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*Use of term 'retard' not intended in any way to call attention to George Will's son, Jon.

By Mike King


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Washington Post: (George Will Column): If Trump is Nominated, the GOP Must Keep Him Out of the White House


Sulzberger's Slimes catches a break today as we instead rebut a George Will column appearing in his home-base paper, The Washington Compost, and syndicated nationally in 450 other newspapers. Yes indeed, the Judeo-Globalist New World Order Mafia has been very good to the "conservative" George Will.  It was Katherine Meyer Graham (cough cough) who, in 1974, dubbed Georgie-girl as the official "house conservative" of the Washington Compost -- a true powerhouse newspaper that had been purchased by her daddy, former Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Myer, in 1933.

It was Katherine's Commie-Globalist gal-pal, Meg Greenfield (cough cough), who gave the erudite egghead of all eggheads a permanent column at Newsweek Magazine -- back when Newsweek had a very large readership.

It was ABC News President Roone Arledge (possible cough cough from his mother's side, Gertrude Stritmater) that placed the slippery sophist on the original talking-head panel of This Week With David Brinkley in 1981 -- now known simply as This Week.

http://gamontessori.com/newgams/images/graham.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f8/Meg_Greenfield.jpg http://www.pophistorydig.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/1977-Roone-250.jpg


(1) Katherine Meyer-Graham (Washington Post) (2) Meg Greenfield (Newsweek Magazine) (3) Roone Arledge (ABC News)


For the past 40 years, both in print and on TV, the bow-tie wearing "intellectual" has dazzled gullible conservatives with his, at times, brilliant writing, flawless diction, smooth delivery, voluminous vocabulary, verbal dexterity, and profound logical dissection of flawed liberal arguments. Therein lies the whole essence of the one-man con-job that is, and has always been, George Will.

The term "con" derives from the word "confidence". Will's "conservatism", though brilliantly expressed at times, is designed to win the "confidence" of conservatives and other Republicans. That way, when called upon to do so, wily Will can lead his fawning flock astray in support of, or in watered-down opposition to, whatever seditious snake-oil that the Globalist-Zionist Mafia is selling at the time.

Time and time and time again, Georgie girl, a long-time member of the world government front Council on Foreign Relations, has confounded and betrayed conservatives -- assuring them that "true conservatives" must support treasonous obscenities such as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), NATO, the Iraq War, the slaughter of the Palestinians, amnesty for illegal invaders, the encirclement of Russia & China etc.

Conversely, Will's keyboard and voice also come in handy whenever his masters need to beat down anyone bucking their agenda. Back in 1992, for example, when conservative nationalist Pat Buchanan was mounting a serious Primary Election challenge against President Bush the Elder, it was Will who ambushed and savaged Buchanan on This Week by whipping out a piece of paper and reading off quotes from some of Buchanan's "anti-Semitic" supporters. But during both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns of the rat-faced, monkey-eared monster in the White House, Will pulled his punches and was far more critical of the GOP than he was of Obongo!

And so, with Donald Trump having just declared an "America First" foreign policy and his desire for good relations with Putin's Russia, it is to be expected that the wholly-owned hit-journalist should intensify the already vicious venom he has been spewing at Trump for the past 8 months (and at Putin for the past 8 years). Will's latest bit of Yellow Journalism comes off as so mentally unhinged that it makes one wonder how far the NWO gang will go to stop the looming Trump-Putin Axis of Nationalism.

Let us dissect the latest hate emanating from the mendacious mouth of that grossly overrated wonder-boy of the Washington press corps. Hip waders and Haz-Mat suits on, everybody. Into Will's fallacious filth we go!


http://ronwade.freeservers.com/buchanan2009line-1x5.jpg http://cdn.winknews.com/wp-content/uploads/VladimirPutinrussia.jpg http://conservativeread.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/trumpamericafirst_small.jpg

Nationalism of any form will not be tolerated! George Will's Globalist masters have unleashed their putrid little rabid poodle on Buchanan, Putin, and Trump.


George Will: Donald Trump's damage to the Republican Party, although already extensive, has barely begun.

Rebuttal: What "damage" is that, Georgie? Trump has brought more non-voters and disgusted Democrats into his ranks than any GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan. CBS Pittsburgh reported that 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats actually switched party affiliation in order to support Trump in the Republican Primary (here).

George Will: Republican quislings will multiply ...

Rebuttal: Leave Vidkun Quisling alone! Far from being a "traitor" to Norway, Quisling was the man who helped Hitler to spare his country from much of the destruction of World War II (but I digress).

George Will: ... slinking into support of the most anti-conservative presidential aspirant in their party's history. 

