Killing America: A 100 Year Murder: Forty Historical Wounds That Bill O'Reilly Didn't Write About

40 Historical Wounds Bill O'Reilly Didn't Write About
FKA: The 100 Year Murder: 37 nails in America's Coffin


Mike King has done it again! This time, he condenses more than 100 years of anti-American conspiracy into 40 very brief and easily digestible blurbs (40 "Wounds"), accompanied by 100 powerful images.
This Crash Course exposes the crimes and culprits behind the murder of America in a way that even a child can quickly grasp. Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced student, you will want to keep "Killing America: The 100 Year Murder" as a powerful educational resource to share with friends or family who won't read lenghty books. It's perfect for your children too! 
"Killing America" comes in paperback (Amazon) and pdf format.

SAMPLE: INTRO & "Wounds" 1 & 2




It is the dawn of the 20th Century. In just over a century's time, the United States of America has grown from a sparsely populated group of post-colonial States, into the most virtuous, richest, strongest, and happiest nation on earth. During this time, America has overcome a devastating Civil War and the painful Southern Reconstruction.
From "sea to shining sea", America's industrial cities, bustling ports, rich farms, and world class Universities are the envy of the modern world. America's population (now about 80 million) is upwardly mobile and highly literate. The Middle Class is booming as opportunity seeking European immigrants clamor to get in. America's Black population, though only a generation removed from slavery and still segregated, is also making undeniable material progress.
In this rapidly developing "land of opportunity" there are no Federal Income Taxes, no State Income Taxes, no Sales Taxes, no Social Security Taxes, no Capital Gains Taxes, no IRS, no Department of Homeland Security, no Department of Education, no Welfare schemes, no Central Bank, very little debt, and a sound currency backed by Gold and Silver.
There are no limits for a free people enjoying the fruits of a free market, an honest currency, and a government strictly limited in its size and power. In the fresh air of liberty, invention and innovation thrive. The list of history changing American inventors produced in this environment is indeed astonishing: Robert Fulton (Steam Boat), Eli Whitney (Cotton Gin), Thomas Edison (Modern Light Bulb & Phonograph to name a few), Serbian-American Nicola Tesla (Commercial Electricity), Cyrus McCormick (Mechanical Reaper), Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone), The Wright Brothers (Airplane), and many more. 
 On the cultural front, American artists and literary figures are gaining wide renown, impressing even the more culturally advanced Europeans. Names like Mark Twain, Herman Melville, and Edgar Allen Poe rank with Europe's finest writers.
In foreign commerce and relations, Americans are a peace loving people who have no interest in embroiling their young country in Europe's intrigues and squabbles.
America's prosperity affords many of its people the luxury of increasing leisure time. From this free time grow Sports Leagues such as Baseball's National League (1876), to be followed by the American League (1901).  College football has exploded in popularity, with the first professional teams to form in the early years of the new century. Millions of young men sharpen their bodies and mental toughness by competing in all varieties of Sports.
As for the women folk, the ladies of America are exactly that, ladies. Women are family oriented, valued for their sweet demeanor, and respected for their virtue. If a young American buck expects to get intimate with a young lady, he had better grow up, get a job and marry the lass, lest her daddy chase him off with a shotgun!
America's children are raised to respect their God, their parents, their elders, and their teachers. Mouthing off to the teacher would get you smacked upside the head, and then again when your parents found out!
Underpinning America's foundation of tiny government, free enterprise, and peaceful commerce, is the common Christian morality, self-control, industriousness, and true goodness of the American people. Grown children take care of their elderly parents and other relatives. Strong families, active churches, and community groups take care of the unfortunate. Government welfare is neither needed, nor desired.
As "The Gay Nineties" ('gay' as in happy!) draw to a close, America the Beautiful seems poised to prosper for centuries to come. With the new technologies and industrial advances to come (automobiles, electricity etc.) there is no telling what new heights of universal happiness and prosperity await the lucky inhabitants of the young and confident Republic.
But way beneath the surface, invisible to most, a well-funded and organized "Advance Guard" of termites has been arriving in America since the 1880's. These "Reds", aka "Marxists", aka "The Left", aka "Progressives", bring with them the disease of "liberalism" that has already been plaguing Europe since the days of the French Revolution. Their long range plan is to undermine the Americans way of life and system of limited government, and to erect a centralized socialist system in its place.
In order to grow their ranks, Red leaders skillfully exploit the admitted imperfections of America. By 1900, the imported, mainly Jewish-Zionist Marxists, have joined forces with power hungry, Anglo-American Money Kings like JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller. The Red Money Kings "in the suites" will use the Red agitators "in the streets" to slowly change a free, virtuous, prosperous, and peaceful Republic, into the centrally controlled, degenerate, bankrupt, and warmongering cesspool that is modern America under Barack Obama.  
So, what the heck happened America?
It's all very simple! Step into our time machine and let us review "the 40 historical wounds that Bill O'Reilly Didn't Write About."


Left: 1900 Poster extols the popular President McKinley, the Gold Currency Standard, and American prosperity 

Center: America's economy attracts many fine European immigrants. Unfortunately, some Reds and gangsters also arrive.

Right: Manufacturing jobs are available for anyone who wants to work.

WOUND # 1: 1896 

 Adolph Ochs Buys The New York Times

What Happened?
The most influential newspaper in America is purchased by a wealthy Zionist-Leftist.

Ochs' descendants (the Ochs-Sulzberger Family) control The Times to this day, Worshipped by many as "the paper of record", The Times has been manipulating public opinion in favor of liberalism and Zionism for more than 100 years!


Lefty Adolph Ochs (left) and his Great Grandson Arthur Sulzberger (who controls The Times today).

 Wound # 2: SEPTEMBER, 1901 

 The Assassination of President William McKinley

 What Happened?

On September 6, 1901, President McKinley is shot at close range by a Red (Communist/Anarchist) named Leon Czolgosz. McKinley dies one week later.


The assassination makes Vice President Teddy Roosevelt (TR) the new President. Unlike the conservative McKinley, the left leaning TR was an advocate of big, centralized government. It is TR who will usher in the “Progressive Era”.

In 1908, TR’s  “National Monetary Commission” sets the stage for the eventual 1913 founding of a U.S. Central Bank under fellow progressive Woodrow Wilson, whose destructive Presidency will have been made possible by TR's deliberate interference in the 1912 Presidential election.


Left: Red Czolgosz shoots McKinley at close range.

Center: Czolgosz is a devotee of "Red Emma" Goldman, who praises the killing!

Right: The murder of McKinley catapults the warmongering Left Progressive TR into power.

That's all you're getting.....for now!


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