhower ticket. // 3. Eisenhower, that FDR-loving butcher of German prisoners, never truly supported Nixon -- but needed his anti-communist credentials in order to cover up the Marxist stench.


  • 1953 - 1961:  Nixon, though basically a conservative and a patriot, was always an ambitious politician first. He faithfully served the Globalist bastard Eisenhower -- even helping to clip Joe McCarthy's wings when called upon to do so -- until he himself could run for the White House.
  • 1960: Nixon ran for president and lost a very close election to John F Kennedy. 
  • 1968: Nixon was elected president, with "far right" Spirow Agnew (R-MD) as Vice President. Both men -- we only know now but the all-knowing "usual suspects" surely must have known back then -- held strong "anti-Semitic" views. (here) and (here)
  • 1972: Nixon & Agnew were re-elected in a historic landslide -- winning 49 out of 50 states!


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1. Nixon vs JFK: Election 1960: As Senators, Nixon and JFK had both supported Joe McCarthy and were never really part of "The Establishment." They would both become American presidents, and both be removed. JFK by murder, and Nixon by "scandal." // 2. Election 1968: Nixon's VP, Spiro Agnew, was a rock-solid conservative not afraid to fight. // 3. Election 1972: The secretly "anti-Semitic" Nixon & Agnew won EVERYTHING except libtarded Taxxachussetts and mostly Black District of Colombia. Nixon would have had a lot of power and would probably have ended "The Cold War"  in Term 2.


  • October 1973: Vice President Agnew was forced to resign over a fake "tax evasion" scandal hyped up by the Fake News. Globalist / Trilateralist , JFK assassination cover-upper Congressman Gerald Ford of Michigan was then forced upon Nixon as new Vice President.
  • August 1974: Nixon resigned. The Watergate "scandal" over a low level "burglary" was nothing more than a "Deep State" coup -- led by Katherine Meyer Graham's Washington Post -- not unlike what we are witnessing today in the effort to remove Trump. Nixon's resignation elevated Rockefeller puppet Gerald Ford to the presidency.
  • November 1974: "The Watergate Babies" -- A whole bunch of Bolshevik Demonrats won House seats due to a backlash caused by the Fake News and their manufactured "scandal." America's political landscape was fundamentally altered by the influx of these Marxists.


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1. Deep State & Fake News take out VP Agnew // 2. Deep State & Fake News take out Nixon. // 3.The damage done to the Republican brand ushered in the Demonrat "Watergate Babies" of 1974.


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Young hippy trash Killary Rodham worked for Watergate Judiciary Committee until being fired for unethical behavior.




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  • December 1974: Globalist Ford chose "Republican" Nelson Rockefeller to be his Vice President.  Rockefeller had been Governor of New York State and was known for his presidential ambitions. The problem for Rockefeller was that heartland Republicans hated him -- and had already rejected him in 1964.
  • September 5, 1975: Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a member of the Charles Manson cult, pointed a handgun at Ford and pulled the trigger at point-blank range. As she did, a Secret Service agent grabbed the gun. Fromme was arrested and served 34 years in prison. Nelson Rockefeller came that close to becoming president.
  • September 22, 1975:  As he left a in San Francisco, another mind-controlled assassin, Sara Jane Moore, fired a handgun at Ford --- missing him only by a few feet. As she fired a second round, a retired Marine grabbed at the gun and deflected her shot. The second bullet struck a wall just six inches above Ford's head, then ricocheted and wounded a taxi driver. Moore served 32 years in prison. Once again, over the span of just three weeks, Globalist Golden Boy Nelson Rockefeller came within inches of becoming the 39th president of the United States. How conveeenient that would have been, eh? It is interesting to note that when Ford ran for president against Jimmy Carter in 1976, he dumped Nelson Rockefeller!

And that, dear reader, is the real story behind the back-to-back "scandals" which took out VP Agnew first -- and then President Nixon one year later.
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1. Nelson Rockefeller wanted the presidency. // 2 & 3. President Ford, though a loyal Globalist soldier, was expendable. Two very close assassination attempts on him, just 17 days apart, could easily have put Rockefeller into the office which Nixon had held just 1 year earlier.
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1. Nixon letter to Donald Trump (1987): "... whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner!" // 2. Nixon and Trump all chummy at a 1980's black-tie event. // 3. CIA rats Woodward & Bernstein have been dragged out of mothballs to help ignite another coup --- this time against Trump. But this time around, the old media magic is gone. Most people under 55 don't even remember the role that these two wicked has-beens played in Watergate.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Tom Brokaw has a new book out about the fall of Richard Nixon.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Nixon -- Watergate -- bad.


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