Rebuttal: Trump may not be a conservative constitutionalist purist, but he is certainly far more "conservative" than some bow-tie wearing Ivy League - Oxford egghead who holds membership in the Marxist-Globalist CFR, supports sovereignty-busting trade deals such as NAFTA, GATT and TTIP, supports the immigration-invasion of America, and respectfully pulls back his girly punches whenever speaking about the communist filth Obongo or that wretched hag Killary Clinscum.

George Will: These collaborationists will render themselves ineligible to participate in the party's reconstruction.

Rebuttal: Georgie is having delusions of grandeur here -- as if he can actually decide who gets barred from the GOP and who gets to "participate in the reconstruction."


http://www.berghahnbooks.com/covers/SchaeperRhodes.jpg  http://thehollowearthinsider.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/border_dees-300x269.jpg 

The "conservative" credentials of George Will include completion of the openly pro-globalism Rhodes Scholar program at Oxford, membership in the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, and support for illegal immigration / amnesty.


George Will: Ted Cruz's announcement of his preferred running mate has enhanced the nomination process by giving voters pertinent information.

Rebuttal: Dude! Creepy Cruz picked a "running mate" after he had just been mathematically eliminated! Far from "enhancing the nomination process", the bizarre and desperate stunt of selecting Creepier Carly probably turned voters off, if anything.

George Will: They already know the only important thing about Trump's choice: His running mate will be unqualified for high office because he or she will think Trump is qualified.

Rebuttal: This coming from a guy who thought idiot boy George W Bush was "qualified"; and who never once challenged the "qualifications" of the queer community-organizer-turned-teleprompter-reader-in-Chief.

George Will: Republican voters, particularly in Indiana and California, can, by supporting Cruz, make the Republican convention a deliberative body rather than one that merely ratifies decisions made elsewhere, some of them six months earlier.

Translation: Screw the voters! If the Republican candidate is not a Putin-hating, NATO-loving CFR Globalist, then their votes should be thrown out.

George Will: A convention's sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win ...

Rebuttal: George, apart from the fact that Trump can actually win, the fact is, and you bloody damn well know this, if a contested corrupted convention dumps Trump in favor of a "plausible nominee", that candidate will have ZERO chance of winning when all those pissed-off Trump voters stay home on the day of the big QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) Super Bowl.


https://sc.mogicons.com/l/middle-finger-131.png http://thehill.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_full/public/blogs/trumpsupporter_getty.jpg?itok=k4g9viBl http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151223115920-donald-trump-supporters-super-169.jpg

Elitist scum George Will to Trump's millions of fans: "F-you, peasants." 

 Ya think they'll show up in November if Trump is dumped?


George Will: ... not to passively affirm the will of a mere plurality of voters recorded episodically in a protracted process.

Rebuttal: Pure sophism and rhetorical manipulation. Again, the translation: screw the voters! If the Republican candidate is not a Putin-hating, NATO-loving CFR Globalist, then their votes should be thrown out.

George Will: Trump would be the most unpopular nominee ever, unable to even come close to Mitt Romney's insufficient support among women, minorities and young people.

Rebuttal: Actually, George, Trump is rapidly catching up to "Crooked Killary" (here) -- a deeply flawed candidate who is very vulnerable among "women" (due to the rape allegations against husband Bill); "minorities" (Trump is more popular among Blacks than any GOP candidate of the past 60 years! (here)); and "young people" (who are attracted to Trump's celebrity).

You had better re-check your homework, Georgie girl.

George Will: In losing disastrously, Trump probably would create down-ballot carnage sufficient to end even Republican control of the House.

Rebuttal: As previously stated, the poll numbers are swinging in Trump's direction. The only "disastrous" loss will occur if a hand-picked GOP insider is installed over Trump. Now that would lead to some serious "down-ballot carnage" as Trump's millions boycott the QFS Final, or even vote for Killary out of spite!


http://thenewsdoctors.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/hilary_clinton_laughs_gaddafi_-e1429228638448.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/605737348257751040/9Vml8NBC_400x400.jpg http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/01/Juanita-Broaddrick-tweet.jpg

Crooked Killary Clinton and her RAPIST husband are very vulnerable to Trump's fearless attacks --- and George Will damn well knows it!


George Will: At least half a dozen Republican senators seeking re-election and Senate aspirants can hope to win if the person at the top of the Republican ticket loses their state by, say, only four points, but not if he loses by 10.

Rebuttal: How the frickety-frack is Trump going to "lose by 10" when he has already closed the gap to 3% -- and he hasn't even begun to hit Killary yet?!

George Will: A Democratic Senate probably would guarantee a Supreme Court with a liberal cast for a generation.

Rebuttal: And bumping-off Trump "would guarantee" a Democrat landslide which "would guarantee a Supreme Court with a liberal cast for a generation." Or are you really that delusional to believe that Trump voters will forgive, forget and vote for a Kasich or a Ryan in November?

George Will: If Clinton is inaugurated next Jan. 20, Merrick Garland probably will already be on the court — confirmed in a lame-duck Senate session — and justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer will be 83, 80 and 78, respectively.

Rebuttal: Agreed! And for that reason alone, we must unite to stop Killary Clinton, right Georgie?

George Will: ... this is a time for prudence, which demands the prevention of a Trump presidency.

Rebuttal: Let me get this straight, Georgie. You are not only opposed to nominating Trump for the GOP, but you would also want to block him, if he's nominated, from beating Killary? Please tell me I did not read that correctly.

George Will: Were he to be nominated, conservatives would have two tasks. One would be to help him lose 50 states — condign punishment for his comprehensive disdain for conservative essentials, including the manners and grace that should lubricate the nation's civic life.

Rebuttal:  Wait a second! You just said that Trump was not electable in a contest against Killary. Now you're saying that Republicans should "help him lose 50 states" -- which means that your objection to Trump on the basis of "he can't win" was as phony as your Oxford Rhodes Scholar "conservatism."

George Will: Second, conservatives can try to save from the anti-Trump undertow as many Senators, Representatives, Governors and State Legislators as possible.

Rebuttal: Hey asshole! Do you realize how illogical and stupid you sound? How can you claim to want to save Republican House, Senate and Governorship seats "from the anti-Trump undertow", while at the same time urging that Republicans should enhance the deadly power of said undertow by "helping him lose 50 states?"

George Will: If Trump is nominated, Republicans working to purge him and his manner from public life will reap the considerable satisfaction of preserving the identity of their 162-year-old party.

Rebuttal: Platitudinous puke! The "identity" of the GOP's "162-year-old party" was lost 60-odd years ago when war-criminal-turned-President Eisenhower purged the true conservatives from the Party while institutionalizing all of the destructive policies that had been enacted during the Roosevelt-Truman era of errors. The "identity" which Will wants to "preserve" is that of a Globalist Party which only pretends to oppose "the liberals."


http://digitalvaults.org/images/assets/000/017/910/17910_dt_detail.jpghttp://static3.businessinsider.com/image/55107fcdeab8eaaf2bac5ec4-960/prescott-bush-eisenhower.jpg http://subversify.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/bilderberg-600.jpg

The modern "identity" of George Will's GOP was shaped by ex-Democrat-turned-Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, aka "Ike". Eisenhower was a hand-picked FDR stooge (Image 1) who, along with other "modern Republicans" like Prescott Bush (dad of George 41, granddad of George 43, with Ike in Image 2), set up the first Globalist Bildeberger conference in 1954.


George Will: ... while working to see that they forgo only four years of the enjoyment of executive power.

Rebuttal: But Georgie girl, didn't you just sternly caution us, a few lines ago, that if Killary were to become President ... hold on, let me bring up the exact quote -- here it is:

"A Democratic Senate probably would guarantee a Supreme Court with a liberal cast for a generation. If Clinton is inaugurated next Jan. 20, Merrick Garland probably will already be on the court — confirmed in a lame-duck Senate session — and justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer will be 83, 80 and 78, respectively."

Are you concerned about more Marxists on the Court or not? Make up your bloody mind!

George Will: If Clinton gives her party its first 12 consecutive White House years since 1945, Republicans can help Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, or someone else who has honorably recoiled from Trump, confine her to a single term.

Rebuttal: Will can't possibly be that stupid -- which mean he is lying through his teeth! If Killary can't be stopped now, how the hell can she be booted out in four years time when she will have the full power of incumbency (and millions more "immigrant" and dead voters) behind her? Killary for 4 = Killary for 8. Guaranteed!

And if Trump is either bumped off at the convention, or badly undermined by CFR "conservatives" in his run against Killary, the Republican Party will be obliterated at every level for the next 4, 8, 12 and 16 years. Again, Princeton-Oxford George is smart enough and politically astute enough to understand this. In fallaciously arguing to the contrary, he is showing his true colors, and revealing who his true masters really are (cough cough).




  Boobus Americanus 1: Conservative columnist George Will is calling for a 50-state wipeout of Donald Trump.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! I wonder why he hates Trump so much?


(Fortunately, scum like Will and the Washington Compost no longer have the influence they once did. But Trump still faces a difficult challenge in beating Killary.) 


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